"Never stop working to make your dreams a reality.”
~HL "Sam" Queen

H.L. "Sam" Queen, of Celebration, Florida, passed peacefully from this life at home, surrounded by family, on April 23, 2019 after a very brief illness.

He was born August 24, 1937 in Shattuck, Oklahoma, where at a very early age he began selling candy, soda and cigarettes (!) to the doctors at the local hospital. While there, he was lucky enough to interact with a physician who had a larger vision for human health than what was generally taught. That physician took him under his wing, teaching him how to read and understand laboratory slides, among other things. Recognizing his interest in clinical laboratory work, the same physician eventually arranged for Sam after high school a mentorship in St. Louis under R.B.H. Gradwohl, MD, who is today considered the father of forensic pathology. That in turn led to an early career in medical technology, which later developed into a lifelong passion for understanding how the human body is designed, and how its design can be supported by understanding blood chemistries and nutrition. Along the way, he acquired Bachelor of Science degrees in biology and chemistry and a Master’s degree in educating the health care professional; became a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Clinical Nutrition Specialist, and was awarded an honorary doctor of science degree by the Open International University of Complementary Medicine.

Sam met and married his wife, Betty, in 1985, and together they began to develop and follow his vision. They travelled extensively around the country and the world so Sam could teach and share what he learned with other health professionals – often to Australia, but also to Greece, Canada, Germany, Paraguay, and the UK. He was never happier than when he was able to connect the dots in some piece of research to find a conclusion that he could translate into better ways of approaching health for the average person as well as those with complex medical problems. He was dedicated and compassionate, and aspired to have people empower themselves toward better everyday health through the application of healthful changes to diet and lifestyle.

He was a member of the board of directors for the International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists (IAACN), and also taught sessions to their post graduate CCN candidates; was named by Dr. James Gordon, chairman of the White House Commission on Alternative Medicine, to a panel of nutrition experts to develop a curricula for reintroducing nutrition into medical school curriculum; served 30 years as the primary research consultant for H.B. Wallace of the Wallace Research Foundation; played an important role in raising the level of awareness among the lay public and health professionals about the various sources of mercury in our environment, and how to recognize and treat chronic mercury toxicity; and authored several books, newsletters and much recorded material. Sam’s teachings profoundly influenced the clinical skills of physicians, chiropractors, dentists, nutritionists and other healthcare practitioners. He taught a sophisticated model of deciphering blood chemistry to identify the underlying biochemical disturbances that make people sick, and provided guidance in how to support their recovery. 

Sam had a special appreciation and affinity for the dental profession. He always dreamed of seeing dentistry create a new specialty called the Dental Physician. Through the years he worked closely with some very dedicated dentists and touched many lives through them. 

At the time of his death Sam was still working with clients through his business and ministry, Designed2Win. He also continued his work on a computerized prototype of his health model-based interpretation of chemistry, as well as a book to explain the development and clinical utility of that first objectively measured human health model. 

Sam left this life as an example of the designed to win life that he so fervently believed in...when he began to experience general physical weakness shortly before his death, he had his own lab work done. The results showed no diseases of any kind. He simply had grown weary and was ready to move on from this world. Although his body failed him, his mind remained sharp and clear to the very end.

Sam was preceded in death by his parents, Pearl Gorrell Queen and James Alva Queen; and his brother, James Alva Queen, Jr.

Sam is survived by his wife, Betty; sister, Jean Irwin of Nashville, Indiana; daughter, Sherrie Henry (and husband Guy) of West Frankfort Illinois; son, Alan Queen (and wife Renee) of Santa Cruz, California; four grandchildren – Chris Henry, Stacy Jerrell, Christopher Queen, and Cooper Queen; and four great-grandsons – Aiden, Caleb, Eli, and Quinton. 

Not a fan of funerals, Sam never wanted one for himself, but always appreciated a celebration of life held after time had passed and people were not so sad. Therefore, a private gathering with his children is being held soon, with the hope of a Celebration of Life occurring in the near future, to which all will be welcome. 

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions in his name may be made to the Carmelite Monastery of the Sacred Hearts, 8540 Kenosha Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80908 https://www.sistersofcarmel.com/about-sisters-of-c... Although Sam was not a Catholic, he always had a soft spot in his heart for these sisters and their work. 

