Let the memory of James be with us forever
  • 39 years old
  • Born on January 25, 1977 in Trowbridge, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on October 11, 2016 in Warwick, United Kingdom.

This memorial website featuring a life story, personal tributes, readings, photo's, and stories was created in memory of our loved one, James Merritt.

James was a prince amongst men, a wonderful husband to Kim, a doting "daddy" to Oliver and Evelyn, a fabulous son to Rob & Marilyn as well as being a loving brother to Joanne.  We will miss him, and remember him forever.

Born on January 25th 1977, James tragically died following an accident at work on Tuesday October 11th 2016 aged just 39 years. There is no doubting that his family will feel the sad loss of his passing the hardest, but James was such a lovely man who made a lasting impression on all who knew him, that many, many people will be feeling that this is far too soon for the world to be losing one of life's good guys.

However, knowing James as we do, we all must realise that he would never want us to be feeling any sadness. The greatest part of James was his kindness, and his caring attitude towards everybody, and he would want all of us to remember him that way - so let us all follow his examples, by adding our own happy messages here in honour of our friend.

Please feel free to share your personal tributes here. post us your photo's, leave a message along with a photo if you want to, tell us a story of the times you spent with James, or you can add a song that reminds you of him, or even upload a video if you like.  
We will be delighted to share you experiences of James, and together we will pay our respects to the loving person that was James Robert Merritt 

Posted by Kim Merritt on 21st July 2018
Hi James, So today is our 11 year wedding anniversary and guess what, it’s raining!! Its so hard to think of our wedding day now without feeling sad but it was a fantastic day and holds so many happy memories. Memories that I could share only with you my prince. But I talk to friends and family and reminisce about the day I became Mrs Merritt as it was one of the proudest days of my life. I visited your memorial yesterday and laid some beautiful yellow roses, just like the ones you used to buy me to make me smile. It was nice to feel close to you, if only for a few moments. Our marriage was strong and supportive and we weathered so many storms together that I knew our love would last a lifetime. I just didn’t know that that lifetime would be so short. Today is a special day for you and I but I will always treasure the marriage that we had and the love we shared. Thank you for loving me. Love always Kim xxx
Posted by Libby Gowen on 16th July 2018
Had my graduation today and there was a part of the speech that made me think of you James. They said ‘’Graduants take a moment to yourselves to think about all the people that helped get you where you are today. Whether they are sitting up in the stands or watching it live at Newton (party of the university) or ianywhere in the world. And you was watching today James from up above . Thank you for helping me along the way you have been an inspiration.
Posted by Kim Merritt on 10th July 2018
Hey you
Posted by Kim Merritt on 17th June 2018
Those special memories of you Will always bring a smile If only I could have you back For just a little while Then we could sit and talk again Just like we used to do You always meant so much to me And always will do too The fact that you’re no longer here Will always bring me pain But you’re forever in my heart Until we meet again
Posted by John Gowen Snr. on 17th June 2018
REMEMBERING ON FATHER'S DAY...... Hi James, I2 months have gone by since I used that same title for a poem I wrote and posted on these pages. Such a lot has happened down here in those 365 days. Kim and your kiddies do you proud every day JB. Everybody loves them, it is inspiring to watch them and they are making the kind of impression that you did. I wish we could be sat here talking with you about all the many happy days we have been lucky to have - but unfortunately you didn't get to share these days with us. Father's day has come around again. It's normally a busy day here in the Gowen household, but for the 1st time ever none of our kids are coming to visit us today. So Gwen and I are here by ourselves. That has never happened here before, and I admit that it feels strange. But we have all kind of gotten experienced at dealing with strange feelings since the day you left us JB. Some days, we still struggle to believe that you have really gone, and we expect you to come walking through the door. We'd give an awful lot to have that happen mate. But, of course it can't. So we keep you with us in our thoughts and in our memories. EG. Today I been thinking of the times you were here at our house on Fathering Sunday, and in my mind I can visualise you being sat in the chair next to me - enjoying one of Gwen's roast dinners. You and I would be chatting together, while the others were sat at the dining table. You always loved Gwen's roast dinners. So many times you would tell her that she'd put too much on the plate - then you'd sit there and polish off the lot !! It saddens us all that you won't get to do that again - but I promise you mate, you remain in our hearts at all times. On that note, I am gonna sign off for today - and go downstairs to sit with Gwen. Wherever you are now .... Journey well my friend. Love from nos.2 xxx
Posted by Kim Merritt on 17th June 2018
Happy Fathers Day to the best Dad in the universe Love from Oliver and Evie xxxx
Posted by Kim Merritt on 13th June 2018
I miss you xx Today more than most xx I hope wherever you are that you’re happy xx
Posted by Libby Gowen on 28th May 2018
Been a while since I wrote on here but I’ve thought about you more than usual this past week uncle James. My final year at university is coming to a end and I’ve had to set up an exhibition as my final piece. It opens today. I wish you could come and see it, I think you would like it. Thank you for giving me the inspiration to enjoy taking pictures. It all started with you and teaching me how to use your camera. Ill never forget those memories for as long as I live. My opening evening for friends and family is next Tuesday, I hope you’ll be looking down on it. Miss you always uncle James.
