Let the memory of Ivan be with us forever.
  • Passed away on December 6, 2014 .

Celebration of Life
Date: Saturday, December 13, 2014
Place: Dze L'kant Friendship Centre
Time: 1:00 p.m.


Posted by Cecilia Rhyerson on 6th December 2018
Love you Grandpa so much and I miss you! I hope your paradise is everything you imagined. Will see you again Pops Love you Jess
Posted by Darlene Jethon on 11th May 2015
I'm very sorry for your loss. My name is Darlene I'm Pat Glaims daughter. I wish we had stayed in touch, I only remembering meeting Uncle Ivan once, but you never know we may all meet again one day. I am sorry for your sadness but the memories will make us smile again.
Posted by Kim Gibbs on 15th December 2014
So sad to have another Glaim of Ivan's generation gone. He reminded me of Grandpa Eddie, a big strong Norwegian with the huge hands that worked so hard and the strength of a bull! And also of Grandma Doris, an Irish sweetheart with the terms of endearment, always calling everyone dear, honey or sweetie. Makes for cool family dynamics when two brothers (Glaims) marry two sisters (Rhyasons) as Ivan's parents and my grandparents did. My mom Sandy and Ivan where cousins from both sides of the family. As hard as it is to say goodbyes... There is peace in knowing your body is at rest and that your souls has gone to meet your son. Rest in peace dear Ivan... Until we meet again ❤️
Posted by Margaret Tom on 15th December 2014
may he rest, now and forever with the lord ;( sad for you all, hug,s
Posted by Lori Opdahl on 14th December 2014
I've known Ivan since I was a little girl, when my Dad (Andy Sikorsky) used to bring me with him on the many visits to Ivan's in Telkwa, Over the years I had many great visits with Ivan. He was a great man & will be missed by myself & many others. RIP Ivan
Posted by Bill Griffin on 12th December 2014
Our prayers and thoughts are with the family. Bill (Willie) & Ann Griffin
Posted by Dawn Mckinnney on 11th December 2014
is sending my deepest sympathy, and payers for the strength to hold on, to the Glaim family who has suffered a great loss. My heart breaks for you all he was an amazing grandfather,father,and friend, R.I.P ivan you will be missed by many.
Posted by Lucy Glaim on 10th December 2014
Ivan Glaim (posting on behalf of Alphonse Gagnon) Some memories that Alphonse has of Ivan are as follows: When Alphonse was a kid he was at Jessie Alec's with his parents. Ivan had a real passion for falling trees and he told someone to put a beer bottle quite a ways away from the trees. He then proceeded to fall a tree right on that bottle, smashing it. That's how proud he was of his skill and profession. Ivan was bucking along with our boy, Sean at Nilkitwa. He told Sean that it's easy, all you do is " go up and down, up and down Charlie Brown". What he meant was to limb the tree up on both sides, go down the next tree and repeat until the whole landing was done. Then they would top, measure and buck it to that length. They were doing 16 loads a day. Sean also learned how to file a saw from Ivan, who was a good teacher. When our logging operation was working at Willow Creek (near Iskut). Some hunters from Smithers shot a moose and Alphonse asked them about the internal organs. They didn't use them so he got the nose, heart, liver, tripe and tongue. The crew were working on separate parts of the block and they got a kick out of the moose going by with no nose. Alphonse cooked up the tripe and when Ivan came in for supper he asked "so what we having for supper, bum guts?" He ate with the crew and loved it. Alphonse has a lot of fond memories of Ivan as he knew him since he was a kid. Ivan and Joyce were really good friends of my parents. We would like to be there for the funeral however, I am having surgery in Victoria this Wednesday. Our sincerest condolences to your family. Alphonse & Lucy Gagnon
Posted by Elicia Mckinney on 9th December 2014
Awe gramps, ur time has come I guess eh, well I am happy u got a long go at it u will always b missed by many. I would like to share my favorite memory of my gramps... I was 5 maybe 6 but def not 7 he took me to the grocery store after buying me a jean jacket n vest with guitars on it Which I secretly did not like he told me I could have anything in the store I wanted... U could just imagine how happy I was n I found in the bulk section a huge bag of puffed wheat my kinda cereal this bag was bigger then me and I got to carry it all the way to my gramas restaurant on Main Street I was the happiest kid in the world that day thanks gramps I'll never forget ;(
Posted by Ruby Charlie on 9th December 2014
God took you home he saw you where getting tired.You will be so missed POPS .Thanks for all the wonderful memories.FOREVER IN MY HEART..Eddie so loved the visits with you. REST IN PEACE
Posted by Nick Joseph on 9th December 2014
RIP my friend yes lucy gagnon i remember we we were in 1st aid Ivan and I kept killing annie lol, he was a good man and a family friend from the time i could remember him, always comn to visit with mom and dad. he was a hard worker for sure and I hsd the pleasure of bunkin with him and workin with him , now you can rest in peace my friend and no more hard work for you. RIP IVAN
Posted by Cheryl Johnston on 9th December 2014
Where to even start. I have known Uncle Ivan my whole life. He was my honorary Uncle. Most of you don't know my Dad and Ivan were in camp when i was born, when they came home Dad hadn't even parked the truck when Uncle Ivan was out the door and in the house to hold me before Dad. He always told me he got to hold me before Dad did. I always remember visiting him with Dad. Such a great man. Uncle Ivan you will be dearly missed. Love you always.
Posted by Glenda Marie on 9th December 2014
Condolences to the Glaim Family. Losing a father is not easy, You were all the joy of his life.
