Let the memory of Iheanyi Ogechi be with us forever.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Iheanyi Ogechi Ebere . We will remember him forever.
Posted by Ayoola ILesanmi on 6th February 2019
...the usual start to our chat was "waaasapreche??!!" and the reply was "cha bruv!!" ,,, except when it was about venting about some "afamaks" client ...lol ...miss you man!
Posted by Ihuoma Chibuzor Ebere on 5th January 2019
Bobo...today marks 3 months you passed on..I chatted with a friend of yours like 2 days ago..he found me on fb..he said he remembered that you told him you had a sister and he searched me with our last name..I told him how proud I am to be called your big sis..I love you bro..Keep resting in the bosom of the Lord. Amen
Posted by Ihuoma Chibuzor Ebere on 13th November 2018
Bobo..it’s not easy with out and everyday is definitely not the same..We miss you terribly
Posted by Maureen Ananaba on 22nd October 2018
A farmer has a garden where He planted all kinds of crops and flowers. There was this particular flower which every passerby admired, one day , this Farmer came and uprooted it. The people began to ask him why He should uproot it. Who are we to ask Him that? Was the flower ours in d first instance? The creator gave us Anyi and has taken him! Anyi u were a Whiz Kid ! Very respectful , helpful & lovable! We shall forever miss u ! Go and rest my child ! You came , played your part , now u deserve the rest! Sister Sally and Siblings, be consoled that we shall see Anyi on that Resurrection day, when we shall all meet to part no more! Ogechi, Enyi umum, lana UDO! Best Regards , M.C Ananaba.
Posted by Maro Agobe on 19th October 2018
With a heavy heart I say farewell my brother and friend. So much memories we have created together as one big family over the past two decades. Such a hard pill to swallow, yet I am consoled in the fact that now you rest in a better place. Your life has been an example and encouragement to all; your warmth, inner glow in all situations, always cheerful disposition, lovable and easy going, no complaints, and always moving on personality, is an encouragement to us all. I can't describe you as anything less than a true warrior; carrying so much weight and not flinching, yet people only see your cheerful self never knowing your trials, it's simply amazing. Now your gentle soul rests in inner peace with our Lord. Ogechi Iheanyi Ebere, OG1, IchegoFx, Sensei OG; you will forever live in our hearts. Till we meet again, farewell bro...
Posted by Mike Amu on 17th October 2018
What an amiable gentle spirit you had. May your soul Rest In Peace in the bosom of the most high. We miss you.
Posted by Nengi Harry on 17th October 2018
Its really heart breaking that you had to leave young. I pray that God gives your family the fortitude to bear your loss and the grace to grow from it.
Posted by Segun Fodeke on 17th October 2018
Ebere, you were a friend, colleague, and brother. O-g, Ichego-san! These names I would not forget so quickly as your personality rivaled the calmness of a winter pond. Smiling in all situations with a quip of optimism at every moment. Kind words never ceased to grace your spoken words like gold leaves knitted onto white canvas. Work or play, you attended to both with energy and enthusiasm. Now you rest from all the energy, not all lost, but enough to light a smile of goodbye. Blessed memories Ogechi Iheanyi Ebere.
Posted by Diekola Alabi on 17th October 2018
Ogechi was a very amiable person, quite transparent about his feelings and easy going. We were linked by common interests but grew into life-long friends. It is a shame that we will never discuss another anime or brainstorm on technology jargon because he is gone too soon. May God give his family the fortitude to bear this loss after all their struggles and sacrifices. I trust he is in the bosom of Christ and we will see him again. Till then, his memories will live of in our hearts as we all find solace in the life he lived and not the length of it. Rest well my friend.
Posted by Ben Atseyinku on 17th October 2018
Adieu Mazi Ichego-Sama!! my brother from another mother!! Rest in Power bro.
Posted by Ameh Atokolo on 16th October 2018
A friend who was closer than a brother... You will be greatly missed...
Posted by Seun Adebowale on 16th October 2018
OG Sensei, Brief as it may be, many you have touched. Mine inclusive You will be greatly missed. LXG. よく眠る、兄弟
Posted by Frederick Israel on 16th October 2018
Greatness is not in where we stand, but in the direction we face. Sometimes we sail with the wind or against it, but sail we must, never to lie or drift at anchor. (Oliver wendell) OG Sensei, you have sailed, Rest on.
Posted by Mutiat Afodun-balogun on 15th October 2018
May his soul rest in peace. So sad what a loss, was actually surprised when i read about it... Ebere your family and friends would surely miss you...
Posted by Dayo Adelanwa on 13th October 2018
Always loved your calm nature and easy going attitude. So sad to hear the news. Rest in peace my brother.
