2 years

Shared by Ugonna Ofonagoro on April 22, 2013
I have lived , I have hoped, I have dreamt , I have cried , boy have I cried. I never know what the word is to describe what goes on in my heart . It's like it being blended constantly in a food processor ........ I don't know what we would do without God. Cause I can say it is a mystery how I made it thru. It is sad , I am sad , and alone ..... Even in the mist of many I am alone. 2 years Minnie 2whole years mimi. I am ur baby sister can here u yelling ( u.go shut up . your my mother's daughter U ARE STRONG u can take on anything you can do anything ) I hear you my capt...... I hear you .


Shared by Ephraim Ofonagoro on April 28, 2012

On that day, I saw a blinding light and calmly made for a seat to collect myself.
But by the time I just recovered, my cell phone rang and Nina at the other end said your daughter just had an accident and she was at the intensive care unit. I said to her don't worry she will be alright. About ten minutes later the phone rang again and she said crying " Ijeoma is dead." Lost for words I replied "So let it be." and I switch off. 

We thank and give glory to Almighty God for giving us the strenght throughout the period. Indeed the LORD is great and may his name be praised for ever for his gift to our family now and for evermore.  A-men    

cant kill this

Shared by Ugochukwu Victor on November 12, 2011

 Cant forget your memory...still so vivid love...sleep well IJ....u were a true friend

Shared by Mcbenneth Moses on September 23, 2011

thoughts of never seeing you again sends cold down my spine. there were things  i never told you, now i can't say them no more. i'm realy sorry but i know 1 day i would still say them all, when we meet over there beyound time. i love you and forever will.

Guess dis says it all gul

Shared by Capt Zorro on September 18, 2011

"Sorry I never told you

all I wanted to say

And now it's too late to hold you

'Cause you've flown away

So far away

Never had I imagined

Living without your smile

Feeling and knowing you hear me

It keeps me alive

And I know you're shining down on me from heaven

Like so many friends we've lost along the way

And I know eventually we'll be together

One sweet day

Eventually I'll see you in heaven...

Darling, I never showed you

Assumed you'd always be there

I took your presence for granted

But I always cared

And I miss the love we shared

And I know you're shining down on me from heaven

Like so many friends we've lost along the way

And I know eventually we'll be together

One sweet day

Eventually I'll see you in heaven

Although the sun will never shine the same

I'll always look to a brighter day…Sorry I never told you


 All I wanted to say..."

                                          Mariah Carey n Boyz II Men

I miss u gul...so very much.wish u were here as alwayz.dont get too lonely over there.will soon be with ya...just a matter of time...miss u Hi Jay mi


Shared by Eromosele Oberafo on August 19, 2011

Every moment with u was filled with fun. You were and still are a great cook. I remember fighting with u for the remote control to change channels in my own home. You had the body advantage so I'd give up. I remember visiting you in camp last year and you coming to see me at work a few weeks later which was the very last time I saw you. It all feels like yesterday. I admired and still admire your guts and your willingness to fight for others. What more could one want in a girl? It really feels sad to know you're no longer here. All I have of you are memories, memories I'll always treasure: your smile, laughter, attitude, your love for taking pictures as is evident here, and everything else. I wish for so many things, but right now, I wish you'd call and just say something, no matter how trivial it might sound. I miss you very much. May GOD rest your beautiful soul.


Wish I could Turn back the hands of time

Shared by Ugochukwu Victor on July 6, 2011

Always been so close from back in our days in warri..remember how we shared so many things together..even when i transferred to fgc ph..when they were no gsm u still wrote me 3letters all the way..we reconnected in Futo again and evry moment i had to share with u was golden..even when u told about ur convocation a day b4, I remember i was in lagos, I made sure to be there cause I know u will do the same for me...remember ur coconut mosquito repellant theory and how i always teased u...remember calling u 2days b4 this and we speaking 4 nearly 4hrs on skype..sharing aspirations and u telling me your plans after service, Ur plans to get a new phone and ur wonderful boyfriend...miss u Ij....i always pray God gives ur family the fortitude to bear the loss, especially ur dad and mum..havent called ur mum since cause I really dont know if i wont break down and cry... You are one in a million..a rare gem and true friend...Miss u greatly Ij..As we always reconnect and see every time I know i will see you in Heaven when my time here is done...Rest in Peace Ij