Posted by Sandra MH on 8th December 2014
I am deeply saddened to hear of Ivan's passing. He and Joyce had have a long history in the Valley. He was such a hard working man that he in the Valley. Both mom, dad and my siblings all share good memories of the Glaim family. He will be dearly missed
Posted by Frank Forsythe on 8th December 2014
Ivan ,will be missed by me and my Family . My children grew up calling him grandpa . And they as I will MISS Ivan , Rest my friend .
Posted by Rick Hill on 8th December 2014
Ivan my friend My sincere condolences to the family of Ivan Glaim He was a great man, he was a teacher, a pioneer, a logger, a horseman that loved to drive a team of horses to fall and buck logs and cut ties of poems and stories of songs he could sing. A great man that taught us all to live our lives to the fullest. ( we're here to log not f--- the dog ) An eagle came to visit me today that sat perched in the wind and the rain that reminded me of Ivan that would be out in a storm to visit any friend or help when called upon. Happy Trails Ivan Kick Ass in Heaven and God Bless An amazing man that will never be fogotten !!!! Love from Rick Hill and family
Posted by Jackie Joseph on 8th December 2014
Awwww My sincerest Condolences go out the Glaim Family, Ivan you made history in Smithers and Telkwa and the hearts of many people across the miles, when I was little I remember seeing you around and thinking he is the biggest man I ever saw!!! You will never be forgotten Mr.Glaim. May you Rest In Piece Now Ivan. sorry to hear of your guys loss.
Posted by Bill Locke on 7th December 2014
ivan you will be mist but never forgoten rest in peace my frend and one day we will log and tell storys together tell then rest god bless
Posted by Kathy Allaire on 7th December 2014
Ivan, My Old and Dear Friend, I will Miss and Remember You Always!,!!!! I will NEVER have the same Laughs or Conversations like Ours with Anyone.....Fly With the Angels My Buddy, I Know there is Special Place for Men with Hearts as Large as Yours and as Much Love You Gave......"I'll have beer....may fair winds and following seas be with You My Friend....Till we Meet Again
Posted by Mary Beaunien on 7th December 2014
Ivan you will always have a big place in my heart,i will miss seeing you around town and making time to visit with everyone you knew,it was hard to see you get sick,but you remained strong till the end.
Posted by Tina Sutherland on 7th December 2014
Ivan going to be miss dearly he was a great man I remember when I was kid I use to go up to his place when they live on coal mine road for hours and talk with him he look like a Giant to me but he was a gent bear to me and my family RIP Ivan miss u
Posted by Shauna Scott on 7th December 2014
I am sorry to hear of Ivan's passing he will be missed greatly by me he was one of my childhood memories that was fun, funny and the way he always tried to scare us when we were little until we found out how big his heart was then the gig was up. My favourite saying still is from him and that was I'll miss you with every bullet. And tabernacle I will always love him and now he will again be together with his friends in heaven
Posted by Gary Jackson on 7th December 2014
I will always remember his big smile and easy going ways. ...
Posted by Angela Glaim on 7th December 2014
I love you so much Grandpa! I will miss the days where Papa and I would come out to you're trailer in Telkwa. You always bought a case of orange pop and when ever I would come over you would say there's pop in the pantry then my papa would say No! Once he left outside you would point to the pantry and start laughing. I'm going to miss coming over to you're house after work spending the night with you and waking up to you saying " Honey it's time to get up for school ". I'm so proud to be able to call you my grandpa! I'm glad I got to visit with you before you passed. I will always remember the good times we shared with each other love you grandpa!
Posted by Charlotte West on 7th December 2014
So sorry to hear that Ivan passed away. Every time I went to visit him he alway gave me a hug with a big welcoming smile that went with it. Always wanted to find out that I was ok. And me finding out if he was ok as well. Then we would start catching up in our lives. And just shake our heads and laugh. It was a pleasure to know Ivan to laugh. Always had a smile on his face. And his big hugs. Love always Charlotte west
Posted by Lucy Gagnon on 7th December 2014
Sorry to hear of Ivan's passing. Our sincerest condolences to Ivan's family. Ivan worked for our company many years ago. All the crew had to take a First Aid course. Ivan was having a hard time of mastering resusi Annie. The instructor was very patient with him and by the end of the day he passed the course. The first thing out of his mouth was "there Annie has enough air to last the rest of her life". Everyone had a good laugh. He was a great faller and took his job seriously. Rest in peace, Ivan.
Posted by Cecilia Rhyerson on 6th December 2014
I love you grandpa! I always adored being around you since I was a little kid sitting around your kitchen table. I miss the days when I came out twice a day most days out of the week. I'd make us salad with all the best vegetables and we'd drink lots of coffee. I'd come out to see you as much as I could since then. Being pregnant and having the twins kept me from seeing you as often as I wished I could! I will always be grateful for the family you made with my grandma Joyce Alec I will always be grateful. Your a ledgend and I am proud to be your grand daughter and I proud of the father you gave me, Mervin Glaim. Without you and him I wouldn't be so strong. I love you forever grampa and we will meet again and we'll dance where you are now I know you must be dancing

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