Freak Check

Shared by Freak Daddy on 31st August 2012

Most of you knew Chubbs longer then we did. We knew him only for a few years. But I gotta say every time no matter what, he was happy to see you...real genuine happiness...That was Chubbs....just the way he was..Just like the picture shows...Chubbs Freaking Checking ya from up above:)

happy birthday

Shared by Debra High on 3rd December 2011

happy birthday big brother... you would have been 34 yesturday... its weird not having the option to call you or text even if you wouldnt have responded, you would have read it... and known that i love you and miss you terriably ...still cant believe youre gone... your girls are growing up and remind me soo much of you... each in their own way... and through them you will forever be here with us ... give jesus a ^5 and dad and david a hug for me ... much love jimmy.. hugs  miss you

My baby brother

Shared by Lois McKittrick - Wright on 15th December 2010

Jimmy, you will always be in my heart and my thoughts. We shared many conversations of different car shows we had went to and what we had seen. But most of all we shared the love for our families. We were both sad with the way things turned out with all of our sibblings, but cherished the good times and memories we did have. Your smile and giggle was a god send to anyone that had a bad day. Rest in piece little brother in piece! Loving you always Lois

another Datsun buddy!!!

Shared by Michael Lepker on 12th December 2010

I am truly saddened by His loss. As an "old timer" (starting into mini trucking in 1974) I drifted back into the hobby from a long absence. One of the fist guys that I met was James. He introduced Me at Reso 30th to His club and Shannon. I felt like a "newby" starting out but was respected for My years devoted to building Datsuns like He had at the time. I am one of the few on here old enough to His Father. When I met him, it was like We had known each other for many, many years. He helped Me unload My dually project at Davis Camp.... no questions asked. He helped Chris weld up My exhaust on Choptana. And He offered to tow My Datsun powered boat to Parker as I already had a 620 on My trailer to tow. No questions asked. I was able to talk Him into a boat ride up the Parker strip with Mark Lynn. He was alone in the front of the boat facing Us backwards. I don't know if that was the first time He was ever in a boat, but He displayed a look of horror and happiness in His unique smile!!! I will NEVER forget that smile!! James is one person that I am really going to miss!! Maybe one day I'll tell the story of taking Him to TGIF and My "obtaining" one of Their coffee cups!! It will bring a truly different meaning now each morning when I start out with My coffee. Rest in Peace My good friend!!  Steroid

Reso '05

Shared by Heidi Elliott on 10th December 2010

Member alot of us playing Baca thanks to Scott and Lorien. An my ball rolling under Chubbs' truck. Thought he was gonna shot me but he kindly lifted his truck up so I could get my ball. Thank goodness no damage was done. He was always smiling everytime you'd see him. Had alot of good laughs and drinks with that man

11th Anniversary FON

Shared by Jennifer Phillips on 9th December 2010

This was a collision of great friends and clubs. Special to me, looking at this picture is saddening but brings a warm smile to my face. What a time this was, everyone came together to celebrate 11 years of FON & the party was typical FON style lots of laughs. I remember doing karoke that night Chubbs was rolling laughing hysterically cause he helped choose the ever embarassing "Baby Got Back" song for me to do I hacked it, and I'll never forget that laugh of his... Take a minute if you were there reminise it was a great time with great friends.  In this amazing picture are two of the most unique souls that have left us... Chubbs your time came to soon. I pray your at that Big Truck Show in the Sky watching over your baby girls, your family and all of the friends who were proud to call you a friend.

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