Posted by Ihuoma Chibuzor Ebere on 12th October 2018
Bobo Nkirrrrishi m, Bobo Mauritius m, (Just as saved on my phone) I thought this day would never come, for anyone asking me to send in my tribute, so they can send it to the printers. But I guess it’s finally here, exactly one week you left us here to be with the lord. All I can say is I thank God you spent your 34yrs on earth being my own younger brother., and the past 8yrs being an Uncle to my Children which you always took as your own children as well. You will call and make sure you spoke to Ayo and Kobi..Ayo is so fond of her Uncle Iheanyi and Kobi will always call you Uncle Funny..lol You were a definition of a real fighter and motivator. You never gave up easily. You will always tell me “Ihy don’t worry God dey”. I never wanted to burden you with any extra struggles or whatever I was facing but some how you always found a way to encourage me without being told. Now I ask, who will I be sharing pictures of your niece and Nephew with? Bobo you will forever live in our hearts. You even left us 3 days before my birthday and 8days after Mum’s birthday..You can imagine how the up coming years will be without you in our lives.. Bobo we miss you so much. Bobo, Mummy says you are a real fighter. She says you didn’t allow your health to hinder you from achieving your dreams. You made her so proud in Mauritius Island..You made me even prouder. We love you Bobo Goodnight Bobo Till we meet to Part no more Yours Truly Big Sis Ihuoma
Posted by Kris Ogirri on 11th October 2018
Thank you for everything. I am fortunate to have known you. If I knew that that time in ozone was the last time we would see I would have spent a lot more time with you. You were a dear dear friend. And I will miss you.
Posted by Olaoye Isikalu on 11th October 2018
OG Taicho ..... I still can't believe it's for real. you may have left the physical world but you'll live on in hearts. Requiescate en pace bruv.
Posted by Adaku Ezeigbo on 10th October 2018
Iheanyichukwu, where are you? You've been sleeping in the Lord since Oct. 5th, 2018 because that is my only consolation. With a heavy heart on my birthday, Oct. 10th, 2018, i write this eulogy about you. Every day, i look at your picture, i can't still come to terms that you're gone dear cousin. Our family has lost a rare gem, one that loves and is loved by all, down to earth, smart, cool, intelligent, respectful and God fearing. What else can i say about. The Good Lord needs you more than we need you. May the Comforter keep comforting us all and may your peaceful soul rest in eternal peace till we meet to part no more. Will miss you greatly. GOODNIGHT IHEANYICHUKWU!
Posted by Chioma Okafor on 10th October 2018
Can't believe you are really gone. You were like an annoying big brother growing up and this is so hard to fathom . We just have to accept thIat God loved you and wanted you home with him. Rest in Peace Anyi.
Posted by Bodunrin Oye on 10th October 2018
Ichego, aaah...where should I start? I sit here in front of my system - at a loss for what to type. My heart is heavy - that you're gone...that you won't be at the next swap...that we will never play Neverwinter together again...that you won't ever get to spoil my girls...that I won't get to spoil your kids... My heart is heavier still, that some of the good is gone from this world - even though there are still tons of bad - that has refused to go... My heart lightens when I think of all the memories from the swaps...and from SMITE...and from Neverwinter. My heart almost breaks into a smile, when I remember the night me, you, wale, uzo and a 5th player (who I cannot for the love of me remember) played our first public game on HoN...that night when IMMMMMMOOOOOOORRRRTTTTAAAAAALLLL rang through our speakers and headphones while we were humbled... I sit here in a dark place...for a spark has gone from this world... It has been an honor to know you...to sit with you...to talk with you...to share anime and manga with you...to play games with you (offline and online)... Tears gather in my eyes as I type this for like someone once said, "They are not dead who live in the hearts they leave behind." It has been an honor, to call you my friend... Requiescat in pace...
Posted by Femi TAIWO on 10th October 2018
OG1. You are gone from this realm now. Our prayers go out to your family asking for comfort in this time. Thoughts of you will remain a pleasant remembrance of the kind of person you were, memories we created together and lives you touched.
Posted by Timothy Oluwaseun Ogunyem... on 10th October 2018
I'm in shock right now mehn. Why does it have to be you at such a time as this? Words alone cannot express how I feel knowing we have lost you. You are not gone and will forever remain on my mind. The battle ends for a fallen warrior but we who still live must fight on. RIP
Posted by Femi Irojah on 10th October 2018
From Unilag and beyond you were a great friend and a great person. You will be missed for years to come. Hard to believe you are gone. I pray you rest well forever more.
Posted by Ajayi Taofik on 9th October 2018
...Loving memories last forever, I am at a loss for words during this sorrowful time. Please know that I am thinking of you and praying for peace and comfort. Rest in peace brotherly...
