Ini Herself
Iniobong Caleb Ebong
  • 38 years old
  • Date of birth: May 19, 1977
  • Date of passing: Mar 27, 2016
Let the memory of Iniobong be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Iniobong Ebong, 38, born on May 19, 1977 and passed away on March 27, 2016. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Akanimo Ebong on 31st March 2017

"Hi Big Sis, Loads of stuff has happened. It's a year already.....; Edikan & I have a boy & He's cute like you said. I still have the band you gave me, it's not lost (in a year) like you thought.
I know you see Mom every now & then.
We miss & Love you both...... Always will.

Bye for now."

This tribute was added by Pearl Akande on 27th March 2017

"One year gone, but never forgotten !
Still feel like you travelled and would be back soon. Rest on, my dear Sister !
Mma Ini, I'm comforted that you're all glorious and in no pain. One glorious morning...we will meet to depart no more, when we all will behold our Saviour's face.
We miss you loads."

This tribute was added by Akanimo Ebong on 19th May 2016

"Happy Birthday to me dearest Big Sis! I love you always...... Rest easy."

This tribute was added by Uduak Caleb on 19th May 2016

"Happy birthday,my bestest lovely sis.Wish you a good rest with the Lord."

This tribute was added by Arit Asamudo on 24th April 2016

"This is my third attempt at leaving you a tribute. Each time I try my thoughts seem to freeze and my hands too numb to type.
Iniobong! The last time we chatted you were so optimistic. Alas, God had a supreme plan.
Rest on dear on.
I pray God's comfort on the ones you left behind, your daughter especially."

This tribute was added by Sussane Gbadamosi on 24th April 2016

"Inibiong Caleb Ebong! Hmmm writing this is hard,writing it makes it real and it's hard to comprehend, I saw you for the last time in January 2015, I wish I had hugged you harder, I wish a lot of things ufan. Rest in God beautiful soul, rest in God. I remember your smile, it used to light up everywhere, I remember your very peaceful demeanor , this makes no sense but our God is Jehovah , He makes no mistakes , His ways are His and we believe , even in our pain we believe. I will miss you "eyen pastor".

Signed ; eyen Mma Elder"

This tribute was added by Aniefiok Peter on 21st April 2016

"I was seriously humiliated when death dragged you out of our family tie, and God was there!
When I realized that, it's the only pathway to a greater glory unrevealed to the living, I summed up courage to  accept your demise.
I know that like Jesus whom you trusted so much in, you too have entered into your glory. Adieu."

This tribute was added by Asari Ekpenyong on 13th April 2016

"Ini dear, it is just so difficult to utter a word about your demise. I wish I can be allowed to keep silent and just live in the illusion that you are still around as beautiful as ever cos the reality is too hard to bear. I want to believe God that you finished your race cos that is the only reason He will call you out this early. I will always remember your ever peaceful demeanor and one of the most beautiful souls the earth was fortunate to see. Sleep on my ever beautiful and peaceful classmate. I pray God to fill for your family the gab you have left."

This tribute was added by Effiom Effiwatt on 13th April 2016

"I can't remember ever speaking with you but I have always known and admired you. Ever so easygoing and gentle from my acquaintance spot. At 38, you are still a very young lady but we cannot question God.
May you gentle soul find peace in God's bosom. Amen."

This tribute was added by Cindy Ekanem on 12th April 2016

"Ah,  ini my sister. Short of words. Am just hearing of ur death. Wat happened. Last time,  I heard from u was wen u wer in Lagos business school doh we couldn't hook up. Just remembeing our federal school days wen we spent most holidays visiting each other since we lived close. Oh, death why ini? It is well as God knows best."

This tribute was added by Gee Gal on 12th April 2016

"Oh death where is thy sting?? Oh grave where is thy victory.
Ini dear. You were such a beautiful soul. May you rest peacefully in the bosom of our LORD. The ALMIGHTY GOD will protect your daughter. I Love you but GOD loves you most.
Rest on beautiful one."

