Shared by Lora Hein -sexton on July 20, 2019

Aaaah,  yes.....Nebraska.  Uncle Jim always went out of his way to entertain us and always teased me about boys and weather I had a boyfriend or not .You know, at that age where you  hate boys but secretly like them,lol.I'd get so red from embarrassmeant then he'd hug you real tight.Now about Nebraska.I believe what sticks in my mind the most about that trip is the first night mine and Greg's tents were set up on an ant hill!  The pool  I remember laughing at uncle Jim diving. And the 105 degree weather and the lobster colored burn I got while swimming and the huge aloe plant they cut stops off and covered my burn with....I think uncle Jim reffered as his little lobster ,  once or

Shared by Greg Parks on July 16, 2019

As a young boy I wanted to be a cowboy super hero.  I remember watching episodes of the Lone Ranger with my dad and imagining one day, I’d be dawning that mask myself.  Over my early years, I thought I might be a Kung Fu Master (thanks Bruce Lee), a policeman (thanks SWAT) or a dump truck driver (to be where dad worked).  

My dad never discouraged any of my career aspirations no matter how crazy; but instead taught me what he wanted me to know about being a good worker.  He taught me to be honest, to work hard, to give more than is expected, to take on work that’s not mine and to help others succeed.  Dad taught me to look people in the eye, shake hands and most importantly, stand by my word.

Dad taught me more than just about being a man, but he taught me to be a good human.  He taught me to respect and love my mom, hold doors for people, smile, be happy, use my manners, treat new acquaintances like friends and friends like family.  He taught me to love family no matter how little you see them, and to help others less fortunate.  Dad taught me to appreciate and love animals, and how to care for our many family pets over the years.  Dad taught me to be comfortable in my own skin, to be myself, and to care for my family.

Dad taught me how to catch a ball, how to slow down to appreciate things, how to fish, how to shoot a gun, how to work on my car, and how to fix a million other things around the house.  My dad always seemed to have a solution for all of my problems.. He was extraordinary at so many things, he at times seemed super human.

Dad taught me about sacrifice, giving your kids greater opportunities than what you had, getting up when you get knocked down and finding humor in life. 

As years passed, dad’s body got older but a young man always shined through, and I’d quickly forget that he was aging.  He kept his mind and body active and had a joke ready for every visit.  Dad would get a sparkle in his eye when he saw any of his six grand-daughters and give them some good ol grandpa teasing.  

As I’ve approached middle age, I’ve often looked back in complete admiration for my dad.  I think about all the jobs and experience he had gained in his life and how he was exceptional in every role.  However, it was the roles he held in his family that he defined with such greatness and charm that are the most enviable.  Dad was unlike any other: Husband, Father, Grandfather, Son, Brother, Friend.

My whole life I’ve wanted to be like my dad, but the truth is, there is nobody like him.  Truly the greatest (hu)man I’ve ever known and someone who I feel truly blessed to have had in my life.

I love you Dad.


Shared by Jennifer Gunderson on July 15, 2019

Yes!  The trip to Nebraska and the pool!   Somewhere there is photographic evidence of Uncle Jim’s stellar dive form, from less than flattering angles, that I know he would have gotten a kick out of.  He was like a big kid!

Shared by Jeanne White on July 15, 2019

I’ll always remember and miss uncle Jim’s smile and sense of humor. He always made me laugh.  I remember as a kid always looking forward to and having So much fun when our family would visit him, aunt Carol, Cory, and Greg.  Our trip to Nebraska with him will always be a fond memory. I remember watching him have the best time swimming in the pool with us.  He was like a big kid! So much fun to be around!  I’m so lucky to have had him in my life and will miss him greatly. I love you uncle Jim. Thank you for being my uncle 

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