Posted by KingSlayer Okoye on 9th October 2018
Words can not express how I felt when I heard the news You were not just an ordinary friend ,You were a special friend that saw the light and the Good in all things You were a soul that deserved leave for a life time I guess God said it's best you leave in our heard now and forever My brother. RIP
Posted by Femi Atoyebi on 9th October 2018
Words can not express the impact you have made in my life.you are probably the only one i know who laughed at my dry jokes.A library of knowledge.You always remained positive no matter the situation.What a loss ..May you rest gracefully in the bosom of the Lord. Adieu My Brother
Posted by Akinsowon Peter-Thomas on 9th October 2018
Words fail me especially since we had a lot of opportunities to be great friends, but the chance is gone now. The little time we did have gave me great hope for humanity. I thought you were one of the calmest guys I'd ever met and after seeing so many comments I can see it was true. Your presence seemed to bring a sort of peace you don't find easily in this world. You're a gem lost to us and I know you're resting peacefully with the Lord. Put in a good word for us bro. RIP.
Posted by Enitan David on 9th October 2018
Thank you for the show of strength in the face of pain,gratitude for exhibiting a tremendous capacity for uncommon selflessness. I will miss you my dear friend, hold the fort till we see never to part again.
Posted by Daramola Sukanmi on 9th October 2018
Ebere was indeed a great,calm guy. Great memories together in UNILAG. Rest in Peace Bro.
Posted by Adedayo Adeniyi on 9th October 2018
Ogechi, I am still in shock... I don't know if I can find the right words. My brother, calm sea that you were....your departure left a huge void...I guess God knows best. We've come a long way, from where we began, and its hard to think you have left us behind, so soon. But I prefer to picture you going ahead of us, and are waiting on the other side. We will miss you. Rest in Peace brother
Posted by Daramola Toluwalope on 9th October 2018
Posted by Ekwu Ikpa Victor on 8th October 2018
My brother you will surely be missed, can’t forget how you encouraged me to use an iPhone and all the IT stuff and i still use iPhone. RIP my brother!
Posted by Amaka Okafor on 7th October 2018
Anyi thank you for gracing my life with your positivity, I will forever hold you in my heart for not just being my friend but my brother. An Angel has gone home. RIP Anyi.
Posted by Kim Bestest on 7th October 2018
Ebere guy(that is how your name is stored on my phone) We didn’t spend much time together but I can confidently say you were a good friend. We didn’t communicate often as good friends should but we didn’t lose Contacts. I thank God I knew you, I thank God for you lived a good life, I thank God for I know you resting in his bossom. You always be in our heart. Rest In Peace my dear friend ogechi Ebere Goodbye To the family may comfort of the Holy Spirit Rest upon you.
Posted by Madara Sonu on 7th October 2018
Rest easy bro. We will miss you, but know you’re safe in His arms. May the Lord uphold your family through this terribly difficult period. The Adesinas
Posted by Billy Sunny on 7th October 2018
When death has come and taken our love ones It leaves our homes so lonely and drear And then do we wonder, why others prosper Living so wicked year after year. Farther along we'll know all about it Farther along we'll understand why Cheer up my brother live in the sunshine We'll understand it all by and by... Ihy "No one can question God" about your death ....we will forever Miss U..
Posted by Uzoamaka Okafor on 7th October 2018
Iheanyi where do I begin to extol you. My heart is heavy. You were an impressive young man, very astute, dynamic and loved people. No one who came across you will ever suspect you had any ailment. You bore your cross gracefully and never let it get in your way, achieving laurels and being the great computer nerd you were. You were ever helpful and carried out any tasks given to you with equanimity. It's an irony that I, your Aunty is paying tribute to you. God knows best and I know that my Redeemer liveth and that you are resting in HIS bosom. Sleep on until we meet to part no more. Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord and let perpetual light shine unto him. May he rest in perfect peace. Amen.
Posted by Chidinma Onuoha on 7th October 2018
I am so sad as I write this,may your beautiful soul rest in peace,reign with the angels in heaven,your a rare gem.
Posted by Dotun John on 7th October 2018
I am deeply saddened by this news but will take comfort in God's Word knowing that to be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord. Rest in the Lord my brother. You will greatly be missed.
Posted by Abidemi Famuyide on 7th October 2018
May your soul rest in perfect peace as you lie with angels.
Posted by Ayoola ILesanmi on 6th October 2018
My Brother from another mother, never complained, always saw the brighter picture...will really miss you...OG1...IchegoFx...Sensei OG...i really don't have the words, God knows best though...may your soul rest in perfect peace! This great man has gone to rest!

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