Shared by Dimitri Georgides on September 21, 2012

The Greek edition of my book Bitter Oranges, entitled ΥΠΟΘΕΣΗ ΝΕΡΑΝΤΖΙΑ and published in Athens in Sept. 2012, is dedicated to Lily's memory. The dedication page shown above reads in translation:

The Greek edition of the book

Bitter Oranges

is dedicated to the memory

of the author’s beloved wife




whose life was a source of

joy and inspiration to those

who were fortunate to know her

Why the song "Briskesai Pantou"

Shared by Dimitri Georgides on September 1, 2012

I was asked by non Greek-speaking site visitors about the song “Briskesai Pantou” ("You Are Everywhere") that I added under the Audio section of the site’s Gallery. The lyrics of this melodious song, which appear below in translation, have stirred the emotions of Greek mourners since the song, performed by Trio Kantsone, won a Greek music festival award in 1959.




You are everywhere.

In everything I feel and I live

In everything I sense and I love

It’s you I’ll find.


You are everywhere.

In everything I touch and I desire

In everything I see and aim for

It’s you I’ll find.


In what your hands with love have touched

In what your lips have hesitantly said

In so many things that your eyes have viewed

In all these I’ll find you wandering silently.


Thus, like a shadow

In everything I feel and I live

And even in my heart’s echo

It’s you I’ll find.


The years have turned into chains

The dreams have turned into traps

While I, with my mind lost,

As my shadow I’ll have you everywhere I go.

You are everywhere.

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