Posted by Kim Merritt on 18th May 2018
Hey you, Missing you!!! It’s been a while since I wrote, life has been moving at a hundred miles an hour recently with so many things to tell you about!! I often think of how busy our lives were before the children and the things we used to achieve, it makes me feel really good!! With every new thing that happens I think of you and wonder what you would think if you could see us now. I imagine you would be laughing at me!! Our house is undergoing a massive transformation, i think it’s going to look fantastic! I finally got the dishwasher we so desperately wanted (even had a tear in my eye today buying dishwasher tabs without you!!!) I’ve embarked on a new career and whilst I’m terrified by it I think of you everyday and want to make you proud! I think of how diligent and hard working you were and how much you taught me, and I’m inspired to succeed for that reason, so thank you!!! The children are fantastic!! Evie is really changing and whilst she’s facing some challenges she’s such a lovely little girl! I pray that you can see your daughter and I wish you could be alongside me as I try to help her! It breaks my heart that she didn’t have time to get to know you but I know without a doubt that she loves you and misses you! You are so missed James and though life carries on you remain firmly in my heart. I would give anything to have a chat with you right now my Prince!! Wherever you are I hope you’re happy xx Loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will Xxxxx
Posted by Josh Gowen on 18th May 2018
Hey uncle merritt, Been a while since we lost you now but no matter what you always are on my mind and as are the memories we had. Was fixing my bike yesterday and all i could think about was when i brought my bike to grandads and you helped me fix it. Was such a simple thing but i remember smiling that whole day because of you. You always made me feel like a million bucks. Miss you so much. Hope your resting well.
Posted by John Gowen Snr. on 15th May 2018
Hiya JB, I just received an email enquiry from a client wanting help with an event at Silverstone - which instantly brought you to my mind - my thoughts gave me visions of you walking with your pals at that race track, and then progressed into memories of you spending days with us at so many other places and just gave me the urge to log-in on these pages and write a line or two here for you. Even when we are busy doing all kinds of stuff you are never very far from our thoughts JB. Journey well my friend. Love from nos.2 xxxx
Posted by Kim Merritt on 11th March 2018
We missed you this Mother’s Day James! Spoke to your mum and wished her all the best xx Spoke to myself and hoped your happy wherever you are. Spoke with Oliver and hope you’re looking down on both him and Evie and feel happy with what you see. Miss you every day!! Love Kim
Posted by John Gowen Snr. on 2nd March 2018
Hiya JB, Gwen and I were standing alongside your Mum, Dad and Kim today as the vicar laid your remains to rest at the Village Church. Church ceremonies always feel too sombre for my liking, but it felt right & proper to give you a final resting place. So your body has gone from us now, but your spirit lives on with us all - especially in Olly and Evie. Your children are wonderful JimBob. We all just miss you so much, and wish you could be here with them. I suppose we will always wish that we could have had you with us for a while longer, and though we couldn't have that wish - we do have the many treasured memories that you left with us. You made a lasting impression here James. Wherever you are now - Journey well now my friend. Love from nos.2 xxxx
Posted by Kim Merritt on 14th February 2018
Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful husband in heaven xxx ❣️❣️❣️
Posted by Gwen Gowen on 25th January 2018
Hi James Today is your birthday, but it won't be a Happy Birthday because you are not here to share it with us. We will remember all the birthdays past and talk about all the happy times we spent together as a family. Kim, Oliver and Evie still miss you deeply as do we all, we keep your memory alive for the children and help Kim whatever her needs may be. You are always in our thoughts James, we love you dearly mom 2 xx
Posted by John Gowen Snr. on 25th January 2018
Hiya JB, and Happy Birthday to you !! We have very mixed feelings todays mate. Kim and Olly have invited me to go to the house and have a slice of your cake, so we will celebrate your birthday later today mate. There will be lots of smiles. Kim has decorated your cake with Stars (Olly looks for you in the stars) and I am sure that Evie will make a big fuss about blowing out the candles. It will be fun, and I am really looking forward to it. At the same time it's just so hard for us to get past the feeling that you should be here celebrating with us. We miss you every day JB - but especially today. I hope you are happy mate - wherever you may be. Journey well my friend. Love from Nos.2 xxxx
Posted by Pete Slade on 25th January 2018
Happy Birthday Mate! A day of mixed emotions for everyone. Thinking of you everyday. Miss you everyday.
