Let the memory of Haylee be with us forever.
  • 4 years old
  • Born on July 13, 2001 in Louisiana, United States.
  • Passed away on June 3, 2006 in Louisiana, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Haylee Mazzella. She was born to Sonya Easley Mazzella & Thomas Allen Mazzella III, in Louisiana on July 13, 2001. And  she passed away on June 03, 2006 at the tender age of 4 due to a tragic and needless drowning. We will remember her forever! Haylee loved to play and to be outside. She was the most generous of us all. She loved and enjoyed the simple things in life, the ones we all take for granted. Although she was a girl she had her tomboy side, she loved to catch lizards and keep them for pets. She enjoyed helping DaDa in their garden or cutten grass, just as long as they were together she was happy. And her favorite toys of all time to play with were dinosaurs. Any type,shape, or size she loved to create,"The Land Before Time Scenes", we all loved to watch her imagination illuminate us. Nevertheless, she loved to get into mommy's makeup box and together we would dress her up and laugh at how much fun it was just to be together. I miss her more everyday. These are just several of the millions of things that I miss the most: her smell, her sounds, her touch, the excitement she gave off when she would see me, her beautiful sweet smile, her crinkly nose, her feet in her flip flops, her laugh, her beautiful face, her inner joy, her love for her brother and Shelby (cousin) them giggling as they played, her love of learning, her love of animals, her love for me and our family, her love for others, her desire to try hard and be good. I admired her will to try new things and say yes or no but  she was willing to try. I was proud of her generous spirit that made it easy for her to love in such a cruel world, it came so naturally. I miss seeing her play with Bubba and always being concerned for his welfare. She adored him unlike any sibling I have ever seen.  They would play for hours together. She really liked having a brother, and she was always kind. If he pulled her hair she wouldn’t  hit him cause she said,” I can’t hurt him he's a baby and he’s my brother” They loved each other dearly. Although I miss these and many more, MeMaw and I especially miss her telling us out of the blue: in the car, at the store, riding bikes, at the park, any odd time –   MOMMY / MEMAW I LOVE YOU – and because of the way she said it we knew it was true deep down from her sweet little heart. Then I would say really well BABY GIRL I LOVE YOU TOO. MeMaw would say I LOVE YOU TO MY SWEET LITTLE ANGEL.  I hope she is as loved in heaven as she was and still is here on earth.

Posted by Amay Loslandos on 13th July 2018
I may not have known her physically, but spiritually I felt like and knew she was one of the greatest little girls. She died too young but now I know she is an angel, watching over her family. Gone but never forgotten, rest in peace dear angel.
Posted by Samira Soparkar on 13th July 2017
Happy Sweet Sixteen, little one. ❤️
Posted by Heaven Carter on 21st May 2017
So precious, she seems like the sweetest bubbly girl.
Posted by Jennifer Hibbs on 26th December 2015
What a sweet little angel...you're in the arms of Jesus now <3
Posted by Jessica Dickerson on 20th June 2014
I Don't Know How Stumbled Across Your Story.....But I'm Forever Grateful I Did.....Sleep Peaceful Beautiful Angel......
Posted by Sabrina Silvis on 17th January 2013
Rest In Peace, Beautiful Angel. <3

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