Let the memory of Jamie be with us forever
  • 30 years old
  • Born on November 18, 1981 in Hickory, North Carolina, United States.
  • Passed away on December 21, 2011 in Morganton, North Carolina, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jamie Cherry 30 years old , born on November 18, 1981 and passed away on December 21, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Kisha Canipe on 18th November 2018
Well Jamie Lee another year has gone by and you are just as missed today as any other day..keep looking down on us you are loved..
Posted by Kisha Canipe on 21st December 2016
Well Jamie you are missed really bad in this old world,.you was so bright and such a wonderful person to be around..now your up there hanging with the coolest of the coolest and looking down keeping watch over everyone..I wanted to leave a tribute to say I love you and carry you in my heart with all my other angels..you are so missed
Posted by Tequila Cherry on 22nd April 2015
Hey lil' brother. I know that your probably wondering what happened or why I haven't wrote on your tribute yet.....to be honest , I don't know. Believe me when I say, that you can't be forgotton. No matter what, I'll always think of the times that we spent together, which, of coarse, was all the time. I hope that your happy with where Heidi is, I know that you would not rest until she was took care of. Please know that's it's hard for me to know that my best friend in the world left me without a good-bye. but one thing is for sure, we NEVER left each other's side without saying that we loved one another, our whole family was like that. Without you with me it feels like ALL the oxygen in my lungs is slowly leaking out. with all my heart and soul, Lil' Brother, you will be loved, missed, and thought of everyday......until the day you meet me at those pearly gates. The Lord promised me that, along with Jesus Christ, you would be there to lead me to the promise land of no sickness, sin, and only happiness. I know that I should feel happy for you, and bay bro, believe me, I am. But I feel selfish sometimes and just want you here. Until the day that I see you at the pearly gates, I'll see you when I see you. I don't like the word good-bye, so that, for me, is WAY better for me to look forward to. I love and miss you everday of my life, Your best friend ad sister, Tequila or Sis
Posted by Tequila Cherry on 22nd April 2015
Fatman, this is your dad, I guess that you know that by now. It hurts everyday without you here. I love you soooo much, son. Take care of your Paw-Paw and Maw-Maw for me....ok? We'll son, you owe me around $300 for your "beauty shop." So I was thinking, there's nothing that I can do now but try to be as good as possible so I can get to Heaven to get reimbursed or that $300.....or it may possibly be took out of your butt!! Nah, on the real note, if the Good Lord let's me there.....you better ask to let you borrow $300. lol!! Son, I love you, and it hurts not to hear your big mouth coming through the house hollering and raising all kinds of cane, I miss that every single day, but I know soon that we'll meet again, probably sooner than you think, your paps is getting old. But you'd better remember, when I get to Heaven I'm in my prime.....Ha-Ha!! Love Always & Forever, Dad
Posted by Pam Davis on 31st October 2014
Jamie Lee, Hiedi and I went trick or treating tonight we dressed up like nerds, We missed you,and wished you could have been here. Hiedi had a great 11th birthday and also I have signed her up to play basketball. Okay will talk to you later, we love and miss you very much......kgive your Uncle Russell a hug and tell him I love and miss him more everyday.....Love, Aunt Pam......
