Mom from our Wedding 1
Jane Davis
  • 63 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 11, 1950
  • Date of passing: Feb 7, 2014
Jane will live forever in our hearts and memories

This website was created in memory of our mom, Jane Davis. After a courageous battle with cancer, Jane died peacefully in her sleep at home in Toronto on Friday February 7th. Jane will be forever loved by so many.  We ask that you write down and/ or share photos of memories you have with mom on this site so we can share them with you.

A celebration of Jane's life will be held in Oakville on Wednesday February 12th

In lieu of flowers, we ask that donations to the Jane Davis Memorial Fund at Queen’s University be made in memory of Jane (details below).

Memorial Fund Details: A cheque payable to Queen’s University, with “Jane Davis” in the memo field, can be mailed to Queen’s University, Advancement Gift Services, Old Medical Building, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6. Secure online gifts can be made by visiting and selecting “Designate your gift” to “the pending Jane Davis Memorial Fund”.

Thank you,
Cynthia, Kimberley & Susi (Jane's daughters) 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Jess Hungate on 7th February 2016

"I want to share my continuing memory of Jane, but also my appreciation of this site - I think its a great idea, and I'm sure Jane would appreciate (does appreciate?) its continuance, and the community of her family and friends that knew her, and appreciate her life.  In addition to recalling some of the characteristics mentioned above by others from time to time, I simply recall the fun times that Jane and I had at her lovely home off of Avenue Road, and I do this quite often as I drive downtown, and especially at the traffic light when it flashes red.  Jane, I miss those dinners, our camaraderie, and the political jousting which we so often engaged in!"

This tribute was added by Julie Wood on 7th February 2016

"2 years!!!  We still miss Jane a lot.  I've tried to do two tangible things to salute her life - one, I volunteer for the cancer society - nothing glamerous, just standing in the street asking people for donations.  And I've also agreed to mentor a young woman who is just starting out on her professional life..  It's a way of paying back what Jane did for me......


This tribute was added by Scott Ritchie on 19th March 2014

"My name is Scott Ritchie and I write as a friend and as Chairman of Pacific and Western Bank of Canada.  While your mother's directorship with the Bank was too brief we want the family to know that Jane was a valued member of the Board and made a positive contribution to the Board and the Bank. The directors offer condolences to the family.  In Jane's memory the Bank will be making a contribution to the Queen's University Foundation referred to on the website."

This tribute was added by Rodney Veinotte on 17th February 2014

"Sorry to read of the passing of your mom,  at times as these it leaves a hole in our hearts.  Please know in the future Jehovah God promises that we will never have to say good bye to loved ones again because of dying, (Revelation 21:4)."

This tribute was added by Julie Wood on 15th February 2014

"Jane, you "slipped the surly bonds of Earth" way too soon.  Who am I going to come to now when I need advice?

You were a good boss, a perfect mentor, and  a dear friend.  I miss you already.


This tribute was added by Gillian Douglas on 13th February 2014

"I remember some really great advice. She was such an inspiration.

My favourite story was about her being refused entry to medical school. She turned up looking pretty and fashionable and was told that she "wasn't the type". Jane went on to be extremely successful in another field which I am sure they would have imagined she also "wasn't the type" for.

I am lucky to have known her and to know her spectacular daughters."

This tribute was added by Lorraine Mautner on 13th February 2014

I only had the pleasure of meeting your mom a couple of times on her visits to San Diego. I will say that she was so proud of you, and we had so much fun chatting at Bunco...So sorry for your great loss xoxo"

This tribute was added by Gail DiCintio on 13th February 2014

"Dear Jane - I met your daughters and I know you will live forever through your family. I miss you my friend"

This tribute was added by Louise Smith on 13th February 2014

"I would like to express my most sincere sympathy at your loss.  I met Jane when we worked together at RBC.  I admired her determination and her contribution to our organization.  She was committed to her career but more importantly to her family.  You will all miss her terribly but I hope you can take some comfort from knowing that she made a difference to many people."

This tribute was added by Ginger Fox on 12th February 2014


I was so sad to hear of your mother's passing. I remember meeting her a couple times at our Bunco meetings and she was so sweet. My prayers go out to you and your family.

Ginger Fox"

This tribute was added by Catherine Shafer on 12th February 2014

"I remember meeting Jane when Cynthia & Pete married. My first impression was that she was wearing stunning shoes (oh so blue!). Then, over the years, I had several opportunities to enjoy Jane's company in San Diego. I remember the first time she came to Bunco - at our Christmas party - and walked away with the most desired (and frequently stolen!) gift. She was kind and funny, and had a softness to her that I will remember."