Shared by Yvonne Ofonagoro-Okafor on May 18, 2011

RIP IJEOMA. This is my cousin, one of my favorite cousins, one of my cousin’s beloved- - Ijeoma. Your life was short lived but I hold back my tears because I’m proud that you lived it right. My head is held high for having been related to a woman like you. My heart and my soul, profound for being able to associate with someone of your par, your greatness, your kindness, your friendliness, your warmth. I feel no negativity because I know you're in a perfect peace. Your soul is cast within the sky. You're a real life angel now, no more pretend. God's warrior. You are loved. I don't type in past tense because it is still true. Your spirit will always thrive. I know when I look at the sky, you are alive. I will never forget you because you are a pivotal part in my character. Thusly, I think it not silly that I write this because I know you are reading this in heaven. Tell my brother and my father I said hi. Love you, cousin.

Adaeze Ihekweazu (Cousin)

Shared by Yvonne Ofonagoro-Okafor on May 13, 2011

"Dear Ijeoma,

Its only been a few weeks and I still haven't come to terms with you leaving us. You gave so much of yourself to everyone and you still had so much to give. You were loving, caring, understanding, funny, witty, and patient. I only pray"

Adaugo Amajuoyi (Cousin)


Shared by Yvonne Ofonagoro-Okafor on May 12, 2011

Trying hard not to ask WHY?
Your courage could have kept you going.
Your big heart could have kept beating.
Couldn't you have waited just a little longer?
Could the attraction to Araham's bossom have been so irresistible?
Did you really mean to leave family and friends in grief?
Were you done healing moods with your unique laugh pattern?
Seriously, are you going to remain silent?

Now I know for sure, it could only have been divinely ordained.
Otherwise how can one explain the impact little IJ made on people several times her age? I thought it was just me , but it seems everyone else has same stories to tell about you - charming, enchanting, ambitious, peaceful, stylish, articulate, intelligent, purposeful, endearing, homely, warm-spirited, kind-hearted, resilient, knowledge-craving, amiable, organized, caring, enterprising, affable, humble, etc. Girl, ain't you simply out of this world? Literarily, it is now obvious.

Glad your life was filled with testimonies.
Glad you are in the safe hands of the Almighty.
Glad God will provide solace to those who love you.
Glad God will grant your gentle soul a sweet repose.

Hmmmmmmmmh! As you paddle your way through the great beyond, what else can I but say - 'Ije Oma' (safe journey).

Dr Nnaemeka U. Nwakanma


Shared by Yvonne Ofonagoro-Okafor on May 10, 2011
I can't believe I'm writing this, my heart bleeds. I've always believed that God doesn't sleep. I remember He said, His wish for His children is for good and not for evil, what happened, oh dear God? I need ANSWERS. I'm very bitter and if I go on, I could offend our creator.

You ARE (cos you still live in our hearts) loved by all who came across you, you didn't deserve to die,  Oh! what a sinful, evil and wicked world. I take solace in the memories of your good deeds in your sojourn.

It could have been me, or any one reading this, Life is short, make a remarkable impact in the lives of people that you come across today so that you'll be remembered by your good deeds when you are no more.

Ijay, my heart bleeds, I miss and love you dearly, OBI AGBAWALAM!!!!

Adieu my beloved cousin, Adieu my lil sister, till we meet to part no more.

With tears in my eyes and a heavy heart.

Kelechi Anthony Ofonagoro (Cousin)

The love of a father and daughter!

Shared by Yvonne Ofonagoro-Okafor on May 9, 2011





Shared by Toluwalose Okitika on May 4, 2011

 When I got the call on the night of 22nd, I knew it had to be a lie. people don't just die like that!!!...we see the signs some how. Ijeoma, judging by the signs I saw the day before, when we had lunch, gossiped, joked, laughed and did "crayfish waka" together, You had many many many many more years to live. We made plans for the next day, we made plans for the following week. We even made plans for following months.

This lie, that you are dead, I wish would just end right now. I have a lot of hopes. I have prayed a lot of prayers. I have asked God to see and hear all these things we say about you, search our hearts and see our hurts, and just return you back to earth. 

