Helen Namondo Mafany
  • 81 years old
  • Date of birth: Jan 1, 1935
  • Date of passing: Jun 1, 2016
Let the memory of Helen be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Helen Mafany, 81, born on January 1, 1935 and passed away on June 1, 2016. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Dr. Prudence Etta on 3rd July 2016

""Some people touch our hearts only briefly and others a never forgotten impression." Aunty Helen, your love leaves on me a memory  to never forget. My greatest tribute is of gratitude to you, not grief and may your love continue to shine upon us. May your soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Ngali Ilongo on 2nd July 2016

Oh grandma I was broken when I heard of your demise. Little did I know that, your sickness had reached to the point of eliminating your precious life. It is true that death is inevitable once it strikes, it cannot be reversed, otherwise we would have manipulated its coming so soon, so that we could have more good days with you. MBAMBA you are a rare germ, a caring mother, grandmother, sister, aunty and mentor to all who came across you. You equally and happily assisted those helpless in life without minding the cost. Death, you are so unpredictable, why did you snatch her from us like this? Never the less, MBAMBA you have fought a good fight,  and finished your race on earth. Your legacies lives as a witness to all of us whom you left behind, and especially to those who want to emulate your life style. We love you and we know you are resting in God's bosom awaiting the resurrection. Until then may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Farewell MBAMBA till we meet again.
                Your Grand Daughter."

This tribute was added by Ngali Ilongo on 30th June 2016

"Tribute From Ekongo Mandem
This tribute was so difficult to write because of the pain in my heart, I can’t just believe that Mbamba is no more. I remember when I last came to Mile 4 from Manyenem on the Monday preceding the Wednesday of your death; you bought me a bottle of drink and sat me down. We discussed about the construction work going on in the Manyenem road and the farm project at length. You were very happy to see me after some weeks of absence and greatly encouraged me in my pursuit of the farm project. Little did I know that this was our last earthly intimate discussion and reunion. Mbamba you loved the company of Children around you which made me very close and free with you. Now suddenly you are no more. I have missed an important link in my life, but consoled by the fact that God is the ultimate and his ways are not ours. Mbamba, I will forever remember you and I know for sure your soul is having a peaceful rest."

This tribute was added by Ngali Ilongo on 30th June 2016

"Tribute From Ndip Chantal
“Iya-oh” as you always called me, I feel down casted and so sad to believe you are no more. Mbamba I can’t just imagine that Monday the 30th of May when you woke me up early in the morning to go to Buea will be my last day to see you. I always come to Mile 4 from Buea every Friday for weekend and return back to school early in the morning every Monday. I spent most of my weekend Sunday nights with Mbamba to enjoy her friendly grandmotherly warmth which happily ushered me into the new study week at school. Mbamba you left us so soon; we love you so much and your presence radiated great joy in our minds, but all the same God loves you more. Mbamba rest in peace till we meet to part no more."

This tribute was added by Ngali Ilongo on 28th June 2016

"Tribute to my dear Mbamba Helen from Catherine Limunga Ilongo (Nigeria)
Who am I to complain when the creator of heaven and earth have spoken,who am I to question God on the time and method he chooses in calling one of his own.
Grandma I was not with you in your last days,but I know for sure that it was not in your own plans to leave us this soon.You have been a loving and caring mother to us all.
            I cannot forget those moments of my life,when I attended classes in preparation for the medical entrances examination, leaving mile four to Buea everyday .Grandma you became my time keeper  by waking me up every morning,so as to be punctual in class. Grandma you were worried about me taking breakfast  before leaving .If I didn't, you will quarrel me when I come back home .It is very painful to loss a grandma who is so caring and loving,always wishing to see everybody happy.
     Grandma I was hoping to see you and spend time with you when I come back home for long holidays,but the good lord who loves you and wants you to have eternal happiness knows best.
                                                               Farewell mbamba.
                                                              We all love you"

This tribute was added by Ngali Ilongo on 28th June 2016

"Tribute from Sena Edekor (Ghana)
Sometime in 1997 you opened your warm arms to receive a young Ghanaian girl in your home. You trained her and showed a lot of kindness to her within the short period she lived with you. Grandma Helen it saddened my heart when I heard you passed, because I was planning on visiting you once again as a practicing lawyer now in Ghana and to appreciate you for being part of what I am today and thank you personally for your kindness and  discipline that has contributed to making me the woman I am today. The good Lord knows best. Rest in peace grandma Helen. Grandma Helen Xede Nyuie."

