Let the memory of Homaira be with us forever
  • 20 years old
  • Born on April 11, 1982 in New York City, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on December 3, 2002 in Alexandria/ Fairfax Hospital, Virginia, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Homaira Sayeed, 20, born on April 11, 1982 and passed away on December 3, 2002. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Kristin VK on 7th August 2018
I was recently recounting this story to a mutual friend (Rachel) and in doing so I realized how much Homaira has had an influence on my life from one small interaction. With the internet I stumbled upon this space and wanted to share... I was an acquaintance of Homaira from high school. One day I had an empty soda can in my hand and was about to toss it in the trash. Homaira looked at me and said that I should recycle it instead. At the time, there was no recycling at the school so that meant taking in home in your backpack and recycling at home. I looked at her, and said, okay, fine I will. Homaira must have noticed my casual tone because she grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes and said, "you need to follow through with recycling it though. If you will not, I will take the can home and recycle it myself." I was so startled by her conviction and passion (and I think I recall her friends nearby nodding, as if to say, or maybe actually saying, yup, that's Homaira, she's pretty serious about this). In college and after, I became not only a dedicated recycler but a self-professed environmentalist and have evolved to live a low-impact and environmentally conscious lifestyle. I am saddened Homaira had such a short time here in this world, and I am so sorry to her family for her passing. I am forever grateful to her for unabashedly showing conviction and commitment to do what is right even if it is out of the ordinary or takes a little extra effort. She was a special person.
Posted by Jacob Ayubi on 6th August 2018
Dear Homaira-jaan, I know that your family misses you and remembers you, especially, your mom, dad, sister and brother. Please pray for us as we often pray for you. Your friend always.
Posted by Abrahim Habibzai on 16th July 2017
دختی که میرود جنت بهر نگهداشت مکان ---- برای سید اشرف سید پدر مهربان حبیب زی با گریه
Posted by Ashraf Sayeed on 3rd December 2016
Homie! Today is marked the 14th.years of your departure and still I am dealing with your harsh and painful absence. You did not let me to see the glory of your future with hope, because I loved you with an everlasting love as you were my treasured possession. I am sorry that I wasn't able to do more for you when I tried to save your life and couldn't take away all the pain you had suffered on this planet of earth. I owed you something I couldn't pay you but i am sure that you are and have been rewarded by Almighty God in there which you are now. As always, I love you and we will see soon. Your Dad
Posted by Nelofar Walyzada on 11th April 2016
Though we miss you always Each & everyday. It seems to hit us even more Because it is your Birthday. We send wishes to Heaven Carried to you, upon a prayer To the place where you are now With sweet, tender love & care. Happy 34th Birthday our sweet Angel❤️
Posted by Naima Halimi on 3rd December 2015
Homaira Jaan! You are probably looking down from heaven up above right now and sending out smiles with days of sunshine and shower of love on us. No matter where you are, you are always in our hearts; no matter how long you are gone, you are always in our mind. I know you are saying this from heaven up above to all of your loved ones and especially to your lovely dad! Don’t cry for me, I’m where I belong. I want you to be happy and try to stay strong. Love!!
Posted by Ashraf Sayeed on 3rd December 2015
My dear Homie! Still ! I am waiting so badly to meet you and I know it and fully aware that I have to wait till my time comes. Still, I am living with the same amount of heartfelt grief when you departed. You were young, exotic and you died young. Your grief is still fresh for me and the only reason giving me hope that I lived long and I am waiting for the moment to strike. I don’t think words describe adequately, but I am trying to convince myself and I have no choice except to obey the will of His Supreme Majesty the God .... Love you and will meet soon...
Posted by Naima Halimi on 13th April 2015
Homaira Jaan is gone but never forgotten! Many years ago on this day, God decided to send an angel to earth. The angel was meant to touch lives and that happened! We have missed your cheerful heart and your happy smile 
Posted by Ashraf Sayeed on 11th April 2015
Today April 11 is the 33th anniversary of my daughter Homaira's birth..... All I know is that she is the one the God's shinning star and watching me and those love her. I missed you sooo much!
Posted by Ashraf Sayeed on 6th December 2014
We have no choice but to accept that this is the nature of creation. With all our pain & agonies, some how and one way or another we have to deal with it till the time comes and take us to join our loved ones. Love you Homie
Posted by Fahim Naim on 3rd December 2014
Meine gesegnete Hoomie jan, es fällt mir bis zum heutigen Tage schwer, deinen Tod zu akzeptieren, obwohl ich sehr wohl weiß, dass Allah swt. dir einen ruhigen Schlaf gewährt. Ich bin mir auch unendlich sicher, dass wir uns an einem gewissen Tag treffen werden und es vor Freude nicht fassen können. Wie barmherzig Allah doch ist. Auch bin ich mir sicher dass, du ins Paradies kommen wirst und dort für ewig weilen wirst. Dein Onkel Fahim
Posted by Naim Azim on 3rd December 2014
روح پاك ات شاد باد. تبسم زيبا و محبت ات در قلب ما درج است درود به روان پاك ات حميرا عزيز
Posted by Ashraf Sayeed on 2nd December 2014
December 3, 2002 was a turning point for me as the father of my daughter Homie. For what I lost my child is a long emotional process. It started on the day Homie passed away and only ends when I join her... See you soon Homie Dad
Posted by Naima Halimi on 2nd December 2014
We love you Homie Jaan & missed you deeply You were a shining light in the world to all of us. You were near and dear to us, but you were taken from us too soon. Waiting for the day to see you again love Naima
Posted by Ashraf Sayeed on 2nd December 2014
Homie! Today is your 12th anniversary and still I am feeling the same amount of ache and pain and I am lost in the flickering, candlelight shadow of your absence with all your sweetest memories you left behind and your grief is still fresh for me.... I will see you soon. Your father,
Posted by Ashraf Sayeed on 11th November 2014
My dear Homie, Still, I am living without you, my heart is still bleeding for you and I'll never be recovered from that and all your memories are with me in all times. Love you and see you soon. Dad..
Posted by Ashraf Sayeed on 12th September 2014
Cancer takes those we love far too early. It hurts us deeply and the lose breaks our hearts....

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