Let the memory of Jacklyn be with us forever
  • 25 years old
  • Born on June 16, 1987 .
  • Passed away on June 18, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jacklyn Fierro 25 years old , born on June 16, 1987 and passed away on June 18, 2012. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Joseph Maximilliano on 30th November 2018
Hey Jackie It's been so long since I'd seen you. Last time we saw each other was in highschool. I just found out today, right now, that your in a better place. I'm praying that your happy and full of joy! You were so awesome, remember when we went to get a cat at the shelter. It was me, you, and Gabriel. After we went back to your dad's place, had dinner. I grew up with you, from hillside, when you got me into trouble!
Posted by Shelley Tremper on 19th August 2018
Oh sweetheart. I found out recently that you passed away. I am so sad. I wish we had kept in contact and that there was something I could have done to help you. You are in God's hand now. I will always love you RIP
Posted by STEF Any on 20th June 2017
Forever missing you my Jack jack. So curious as to the person you'd be today. With the best wit, character, and sense of humor. Miss your contagious smile and laugh and just how sweet you always were. Hope you had the best birthday! Love and miss you dearly.
Posted by ArDawn Tennison on 18th June 2017
Hi Jackie I hope you are having a abundance of peace and everlasting happiness. You are truly missed by all. Your children are beautiful. I watch over your mom daily and she misses you hourly. Love ya
Posted by ArDawn Tennison on 16th June 2017
Happy happy birthday Jackie. You are a forever friend.
Posted by Joseph Serrano on 17th June 2016
29!!!! Wow, you're getting so old. It would be so wonderful to see who you would be today, ah man, you'd be a hoot. It's been 4 very long years without you my dear. We miss you alot.
Posted by ArDawn Tennison on 16th June 2016
May God continue to give you everlasting peace. And many blessings for your mom and beautiful children.
Posted by Lizzy Greathouse on 16th June 2016
Happy birthday my sweet miss Jacky.. I miss you so much and think of you often .. I know your a beautiful angel and you are with me always.. I can feel your presence.. You are and will always be my Jacky.. I love you and forever will miss you baby girl.. I took you under my wing like my baby sister.. I only wish I would have been there for you when you needed me the most.. I'm sorry sweet Jacky.. I wasn't there and I should have been I will forever regret that and I will also forever remember your kindness, your voice, your love for your babies and your everything ..RIP baby girl I miss you and love you more. Love lizzi Steven, Kayla tori Andrew and Bekka.. P.s bekky always remembers u and that one Lil trip you took her on with your bike.. She loves u ...
Posted by Kim Thorp on 16th June 2016
Jackie I never met you but your mom spoke of you all the time. Rip and happy birthday. You have wonderful kids.
Posted by Anna Perez on 16th June 2015
Happy Birthday Jackie. Your sister was the first to remember our birthday today. She speaks of you often. We are blessed with your memory. We miss you very much. Love you.
Posted by Kim Thorp on 16th June 2015
I never met you but I feel like I know you. Your kids and mom speak of your often. Happy Birthday
Posted by ArDawn Tennison on 22nd November 2014
Posted by Frances Smidt on 18th June 2014
I still can't believe you are gone. It feels like yesterday that we were laughing and talking. I will always miss you and think of you. The kids ask about you all the time. You live in our hearts and our memories. Visit me in my dreams.
Posted by Joseph Serrano on 16th June 2014
27 today!!!!!!!! You are getting old! Lol! Not a day goes by that we do not have you in our hearts.
Posted by Joseph Serrano on 26th March 2014
It's been some time since we last spoke. Aurora asks about you daily. Sometimes I am at a loss of what to say. Right now it is easy for me to just show her videos. I will eventually be able to discuss your life with her. We love you Jacklyn. Keep us honest.
Posted by Frances Smidt on 22nd June 2013
I remember your first smile, first laugh, first step, first cry.....you my darling I will never say goodbye. You are in my heart, my soul, my breathe and I will always remember you even in death. You passed just over a year ago and I will always make sure your kids know of your love, kindness, yor thoughts and your fears. For you will be remembered in every tear. We will all meet again.
Posted by Jessica Brylski on 19th June 2013
Today, I shed a tear thinking about you. You are very much missed. I will always love you. But most important God loves you !!! And you will not be forgotten. Can't wait to see you again after the resurrection!!!! JHWH word is true. (Rest in peace)John 5:28 Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs+ will hear his voice
Posted by STEF Any on 18th June 2013
“No farewell words were spoken, no time to say good-bye. You were gone before I knew it and only God knows why. My heart still aches in sadness and secret tears still flow, what it meant to lose you, no one will ever know”
Posted by Frances Smidt on 6th January 2013
I miss you beyond tears my child. I'm with you and you with me. I see you in your children everyday and help keep you in their hearts. My love, my daughter, my butterfly. XOXO.
Posted by Liz Hernandez-Sandoval on 3rd January 2013
Jackie u will always have a place in my heart wish i could hear ur laugh love ya babe miss u forever and ever
Posted by Joseph Serrano on 25th November 2012
I honor you everyday. I miss you.
Posted by Mandy Willars Lmt on 12th July 2012
I miss you every day. You are such a loving person. Thats the thing that drew me to you. And as soon as i met you i knew we were going to be best friends. I know that you are in a better place now. Thank you for the place you made in my life. I love you Jackie
Posted by ArDawn Tennison on 29th June 2012
Jackie, May you forever fly with the angels, and continue too bless your family with your loving memories. God bless you and your family.
