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May 5, 2013

1 year journey without a father is a lonely journey....i could not forget that fatal date when the e.r. nurse called me at around 9pm while i was finishing my powerpoint was a very hard night for me, loosing so suddenly my beloved if the whole world fall down on mind went blank for a while, and then in a little while i remember my mama, i immediately ask the nurses attending papa if where is my mama, they told me she's just there when i turn around i saw where crying, i immediately went near her and comfort was a very horrible night....and today we are celebrating papa's 1 year death anniversary....last friday we also bury papa's first degree cousin ante concepcion conching noval villarante, life as i understand it is meaningless without even though life without papa and ante conching if there is God, is still has  a very significant meaning....

You Will Remain In Our Hearts Pa

May 3, 2013

 It has been a sad journey without him. But we have arduously walked on a year. We will always continue to think about you which we do most every day.

O-ne year ago you died, and still we mourn,
N-or will our mourning end till it be night,
E-ven as time turns our tears to light
Y-ears hence, when this may be more easily borne.
E-ach moment of your passion and delight,
A-s clear as sunshine, bountiful and bright,
R-emains in our hearts now that you are gone.

You will remain in our hearts pa. 

December 1, 2012

last week i dream about my papa, in the morning i called fellow cousins who has no papa anymore, and they said they too experienced the same experience, this meanz to say i really miss my papa, months has passed but still, i'm on in pain, forgetting him is not that easy...surely i have that hope that i will surely see him again in the ressurection morning!

November 24, 2012

last month the father of my co-pastor passed away, he was still in my papas wake last may...tsk..when i deliver the nightly sermon i almost did not finish it, i am still emotional for my fatherz loss...about a week and a half the father of my another co-pastor died tsk, tsk...and this month the father of my close friend passed away...oh boy what happened...anyway i still missed my papa....

September 15, 2012

oh i am always longing for that day when our Lord will that i could again see and hug my beloved papa...

September 15, 2012

my boss pastor barlizo ask me one day, how come that up to this time it seems that you have not recovered from your father's loss, wereyou with a misunderstanding with your father? i replied misunderstanding is not the reason, it's just when you are with a father there seems to be no worry at's been 5 months now but still the pain is still there...i did not regret those day's when my papa is around, we sang together, go to places where he would ask me to go, eat with his close friends and many more experience with him...because of him i had known many people, and all of them will always say: your papa was a very good man...oh i just couldn't hold back my i wish he could hear it too.... 

September 15, 2012

when i was assigned in bohol, everytime my salary will not be enough, my papa wil always come to the rescue for me, it's how a father loves his son....

September 15, 2012

everytime i log on to this site, i just could not hold back my's just i really miss papa, and life without a father will never be the same again...

August 26, 2012

hi kuya naka visit nako sa site in uncle, nice kaayo even though wala na siya! as shared by liezel mantojac(our cousin)

August 1, 2012

when i was assigned at bantayan island, by the time i have no more salary to receive due to so many deductions, my papa will always be around to help me, at that time jemcole was still given milk through papa will always be around that is why i miz him a lot...i could not forget how he was ever prepared to help me when i need dat hes gone i have to survive without papa now...

June 22, 2012 those we have not given thank you cards if you happen to visit this site this card is for you thank you so much!   jemcole

June 22, 2012

to those i was not able to give thank you cards its because maybe due to our sentimental minds if you have come to this site this card is for you......thanks jemcole

First Month

June 4, 2012

"Today is Papa's 1 month death anniversary. It seems to me that he is only away doing some auditing in another place. Sometimes when I met friends at church, they ask me how am I doing and I say, "Ok," then unexpected tears come. Every now and then I have to ask myself how my mama takes all of this pain since I am not there. I'm glad my brother and his family are there to support her.

My Lolo

June 1, 2012

Lolo is a very kind and loving grandfather, he was the one who could calm me down from my anger, sometimes I will not listen to him, but instead of scolding me he let me go to his room with him and let me sit on his bed and told me that what I did was wrong.
And sometimes I keep on crying because I miss my sisters because they are staying in camotes and I am the only one who is staying in lahug with lolo and lola both of them comfort's me, Lolo was my tutor in Math too because I always have a failing grades in Math, And even though he is far away he will still come to teach me how to solve Math.................Then at May 3 2012 at 10pm while I was watching Dong-Yi my favorite TV show Papa's phone rang, he answered it, then a few seconds later he was shocked he looked at me and said Cole your Lolo is in the hospital I was shocked, my sister Aia asked "What happen to Lolo kuya?" "I don't know" I replied with a confused voice, quickly Papa change his clothes crying, "stay here I will go to the hospital" he said "Im coming with you" I replied "I'm coming too" Aia said, so all of us rushed in the hospital, there was plenty of nurses in the E.R, "Stay here" Papa said "Kids are not allowed inside" so Papa went inside while Aia and I waited outside, but we can't help it we want to look what was going on, so, we peeped on the door of the E.R and found out that Lolo was there lying in the bed with oxygen and the nurse keep on pumping him with those electiric stuff I don't know what's the name of that thing.. so to make the long story short Lolo passed away...............but even though he is gone he will still be alive in our memories........I LOVE YOU LO I KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE FOREVER MISSED.


May 28, 2012


Candle lit by Dee Colegado- Graves on 26th May 2012

"My papa as we fondly called “papsi” took care of my brother, sister and me while my mom was working as a teacher. He was our tutor teacher especially in Math as he is good at it. He was a father, brother & friend to all; a loving & humble, dear man. He passed to us the positive character traits that would be the foundation of our lives. There is no other like him."

If he knows you & you ask him about lineage, he can spend hours of talking until you found out that you are one of his relatives.  He always told us that in order to survive life’s perplexities, we need to claim God’s promises in the bible. He was one of my strength while I made adjustments of being away from him & ma.

I am blinded with pain, but empowered by the strength he gave me. I am looking forward to that resurrection morning when I will see him again."

Papa's Legacy

May 18, 2012

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