Posted by Phil Pylant on May 16, 2019
There is no way to describe Sam other than he was truly God’s gift to humanity. Many people past, present, and in the future have, are, and will benefit from his knowledge. As a dear friend of mine said, I will see you soon Sam, and what a reunion it will be.
Posted by Kelly Calabrese on May 16, 2019
Betty, many blessings to you. I know Sam is in a wonderful place once again. It was a privilege to be educated by him and to work for him in the early millennium in Colorado Springs. I will continue to use what he taught me to help those now and in many future years to come.
Posted by Anita Tibau on May 6, 2019
I just heard of this great loss to all of us who have had the chance to know Sam...What an inspiration and truly a man on a mission of health and wellness...He will be deeply missed, but his work will continue to inspire all of us...my deepest condolences to his family and of all the lives he has touched...
Posted by Leigh Robertson on May 5, 2019
Dear Betty, I'm so sorry to hear that Sam's gone from this earth. He made such huge contributions to peoples' lives and to advance how health care is practiced. I loved working with him and our crew in Colorado Springs. I'll fondly remember the conferences, high teas we had all over the country, his sharp intellect, compassion, and his great stories and jokes. They're lucky to have him in Heaven. Love, Leigh
Posted by Pam Ousley on May 4, 2019
Sam Queen was an employer of mine in the late 1980's and early 1990's. He encouraged me to write a book which I did. I entitled the book "The Law & Mercury-Free Dentistry." It was a moderate success because of the influence Sam had on others. Sam was a friend of mine as well as an employer. His Christian beliefs were important in my life. I did not have much contact with Sam and Betty after I moved to Washington state. But they remained in my heart and my mind over the years! Betty, I am so sad for your loss and I grieve with you. Sam was an exceptional human being and I'm so glad I had the chance to get to know him and work with him and you both! God bless you.
Posted by Mary Jane Waltemate on May 3, 2019
Sam our dear friend and mentor will be remembered for his quiet, dry sense of humor. For those of us that knew him his humble comforting smile somehow masked his thoughts that were well ahead of the present conversation. His superior intelligence was routinely recalled every time we asked “Sam how did you you know that?” His love of the Lord was rare in the life of a scientist and his work proclaimed this ministry. An upbeat mood in the review of findings and positive attitude in consultations reflected a heart of love and encouragement. Sam’s focus on “Designed to Win” helped clarify the Creator’s magnificent intention. Tom and Mary Jane Waltemate
Posted by Sherry Mason on May 2, 2019
Dear Betty and family, We are so sorry to learn of your recent loss. Sam was such a great asset and his contributions made an indelible mark on so many of our lives. He shared his talents that God gave him and we are very thankful that our paths crossed in this life. I see in this photo that Sam was looking up. We are looking up as well and look forward to seeing him again in our long home. Please accept our sincerest condolences. He will be greatly missed. Sincerely, Dr. Joe, Sherry and Trey Mason (Elina and John Alexander Mason, too)
Posted by Jim Bush on May 2, 2019
My wife was in her 20's suffering from years of angioedema and urticaria taking daily epinephrine injections. She had a miserable daily life. Sam diagnosed and treated her for mercury poisoning and saved her life and future for nearly 50 years and still going. Thanks and Good Bye, Sam
Posted by Francene Lee Taylor on May 2, 2019
RIP dear Sam, Thank you for all you gave for so long to so many. I'm in shock. Lots of the pioneers gone now. Please say Hi to Hal Huggins for me if you see him on the other side. You are and will be very missed. Condolences to Sams family Francene x
Posted by Amy Tjernagel on May 1, 2019
Sam will be greatly missed. I'm alive because of him. I was diagnosed with terminal mercury poisoning in 1993 and Sam took me under his wing and spent the next 8 years helping me to overcome the hell I was in. Sam inspired me to go on to becoming a naturopath and follow his health model for my clients. I'm forever greatful and will sincerely miss him. Blessings to his family!
Posted by Cherie Spaulding on May 1, 2019
It was such a pleasure to work for Sam and Betty for 12 years. Oh the memories. I will always treasure my time with Sam and miss him deeply.
Posted by Alan Abrams on April 30, 2019
Peace be with you dear friend and mentor. I cannot think of you without a smile on my face. We laughed together and teased each other. You were always available to talk about a patient or a basketball game and both with the same fervor and delight. You have altered the path of my career; the health of my patients and my family and even a few of my colleagues. You are loved and will be missed. My condolences to your family.
Posted by Susana Galle on April 30, 2019
The first time I met Sam was at a 2002 IAACN workshop on "Bioterrorism" in NYC. He certainly came across as someone who marched to the beat of his own drummer. Sam's sharp intellect, breath of knowledge, and humble manner impressed me deeply. Over the ensuing years, we had stimulating conversations spruced up by his sense of humor. It was an honor and a pleasure to share committee work with Sam as IAACN Board members, and to get to know him better. In sharing details of his intricate life trajectory, Sam showed me admirable consistency between his views and his actions. He is an icon to those of us who believe in the pursuit of good health, and in empowering each person to design his/her own program.
Posted by Coco Newton on April 29, 2019
I first heard about this legendary nutrition biochemistry guru on a listserv. Those who learned from him had this extraordinary ability to discern lab testing that informed their clinical treatment of patients. Sam Queen was this secret treasure among those "in the know", and it was evident that he had his own "Sam's Club" I had to meet him! My husband, Roger, and I enjoyed our in-depth biochemical pathway conversations, then Sam would zoom it to higher levels. We loved spending time with Betty and Sam in Celebration in 2015. We were honored and moved to be at his home on Easter to say goodbye while he warmly welcomed us and wrote us many notes of wisdom. Thank YOU, Sam, for enlightening our lives. With Love, Coco & Roger
Posted by Amelia Walsh on April 28, 2019
”What we have once enjoyed deeply we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” – Helen Keller Thinking of you, Betty!

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