This tribute was added by Robin Kwiat on 12th February 2014

"I am so very sad to hear about Jane's passing.  We were RBC friends and we've visited in Toronto over the years when I was in town.  I know how much she loved her daughters and how proud she was of them...I am so sorry for your loss."

This tribute was added by Laurie Stiles on 12th February 2014

"I didn't know Jane very well, but the little time I did spend with her in San Diego was special.  I'll always fondly remember meeting with her in La Jolla for a chocolate croissant, coffee, and great conversation. I especially thank her for Cynthia (who loves my brother and who brought two beautiful little girls into our lives).  Jane will continue to live in our hearts forever."

This tribute was added by Ann Kubacki on 12th February 2014

"I am still trying to get my mind around losing my friend. So many memories and thoughts have been going through my mind. Jane and I first met in a park when Jane was pregnant with Susi and had Cynthia and Kim in tow, and she asked how I managed with three young children. I told her it was tough as I only had two hands. We instantly connected and our friendship began.

Dr. and Mrs. Vickers, you raised an amazing and talented daughter who was not only able to manage a successful business career, but also to nurture and mentor three wonderful daughters.

Girls, Jane was so proud of each of you and the path of life you are following. Each time we would get together, we would share what was happening with each of our kids (usually over a glass of red wine).

Jane, may your smile and amazing energy live on in all the bright colours. I miss you. Safe journey my friend."

This tribute was added by Jess Hungate on 12th February 2014

"I was both shocked and greatly saddened to hear the news about Jane.  As a colleague of her’s at RBC we worked on several matters together, and I was always impressed by her intelligence, poise and focus.  Later, after we both left the Bank, we had many enjoyable adventures together.  She had incredible energy, optimism, and a determination to get on with things.  Her walking speed was such that I quite gave up any thought of a leisurely meandering with her, while at the same time really enjoying both the exercise and the companionship.  But I will remember Jane most for the help she gave me in renovating my townhouse – she had an exceptional sense of the right thing and the right place, and understood the limitations of my spaces in a way that really helped me get through a very stressful time.  I was also most impressed with the straight forward way Jane dealt with her initial struggle with cancer, which was another example of her personal strength and fortitude.  For all of that and more, I thank you Jane, and will miss you very much.  Whenever I need to “get on”, I will draw strength from your example.  I also record here my condolences to Jane’s father and mother,  with whom she expressed great connection, and to her siblings and family, who I’m sure are drawing strength from Jane’s example in this difficult time."

This tribute was added by Lynn Vickers on 12th February 2014

"Cindy, Kim and Susi,

Your mother was such a multi-faceted person and such a great role model.   While we started off as sister-in-laws when I married Bob almost 25 years ago, I came to count Jane as a good friend and my life will not be quite the same without her.  I loved to meet up with Jane in Toronto to go shopping, check out new restaurants or to have her come out to Oakville for an evening of good wine, good food and good conversation. Jane was a bright, caring and warm person who always had time to listen and help out with a problem – she was a great sounding board and was more than happy to make the trek to Oakville if she thought she could help out.

Jane was so creative with interior decoration and was my “go to” person for advice – she had great taste and helped me out with a number of projects.  I don’t think that there is a room in our house that doesn’t have some imprint of Jane on it which will keep her memory alive in our home.  Anyone who knew Jane was aware of her love of shopping and I will really miss her penchant for trying new products.  It seemed every time we met she had searched out something new that sounded great and so I had to buy it as well – from the Jura espresso maker, the clarisonic cleanser to the foaming soap dispensers in the bathroom that are so unique.  Not sure where I will find my inspiration for new products without Jane.  

Jane was such a wonderful Aunt to Beth and Alex – whether it was taking them shopping in Yorkville or out to new restaurants in Toronto - and was always genuinely interested in their progress and development into young adults.  The girls loved Jane and were always keen to explore new experiences with her.  

Jane’s great passion was you, her daughters, and of course, more recently Maddie and Claire.  She leaves behind such a wonderful legacy in you girls.  She was so supportive of your time spent travelling and being strong, independent women.  

It is difficult to put into words how much I will miss Jane – life will not be quite the same now that she is gone but I will always be grateful for the time she was in my life and will cherish her memory.


