Let the memory of "Chubbs" be with us forever
  • 33 years old
  • Born on December 2, 1977 .
  • Passed away on December 8, 2010 .

James “Chubbs” McKittrick, how can you sit down and honestly write something about who he was. There isn’t one word that can accurately describe the person we shared our lives with. Some of us have known him his whole life, others 18 years between then and now he picked a lot of us up along the way. When he was your friend he gave it his all, standing by you whenever you needed, always willing to lend a hand if he could and the times he couldn’t who stand next to you in support. 33 years young we lost an incredible Son, Father, Brother, Friend and Freak Family Member.

As we hurt and cry wishing his life hadn’t ended so soon, we must carry forward and continue to be there for his mother and 3 beautiful little girls. Times are tough for all of us but Chubbs gave all of himself by being who he was to us and now we ask each of you to help in honoring the person he was by helping. Below is a link to donate anything you can so that his family and his Freak family can provide him with a memorial service he deserves. Any proceeds that may exceed service costs will go into a trust fund for his daughters. Please consider any donation you may be able to give.
Before leaving this site, please take them time to post pictures, share your stories, thoughts and prayers. We have designed it so that we can continue to show tribute to our good friend.
Posted by William Jernigan on December 4, 2017
Well, I missed your birthday, some friend I am ha?
You would have been 40 this year, I still miss you daily, I see things all the time that remind me of you.
The show that’s put in for you gets bigger every year, people come from all over to remember you and our other fallen members.
Happy birthday brother. You’re missed daily.
Posted by Debra High on December 2, 2017
Well bro here we are again.. Happy BIRTHDAY! 40.. Like wow.. Its crazy you're gone.. Think bout you everyday.. Kim is with you now.. Show her the way ..take her for a draggin ride.. :) ... Your girls are getting so big.. And your grandson is too..lol.. Always telling em stories or watching / listening to things you loved so they know... I know you're watching over us .. We love you!!! And miss you so much!!! Hugz big bro!
Posted by Fat Jap on December 2, 2016
Happy birthday my friend. You are still missed by so many including myself. I hope you are proud of us and the club and the way we are paying tribute to you and your memory. Your memory and your constant good will to welcome strangers as friends has provided us a platform to create so many memories with so many people. I am very proud to be a part of "A Day to Remember" but know in my heart it will always be "the Chubbs show" to me. I love you my friend and miss you...
Posted by Debra High on December 2, 2016
Hey big bro! Its your birthday... Cant believe you're gone... Still! Your # is still in my phone ..just can't bring myself to delete it... There are so many things i wish i couldve said or done before it was too late.. I hope that you knew how much i love you... Wish i could go and hug you but i can't and it sucks...
Your girls are growing up so fast...and are so much a reminder of you ... Your smile ..sense of humor... Some of the looks you did... Lol... & you're about to be a grandpa!!! Lol...
I tell my boys to stay friends cause thats the only brother you have and dont let bs get in the way ...cause i wish mine was still here... Hopefully they listen.. 
I know you're watching over us all... You are forever missed and loved!!!
Got to go for now my eyes are hurting from crying .. Have fun draggin with Jesus to your song today.... Hugs

Love your baby sis debbie
Posted by William Jernigan on August 21, 2016
Hey there buddy, you've been in heaven for a while now. I know you've seen my mistakes, bad decisions and accomplishments. You are still missed every day. I had a son, but I'm sure you know that. We named him James after you. Wish I could post a pic in this letter, but I'll have to put it in the pics folder. We love and miss you my friend. Until we meet again. ❤❤❤❤
Posted by Norma Edgar on December 2, 2015
Happy Birthday Chubbs, we all miss you so much still I can't believe it's been almost 5 yrs now. Your girls look so much like you.
Posted by Donna "MOM" Lee on December 8, 2014
Hi kiddo, it's been 4 years already since you left this world. I think about you so often, and wonder why you had to leave us so soon. I guess God needed a super special angel. I know you know what has been going on, and how eveveryone is. Sending you love and hugs.
Posted by Debra High on December 2, 2014
Happy 37th birthday big bro! I know Jesus is throwing u a giant party and cruising with ya in your mini.... i think about you everyday... wish you was STILL here .... im gettimg my tattoo on the 17th, hope you like it.... your girls are growing up so fast , and remind me so much of you... i know youre watching over all of us....hugs and i love you <3<3<3
Posted by Jennifer Phillips on December 2, 2014
Happy Birthday James. You are missed. I am sure the heavens are treating you right and that you are dragging and enjoying the afterlife side by side with many of our friends who have joined you since you left us and those who got there before. I will have a cupcake today in your memory. Miss your smile friend.
Posted by Fat Jap on December 2, 2014
Happy birthday my friend. So much has happened since you left us. Some good, some bad, and everything in between. The club is doing amazing things. You would be so proud, not that you ever weren't. Well I just wanted to stop by and say hi on your special day. I miss you homie. FREAKS!!!!
Posted by Norma Edgar on December 2, 2014
Happy Birthday Jimmy... you are missed very much everyday I see you in our girls. I still have to finish my tattoo for you gonna add one of you minis to it :)
Posted by Debra High on December 8, 2013
miss you so much ! love you big brother , wish we couldve kept on going to get back on track.... say hi to dad for me! thinking of you always....