Posted by Kim Merritt on 25th January 2018
James Today we should be wishing you a happy birthday and it still feels strange that you’re not here with us!! Birthdays were always such fun weren’t they? Balloons and banners, presents in bed and then a cake and candles!! I always enjoyed making a fuss of you on your special day! We’ll be thinking of you today and there will be a balloon here for you! Oliver chose you a chocolate birthday cake and the children will blow out your candles as we remember you xxxxx You’re always in our thoughts xx Love Kim xxx
Posted by Josh Gowen on 31st December 2017
Miss you so much uncle merritt, wish you were here. Happy new year, hope your in a better place. Love you
Posted by Kim Merritt on 31st December 2017
James We draw 2017 to a close and think of all the things that have happened in the last 12 months......... Celebrating your 40th birthday in January, taking the children to Florida, having a holiday with your family in Dorset and watching our beautiful children grow!! It has been a year filled with much pain but also many smiles! I sit here wondering what 2018 will bring and whilst you won’t be here with us experiencing life I hope you will be watching and smiling down on us!! I will help your parents, sister, nieces and above all your children to see the beauty and happiness life has to offer. 2018 will be a wonderful year with you forever in our thoughts and our heart! Happy New Year my Prince xxx
Posted by Kim Merritt on 25th December 2017
Dear James We come to the end of our second Christmas Day without you and it has been filled with old memories as well as new beginnings. Both of which have raised a lot of emotions and a desire to talk to you about them! Oliver and Evie have been magical once again and make me prouder than ever. I know you would be equally proud of our beautiful children and would delight in the excitement they have felt today! I hope wherever you are that you have been watching as Oliver turns into a kind, caring and sensitive young man, and Evie blossoms into a happy, smiley, delightful little girl! You are forever in our thoughts and hearts as we journey on into our future, one which will be filled with happiness and love, as you would have wished for us. Sleep well my Prince xx
Posted by John Gowen Snr. on 25th December 2017
Merry Christmas to ya Jim Bob. It's difficult saying (or writing) that line mate, because we still have a lot of pain from losing you - and not having you here to share days like today with Kim, Olly, Evie and the rest of us is especially hard. But even though it tugs on our emotions, we still speak of you often James, and on days like today we always raise a glass in your honour. We can't have you at our table anymore - but you are always in our hearts. Journey well my friend. Love from nos. 2 xxxx
Posted by Pete Slade on 25th December 2017
Merry Christmas mate!! I'm sure you're looking down on us all on this special day - miss you loads and always thinking of you Pete
Posted by Kim Merritt on 22nd November 2017
I miss you xxx
Posted by John Gowen Snr. on 16th November 2017
Hiya JB. 16th November. Do they have dates and calendars where you are now bud? Today we have another one of those memorable dates for our family - this is the day on which we celebrate our "Little Chef's" birthday. Little Chef (HeHe) can you recall when I gave Olly that nickname? Oliver is 7 today --- and for Kim & you plus those of us who witnessed Olly's early months and early years, and saw how many battles he has had to fight to survive, it seems a great achievement that he has reached this day. It saddens us all (especially Kim and your kiddies) that you cannot be here to see it for yourself mate, but I can tell you about what a wonderful little boy Olly has become. He is a real reflection of you in so many ways. Olly is a quiet, respectful lad, he is nervous of most new things that he see's - yet he is brave enough to face up to all the challenges he faces (just as you became JimBob) He misses you mate -- he often tells us that he does, sometimes he is clearly feeling sad when he says it, other times he tells us that he just wished you were here so that you could help him build a new Lego Toy, or show him how to figure out a new game on iPad. His greatest wish today would be to have you with him. We all wish for that, unfortunately that is the one birthday wish we can't give to him. Instead I shall try to choose the kind of gift that might be something which you would have chosen to give him yourself - and when I give it to him I will give him an extra hug, just for you........ and for good measure I will do the same with Evie. So as I stated - today is another memorable day, and I felt it appropriate to log-in and show that you are still a big part of our thoughts and our memories mate. For now I have to go. Journey well wherever you are my Friend. Love from nos.2 xxxx
Posted by Kim Merritt on 15th November 2017