This tribute was added by Ngali Ilongo on 28th June 2016

Sadness For A Life Ended,  
Relieved By A Life Well Spent
  And Hopes For Resurrection Into God’s Glory
I looked at my watch and it was fifteen minutes past midnight, this was the beginning of the new day on Wednesday, the first of June 2016. I was very exhausted and tired but felt certain that Aunty Helen was in good hands at the St. Veronica Hospital Molyko where we left her and had been administered adequate treatment; hence I left the hospital with my house hold back to  Wonyalikombo. I couldn’t   really sleep, but I think I dosed off  for a few minutes during which time all sorts of strange feelings came across my mind. I was taking a bath at about 6 am in the morning to rush back to the hospital, when we had a call that Aunty was no more.  Immediately strange darkness loomed around me under the shower. I was dejected and went back on my bed. Deep sadness crept into my mind and took total grip of my mind for about five minutes. This  uniquely strange sadness  dwelled in me for about a forth night. I believe and trust in the Lord that with time the intensity of this “Aunty Helen’s demise sadness syndrome as I can term it will gradually reduce.
Aunty Helen loved friends and kept her friends for life. Her love for family was extra ordinary. She always felt  bad if anyone in the family was  in trouble or was suffering in any way. I cannot remember visiting  her, without she offering me food or a drink. On the other hand whenever I gave her a present she would give me a peculiar admirable smile and say “ Nga, papa thank you”  which simple expression of thanks always made me very happy. Aunty Helen, the attributes I have for you are many and enumerating them will be very lengthy and cumbersome .
Aunty Helen was a great woman  and  a woman of the people. She made friends and readily mixed with people of all types around her especially as she had worked at the Tiko Market; which was the most regular and popular market at that point in time around FAKO. Her friendly, outspoken and frank nature made her lovable, likeable and admirable amongst those who stood for the truth; this being a strong Christian virtue.
The hymn writer Horatius Bonar; wrote that we will “ only be remembered by what we have done” after we exit from this restless world. True , indeed aunty I will forever remember you for whom you were to me and what influence your life  had on me. Death no doubt brings one’s suffering and problems to a halt, while at the same time leaving indelible memories of great loss and pain in the minds of close relatives, friends and loved ones. We all have different religious beliefs and inclinations this notwithstanding, I am indeed very happy that Aunty Helen died as a practicing Christian. We should therefore like Aunty Helen learn to live from our true center in Christ,
In this life there will always be something enticing us to worry.  This is no doubt the nature of the falling and fractured planet earth. Things are not as they should be;  all sorts of strange, and unanticipated things happen daily; especially the sudden disappearance of a loved one to be seen no more on planet earth.
Our daily life is punctuated with happiness, sadness and fear which culminate to constant worry; hence the temptation to be anxious is constantly with us, trying to warm its way into our minds. In this circumstance the best defense we are left with is continual communication with God richly seasoned or spiced with thanks giving. The awareness of God’s presence fills our minds with light and peace living no room for fear and worries. This awareness, lifts us up above all disturbing circumstances, enabling us to see problems from God’s perspective. Christ resides in the deepest depth of our being, in eternal union with our spirit. It is at this deep level that the peace of God reigns continually. We will not find lasting peace in this world around us, in circumstances or in human relationships. Trouble and distress are woven into the very fabric of this perishing world; hence the external world is always in flux – under the curse of death and decay. But there is a gold mine of peace deep within us, waiting to be tapped. We should all take time to delve into the riches of God’s residing presence; by living increasingly from our real center, where the love of God has an eternal grip on us.  
This exceptionally unique love of God permanently fills all of space, time and eternity. At the very best of our human state, we see God through an obscure glass, but some day those who live Christ- like lives will see him face to face. I believe strongly  that our Dear Aunty Helen falls under this classification and she is resting in peace in the bosom of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Yes, indeed Aunty; it deeply saddened me  when it was time up for your life here on earth to end, but at  the end of it all I am glad when I reflect on the happy life you lived characterized by your friendly, motherly, and Christian life style. I know for sure that someday we will enjoy GODS everlasting glory in heaven together when death too would have died."