Ijeoma, you were awesome in everyway. We shared so much in barely one year of us knowing each other. My first ever bikini came from you. We had our code names for people and events. We shared ice creams and cinnamon rolls, food either of us brought from home and stories about personal lives. Ijeoma, I watch all the videos we made together at obudu...Me being so scared on the swinging bridge. Crying and swearing that that was the biggest mistake of my life. And you, the brave one..walking backwards, without holding the railings, made a video of me...oh that crackling laugh Ijeoma, I hear it everyday as I watch this video..you laughed so hard that people said, your laughter was shaking the bridge. Then you said: "tolu, this is a leverage I have- You ever mess up, and this video goes on youtube"......Remember the one with the million soldier ants in our cloths and through the pains from their stings, we could still make a video and even laugh about it?

You were gentle and you had a look of "oya I am ready to laugh"...gosh!!!...it is really sad that you are gone.

BUT, I pray:

that God would help us accept His will in this.

I pray that your parents, ..God bless them.

God make them come out of this stronger than ever. 

That God make your father, always remember that you were his shinning jewel and with this thought, go on in Life strong, knowing that God lent you to him and you blessed his life so much and now, God has taken you back.

Your mom, Ijeoma, may she cradle your memories, not with tears and hurt but with gratefulness to God almighty and joy in her heart. She knew you right from the womb. Ever before any of us did. May the Holyspirit, minister comfort to her very soul.

May your siblings be blessed with so much favour from God to excel and shine in all they do, that thier lives, will reflect you and all you would have ever achieved which my friend I am positively sure would have been greatness!

Ijeoma, once again, with a heaviness in my heart, i wish this story of you being dead could be reversed but, It is well!!!!.

God bless the Ofonagoro's

My beloved Ijay - my sister and mini-me. I love and miss you heaps...

Shared by Yvonne Ofonagoro-Okafor on May 4, 2011

My beloved Ijay,

I have tried and tried but still cannot comprehend this tragedy that has dealt me a second time around. I thought losing my dad 11 years ago was painful and yes, it was but he had lived a good life to the age over 60, but losing you, Ijeoma is something that I cannot get my head round because nneoma, you were just starting to live life. You had just finished university and about to undertake your masters and explore the world – show them what you were made of. There was so much that you wanted to do, Ijeoma and you are what…
You were always the person I confided in, anytime I will come into town and will tell you before I tell anyone else that I am planning to come home and will give you my travel itenary. Who else apart from Ugonna will be my ‘handbag’ when I come back? Who else can I gist with about things that no-one else in the family can understand.
Who else will call me just to chat for the sake of chatting or to see how your godson was. Our last conversation/chat: you sent: “Missing u so much” and I said: “Me too babes. Wish we were there too as it is too cold here. Give our love to everyone. Luv ya loads.” Who would have thought it will be our last chat. I still see your name as available on WhatsApp and wanna chat. I called your number and it was switched off. This is so surreal!
Ijay, I am trying and really trying to accept that my mini-me is no-more but you are alive in me. Our constant chat, plan and belief for the whole family shall come to pass and in your passing onto glory – I can see it happening and I promise you that it will continue.
At your young age, you touched so many people and your smile brightens up the day for all.
I ask God to give us all [The Ofonagoros and The Ihims plus friends] the grace to get over your loss in dignity cause you will not like us losing our composure. I also ask that the Holy Spirit to be our comforter through it all.
Uncle Ephy and Aunty Nnenna, you 2 have no idea how proud Ijey was of the both of you and how you raised her and her siblings to be the best that they can be in life. Marty, Kelechi and Ugonna - Ijay's legacy now continues through each of you. Continue to make her proud.
Ijay - my mini-me, we love you so much but most especially, I love you 4ever and you will continue to live inside me and David [your godson].
Yvonne Ndidi Okafor nee Ofonagoro (Cousin)

To my heart...

Shared by Yvonne Ofonagoro-Okafor on May 3, 2011

"Beautiful, I always told you, you were one in six billion, a Super Hero chick, fun loving, caring, considerate in such -THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME..."

MY 5TH ELEMENT. Having YOU near made me glow, Sleep beautiful.


Ikechukwu Okorafor

Golden Rose!

Shared by Yvonne Ofonagoro-Okafor on May 3, 2011

"A golden rose meant for the paradise of God, plucked from the earth and planted in an eternal dimension where no attribute of darkness can exist...