This tribute was added by Leo Umana on 10th April 2016

"We met in the late 90's, we were friends before I met the Ak's and the UduakObongs's. I was astonished at a lady who could speak french fluently with her Mum, still uncommon around here . I have missed an Uncommon friend, your memories will forever remain in my heart. Adieu Sister. May the Lord grant the family of Ps. Ebong the fortitude and the capacity to bear the loss. Leo Umana"

This tribute was added by Eric Ekobia on 6th April 2016

"Ini, it is difficult to believe that you are no more with us. What a separation!
We are in pains, we are in sorrow , but God is our strength.
Rest in peace sister."

This tribute was added by Gloria Archibong on 6th April 2016

"The news of your passing on hit me like a thunderbolt as I hadn't the faintest idea you were ill. So many questions are running through my mind but can I really question God? So as painful as it is, we bow to His perfect will as He is the giver of life. My prayer is that He will comfort your dad, your daughter, siblings and the church. Sleep on Ini in the bosom of your maker where there is no more pain until we meet to part no more. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace"

This tribute was added by Nkese Umofia on 5th April 2016

"My childhood friend. We grew up together, played together and laughed together. You were such a gentle and loving person. Beautiful within and without. You have only transitioned to another realm where there is no death nor sorrow. May you have peace in the bosom of our Lord. May the lord console your family over your loss. Revelations 21:4. Your memory will always be on my mind. I never imagined I will be writing this for you so soon. Adieu sweet friend and sister."

This tribute was added by Grace Godfrey on 5th April 2016

"Sister IniObong,
The pain of your sudden exit is so profound, and though we miss you, the memories of your beautiful soul lives on!!!!
May your soul rest with Christ Jesus, where there is no pain, hurt , sorrow or darkness.
Adieu dear one"

This tribute was added by Mabel Eminue on 5th April 2016


"God's time" you were named
And in God's time and approval you are gone
We are mortals and cannot question the maker

Right from your birth you were our own
Right from your last breath you are God's own
We love you so....
He loves you more....
God bless your soul"

This tribute was added by Mabel Eminue on 5th April 2016


I woke up on a beautiful Tuesday morning only to behold the news of your  death on Facebook
Unbelievable it seemed yet the reality it was
Oh I thought it was time for you to recoup from your past pains
But the world is a place of pains
You've gone to a better place of no  pains

We miss and fondly remember you
Olivia God will care for
Rest in the Lords bosom"

This tribute was added by Joseph Isang on 5th April 2016

"From your big brother and big sister

The tears blur our eyes as we trudge along on autopilot,
Our tribute cannot be in words, it is in the tears we cry,
It is the pain we feel, it is when we gather around and remember your laughter, our plans, our dreams.....
We love you, we only wish we had said it more, shown it better,
Tell mom we miss her so..........
We miss you so.......
We miss you both....
We are grateful for the lovely memories we share,
To live in the hearts of those who love you is never to die.
Indeed, beauty never dies.
See you on resurrection morning beautiful one"

This tribute was added by Sam Godfrey on 5th April 2016

"From Pastor Godfrey Akpan and Family

My dear pastor, my dear brother and friend,
Our God is the same, he has not changed.
His mysterious ways are what makes him a unique God. He knows the end from the beginning, and has a purpose for every event.
Our dear Sister and daughter, Iniobong is gone, though it is an unimaginable, unbelievable and painful event, her uniqueness, kindness, friendly and beautiful heart forever lives on in our hearts.
Be consoled with the word of God embedded in your heart, for though her body is gone, we shall meet with her soul again to part no more.
May the good Lord continue to speak His word through you now and forever, Amen.
Pastor Godfrey Akpan and family"

This tribute was added by Sam Godfrey on 5th April 2016

"From Nyeneobong Godfrey

Maah... you're gone for real?Im still struggling to believe that you're gone.Your values were inestimable, beauty alluring,you've left so much pain and grieve in our hearts.Life has really been unfair this time,i'll miss you and keep living with the memories of the times spent and moments shared together.You're greatly loved and i believe God knows better.Adieu maah...Lil sis, Nyene."

This tribute was added by Inyang Itokem on 4th April 2016

"Your passing came as a shock to me.  You were one of the most peaceful person on earth,  oh death why such a beautiful soul?  I know you are resting in the bossom of the Lord,  may your gentle soul rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Uduak Caleb on 4th April 2016

"Senior sis, like i used to call you.On that resurrection morning i left you lying peacefully on the bed, you asked me for your test result and i told you it was in the car and you replied,thank you very much but little did i know that that was the last time i would ever talk or see you again.I miss you from the bottom of my heart,you are unreplacable and your legacy will never cease to be talked about. I know you shine up there in heaven, happy and strong where there is no sickness or sorrows.We will all meet again big sis, to path no more."