Hi James Exactly 7 years ago we were in a hospital theatre room waiting to see if our premature baby was alive! It was the most frightening night of my life and I was totally devastated that I couldn’t keep our baby safe! But then you looked at me and smiled, and said “look at the clock”. It was 12.10 and you said to me “you will always remember that this was the time our son was born!” You looked so proud to be a daddy and your strength poured out of you and wrapped me up, making me feel safe and protected by my wonderful husband!! It was a difficult introduction to parenthood but you faced every challenge head on and held my hand through it all!!! You were a wonderful father right from the word go!! Tonight, I sit here alone reflecting on the night Oliver was born and all the things that have happened to him in the last seven years!! It hurts that you are the only one I could share those memories with. You would be so proud of the beautiful boy Oliver has become James!! He is sensitive, caring, polite and kind. All the things that you were my prince!!! It breaks my heart that you can’t be here with us celebrating our sons 7th birthday, he is so excited and has some lovely celebrations to look forward to. But there will be a painful reminder as I look at the empty chair where you should be sat that his daddy won’t enjoy those celebrations with him!! I pray that you’re watching your amazing, courageous son today and feel all the love for him that I do, and that we all feel for you!!! Life goes on without you James, but we never ever forget you and I will make sure Oliver always knows what a wonderful dad he had! We loved you yesterday, and love you still. Always have, always will Xxx
Posted by Kim Merritt on 11th November 2017
We may be walking a different path nowadays but our love for you is as strong as ever James! We love you and miss you everyday my Prince xxxxx I hope you’re happy wherever you may be xxx
Posted by John Gowen Snr. on 1st November 2017
1st November. Thinking of you mate. Love from nos.2 xxx
Posted by Glen Gowen on 11th October 2017
Hello James Haven't posted in here for a while. I hope wherever you may be today, you are well. It's strange to think That it's been year a now. Yet it seems to have flown by so fast. I still remember you asking me, "when are you and Amy getting married?" "are you gonna do it in Florida". We did mate and it was amazing. It was hot though wearing a 3 piece suit over there. I was sweating that much, you would have thought I've I'd been stood out in the rain if you felt my shirt. You may not have been with us there physically. But I sure felt your presence that day mate. You helped me through it all without any tears. Although Amy did tell me off later, saying why didn't you cry haha. Little Evie was chuffed to bits during the ceremony, she was holding Amy's hand as they walked the aisle, bless her. Then a couple days later Oliver shocked all of us. He came on the Aerosmith ride with us, do you remember that 1 mate? He absolutely loved it. The look on his face on the photo was brilliant. It still makes me laugh every time I see it. As for Kim. I can't say enough for her. She's a hero to all of us. You would be so proud of all 3 of them mate. I know I am. It's been a crazy 12 months really, where I still think of you all the time mate. Your often in my dreams, back in Florida together or racing each other on a formula track. I miss you mate I will be raising a glass tonight in honour of you See you again 1 day but for now, sleep tight my brother Love you x x x
Posted by John Gowen (jnr) on 11th October 2017
Well mate, it's one year on since you left us so tragically, and although much has happened since that truly awful day, we all still miss you more than can possibly say, and think about you all the time. I'll always feel blessed to have known you and feel both proud and honoured that I can call you brother. You inspired me James, and if the World had a few more people like you, it would be a far better place to live. I'll never forget you mate, and will be raising a glass tonight in your memory (if I could get hold of a Pink Fish, would definitely have one or two of those). Love you loads brother. Always xxxxx
Posted by John Gowen Snr. on 11th October 2017
Your passing gave us pain & heartaches that we don't know how to heal. You being here with us gave us great memories that no one can ever steal. Thanks for the memories JimBob, we treasure them always. Missing you mate. Love from nos.2 xxxx
Posted by Pete Slade on 11th October 2017
Well mate, one year of our lives has passed by without you. Today will be a difficult day for everyone. Hopefully we’ll make it a day like any other – reminiscing about good times and thinking nice thoughts and the fact we were so lucky to be part of your life, but at the same time, inevitably it’ll be tinged with sorrow and sadness. Kim continues to amaze us by how well she has coped and dealt with every situation, every significant day or date and I’d imagine today will be one of the hardest for her and the rest of your family. Our thoughts go out to them all today. Some of us are heading to the Somerset Arms, Semington tonight for a quiet drink – we will raise our glasses to you and be thinking of you. You’re still in our thoughts everyday Miss you buddy