Posted by Dolores Alvarado on 29th June 2012
Our most sincere condolences during this difficult time. Our prayers are with Jackie's beautiful family. We still remember her beautiful smile as a little girl at Hillside. We know she will be missed but are comforted in knowing she is resting with our Lord free of any pain or suffering. With all our love, Dolores and Raul
Posted by Frances Smidt on 26th June 2012
Jackie I miss you more each day and I miss your silly laugh, I can still here it. You were such a wonderful loving mother and I am so happy to see you in each one of them. Love you as high as the sky and as deep as the ocean.
Posted by Mannie Aguilera on 26th June 2012
Art, just wishing our condolensces during your time of the loss of your loved one and know that you and your family are in our prayers. God bless you during this difficult time. ` The Aguilera's - Bengie and Mannie
Posted by Art Fierro on 25th June 2012
munchkin a week ago today you left us, for a better place, a peaceful place, a place with no suffering, no pain and no hunger. In my heart I know you are in a much better place. Having said that, I miss you so very much.... your smile, your beautiful eyes the way you touched people even when you couldn't speak!
Posted by Stephen Kessen on 21st June 2012
I know you are in a better place now. You were one of my favorite people to work with. In my prayers forever.
Posted by Amber Wilson on 20th June 2012
My condolences and prays go out to all whom love and had the pleasure of being in the presence of Jakie, She will always live thru all of us, my memories and thoughts will remain the same of her, her caring nature and so proud to b a Mother with a beautiful family. I am very thankful to have shared moments with her that I will cherish 4ever, My Sister n law. Rest in Peace Jakie, I love U
Posted by Frances Smidt on 20th June 2012
A mother's love never dies--mine for you and yours for your children. Know I will hold them close and tell them of the love you have for them and your Everlasting beauty. Words could not ever express my love for you. We are connected on a deep level. Know that you are my heart and I will hold you there forever. Above all I understand. I love you as high as the sky and as deep as the ocean.
Posted by Morgan Leseth on 20th June 2012
When I think of Jackie her beautiful smile comes to mind. She was such a great mom. Have so many memories of her. Our trip to California she was always Making people laugh. We danced for hours on end! I remember helping her with make up for a photo shoot. So photogenic. I miss you and know your happier and in a better place note. RIP Jackie
Posted by Phil Braica on 20th June 2012
Jackie, we were such good friends. I will never forget our memories & laughs together. You & I, we understood each other when the world didn't. I will miss you oh so much. I know your in heaven smiling from above. We all love you and will miss you greatly.
Posted by Corinne Chacon on 20th June 2012
Judge Alicia Chacon wishes to extend our family's deepest condolences on this heartbreaking loss. Our prayers are with you.
Posted by Joseph Serrano on 20th June 2012
I miss you so much
Posted by Michael Serrano on 20th June 2012
Never forseen this, Talk about left field, I assumed you too strong and stubborn... I miss you really, you are part of our family.. We were that close to having you back, and now... I really hoped for the best. This sucks. I pray that your soul rest in peace and that your kids may be blessed. Goodluck Jackie, Goodbye, I always loved you even when I didnt understand you.
Posted by Color Conspiracy on 19th June 2012
We love you jackie, you will be so missed sweetheart. I cherish the memories of you and especially the first day that i met you!. Your face was glowing, you were happy and so in love and filled with joy carrying my beautiful niece Aurora. She is so precious and such a gift to our family. I carry your beautiful smile with me and see it every time i look at my niece, YOUR ALWAYS IN MY HEART..
Posted by Elizabeth Willars on 19th June 2012
Jackie, you are such a sweet, kind woman, and you will be remembered by your friends and family as such. I recall just hours after you had your darling baby girl, my sister was so proud of you, and you had such joy in your eyes. I will remember that love and peace about you, always. Shanti.
Posted by Daniel Macias on 19th June 2012
Jackie, may you lie with eternal peace and may GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL. Rest in peace!
Posted by Terri Wyatt on 18th June 2012
God is great!!!! May the peace of the Risen Christ be with all of you. I know Jackie will be with you always. T
Posted by Edna Ruiz on 18th June 2012
Rest in peace my friend.. U were ALWAYS a joy with to work with at MCCC.. You and your crazy laugh.. Love you Jackie! <3
Posted by Laura Estrada on 18th June 2012
Your free spirit will truly be missed. I was lucky to have met you through Stefany. The little time we spent together you always managed to make us laugh. May god hold you in his glory.
Posted by John Ruiz on 18th June 2012
"a time to laugh, a time to cry." it seems that life can be incredibly cruel at times. if we are to find solace it has to be our faith. a faith that is a binder and allows us not to fall apart. we must believe that there is something beyond or otherwise how could we live our lives.
Posted by STEF Any on 18th June 2012
I love you and miss you my Jackie! Your memory will forever remain in my heart. RIP Beautiful!
Posted by Anna Perez on 18th June 2012
We love you forever Jackie. God's will was to relieve you of your pain and to be with Him in His Kingdom. You are blessed and we are blessed for having you in your hearts forever.
Posted by Joseph Serrano on 18th June 2012
I love you so much! I miss you incredibly. Aurora misses you baby doll. We will see you again someday.

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