This tribute was added by Charles Chance on 4th April 2016

"Loveliness we've lost,
These empty days without your smile,
And even though we try,
The truth brings us to tears,
All our words cannot express,
The joy you brought to us through the years,
It seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind,
Never fading with the sunset or when the rain set in.
Your candles burned out long before your legend ever will

Sir Elton John"

This tribute was added by Karibo Ekeopara on 4th April 2016

"Ini Baybee! Beautiful inside out! I feel so horrible that I didn't know what you were going through. I will hold on to those sweet memories, me barging into your neatly arranged room and you remaining composed, showing care to my kids: your words of wisdom: your awesome okro soup recipe: your devotion to God: your patience and smiles: your sense of humour... Ini, the memories are too many!!!
I miss you and love you. I pray God comforts your family, especially your Dad and your sweet Olivia."

This tribute was added by Emem Ukpong on 4th April 2016

"Ini, it is still so hard to conceive that you are actually gone and it is even more difficult to find the words to write right now. I will not forget your strength and courage through those uncertain times.

I wish you stayed longer for Olivia, for all of us but we are comforted in the knowledge that you are free now. No more pain! I have to see you again and once again I am so thankful for the resurrection of Christ, this hope truly sustains me.

You are never far away, you live on as beautiful as you have always been in the deep recesses of my heart.
Rest easy, my dear cousin!"

This tribute was added by U.I. Ukpong on 4th April 2016

"Growing up, you were my favourite cousin. You were so beautiful and I was always excited when you came by. I used to tease you about the men that you were interested in you especially the ones in church in those days. Then, you disappeared. The next I heard that you were in Ivory Coast.

I met with you again not too long ago. I resumed my normal teasing of you. I wish you had communicated what you were going through. I would have allowed you to finish those 2 slices of dessert without being mad with you.

I am sorry I couldn't help. Rest in Peace."

This tribute was added by Pearl Akande on 3rd April 2016


Your departure from this cruel word has left me speechless ! I find it difficult to believe. You promised me, you won't give up ! You said you'd never leave Olivia ! I saw you smile...I saw you cry...I felt your pain, but who can do what a God hasn't done ?

I am comforted in this one thing...that you met Jesus Christ on this side of eternity and I know that He held your hands into an eternity of bliss ! So I can boldly say that indeed, death has lost it's sting and grave has no victory.

Adieu, my dear from all your concerns, cares and pains !
Life took its toll on you, but you stood and finished strong.

I will miss you but I join all to say that to live in the hearts of those who truly loved you, is never to die !

May you find rest in His Bosom, Ini.

You will always be remembered."

This tribute was added by Umoh Nkanga on 3rd April 2016

"Its so hard to say goodbye..Ini, you have been more than a sister to me..but death took you away..i know you are in a better place now..Rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Nelly Ukpong on 3rd April 2016

"Oh Ini, how do I say goodbye, how do I handle your absence, so many hows without any answers. I had prayed and hoped. I miss you more than I can say. The pain is deep. I saw you glow in a short time, things were looking up and we talked about the future.......well God knows better. I thank Him for the times we shared together, they are priceless.
I have so much to say but I lack words. I know you are in a better place where there are no more pains and sicknesses. You are free now rest dearly beloved. We will carry on serving the Lord fervently till we meet at His feet.
Adieu dear daughter
Nelly Ukpong"

This tribute was added by Uduak Akpan on 3rd April 2016

"Our beloved Ini, just like Grandpa who departed this earth on Easter Sunday, it has pleased the Lord, to call you too Home on His Resurrection Sunday. Unlike Grandpa, who had lived a long life, in our eyes, you still had many years to live; we never thought you would leave us so soon.

You experienced more suffering, pain and desolation than most people will in their lifetime. I am thankful for the grace God gave you to carry your many crosses; I know that He walked with you every step of the way and that you behold Him now. God has brought you to a Place of perfect peace, joy and contentment; you are finally Home. You were an angel on earth, how fitting it is that we now have one more Angel, watching over us from the highest Heaven.

