Harry Brant was the husband of Irene Brant for 59 years. He was the father of 6 children, the grandfather of 13, and the great grandfather of 7. Harry was loved by all and he will always be the silver haired guitar man.  
Posted by Jessica Caraway on November 7, 2012
hey uncle harry i miss you sooo much i cant belive its been a year since you left us, johnathen is growing so fast i really wish he could have met you well i love you very much ( ps madison said she loves you daddy and misses you )
Posted by Terresa Morris on November 7, 2012
hi dad, it is so hard to believe you have been gone 1 year today;i love you so much. hope you are resting well.miss you!terresa
Posted by Irene Brant on October 23, 2012
HI DARLING.... miss you so much.. so much is going on here ..haven't had time to visit you.. hope you understand...guess you know by now lana was killed in head on collision on hwy 119 last SundaY.. HER FUNERAL WAS ON FRIDAY..Robert came down one daY AND fixed the toilet ( I think) we'll see..Jr is somewhere in Florida ,.. He'll be home some time tonight.. Love you. gotta go
Posted by Terresa Morris on October 22, 2012
love you dad. spending time today with wonderful memories of you.the move to Colorado has insured me that the beauty of Gods love is always with us,sometimes we don't know why God calls us to a certain
place, but i can feel your presence here and i feel at peace with knowing God has a special plan. if only i could have done more for you,i love you so much
Posted by Irene Brant on September 11, 2012
good morning dear had a pretty good night .. getting by the best I can still have the same old problems,, don't havwe to tell you what they arew  wish you were here to help me work them out love you
Posted by Irene Brant on September 2, 2012
hi baby.. hope you had a nice day............. Hank and lila came down for the weekend.  still missing you.. doing the best I can
Posted by Terresa Morris on August 29, 2012
dad we always talked about John Denver's music and how we would love to visit some of the places he had been. the eagles are flying over
the mountain, the falls are just majestic, and the view inside the garden of Gods mtn are fantastic i sure did need the peace and comfort this
trip has blessed me with. love you dad!
Posted by Irene Brant on July 30, 2012
morning baby.. had a good night  your big black bird is hunting you.. told him to go away.. but he just keep hollowing at me .. I told I couldn't find you either miss you
Posted by Terresa Morris on July 29, 2012
dad, as i was getting ready for church this morning i was thinking about you rejoicing with the angels. i love you and miss you. i often think about the song one day at a time; and i finally come to realize that is exactly what the Lord says for us to do. live each day to the fullest,share a smile with someone who is sad,give the warmth of love to those in need. thanks dad.
Posted by Irene Brant on July 28, 2012
good morning darling miss ing you more every day
Posted by Terresa Morris on July 22, 2012
to the best dad in all the world. i love you so much terresa
Posted by Debra Brant on July 21, 2012
It's funny how time slipps away when you think about the little things that matters alot . Things we think about and the things we were taught to remember as a child . like fixing the car or using a hammer , or things you take fore granted that will always be there . I misss you dad.
Posted by Terresa Morris on June 20, 2012
missing my dad today. sometimes things seem so confusing, and i
just can't understand the philosophies of it all, my prayers are that
i can always be the person you wanted me to be. dad i always just wanted you to be proud of your daughter.
Posted by Jessica Caraway on June 5, 2012
love you uncle harry i miss u very much
Posted by Terresa Morris on May 28, 2012
happy birthday dad. jim says you are eating cake and icecream with his mom. hope it is fudge ripple. love you dad. terresa
Posted by Irene Brant on May 28, 2012
dearest darling  miss you so much.. my world is falling apart without you,, hope you finally got your peach of mind
Posted by Terresa Morris on March 21, 2012
dad, it's been 4 months since you went to see jesus. i love you and i miss youi
Posted by Terresa Morris on December 15, 2011
Dad, your light will always be a bright shining star,i miss you !
Posted by Terresa Morris on December 1, 2011
one special man, a very loving dad, an angel called home to meet
his maker. i love you dad/terresa
Posted by Irene Brant on November 27, 2011
my loving husband missed already.. but heart my life our family has a big hole.. rest with GOD
Posted by Jessica Caraway on November 21, 2011
love you uncle harry
Posted by Terresa Morris on November 21, 2011
to my dad, the best ever you will be truly missed.i can not say how much .terresa
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Posted by Ruth Brant on August 24, 2018
Hi  me again. missing you today like every day.  It seems nothing in my world is the same..  I guess you and the boys are playing beautiful music for the LORD.  did I tell you the coon tree fell last week.. made a big mess. half fell in our yard and the other half in Jefferery's yard .. Daniel came over to help clean up.  Junior was working in the yard yesterday and fell in the fire.. scared me really bad.  Lucky he's not hurt bad a burn on his arm.
Posted by Ruth Brant on August 9, 2018
hello darling …  missing you still.. the kids are okay I guess.. Robert has gone back to work  after  heart attack on June 17.   Me   I am OKAY..
I guess.  had a lot of rain. the lake is up kinda high.
gottta  go  talk to you later
Posted by Terresa Morris on November 7, 2017
6 years ago Dad you went to meet Jesus.I will always love you.Missing you today,The memories of a very special,loving , Dad will always be close to my heart!Love you Terresa
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