Posted by Gwen Gowen on 11th October 2017
James, a year has passed by since we lost an amazing son-in-law. It still feels totally inconceivable that such a wonderful person was taken from our lives when he had so much to live for. We think about you every day and remember all the good times (and some of the not so good) that we shared with you. Everyone loved you James, you bought so much fun and joy to our family, your calm, lovely personality touched all who met you, they too were shocked at your sudden departure from our lives. We all miss you terribly. Oliver and Evie are growing up fast and Oliver talks about you often, we will never let them forget what a kind and generous daddy they had. Kim misses you still, but she is trying to give the children everything she knows you would have wanted them to have and do everything you would have wanted to do with them, they are a credit to both of you. We know you are watching over Kim, Oliver and Evie, your light shines bright in the evening sky. We talk about you often James, you will always be part of our lives and are FOREVER MISSED! Love Gwen xxxxxx
Posted by Kim Merritt on 10th October 2017
Sleep in peace my Prince, we miss you every day xxx
Posted by Kim Merritt on 10th October 2017
Your life was a blessing Your memory is a treasure You are loved beyond words And missed beyond measure xx
Posted by John Gowen Snr. on 2nd October 2017
Hiya JB, This is nos.2 signing in for a chat. I hope that things are good wherever you are. Today is Monday October 2nd - it's been almost one whole year now since you passed and as the anniversary of that awful day approaches our emotions are heightened - and not in a good way. We miss you each day JB, but some days & some dates in the calendar seem to make us feel more sorrowful. Not all days & dates are sorrowful mate. Kim insists that we remember you in positive ways, and she is an inspiration to us all. But October 11th is one reminder that we don't really want to have. Such days do hurt more - and it's difficult to know what to say or do. What i can say is this:- Kim, Olly and Evie are making 28 Cherry Lane into a real happy place again JB. The greatest tribute that anyone can make to your memory is being made by Kim and by Olly every day. They regularly share chats and photo's of you with Evie. With Kim's guidance the children are developing lovely personalities. Olly is doing really well at school now, and making lot's of friends. The three of them are loved by everyone - and they have been a tremendous help to your Mom Dad. Your parents seem genuinely uplifted by your wife and kiddies. You can be proud of them James. I am gonna sign off now mate. Good to "chat" with you as ever. Love from nos. 2 xxxx
Posted by Kim Merritt on 17th September 2017
Hi James We're here celebrating Evie's third birthday with Matilda and Joshua just like we did last year. Only this year you're not with us and being without you is as heartbreaking now as it was all those months ago when we lost you. You wouldn't believe Evie if you saw her now, the grown up girl she's becoming and the relationship she has with Oliver, it would make your heart soar to see how close they are becoming. We miss you everyday and today is another milestone in our lives without you in it!! We miss you everyday and love you as much as ever. You were and are the best daddy that Oliver and Evie could wish for! Love you and miss you Kim xxx
Posted by Kim Merritt on 8th September 2017
I try not to miss I try to let go But in the end You're always on my mind And loving you is all I know xxx
Posted by Kim Merritt on 7th September 2017
Hi James Lying at home thinking of you!! This time last year you were packing for Barcelona and looking forward to a few days away with your friends. You were so happy and seeing you smile made my heart sore!! I see your smile in our house everyday and I miss hearing your laugh but I see you in Oliver and Evie and I get the same soaring feeling! You were a wonderful husband and father but more than that you were my best friend. Miss you everyday my prince!!!! Sleep well xxxx
Posted by John Gowen Snr. on 31st August 2017
Hiya JimBob, T'was Johnno's 40th birthday yesterday, and little Evie becomes three years old tomorrow. Thinking of ya lot's bud, and wishing you were here to share these days with us. I'll give Evie an extra hug tomorrow - just for you. Love from nos.2 xxx
Posted by Kim Merritt on 29th July 2017
