This tribute was added by Haley Kasof on March 10, 2017
I remember Gregory from elementary school. He was always so curious and seemed to know so many facts about all these little details down to every subject. I really wish I could have met up with him for coffee before his passing, if just to talk and catch up after years flew by. I know my mother got to join him and his mother for the Women's March in San Francisco, and I remember her speaking so fondly of seeing him. He was a wonderful person and was taken too soon.
Rest in Peace Gregory, you'll always be missed dearly.
This tribute was added by Sam West on March 10, 2017
I remember every day after school he and I would take the train to go home. He would selflessly buy me a slice of red velvet cake every Friday, and it was the brightest part of my week.
This tribute was added by Diane Kay on March 10, 2017
Gregory must have been in maybe 6th grade? I don't quite remember but he was home alone and he called me asking what is a substitute for sour cream! He wanted to make waffles. I suggested yogurt and we both looked on line. He must have called me 3 or 4 times with different questions about the waffles and then silence for an hour or so. Suddenly a knock at the door and there was Gregory with a warm waffle for me! It was one of the sweetest things ever. I was so pleased that he felt comfortable calling me! He also loved to make flan and would borrow my flan pan often.....
This tribute was added by Debi Tario on March 10, 2017
Douglas and Beth,
I am so sorry for your loss. Heart feels heart aches for you both.
With a heavy heart...
With love and blessing
Cousin Debi Lee Tario
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