Rest well my dear Cousin. I look forward to the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come, where we will meet again to part no more."

This tribute was added by Janet Akpan on 2nd April 2016

"My Angel, where are you? Who said I cannot see you again? I am still searching for an answer. Till this second, gotten none. You were the greatest  joy of my heart and much more a consolation on the exit of my amiable sister, your mum. I saw her in you. You went through consistent pains at a time. Got beautifully relieved. What a rude shock to only hear of your death. Ini my Angel is now dead. Pain who will you torture again. Oh! Ini is gone! I feel the emptiness, the air of sadness and tormenting grief. My Angel, no more pain. You can now have a restful sleep.Good Night!"

This tribute was added by Micha'el Ernest on 2nd April 2016

"Ever since news of Ini's departure got to me I have been getting these sporadic thought provoking moments laced with waves of sadness. They say "everything happens for a reason" but I just don't see the reason, I just can't phantom why. They say "God knows best" but right now I want to know what God knows. I want to see the silver lining.

After Akanimo left Calabar, Ini was there to help me survive the tough dry seasons of Unical. Then I got the opportunity to really know her heart and her person beyond random family reunions. In every sense of the word she was a big sister to me. I remember sitting down by her side at Unical teaching hospital and praying with tears after the accident. I truly believed the worst was over but clearly fate had other plans.

You will be missed Ini and may you rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Mayen Akan on 2nd April 2016

"Mum Olly as I use to call u. I write dis with tears in mai eyes as I can't question God. We met thru our children(Olivia&Dominion), but we connected as if we,ve known each other  forever. I remember the last time me and mai kids visited u and Olly, we chatted about everything and was looking forward to another hols when I heard dis sad news. And all dis while I was trying ur number. I admire ur high spirit a lot. We will miss u so much but am happy u are in a better place where there is no more pain nor scar. May God console those beautiful souls you left behind. Continue resting in the bosom of our Lord Jesus. Amen"

This tribute was added by Ernest peters Nwah on 2nd April 2016

"Your sudden departure from us is the most devastating blow to all of us in the family. In fact no words can explain the reason why you left us. However lived a very humble life and cared very much with people who came in contact with you.
We pray that the almighty God will give you solace and your soul will rest in peace with him. We will miss you but God loves you most. Adieu."

This tribute was added by irene nwah on 2nd April 2016

"When the news came to us we were so shocked, I couldn't believe because the last time I saw you, you were so full of life with your braided  hair which I admired so much.
After the first incidence I did thought the worst was over, but I didnt know this would happen. We take solace in the fact that you are going to rest with the Lord. We will all miss you. May your gentle soul rest with the Lord."

This tribute was added by Amaete Udofia on 2nd April 2016

"A kind n gentle soul you were, warm n loving to every being. The news of ur passing tore my heart, not you, not after all the fight.  I pray for strength for the people you left behind and above all, I pray that God comforts ur dear father. May ur gentle soul find rest wit God. I will always remember you"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel James on 2nd April 2016

"Rest well Big sis Ini"

This tribute was added by Tnne Uwemedimo on 2nd April 2016

"ini words can't explain the devastating loss that we all feel... But we are hopeful that God had his own plan for you...we are thankful that we got to share our lives with you...we believe you are in a better place and you will remain alive in our hearts.."

This tribute was added by Akanimo Ebong on 2nd April 2016

"Just another morning, my brother called me to come home. I arrived; walked into my sister’s room with such pain on her face. He said two words to me: "She’s gone". Couldn't believe that sentence and slowly walked away from reality.

I wished more than ever she would wake up and make me smile.

Knelt by her side; she still looked so beautiful to me but as I felt her hands, so cold, only thing to do is grieve. Never will I see my “BIG SIS” again, the lady who made sure I always had something to eat and was comfortable throughout my University days. She stepped in as a Mother as MUMMY left.

Saying goodbye is truly hard. Seeing her in a box breaks my heart in two. Still feeling the coldness I felt when I came to the mortuary to see you again.

"Please God take care of her, I pray.
I promise I will always remember her and be grateful for the sacrifices she made."

Adieu Big Sis."

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