On June 2nd, 2020 the pearly gates opened up to welcome a true legend—Herbert J. Hopkins who was born to the late Herbert Hopkins and Evelyn ‘Sis’ Boyd on November 11, 1952 in Philadelphia, the second of what would eventually be five equally legendary siblings, from Lynn through Jim, Beth and Jane. Despite (or perhaps because of) the free range parenting of the era and extreme tobogganing accidents in the wild hills of Fox Chase, he grew up so hale and strong that he joined the Archbishop Wood football squad, a step that would eventually lead him to his beloved Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. At Dartmouth he eventually became the archetypal “big man on campus”, joining Theta Delta Chi, being named co-captain of the football team, and even joining a not-so-secret society of fine men. After capturing the hearts of his classmates that helped lead to a championship trophy for the team, Herb worked a series of sales jobs that took him all over the country, picking up lifelong friends along the way. He eventually landed in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he somehow managed to join the University of Michigan’s rugby team, despite not even being a student there.  Because apparently the physical toll of playing for one rugby team just wasn’t enough for a ringer like Herb, he also played for the elite rugby team called the Church Street Barbarians. Deciding Michigan bar fights weren’t risky enough, he then headed for Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska where he hung out with prospectors, became a boxing champ, and worked as the general manager of a commercial diving company. By the ‘80s, he was ready to return to the East Coast to “settle down” somewhat, where he earned an MBA from the prestigious Wharton Business School and did the very ‘80s thing of working for the First Boston investment banking firm. One fateful summer day he attended a party down the shore, where he won the hand of his future wife, Marian “Toni” Lee, when he decided against entering a beer chugging contest. They settled in Moorestown, NJ where they soon welcomed three beautiful, witty and very-good-at-writing-obituaries children, Amanda, Katie and Jack. But every great story, even one as amazing as Herb’s, has to have a villain – in this story, that villain is Parkinson’s Disease. Herb valiantly fought PD for over 20 years, becoming an advocate for Parkinson’s research and a fundraising machine (a Green Machine, to be precise), but it did take its toll. On June 2, 2020 at 67 years old, Herb finished his fight, passing on peacefully in his sleep. So please, raise a glass to the man, the myth, the legend: Herbert Hopkins. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations are made to the Philadelphia Parkinson’s Council at or a non-profit of your choice. We hope to have a celebration of Herb’s life in November 2020 if and when it is safe to travel and gather.
10/12/20  Unfortunately, the Covid 19 pandemic has made it unwise for good friends and family to gather and to travel to New Jersey for a celebration of Herb's life at this time. We hope to plan this event for the Spring of 2021. Please check back for further details, and stay safe.
Posted by Morris Whitaker on June 2, 2022
Rest well Captian.
Posted by Stephen Viteo on June 2, 2022
I miss my friend of over 50 years. We met at Archbishop Wood Football. His friendship over the many years added to the richness of my life. As the years go by I know we will see each other again and till then sleep well my friend.
Posted by Owen (ricko) Williams on June 2, 2022
The world just ain't the same without Herbus, not today, not ever!
Posted by Patricia Carr on June 2, 2021
A year later, and your life's story is still as impressive and inspiring as you were. Rest in God's love, knowing that you are deeply missed by so many but never forgotten....
Posted by Jim and LInda Hopkins on June 2, 2021
Hey Herb -
Jim and I have been thinking of you today!  We hope you and your mom are having a heavenly happy hour!
Posted by Victoria Lee on June 2, 2021
Dear Herb, Thank you for being a Guardian Angel to so many in Earth Life & now from Heaven, you are forever loved & missed!!
Posted by Toni Hopkins on June 2, 2021
It has now been one year since Herb passed on . Thank you to all of those friends and family who have supported us emotionally and through prayer in this past year. We are blessed to have you in our lives.
Toni, Amanda, Katie and Jack
Posted by Stephen Viteo on November 11, 2020
Sleep well my friend - you are missed and will always be so. Happy Birthday today it was so long ago that we met and the adventures began.
Posted by Bernard McGorrey III on September 3, 2020
Sorry to hear of his passing. I met him again at Mrs. Hopkins/Tumelty's Funeral a few years ago, along the with rest of the Hopkins gang. Truly a legend of the upper half of Windsor Avenue during our very own "Wonder Years".
Posted by Fr. Jim Heiser on July 20, 2020
May his memory be eternal!
Posted by Steven Bruns on June 20, 2020
As a fraternity brother, Herbie was one of those larger than life people (note: TDX had quite a few) whom you meet and never forget. When he entered a room his personality (well, mostly his laugh) was always duly noted. After reading his obituary, I was very pleased to see that Herb’s sense of humor has been passed on to succeeding generations. What better sobriquet than to say that Herb will be well remembered by all that knew him.
Posted by Stephen Allison on June 18, 2020
If one could put into words the beauty, strength, joy, and centeredness that best described Herbie you would be a poet. I am no poet, but I do know one thing.......he was, and always will be to me, a prince of a person and a uniquely special friend who I am so very fortunate to have know. 
Posted by A. Douglas Peabody on June 18, 2020
Simply put, Herb Hopkins was a beautiful man in every way. Kind, generous, funny, hard working, mentally tough, intelligent and loyal. May the circle be unbroken... Rest In Peace, my friend.
Posted by Lisa French on June 16, 2020
Dear Toni, Amanda, Katie and Jack,
   Your uncle Jim, aunt Janet and I want to extend our heartfelt sympathy to you at this time. We will go on that website and donate, so that others will not have to go through what Herb did. May G-d bless you all! Much deserved
rest and reward to Herb.
Uncle Jim, Aunt Janet and Cousin Lisa
Posted by Tom Stoner on June 9, 2020
Herb was and it an explosion of life. He effected everyone in his path. He was filled with might but with eternal goodness. He made you always smile. He was an inspiration to everyone he met. He was honest and it showed. It was a joy and a privilege to have known him . Everyone who knew him will miss his spirit. But I believe he is now carrying on in another place and that place is very lucky to have him. Tom Stoner
Posted by Victoria Lee on June 7, 2020
He was a Very dear and respected brother in law & member of my family! sweet, helpful, funny, full of stories, knowledgeable on all subjects,(he only read 3 news papers every day when i first met him!! Loved Herb and what he brought to my sisters life and to all of our lives in the Lee family... kind to all people and doggies!
Will remember you, Herb forever and so happy for you to be with God and the Angels and to be Free, A Light Being.... watching over all of us and we sure need it!! Love my nieces and nephew for writing such a wonderful tribute ... Many thoughts and prayers for Toni, Amanda, Katie and Jack and all of the Hopkins family in their time of loss! Have to look through my phone for pictures to post!!!
Posted by Paulie Brown Jr on June 6, 2020
I met Herbie when his family moved to 135 Windsor ave, Southampton, Pa from the city (Philly).If memory serves me right it was around the mid 1960’s.
We hung out and played a lot of basketball at the local elementary school. We played 2 on 1, me and Jimmy against Herbie and he beat us most of the time. We fished together, worked out together, moved up To Archbishop Wood High School for Boys and double dated together. Spent many many days in his bedroom he shared with Jimmy listening to the Sounds of Silence album. Went to see the Graduate at the Barn Cinema. Great times. We had a summer job once framing apartments in Doylestown. Herbie was a year ahead of me in High School, didn’t matter we were buds. We followed our own paths for several years, staying in touch. Herbie, Steve Viteo and I made I bet that the last one to get married got $50.00 from the other two. It was my idea and I married first. Best $100.00 I ever spent. I could go on for days but my time is up, the band is playing so I will end this with this, Herbie was one of the best friends I had growing up. He made a difference everywhere he went. When his Mom told me Herbie had Parkinson’s was like a gut punch. How could this happen to Herbie? He never quit fighting or gave in. Whenever I visited him it was like “ I got this thing beat Brownie” and I believed him. Visits were wonderful but the drive home was tough trying to see thru the tears. Anyways, Herbie Hopkins, YOU showed us all how to handle things and to never let them get ahead of you but how to beat em into the ground.
Thank you for being my friend. Give my regards to your parents and I’ll see ya when I see ya.
Posted by Peter Wolcott on June 6, 2020
A big man, with an even bigger heart. i'll always remember Herb as a truly remarkable combination of toughness, intellect, humor, kindness and generosity. Be at peace, brother...
Posted by Ronald G. Ciocci on June 6, 2020
I had the opportunity to meet Herby through a continued relationship with one of his cousins. Knowing about some of Herby's background through his cousin gave me reasonable expectations to meet him. Speaking and seeing Herby during all of his family gatherings has been an honor for me.