Posted by Pam Davis on 19th September 2014
heyy dad its hiedi iv been doing ok but i just dont like it ith mom you know what happends over there well imma go to tha football game luv ya bye
Posted by Pam Davis on 16th September 2014
Just a quick note to let you know Hiedi is going to be spending the weekend with me and your Mom......her and Hanna are going to the football game. You have nothing to worry about we will never let Hiedi forget you, just as we will never forget you. We all love and miss you so very much......Love , Aunt Pam
Posted by Chanda Lovelace on 5th January 2014
Jamie Lee, you are and always will be missed. You were a great person and if not for you having my back a couple times things could have turned out pretty bad for me.I don't think i ever thanked you enough. It seems so unfair to have such a short lived life, but I know deep in my heart that God had a different plan for you. Something special just for you. I also know deep within my heart that you are with Him now smiling down on us with that beautiful smile of yours.I can honestly say my life changed that night. Seems for a while I lived in my own private hell.And as you know not long after you left Greg followed. I thought i was unhappy or just not happy enough with myself and now I realize those were the best days of my life and i would give my right arm to have it all back. It is so sad we don't realize this until it is taken away from us and it is too late. We take so very much for granted. i have also learned to live in the moment and to be thankful for even the smallest of things. Another thing I have learned ( and I am speaking only for myself) and that is that you can not trust ANYONE......Trust only yourself and your intuition. I love you Jamie!!! Rest in Peace my friend....til we meet again...."Always on our minds and Forever in our hearts. ~~Chanda Lovelace~~~ xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Posted by Jeana Killian on 3rd January 2014
Jamie where do I begin...I watched u grow from a small young boy into a handsome man. Now you are a handsome angel! Jamie you are missed by many and your momma grieves for you so much if you can please let her know you are happy and safe in jesus arms! You remember the spaghetti I fixed for you at big John's a few day's before it was good huh? Then I fell asleep only to wake with you and Johnston laughing at me remember what I said I do and I know you do too funny huh my only regret was going back to sleep and you sneaking off with you know who! If I had only known how things were going to turn out but I have to know that God needed you for his army because he knew you were/are some kind of fighter. Listen Jamie I love you and I have know doubt you love me to and tell Angie I love and miss her also and Arney and Allen N. Dont you guys have to much fun without us. We will be with y'all shortly until be the best Angel ever.....Loving and Missing You Jeanabell
Posted by Nathan Bumgarner on 3rd January 2014
Didn't know him as good as i knew his Dad but if he was anything like JB then he was a GREAT guy for sure ...Prayers fro all of the family that God will continue to heal the void left by his loss
Posted by Case Mcbrayer on 3rd January 2014
Jamie was the kind of person that would help someone out when he didn't have much himself. He helped me out when I was going thru hard times, gave me a place to stay when I was down and out . Its hard to believe he is gone.
Posted by Trae Winkler on 22nd December 2013
There are so many memories I have of you! From riding bikes to skipping school. Good man gone way to soon! You are truly missed my brother! Looking forward to seeing you again when its my timeto bust through them pearly gates!!
Posted by Diane Crabtree on 21st December 2013
I only met Jamie once but can feel a mother's pain. You were such a tresured part of those who love and miss you.
Posted by Chris Cannon on 20th December 2013
Jamie you will always be missed by everyone here who loves you, see your smile and your eyes everytime I look at you little Hiedi, I can honestly say that you are one of my best friends through out life, as much as we all miss you here, I know if y to beou're in a better place, the Bible says to be absent in body is to be present with God... so at least we know now that you're struggling and your pain in your suffering it's all over and done with, Beverly I love you and your family and my heart is with you during this time.... very interested in doing well you will always be there in our hearts our minds....
Posted by Erika Gragg on 14th December 2013
JAMIE LEE.....OH MY GOODNESS WHERE DO I BEGIN MY FRIEND, MY FAM!!! I LOVE AND MISS YOU SOOOOOO MUCH JAMIE!!!! ALL THE MEMORIES I HAVE OF ALL OF US ME YOU, TEQUILA, MY MOM AND UR MOM MOM just HAVING so much fun and us just being all together....Oh how I miss those days!!!! :'( But now you're in such a beautiful place where u gained ur beautiful Angel wings URSELF....I know ur happy and watching over all of us .....so just knowing that does help me deal with the pain of losing such a special friend.....my life will never be the same with u gone Jamie lee.....but I know we will be together again one day my friend....I LOVE YOU SWEETHEART AND KNOW EVERY CHANCE I GET TO SEE UR MOM, SISTER, UR DAUGHTER AND NEPHEWS I WILL GIVE THEM A EXTRA BIG HUG FOR U MY LOVE.........XOXOXOOX....FLY HIGH ABOVE WITH THE ANGELS .... THE OTHER ANGELSalready KNOW JUST HOW SPECIAL YOU ARE!...