your sis debbie <3
Posted by Donna "MOM" Lee on December 8, 2013
<3 :'(
Posted by Fat Jap on November 26, 2013
Sitting hear walking down memory lane, reading all the posts back to 2009 when you first got Facebook. Seeing all the pictures of us all together brings back so many great memories. We certainly shared so many great times together. Your birthdays only a week away and I wish you were here to celebrate it. It always brought togetherness within the group regardless of what was going on in our lives. I miss you so much my friend. Please continue to look out for us as you did when you were here.... Love you!
Posted by Donna "MOM" Lee on December 2, 2012
Hi there kiddo! It's been a couple years since you were here on this planet sharing your life and love with everyone. This is a day to celebrate your life and all that you gave to everyone you met. I'm celebrating your life, remembering. You know how many people are missing you. If it's possible for you, please give them a little sign tonight. Miss you! <3 "Mom Donna"
Posted by Freak Daddy on August 31, 2012
HI Chubbs. Were ..getting ready for Sundays Art of Noize sho. We will see you there....in every smiling face from everybody there..regardless of club. no matter what they bring...you loved us all. Last time we saw you was West Coast...you had a little trouble with your dually:) Nothing that couldnt be fixed and we seen you on your way..Vegas was lucky to have you:)see you sunday:)
Posted by Donna "MOM" Lee on December 8, 2011
hi kiddo, here it is a year later. so much has changed in our lives, some for the better some not. i think you would be proud of most of the people you left behind and i know you are proud of your girls. one thing hasn't changed-we all still miss you. maybe God will let you drag the sky for us tomorrow? love always, "momma Donna"
Posted by Oscar Diaz on December 16, 2010
I never did get to meet chubbs although we talked about linking up at WCN and having a drink or two. We chatted often on StreetSource and he was always there some sort of input and always said hello when I came into chat. Very sad to hear this news and even sadder I didn't get to meet him in person. RIP mini-truckin brother!
Posted by Kenneth Kitsuki on December 15, 2010
Gonna miss you buddy!!! I uploaded a video of him cruising his toyota coming back from DTE on my facebook.
Posted by Kyle Orr on December 15, 2010
I first met chubbs as west coast nats 09....was one of the nicest most welcoming people I've met. Like we had been friends forever, spent hours hangin out talkin about trucks. And I will never for get draggin the strip with you dustin nadine and keith. I miss you buddy. You will never be forgotten. Keep my mom good company until we getta meet again.
Posted by SAMANTHA PENWELL on December 14, 2010
Posted by Laura Johnson on December 13, 2010
You literally touched my life more than you will ever know! My children loved you so much! They truly meant it when they called you their uncle. I laid in bed crying myself to sleep listening to Kailtyn do the same. Brendan loved his jungle gym Uncle Cub so much. We are better people because we knew you! I love you my brother. Save me a place right next to you!
Posted by Wes Brown on December 13, 2010
What can you say about Chubbs? not a single bad thing. Chubbs was a great friend and even after i left Freaks, he among others NEVER turned his back on me because we became family. I'm gonna miss you brotha! now you have no more pain. Drag through the streets of heaven and we'll hear your FREAK CHECK for ever! Love n miss u brotha! RIP Chubbs from WES.
Posted by Jared Packer on December 12, 2010
Chubbz is one of the bigggest reason i becoem a freak back 4 years ago! one of the downest coolest drama free friends anyone could ask for, kickin it with him at shows could make up for any bad shit that happened there! runs will never be the same without my brother there! i miss you chubbz! FREAKS FOREVER FOREVER FREAKS!
Posted by Michael Lepker on December 12, 2010
I met James at the 30th Reso and We immediately hit it off. Another guy that liked Datsuns! He respectfully introduced Me to His club and Shannon. You see, I am one of the few mini truckers old enough to be His Dad. He towed My boat and I reciprociated with a ride in it. I truly wish I could share the horror on His face in that boat! But alas, I didn't take a photo. I will NEVER forget that smile!
Posted by Keith Greer on December 11, 2010
Chubbs will be missed by all. He is the reason i am a Freak today. I wont say where we met (Freaks that were there know). I'll miss cruisin the strip with you. See you on the other side bro.
Posted by Lil Nick Gonzales on December 10, 2010
damn chubbs i u met one of the first years i camped with freaks!!!only other guy as short as me haha..love u chubbs and miss u buddy..i will be comeing from nor cal for u buddy!!!drag on and smoke a blunt with mac dre from me!!!!THIZZ IN PIECE CHUBBS
Posted by HEIDI TALBURT on December 10, 2010
Posted by Denai Bowerbank on December 10, 2010
You are a huge part of Chris and my life, You have been there from the start always a great friend. The memories I will cherish always and look back on them when I need a good laught. One in particular was at Cali Councel run and that damn sheep. You will trully be missed, but I can know you will always be around. I love you and will see you when I see you. Love Chris, Denai and Ryland
Posted by Jennifer Jernigan on December 10, 2010
My Chubbers.... You were not just a friend you were like a brother. Sometimes I wanted to beat you, sometimes I was frustrated, sometimes I just wanted to hug you, but I never sometimes loved you, I ALWAYS loved you. When shannon was joking that he wasnt going to live with us forever last week and you said speak for yourself I didnt know... forever would be the next week.
Posted by Greg Costlow on December 10, 2010
I would like to share one of my stories about chubbs. when I was a freak member here in phx,az and we went to vegas I meet this guy named chubbs and thought wow what a down to earth guy he is and ever time I ment him He was the same guy I ment the first time and every time even when I left freaks he never changed towards me that's what I remember about him. R.I.P CHUBBS you friend red neck
Posted by Nicholas Badalucco on December 9, 2010
I met Chubbs just a few years ago along with the Freaks of Nature. He was such a good friend. He was great to be around with. He will be truly missed. R.I.P. Chubbs from Skinny Nick
Posted by James Sarlo on December 9, 2010
I've faded out of the scene for personal reasons, but caught wind of this and had to make an appearance on here to say some things.