Posted by Gail Potts on June 5, 2020
Herb was one of the good guys! His love for his family was so evident each and every time we were with him at Hopkins gatherings. The legacy he leaves behind is one to be proud of. To be diagnosed with Parkinson's so young was tough, but he sure did fight it with all he had. I always loved to hear stories about Herb and Jimmy from Sis!! They sure did keep Sis young for so many years.... I know she was there to greet him with open arms. May God Bless you Herb with eternal peace! Gail and Tom Potts
Posted by Patricia Carr on June 5, 2020
Although I moved from Moorestown as Patricia Solecki over nine years ago, memories of Herb and his entire family will always be with me. He was that once in a generation man of such honor, charisma and life that you felt honored to have his presence touch your own. A true fighter against the monster of Parkinson's, I remember so well his daily walks through town in his later years to keep himself as physically fit as possible and fight yet another day. His legacy remains forever in his three truly remarkable children, each of whom carry their dad's kindness, charm, intelligence and passion for living. I send my love to them and to the beautiful, incredibly strong force of nature, his beloved wife Toni, who cared for him with such love and dignity for over two decades. May you rest in God's loving arms, Herb, in the peace and the love that you so richly deserve...
Posted by Jim and LInda Hopkins on June 4, 2020
First, let us say to his family, Herb was a beautiful person. He will forever be missed! He exemplified family and values and all the things that honest, honorable people are made of.  He spent his life setting examples of what a good person looks like. He may be gone but his memories live on and we will see him each and every day in the three beautiful children that he has always been so proud of.
So, Cheers to Herb! You were a wonderful brother, and brother-in-law. We love you, we have always admired you, we cherish your memories and we will forever miss you!
Love, Jimmy and Linda

