Harry, smooth as usual

Shared by Lawrence Setting on 2nd December 2018

So after going to the memorial for Harry on Friday night, I sat in the hotel room the next morning and told Paula a story that was normal Harry.  Harry would never get excited or lose control especially in clutch situations.  Back in the 90's both Harry and I were assigned to the test sites at Lakehurst NJ.  Harry was the Bosn and I was the LCPO.  The test sites had a helo platform and Harry and I were required to go to LSE school down in Norfolk.  It was a weeklong course at the time and on Wednesday Harry invited me to dinner and told me I would be staying over and we would just go to class in the morning.  Harry was his normal self and quite the host.  He had my (at that time)  favorite beer and he then grilled the most amazing steaks on the grill.  We had a great evening and probably solved a lot of the worlds problems.  The next morning he wakes me and says we are leaving in 15 minutes, I take a navy shower put on my khakis and we are off.  In the caddy with Harry behind the wheel, he was his usual self, checking his hair in the mirror one hand on the wheel, cup of coffee in hand.  Don't remember what road we are on, but Harry was in the left lane doing about 50, then without raising his voice or any type of face change what so ever he looks at me and says the accelerator is stuck.  Sure enough he pulls his foot all the way back and the car is still moving and pretty fast at that.  He looked and stayed so calm it just blew my mind.  He very carefully slid over to the right lane, then pushed the shfiter to neutral as he slid over to the shoulder and then into a parking lot of some store front.  The car comes to a stop but the engine is still pushing a couple of thousand RPM's.  Harry puts on the emergency brake, pops the hood and gets out of the car.  The car is loud and the fan is blowing and Harry just stands there with his hands on his hips looking over the entire engine.  After about what seemed like an enternity but really 20 seconds or so, Harry reaches to the accelrator cable and just gives it a little pull.   The engine goes back to idle and Harry just looks at me and shurgs his shoulders.  He shuts the hood, gets back in the car, removes the brake, shifts to drive and pulls out back on the road.  I am in the passenger seat completely blown away.  He looks in the mirror and checks his hair and picks his coffe back up.  I look at Harry and say; so I guess this has happened before.  Harry just shakes his head and says no, and that was the first time it ever happened.  I told him no way and he stood by his statement that it was the first time it happened.  I just sat there and thought to myself, wow this guy is just too smooth, what patience and so calm especially in that type of situation.  From that day forward all I ever said to myself is if I could stay half as calm as Harry in a clutch situation I would be the coolest guy on the planet - next to Harry of course.  I really cannot put my finger on it, but Harry always made you feel like you wanted to be a better person.  If you took the time to read this whole story, you know just how smooth Harry really was in that type of situation.  I am still so truly upset that he is gone, the world needed Harry, he should have been the next president of the United States.  Rest in peace Harry, you are dearly missed.

My friend and big brother Harry NMN Baab

Shared by Harold Wiese on 28th November 2018

No better friend you will ever have than Harry, What do you say about someone that always had your back, A big brother pointing you in the right direction, A mentor that made your life all that you dreamed of.   My naval career turned out the way it did due to a large part of Harry's direction and help. My biggest regret at this point is me writing this and not being able to tell him how blessed I've been having had him in my life. Thanks for everything shipmate. Looking at all the pictures of Harry with friends and family one thing is for sure, he lived a blessed life with a women that as Harry would say, " was the love of his life", he told me while we were deployed in 1978/79 how lucky he was to have married her and how crazy in love he was with her. We all knew that she was the rock of the family and always had his back for 41 years. Knowing Harry like I do he would not change a thing in the life that he lived or the people that he lived it with. Pat and I have been blessed having Harry, Debbie and Heidi in our life. The pain that we all feel on his passing is a direct reflection on how special he was in all our lives. Rest in peace Papa H. Pat, Harold Wiese  

You know how Harry was

Shared by Glenn Bailey on 26th November 2018

Harry has a couple of things in common with Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh , he likes beer and republicans

I first meet Harry about 1988 when he and his family moved next door and have been friends ever since. We and a bunch of his cohorts( the stupid bastards golf association) years back took many a golf trips to Myrtle Beach and he may be the only person have know to takes his own towels & toilet paper because its softer than the resorts. He always had a comb in his pocket so his hair was perfect , never out of place 

Poker night was a blast and latter towards the end of the night Harry would fall asleep sitting up in his chair we had to wake him up to bet having no idea how much the bet was, he covered the bet and ended up winning the hand most of the time ( lucky shit )

Harry I love you like a brother and will always be in my heart. Hope to be able to play golf with you again. Rest in Peace 

Lovely person

Shared by Carolyn Crowder on 26th November 2018

Met Harry as a Foreman working at PMT for VIT. Always loved his humor and his calm demeanor no matter how hectic work became.  He was well like by all of us at PMT.  

Shared by Vince Marrocco on 24th November 2018

The first time I met Harry was when I reported to the USS America as the waist cat LCPO. He was my maintenance officer and a mentor to me. A great man who always strived for perfection.  He taught me how to become a better man and leader.  I sure will miss him.  Harry, you rest easy my friend and we will meet again and play poker with the rest of the AB's in heaven.

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