I've known Chubbs for a long time, we always talked, he was a super friendly guy, and an amazing person. I'm happy and honored to say I've gotten the chance to talk to him numerous occasions, he is hands down one of the greats.

Posted by Donna "MOM" Lee on December 9, 2010
Chubbs touched so many lives in so many ways. I will be forever grateful that my son brought him into our lives. We will miss his smile, his humor, his love of life. His passing means we have to double our efforts to be good enough to join him in heaven when it's our turn to leave this earth. R.I.P. kiddo, I'll try to remember to smile and not cry so much. Love you! "Momma Donna"
Posted by Jeremy Becker on December 9, 2010
I know my words won't do him justice....there's not enough to be said... I met chubbs early in highschool, he was a seemingly quiet guy till u got to know him...he had a huge heart, a heart of gold... always had a smile whether things were up or not, he was always first to lend a hand, greet and meet you, make u feel warm, he was a great father and loved his kids...he was amazing...
Posted by Wes Porter on December 9, 2010
I didnt Know CHUBBS Im sure we had pass each other a few times at shows.I wanted to pay my respects to the Family and Freaks. We lost 2 guys last year and everyday i think about them wishing they were here. Im truely sorry for your lose.My prayers and thoughts are with you.
Wes Porter,
Founder of Forgotten Souls truck club
Posted by Wendy Gagliano on December 9, 2010
Every time I saw Chubbs whether it was at WCN, a party, or a local show, he was always smiling and joking around. He had a way about him that made it easy to talk to him, calling him a friend came naturally. I always looked forward to seeing him, and the scene will be missing something special without him. RIP Chubbs, you will always be remembered.
Posted by Jennifer Phillips on December 9, 2010
My friend through it all, you will be missed. You were there for the most special time of my life. When Steven was born it was your smile coming into the hospital cheering me up, telling me have no fear when those Drs were going to cut into me again. Thank you for being who you were, your laugh was contagious your smile could make ice melt & your friendship was unparalleled by anyone RIP My Friend
Posted by Michael Haecker on December 9, 2010
I met him a few years back at reso , he was a really cool guy , i always saw him at events having fun , to his family and freaks im sorry for your loss
RIP Chubbs
Posted by Elizabeth Ramey on December 9, 2010
everything weve been threw Chubbz, you were always a friend to me...I wish we could have been on different terms before you left us. You were there for me threw alot of my roughest times...and were a shoulder to lean on when I needed you...Thanks for everything & being the person you were. I know you will be and are missed so very much. Till we meet again...Rest in Peace.

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