James It's been an eventful week with many difficult moments. Last Friday should have been our ten year wedding anniversary and my heart felt heavy as I approached the day without you. The children and I went to the Forest of Arden with mum, dad, John and Bella and we toasted you and the wonderful wedding day we had ten years ago. It's difficult to think that we didn't make that milestone together, though we often talked about it and the many many years we would spend together. Whilst it was cut short, I know that our marriage was a good one and we had so much to be thankful for, not least the love we shared. And then we experienced the inquest into your death which was particularly painful and full of emotion. The outcome was a formality and changed nothing as we still live on without you and face a future that you are not a physical part of. That said you will always be a part of our lives as I will make sure Oliver and Evie know who their dad was and how much you loved them. I will dedicate my life to our children James, they will always know what it is to have love in their lives and I will be the best mum and dad I can be for both of us. I have taken some time to recover and gather my strength in order that I can fulfil that promise from now on. I am in Nice, thinking of you and processing all that has happened in this last week. I hope you can see me James, I'm determined to find some happiness in the life I have to live without you. I hope you understand how much I need this time to say goodbye to you once more my prince. I wonder if one day I will see you again? You will always have a place in my heart James and I will remember the love and happiness we shared. For now I need to let you go and move forward with Oliver and Evie but i hope that you will never be far away. All my love, I will never forget Kim xxx
Posted by John Gowen Snr. on 21st July 2017
Hiya Jim Bob. 21st July. I wish I could be sharing today with you mate. But that can't be. What I can do is spend some time in here with you and reminisce a little. 'Twas Ten years ago today that you married my daughter. It was a "Special Day" I used that phrase in my wedding speech didn't I? During that speech I vowed that I would treat you as my own son, and that I would try my best to become like a second Dad to you. I remember that day well, and it makes me very proud to be able to say that later on you would sometimes refer to me as being "nos.2"(AKA dad nos.2) I will treasure that feeling for as long as I live JB So many memories. EG> The many varied positions that the photographer set-up so that she could try to create memorable photo's for you. The speeches. Conversations I had with members of your family and friends and how their journey's had been affected by the bad weather. No doubt in time some of those thoughts will fade. That is just the nature of life. But I will keep the happy memories to the fore. One of my favourite memories of that day is of how I danced in the empty reception room at the end of the evening. I stayed there until all of your guests had drifted away from the room and then on a whim I just got up and waltzed my way around the room (in a fashion) - savouring the moment. Feeling happy. Knowing in my heart that a good thing had just happened in my life. I can still vividly recall making jokes with the staff who were removing rubbish & linen from the tables, packing away chairs, getting the room ready for the next day. That day was special. Tonight when all of my family are asleep in bed I am going to celebrate that day Jim Bob - I am going to stand up alone and waltz (in a fashion!!!) around my room and remember you my friend. Ten years may have gone, sadly you have now gone also, but you will never be forgotten mate. It was good to reminisce with you. Thanks for the memories you left us. Love from Nos. 2 xx
Posted by Kim Merritt on 6th July 2017
James Seven years ago today we got the keys to our new home knowing that our first baby was on the way and we were entering the next chapter in our lives. We were so full of happiness and hope for the future and talked about the lifetime of memories we were going to create in our new home. I still don't have my new kitchen (though I'm working on it) and I no longer have you, and it's hard living in our home knowing you will no longer share it with us! The children make it a happy place and you are still there in every room, memories of the lifetime we had that just didn't last long enough. So the children and I are on to the next chapter of our lives and our home is changing as we do. We are all finding new and exciting ways to find happiness but I will never forget there is a small piece of heaven in our home, and we will cherish it no matter what comes our way xxx Hope you're happy too, love always Kim xxx
Posted by John Gowen Snr. on 18th June 2017
REMEMBERING ON FATHERS DAY............. We're thinking of you today Jim Bob, but that ain't nothing new. We thought about you yesterday and we will tomorrow too. I think of you mostly in silence now, i try not to let it show. For what it meant to lose you only those who loved you really know. Remembering you is easy mate, We do it every day. It's the hurt we feel from not having you here, That just won't go away. Thanks for the memories........ Love from Nos.2 xx PS - Your wife and kiddies are a tribute to you James. Seeing them together is always a treat, and makes life more worthwhile. You can be proud of them mate.