This tribute was added by Elizabeth Weledji on 26th June 2016

"Mbamba or Aunty Helen as I know you are fondly referred to by your Grand daughter Enjema, I first met you a few years ago when I visited Cameroon, and then two years or so ago you visited Enjema in England, We had some great time during your visit. I noted personally what a caring, kind hearted and simple woman you were. You treated me like you had known me from when I was young. You clearly had the attributes of a people's person, someone who will treat people they come across the way they will like to be treated. You have had a good life and we know it is hard to let go when loved ones depart from this world. God took you from us peacefully three weeks ago, but We thank him for the wonderful life you had and the impact you had on other people's  lives. Rest in peace in the house of the Lord Mbamba"

This tribute was added by Evakise Lyonga John on 24th June 2016

"Mbamba We miss u greatly.We can always remember your kindbess towards us.Every child who passed by you got a touch of your love..Your life blessed everyone who crossed your path. Soft spoken. Always welcoming. Auntie Helen. Mbamba .we thank God for your life.St Paul in Phi.1:23 says yiu desire to depart and be with Christ which is better by far.May your soul.have eternal. Rest in Christ Jesus..Adueu. Mbamba"

This tribute was added by Elange Mukeba on 20th June 2016

"Fondly called " Auntie " and "Mbamba" Helen by your children, grandchildren and relatives. You nurtured us from childhood to womanhood and or manhood. "Mbamba Helen" was very friendly and receptive. She demonstrated her hospitality by not just opening her doors to her children and relatives, but to strangers and passers-by especially to Tiko Town and Down Beach residents where she spent most of her life.
"Mbamba" Helen was a no "nonsense" Lady who believed in objectivism, reasonability and practicability, as oppose to subjectivism, unreasonability and impracticability; impartial were her eyes and ears.She was very frank and outspoken when ever there was a reason to show cause. Thus "Mbamba" was not hesitant in acting promptly and accordingly.
"Mbamba" was an ardent disciplinarian and at the same time very comforting, caring and consoling. These distinct qualities and attributes made her touch lots of lives in her lifetime. "Mbamba" Helen was amongst the very few parents,grandparents, relatives and friends who stood firm, maintained her strong grounds until her death and scored " 100%" in the " objective test".
     "Mbamba's demise takes us back to February 2008, when Uncle Ngali Ilongo and myself had a ghastly motor accident in Limbe, and when i had a major surgery  at the Limbe Regional hospital in February 2008 and March 2010 respectively. In spite of her age, health condition and the political instability in the South West Region during that period,"Mbamba" demonstrated her love, faith, hope and courage by braving all odds and arrived at the hospital in less than 24 hours after the incident occurred from Tiko. Thus "Mbamba Helen" showed up at that same hospital on the eve of my surgery in March 2010. She was not just present, but posed reasonable and intelligent questions to the surgeons and other health personnel. In less than 48 hours, most of the hospital staff took cognizance  of "Mbamba" Helen's presence, her motherly and friendly nature. Hence she automatically became one of their best friends. As a result of the above, she gained easy access to the offices of the Doctors  and did her utmost best to ensure i had proper attention and follow-up by the medical team.
         To crown it all, Mbamba's christian and moral virtues are worth emulating. Her death has left a gap to be filled in her family and in her community.
Dear relatives, friends, mourners, sympathizers and well wishers " 70 years is all we have to live on earth, 80 years and above if we are strong". We loved "Mbamba" but God loves her more. "Drop not a tear", Mbamba's soul is save and her body is secured. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.    Adieu......."

