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Remembering you

Shared by Mark Stevens on November 11, 2019
  1. Remembering you on Remembrance Day, love Mark


Shared by Mark Stevens on June 15, 2017

This was created by Harry's grandson, Ty Shore, 17 years.

Car Rides

Shared by Mark Stevens on April 24, 2011

Dad would usually take a car ride each evening, driving through Assiniboine Park hoping to catch the sight of deer on the roadside.  He quite often saw Deer.  He enjoyed viewing the eagle, on his tree perch, when the eagle exhibit was installed.

Dad stopped taking his rides in October 2010 as he was not feeling well and he started losing his energy as early at September 2010.

It is very sad how cancer takes over your life and the things you have in it, Dad fought a very brave battle, complaining little and accepted his fate.

Dad you are missed and even though you were not a religious man, I do believe you did believe in God, just not in the religous fashion.  You said at Riverview you had some very nice chats with the Chaplain, as a matter of fact, we knew you were quite taken by him and the discussions you shared.  Therefore, I know in my heart that as you thought the end was simply turning off the lights and falling asleep and that was it, it is so much more, there is eternal life, and I know you are in heaven succeeding in whatever you may be doing.  When I say "rest in peace" that is what I mean, be at peace in the life you shared with us and move on into the new exciting life that's awaiting you in heaven!!

You are missed always!!  All my love to you , Dad!

Love Mark 

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