Posted by Kim Merritt on 12th June 2017
I miss you James x
Posted by Kim Merritt on 27th May 2017
James We're in Florida for Glen and Amy's wedding and there have been so many magical moments for the children and I to experience. But not having you here with us is so very sad and painful. I see you everywhere I go and I wish you could be here to share this time with us. Oliver said he hopes that you're happy in heaven, I also hope that's true. We try every day to make our days happy even though we live on without our wonderful husband and daddy. Life is not the same and never will be again without you James. Today I will continue trying to build happy lives for Oliver and Evie but I will think of you and miss you more than ever. No matter how many people I'm surrounded by there is a loneliness in my heart where you used to be! I love you James, always have, always will xxxx
Posted by Kim Merritt on 21st April 2017
Hey James Did I tell you that I love you? Because I do xxxxxxx
Posted by John Gowen Snr. on 11th April 2017
Hiya JimBob Today is another of those "milestone" days - six months since you passed. Six months of missing you mate. Somehow these days sort of feel like anniversaries - or days of significance. But more with each day these milestones actually become less significant to me, it doesn't matter whether it's six months, or six days, or whatever day is marked on the calendar, because I think of you all the time. I don't need a milestone for that. Today actually feels like a good day to "log-in and chat with you JB. Here goes:- It's a nice sunny spring day here bud - calm and warm. A nice day to be out & about. I think Kim may be taking Olly out with his playmates today. Gwen and I were with Kim and the kiddies last night - and she received a text inviting them to join some friends at Hatton Park. I hope they go and have some fun. Have a peep-in on them if you get the chance JB. If you are not able to "peep" - then I can tell you via here that Kim and the Kids are all healthy and well JB. Kim is certainly not the same without you. Her love for you is apparent in all that she does. Her sadness is also clear. Without you being here she often seems lost, her concentration on things that people say to her is poor, I am sure that she must find nights alone very difficult. Yet through all of these difficulties she is doing a wonderful job in the way she is raising the kids JB. Kim and the kiddies talk about you all the time, and in all situations. (watching this can certainly tug on the heart strings) it's lovely to see how natural it is for them to still include you in their daily life Oliver is rapidly becoming his father's son, - just like you in many ways - and Evie is a little beauty. Her personality shines through in her every move. Olly often ignores her whilst he plays with his toys (I am told that you were exactly the same way with Joanne !!) - and it's funny to watch how Evie scolds him for doing it. I took Olly to the golf club to have a few putts yesterday -- I reckon he will soon be a better putter than you were JimBob - HaHa - you never could putt could ya!! but Olly has some way to go before he can drive it like you did JB. It would have been special if the three of us had gotten to play a game golf together wouldn't it ? After we finished putting, Olly sat in a Golf Buggy -- I promised him that I would let him drive one when he is big enough - so he had a try in the drivers seat, and to be fair his feet were almost reaching the pedals, so now he reckons that he will be driving one by the time he is seven !! We had fun, and we spoke about you while we were doing it. I suppose I had better bring this note to a close now mate - and get back to doing some work. I have enjoyed "chatting" with you again JB. Writing like this can't compare to having you here with us --- but it helps us to keep you as close as we can, so I will come back and "chat" again soon mate. Bye For Now. Love from nos.2 xx
Posted by Kim Merritt on 10th April 2017
Dearest James Six months ago I was lying in your arms while we talked about how precious life is and how we wanted to make every day count, building special memories together. I still can't believe that was our last proper conversation and the awful irony of what happened next. If I'd known the next morning that when you went to work you wouldn't come home I would never have let you go!! I miss you every minute of every day and I feel so sad that we didn't get to realise that last promise we made to each other. I can only promise to live on and make every day count for me and the kids. I promise to make you proud and I hope you're somewhere watching and smiling. I am so grateful that the last time I saw you you were smiling and laughing and I hope one day I will see your smile again and lie in your arms once more. Loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will. Kim xxx
Posted by Kim Merritt on 12th March 2017
Hi James, Yesterday we marked 5 months since seeing you last, it feels like an eternity without you. The kids and I spent a lovely weekend in Wiltshire with the family and also caught up with Pete and Vicky. The children have been fantastic and we have enjoyed some smiles!! You are never far from our thoughts and our conversations though James, you are missed so much my prince. I lie here every night wishing I could talk to you and desperately wishing the children could cuddle you goodnight. You would be so proud to see what wonderful people they are. I love you James, always have, always will. Goodnight my prince, all my love from Kim xxx

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