Shared by Venus Aranui on January 16, 2015

Mum had the biggest heart ever, she cared for everyone and anyone. everybody got a piece of her aroha, mum was a well known respected women who loved everybody. Mum so loved all her mokopuna they were the center of her heart. She was alil bossy to her brothers and sisters always had her say and loved them unconditionaly Mum had acres of love and respect for all her aunties, uncles, nanns an koro's she just loved them so much and always listened to what they said to her, this is how she had a phenominal knowledge of whanau whakapapa and maori tikanga and loved to share with her nieces, nephews, teachers,principal, councilors anybody whom wanted to know`, mum was pritty much out there with her maori history an geneology she could probably link you to your great great maori granddad in ('wish i listened now')

At times she was the funiest mum espeacially when she mocked people with her far-out metaphors like 'Oh that 1's away with the fairys" or "Get off the grass" geez mum just cracked us up with those sayings, my sons use to nonstop laugh with her when driving cause she had abit of a random roadrage,at times pulling the index finger and yelling out "dingdong" to drivers that cut her off then turning her head to wave at her sisters the nuns.  She called everybody "Hun" cause she loved you an you were in her goodbooks or she forgot your name espeacially to all her millions of mokos' "here hun take nans bag inside" that was to whomeva went past her She only played 4 chords on a guitar all the time and it always was in tune. I always think about her funnyside it just makes my day and makes me giggle to myself xoxoxox

Mum had 5 children Benjimen, Hector, Angie, myself an Anahera she loved us all the same and always gave us what she could, and what she had. We all had our own special way with mum xoxoxox we all grieve in our own ways but deep down in our hearts we all know we're 1 family. Then we all got partners and had  children, mums aroha just grew wider an wider, abit hard on her son inlaws but loved them dearly for giving her beautiful moko's. Mums got 14 Moko's TJ, Autumn , Tremaine, Beno, Monty, Teamohia, Summer, Jade, Fagan, AJ, Tremaine, Uzefa, Jaxx and Lace and 4great moko's that she didnt get to meet but would be the proudest greatnan eva to Alexis-Rose, Tasmyn Hiraani, Tremaine and baby auty. xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo

There is alot more to say about mum as she was the most loving, caring and humbliest person i knew, we love and miss you always mum and u will remain foreva in our hearts and memories  xoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxxxoxoxooxoxoxoxo 

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