Let the memory of Intisar be with us forever
  • 52 years old
  • Born on November 16, 1958 in Baghdad, Iraq.
  • Passed away on April 7, 2011 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Intisar Najjar Mansour 52 years old , born on November 16, 1958 and passed away on April 7, 2011. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Andy Zebouni on April 7, 2018
i can not believe that 7 years past by since we lost you, your always in our minds and hearts, we know that you are in heaven, looking upon us,
your memory will stay with us for ever.
Posted by Angela Mansur on April 7, 2017
6 years...feels like eternity, miss you immensely
Posted by Louba Namou on November 19, 2016
Hello my lovely Intisar , another year has passed and so much has happened . William is a father now Brian got married and Connie has finally a daughter named after you ;)) You are so missed Intisar .Life is so hard without your loved ones near you . Miss my mom so much my sister and of course my dad. I'm sure you are all looking down on us with beautiful smiles. Ron is so happy with all his grand kids I'm sure he misses you wishes that you were here to treasure all this happiness from the kids he gets with him. Well my beautiful sister in law take care we love you and we all miss you.. Oh almost forgot Happy Birthday !!!! Until next time.......
Posted by Connie Mansour on November 16, 2016
Happy birthday in heaven Mom! This birthday of yours I am so grateful for my daughter named after you. I pray you continue to rest in peace and are dancing in heaven with Jesus and Mother Mary for your birthday. Love you so much Mom.
Posted by Angela Mansur on November 16, 2016
Happy Birthday Mom, hope you enjoyed our celebration for you Matteo & I had together, our new tradition in your honor, miss you immensely
Posted by Angela Mansur on April 7, 2016
It's been too long mom...my eyes water with tears & my heart forever aches!!! I love you with all my being, miss you!!!
Posted by Louba Namou on April 7, 2016
Hello once again Intisar today marks it to be 5 years now ;((( cannot believe how time is moving it's almost scary ... How is beautiful heaven Tisar? I imagine it to be all white everywhere fluffy clouds surrounding everywhere & god is walking right beside you where ever you go just all very peaceful & loving blissful :)) Well you have my sister Tisar up there with you my mom & dad & your dad too to keep you company . You & Tisar were for sure gone too soon like the song that plays on here way too soon.... Miss you & love you so much until next time please pray for all of us here to be kind & patient safe & most of all healthy . Oh almost forgot William is going to be a dad !!!!! Brian is getting married this year!!!! You would be so proud of all your children, god bless them you will be having 3 grand kids & 1 on the way . Talk with you later my lovely sister in law.....
Posted by Louba Namou on April 9, 2015
Hello my lovely Intisar, how are things in beautiful heaven with all the angels?.... No worries no drama no talk just blissful up in heaven that we will all see some day. Another year has passed & sadly you are missed still. You're family is growing with beautiful little kiddies & will grow more soon with William getting married. Well I hope you are taking care of my mom & dad , Tisar I'm sure you all are looking down on us all with beautiful smiles. We miss you all. Always with love...Like the song says ( gone too soon ) so so true :(( Lovely song.....
Posted by Connie Mansour on April 7, 2015
Hi Mom. Never the right words to describe how I feel. I'm always just "off" for these two weeks and I always know why. Taken too soon but I know God has a plan. I know you are watching over your beautiful grandsons, the ones you met before us, the blue eyed boys just like you. May you continue to rest in peace and always look over your husband and your family. I love you so much Mom. The pain will never go away but these angels that the Lord have us sure does help.
Posted by Andy Zebouni on November 19, 2014
3 years passed, but you are still in our hearts, new year is coming and still remember our memories together, celebrating Xmas and new year
not the same without you.
Posted by Angela Mansur on November 16, 2014
Happy Birthday Mom, missing you so much, love you with all my heart!