This tribute was added by Alphonsine Ninjoh on 16th June 2016

"Mbamba, I thank God for your life. Knowing you for a short time is like knowing you all my life. I remember the first time I met you, little did I know it will be the last time. The few minute we share is so special and I will forever cherish it. I can't say I did not enjoy you because I am through your beloved Enjema. Goodbye mbamba may your gentle soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Belinda Bayen on 15th June 2016

"Iya!!!!Iya!!!! I had the priviledge of meeting you and interacting with you twice during my visits to our beloved country. God! mbamba !! you were sweet, very hospitable, welcoming, great sense of humour, very outspoken and a no "nonsense woman".How could anyone  who met you not love you? My children from England requested to take back some of  your very delicious kwacoco and mbanga soup, a meal they had tasted for the very first time, the only request of an African meal they ever made. I know you were a very proud grandma and great grandma and I am certain that you are in a better place right now. Rest in peace Mbamba, my Iya. You will be greatly missed."

This tribute was added by Pascal Pemha on 14th June 2016

"I first met Mbamba a few months into my relationship with Enjema and the level of hospitality I received on that day was remarkable. From there we built a good rapport and it eventually developed into a Mother and Son relationship. Each time I visited her beautiful and serene down beach residence I felt at home, not wanting to go back.
I finally got married to her beloved Granddaughter Enjema and with her prayers we were blessed with two lovely kids, which made her a proud Great Grand Mother and before she fell really sick we had the opportunity to share some very pleasant moments together both in Cameroon and the UK.  
The Christian value she instilled in my wife has been a binding factor in our relationship and a driver to the upbringing of our kids. She will be greatly missed but her legacy will be maintained by us. May her Soul and that of our departed family members Rest in Peace. Pascal"

This tribute was added by ebote mbong on 14th June 2016

"I am at a loss...oh mbamba,how i miss u so!I miss your warm embrace,your endless love,your counsel,your optimism,and your flawless sense of fashion.

Death is inevitable but no one accepts it when the sound is heard.If it did not happen now,or that it occurred much later,i would still contest."People are like grass;their beauty is like flower in the field.The grass wither and the flower fades."Yes!!!I saw you aging,i saw you reducing,and finally your journey is over.Auntie darling,i can't believe i am going through this again.I can't accept it's over between us...

However,i shall rumble on and on,hoping in the process that some sense could come out of my rather confused mind.Oh death,You are too just to be judged.I wish you granted her one more day.A fine woman you were;practical and exemplary.Your life was a living bible,full of educative episodes.You are part of an undivided whole...

With heavy hearts we dare to say adieu.Your ethereal presence shall always be kept as a blanket.For as long as we live we shall always remember you.Tell Eseme,Keren and Jr are doing good.Rest in peace irreplaceable woman,rest in peace irreplaceable grand mum,rest in peace irreplaceable speaker,rest in peace irreplaceable friend and sister.Adieu HM...


This tribute was added by Sophie Ngongi on 14th June 2016

"Aunty Helen we thank God for your life, as much as we will miss you, you had done your work on earth as we see in the numerous pictures. You were the mother of all children. Thank you for having such a big heart and loving us all as if we were your own.,say hello to papa and mama.. Rest in Peace aunty until we meet again."

This tribute was added by Imelda Namondo Ngwendson on 14th June 2016

"Auntie Helen, I cannot even imagine where to begin. Just a few months ago we were together in Tiko and Buea, cooking, hanging out and laying Mbamba Na to rest, not knowing you will be next...and so soon too. Memories of you go way back and also most recent. You have gone to meet your people and your creator... Auntie, you wanted to go. You will be in our hearts forever. Love, always."

This tribute was added by Enjema Lyonga Pemha on 9th June 2016

I love you, I miss you so very breaks my heart.
But that's you, classic exit, no effort no struggle, it had to be sudden!!!.
I don't want to sound ungrateful to God....but you for still try small Auntie Helen! you could do it.
It's one week on but one fact remains ''Grief changes shape.... it never ends''
God rest your soul MOTHER

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