Tragedy at It's Best

Haing S. Ngor, a Cambodian survivor from the killing fields. But on February 25, 1996 his tragic life was cut short. Born in Samrong Yong, Cambodia Haing S. Ngor grew up with a sad and unfortunate lifestyle on the killing fields in Cambodia. But Haing S. Ngor grew up to be an academy award winning actor. He was one of the only non-actors to win an acting award in that category along with Harold Russell in 1946 for "The Best Years of Our Lives" . Ngor also was the first Asian male to ever win an Oscar for best supporting role and debut performance. Ngor's performance but a lot of attention to the genocide in Cambodia which gave him a lot of opportunities to help out with refugees, one group he organized was the "Brussels-based groups Aid to Displaced Persons and Enfants d'Angkor". Ngor believed that it was his job to help out with his country and give back to them. Ngor wanted to start his life over he no longer wanted to live in his past he wanted to forget and be forgiven. So, Ngor devoted his practices by cleansing his life with the Buddhism religion. In Haing S. Ngor's life his legacy fulfilled us all, and his story touched us all now lets remember him and his life and respect it. Rest In Peace Haing S. Ngor.