Posted by Fertal Kado on April 7, 2014
Intisar i just find your beautiful kids set up a tribute for u /gad bliss them & u are in having miss you i can't believe it /are life's it has int Ben the same .all i want to say you are watching over your kids what they be came we all so prod of them we loves them as much's you gad bliss & god rest u soul save a pity pleas well meet again i do miss mom & dad & my sister intisar .Angela this is best song i aver herd .
Posted by Angela Mansur on April 7, 2014
Mom, it feels like yesterday you just left us to be with Jesus, yet at the same time it feels like long ago...3 years have only passed! There is so much to tell you, so much to share with you, so much you should be a part of, but wait...you have been with us in every moment because all that is good that has happened to your children and husband since you left us, it's because of YOU!!! We know and truly believe you are our Guardian Angel up above helping God do His work we can never tell you how much we miss you or how badly our hearts still ache for you, but we feel you every minute of the day! God rest your soul Mom, love Angela
Posted by Walid Bally on April 7, 2014
Intisar you were the most sweet beautiful lady i know, i do remember the days when we were meet in the hospital and I look at you and Widad what a two roses God took in haven. your memory and Widad will stay with us for ever. R.I.P coz
Posted by Louba Namou on April 7, 2014
Wow , really 3 yrs now? It hurt's even more now at times when I think of you being gone Intisar:( Both of your daughters are mommies now its the greatest gift of all having a child I only wish that you were here with us especially your family to see the new additions Angela's & Connie's boy's , you are a grandmother ! You still are very sadly missed ....
Posted by Louba Namou on April 8, 2013
Hello our beloved Intisar, it is going on 2 years now since you left us unbelievable! U r still very sadly missed by me & your kids who are all grown up to be beautiful responsible adults & of course the rest of the whole Mansour family & Ron. You now have my mom up there in heaven to keep you company. Life is hard & it defiantly gets even harder when you lose a loved one:( U R MISSED.
Posted by Angela Mansur on November 17, 2012
Happy Birthday in heaven Mom, I love you so much, more than I can ever express. Thank you for being my mother, my Angel, and for the strength you give me everyday!!! God bless you now & always!!!
Posted by Andy Zeboony on July 7, 2012
Intisar, till today I cannot believe your'e gone, your house is not the same without you, everytime I visit your family it looks like something missing...something full with life and smile never leave your face
We miss you a lot.. and our freindship will stay in our minds forever.
Posted by Louba Namou on April 8, 2012
It's been 1 yr. already wow! I know 1 yr. of a lot of tears & heartache for your children & your husband. You should be very proud of all your children you & Ron raised them to be very kind & caring souls. Ron I feel so bad for him, so hard to live life without the love of your life! You are so sadly missed Intisar;( It's Easter today Intisar & you can bet on it that it is a very sad one:(
Posted by Ban Klaft on July 26, 2011
May GOD rest her beautiful heart and soul....as you will learn or already know, she is always with the ones she loves....ALWAYS....xoxo
Posted by Louba Namou on June 3, 2011
Hello Intisar, I was browsing on Facebook & I see this website that Angela created for you, I just love it!! We so deeply miss you Intisar. Everyday I think of all the heartache that your children & your husband are going through & it breaks my heart
Posted by Ban Klaft on June 3, 2011
What a beautiful woman, mother,sister, daughter, wife.....friend to all, young and old...Always a smile on your face...I feel lucky to have met you and your wonderful family....May You Rest in Peace...An Angel on earth and now with our Father in heav
Posted by Connie Mansour on May 29, 2011
Hi Mom. This website Angela created for you is beautiful. I miss you so so much. I went to church today for the first time alone since you have been gone. I imagined you sitting next to me and praying. I imagined you taking the bread ahead of me. Lo
Posted by Shanell Hamika on May 21, 2011
In the short 4 years I have known you, I learned so much. You were a beautiful soul & full of life. I know your resting comfortably in the hands of Jesus Christ. I'm sure u & my mom are buddies now! Save a cloud for me & I'll see u at the gates.
Posted by Angela Mansur on May 20, 2011
Mom, our hearts are aching and are forever broken without you! May we one day reunite in Paradise where we will be together again forever.

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