Posted by Bob Deason on June 4, 2020
Herb was one of my mentors at Dartmouth, and I was always humbled that he counted me among his many proteges. Rest easy Grand Krukon.
Posted by Robert Soltess on June 4, 2020
He was truly a force on the gridiron. And he lived a remarkable life. I will always remember him. 
Posted by Morris Whitaker on June 4, 2020
Gonna miss my Captian. A friend, a teammate, my Brother. So long Captain, hold it down till we meet again. Much love to you and The Family.
Posted by Owen (ricko) Williams on June 4, 2020
Herbus Erectus Supinimus to the Ultimus Maximus; there was only one!    Herb was a leader of our class on and off the field; we will not be the same without him.
Posted by Stephen Viteo on June 4, 2020
A life long friend from those freshman football practices in September 1966 until today. 54 years seems like yesterday. Trips to Anchorage . Oklahoma and so many to the shore in New Jersey. The stories and memories we created. And yes I was on that toboggan that crashed. A dedicated husband , father and friend that we all shared. He fought so hard through the Parkinson's years.

I am proud to have been able to call you my friend for so long.
Good Night Herb, sleep well and GOD BLESS.
Posted by Rory O'Connor on June 4, 2020
A man among us all and a loving Father and Husband. My heart is aching at such a loss. I played Gordon Lightfoot's Gord's Gold CD last night as it seemed to be the only cassette that Herb ever owned as well sallied forth in his monstrous Emerald Green Mercury Marquis to one match or another.

There are so many legends of Herb at Michigan RFC that they almost cannot be counted. He saved Bill Haldane in a bar fight at Mr. Flood's Party, the bar in which we were celebrating one more championship.

Actually, it was not much of a fight once Herbacious stepped into the fray. To me, and the boys in blue, he is the Herbacious, Herbivorous, and Herbicidal (on match days) that added more zest to our lives than a habanero pepper.



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Posted by Morris Whitaker on June 2, 2022
Rest well Captian.
Posted by Stephen Viteo on June 2, 2022
I miss my friend of over 50 years. We met at Archbishop Wood Football. His friendship over the many years added to the richness of my life. As the years go by I know we will see each other again and till then sleep well my friend.
Posted by Owen (ricko) Williams on June 2, 2022
The world just ain't the same without Herbus, not today, not ever!
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RIP, Herbie

Shared by Lucky Pierre on June 5, 2020
A real shame. I still remember (or at least I think I do) meeting him for the first time at about 5am in the lodge basement after he and Dickey returned from Alaska. Someone announced their arrival and we all headed down to the bar and started drinking. That was a shit load of fun. 
Shared by Colleen Aaron on June 4, 2020
Our story begins with our son Joe and his good friend Jack Hopkins. Herb was their youth baseball coach. He was a wonderful role model for the young boys. He taught them the game well and gave every boy a chance at a spot on the ball field, not just the most talented players, but every boy. We will always remember him with great fondness. May God keep him forever.