Posted by Leslie Cherry on 13th December 2013
Jamie, I took some of your cloths to Tequilas tonight. Ive kept your cloths along with your cologne, letters, notes, cards anything that was left of you here gor almost two years. I unpacked our glass once and each piece has a memory of an adventure we went on to find it. I found the ring you put on my finger the day we got married and I laughed, because you called me Tuesday and said "are you still going to marry me tomorrow if you will I have a ring that will work until I can get you a better one I promise ill get you a beautiful ring lets just get married". The pain from losing you has burned and scarred my soul, but having an amazing relationship with and being a mother to Zyla and Talon, working I have a career now! , and most important trusting God has and will continue to heal me. I miss you and you will live in my heart until I see you again my love. Your Wife Leslie
Posted by Mike Suddreth on 13th December 2013
Jamie a good man and friend you will always be missed Rip
Posted by Peaches Thurman on 13th December 2013
jamie your family and friends miss you so much but you in heaven dancing with the angels god needed a angel and you where the lucky one so you could watch over your mom daughter and sister.bev allways know he is happy he is with our lord jesus and nothing or nobody can hurt him know he is still with you allways sending my love your way god bless♥♥
Posted by Pam Davis on 12th December 2013
Love and miss you.......
Posted by Elijah-Kimmi Bodde on 12th December 2013
Jamie Lee Cherry u will be forever n our hearts and the memories we have made together. Elijah and I still talk about u and miss every day wished u were here to share in our new life. We love you and will never forget you. Please dear Jesus give our dear friend a hug and kiss from the boddes!!! Forever n our hearts..
Posted by Johnny Costner on 12th December 2013
Rest in peace my friend,I knew you from the beginning of your life,the memories we share are not for everybody to know,I'm sorry your life was taken so soon,you are missed.I will say the last time we were togather and I got us stuck in a ditch,we laughed our ass off about it,we had a lot of fun man....see ya again someday
Posted by Kisha Canipe on 12th December 2013
Jamie so many things I should have said all the times I had the chance..But I think you knew I truly loved you, and you are so missed! You were one of a kind for sure, I hope you are in peace looking down happily I miss you always but really this time of year...p.s. tell allen hi!
Posted by Chanda Lovelace on 12th December 2013
Jamie Lee, you are and always will be missed. You were a great person and if not for you having my back a couple times things could have been very bad for me. I don't think I ever thanked you enough. it seems so unfair to have such a short life, but I know deep in my heart that God had a different/special plan for you. and I know with all my heart your with Him right now smiling down on us with that beautiful smile. I can honestly say my life changed that night. seems like I live in my own private hell. and as u know not long after u Greg followed. it has taught me so much though. not to ever take a single moment for granted. there are so many things I wish I could go back and say or not say, do or not do. and I thought I was unhappy, but I would give anything now if I could go back because those were the best days of my life. it is sad we don't realize this stuff, and we take so much for granted; so very much. I have learned to live in the moment and to b thankful for the smallest things. I love you Jamie. you have a heart of gold. til we meet again..Rest In Peace my friend. " Always on our minds and Forever in our hearts.
Posted by Chrystal Metcalf on 12th December 2013
There is so much I could say about this man I loved him so much awesome friend son father and brother you are truly y missed love you Jamie Lee <3
Posted by Jesse Hardin on 12th December 2013
I know your up in heaven above....Watchin over the people you love....I know your in that place so sweet.....Knowin one day thats where you and your family will meet......When I pray for the lord to have my soul to keep.....Knowin your a Guardian Angel helps your friends and family go fast asleep....I know when its our time to fly....You will be waitin to stand by our side.....Love you man...Jesse Hardin......
Posted by Krystal Perkins on 12th December 2013
Jamie, you were such an important part of my life and I enjoyed so much of every minute we spent together and all the wonderful memories that I have of us during the short time that we were together! I am so grateful to have had you in my life for every minute of those few months that I did because you made me feel so special and loved and I will never forget all the good times that we had together! I think about you all the time and I miss you so much! I will never forget you! Love ya Always & Forever!
Posted by Beverly Newton-Cook on 12th December 2013
Jamie Lee my son I luv & miss u more than the stars n the sky.I'd give anything just 2 hold u & let u know how much i luv u 1 more time..I don't know why GOD took u from me,ur sister & daughter,there is more ppl but it w/ take all nite.I don't understand,i guess it's not meant 4 me 2.Ihope & pray ur happy.i bet ur a beautiful angel.Ican't wait till we r 2gether again.Icry 4 u every nite.Every1 tells me i should b happy 4 u. But it don't stop the pain.i luv & miss u so much my dear son.i hope 2 c u very soon.........luv forever&always....mom

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