I miss you, but I have this consolation that I will see you again. You got There before me, well then"

Marty Ofonagoro (your beloved brother)


Shared by Katia Обариасе on May 3, 2011

I remember when myself (Katia),IJ, Jenni, Yetunde and Esema used to ride our bikes round the complex then and everybody wanted to ride with us....I remember how we learned to cook )))) ohhh my that is a funny story...i remember how we all used to go buy ice cream even though we were not meant to have any... i remember how we used to go swimming after school almost everyday.... i remember how we all separated first it was Jenni went to live in London., then it was yeti for school in another state then Esema the same thing then me moved to Benin....she was left behind..but she was the one that held the group in contact all these years ...

I  used to go visit them at their house in Warri it was so much fun...Ugo always fighting with either Martins or Kelechi then running to IJ for answers or the other way round IJ shouting at her...Its a sight to see u will laugh till your cheeks start at ache...(IJ THE PEACE MAKER)...i don't have brothers or a younger sister they are my second family i was always welcome...Ij was my best friend and a sister to me..... we fought a whole lot half or the time we did i don't even remember why!! 

i remember so many things that cannot be written down you were a big part of my childhood Ij but i didn't have enough of you in my present and am sorry for that...

.....@@$#%$%** You were meant to be my chief brides maid at my wedding or u at mine,you were meant to be  my kid's godmother HA BA Ij you do me this one ohhhh.... so who is it gonna be now no one can replace you ohhhh.....

You still and always will have a place in my heart Ij.....i miss you already sis..

REST IN PEACE in the bosom of the lord IJEOMA till we meet again soon!!!)))

Katia Obariase


Poem for you Ijay...

Shared by Yvonne Ofonagoro-Okafor on May 2, 2011

“Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.”

May you rest in peace my dear cousin Ijeoma Gladys Ofonagoro.

Obi Ihekweazu (Cousin)

Adieu our beloved Ije

Shared by Yvonne Ofonagoro-Okafor on May 2, 2011

There's an open gate at the end of the road through which each must go alone, and there, in a light we cannot see, Our Father, claims His own...

Beyond the gate our loved one finds happiness and rest, and there is comfort in the thought that a loving God knows best.

We love you Ije, but God loves you most.

Love always,

Aunty Stephy Ofonagoro and family

Tribute to Ijay - a gentle soul

Shared by Yvonne Ofonagoro-Okafor on May 1, 2011

Moment by moment, I'll remember you. You'll never be too far away because  I will keep you in my heart, each and every day. Goodnight and sleep well, godmother to my son: David and cousin to my beloved wife: Yvonne Ndyamaka Ofonagoro-Okafor.

Rest in peace sweet angel..

Martin E Okafor


My Sweet Sweet Aijay

Shared by Yvonne Ofonagoro-Okafor on April 28, 2011

Mama’s voice echo again in my ears
‘This one that bears my name she is great’
Aijay, you are great
Your beams of love, and fondness
Transcends boundaries mere mortal could not aim to reach

You reached the least in our mists
You knew their names, silent needs and their cell numbers
You cared where most blindly assumed unnecessary hence ignored
Your love unreserved flowed out to all
Your smiles told tales of unfathomable affection

The unflinching gaze of your sweet stare
Pour calmness on flared emotions
You spoke with eyes
You spoke with actions
You spoke with deeds
At times when the nuts in our fairy heads loosen
At times when our hearts ruled our heads
At times when the nothingness in us formed our words
You only spoke to champion the beacon of peace to us

To your cousins, nieces, nephew
To the belligerent adults
To the procrastinating ones amongst us

Behold brethren
Learn from this rare gift
A Visitor from God to us
That has now gone back
Learn that time is never ours
Learn that we are here for a purpose

Learn to exhibit the gifts given to us
Learn to love unreserved and to love now
For tomorrow may never come

Aijay loved now
Aijay knew us all intimately
Aijay reached us in special ways
That I for one so old could never boast to do

The pain is fresh and sore
The eyes weary and sunken
Strangely there is a flinch of joy
Joy that you are with the Lord
Joy that I hope to see you again
Joy that you are privileged to join the heavenly platoon
On such a blessed day

My promise to you my sweet child
Is to keep your light on
To love all around me and beyond
Today, Tomorrow if privileged ------

Adieu my Love

Aunty Jeje (Joy) Amajuoyi (nee Ofonagoro)

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