This tribute was added by Lin Valera on 12th February 2014

"I will always remember Jane as more than my friend’s mom, or an accomplished career woman. I’ve always thought of her as a loving, strong mother and grandmother and a girlfriend with a sympathetic ear and tactfully direct, well-intended advice. I’m so thankful for her time spent in San Diego celebrating birthdays, spa days and sushi dinners. Most of all, I’m so thank you for the beauty she left in this world. Cynthia, Kim, Suzy, Maddie and Claire are gifts to me and my daughter. I see a little of Jane in all the girls. I cherish our honest conversations and miss her dearly.
Much love,

This tribute was added by Cindy Engstrom on 12th February 2014

"I have yet to properly compose my thoughts.  I am heart broken at Jane's passing.  She was a role model to me.  I loved her brain.  She was there for me when my mother was ill and passed away.  I have always smiled at how much she loved her daughters.  I wish i could be there in Oakville to raise a glass tomorrow.  I will miss Jane so very much.  I am so very sorry to Susie, Kim and Cindy for their loss of such an amazing, engaged, loving Mom.  I will write more soon.  Sending hugs to you all and please know your Mom was so very special to me.  Love Cindy"

This tribute was added by Gray Winchell on 11th February 2014

"My memories of the Davis house are some of the earliest in my life, as we lived on the corner of Sumner and Watson up until I was about four or five years old.  Summer days were spent meandering back and forth between the Davis backyard and our house, and although I can't recall too many specific details, there is a deep warmth and feeling of joy when I recall that time period.  

My deepest and heartfelt condolences to Susi and the entire Davis family.  

Gray Winchell"

This tribute was added by Jodi Allen on 11th February 2014

"I have to say Jane is one of the most wondeful ladies I have ever met! I so admire her passion, her kindness and more so her strength! I was so blessed to have been touched by Jane and to have been able to spend time with her over the summer chatting about Real Estate but more important about her girls and grand daughters! I sure am going to miss you! Thank u for being "U"!! My LUV, SUPPORT & SYMPATHY are with u all at this time & always! LUV Jodi Allen xoxoxo"

This tribute was added by Beverley Straight on 11th February 2014

"I first met Jane aboard the SS Maasdam when we were both 17 and on our way to Neuchatel Junior College. Throughout our magical year in Switzerland, and including the vacations in places like Morocco and Spain, her vivacity, warm heartedness and intelligence were always a bright light in our close knit group of students. Even then, when we were so young and away from home, she exuded that calm confidence William Woods noted.

We saw each other sporadically over the years, but I was always in awe of her trajectory with the Royal Bank, plus being the mother of three girls. Once I even asked her how she did it. Her simple answer: "All in stride." She also told me that her father always said, "You can do anything." Thank you Dr. Vickers for championing such an amazing daughter, who then gave that inspiration to many others. To you, and to Mrs. Vickers and all her siblings and family I extend my deepest condolences. I never had the chance to meet Cynthia, Kimberley or Susi but heard so much about you, and about the beloved grandchildren Maddie and Claire. My heart goes out to you.

My friendship with Jane re-ignited when we both attended the 50th Anniversary of Neuchatel Junior College. I was later fortunate enough to stay in the lovely guest room of the newly renovated home she loved. She wore her bright pink or red sweaters, spoiled me with her gracious hospitality and exuded love of life, often using the word, "fabulous." I found the perfect gift for her after that, and have posted the picture.

I think most of us who attended Neuchatel developed an early passion for travel, and I know Jane loved to explore. She told me that her first stop in any town or place was the market. Undoubtedly, whether it be at a humble vendor's stall or a sophisticated trading system, Jane loved that milieu.

Once we re-connected Jane was always hugely supportive of any idea or creative plan I had going on. We even imagined doing one together and it was stunning how she set herself to do some preliminary research. That was useful, because the idea wasn't so great. But I can already feel her spirit fueling me to keep going and never give up on dreams, which at the same time looking at them practically.

I live in Vancouver and I'm unable to attend the service. However, my apartment overlooks Kitsilano, a neighborhood I know that Jane grew to love when Susi lived there. I'll be with you all in spirit, sending you love from the West Coast ocean.

May Jane's spirit soar, and shine forth in all of us who were blessed to meet her, and especially in her beautiful daughters.

To Jane!

Beverley Straight"

This tribute was added by Tess Largent on 11th February 2014

"Dear Jane, I only had the wonderful pleasure of spending time with you on a few of your visits to San Diego.  What I know from the time I spent with you is that you loved your family time, thoughtful conversations, helping people, spending time with your "Grand Girls", good food, and good wine. Your daughter, Cynthia, is a fantastic friend of mine. Thank you for being her Mother and raising an incredible young lady. You and your family are in my prayers."

This tribute was added by Alan Hutton on 11th February 2014

"I had the pleasure & good fortune of serving with Jane as a Director of the Canadian Capital Markets Association.  May our warm memories help to fill the hole in our hearts caused by her passing."

This tribute was added by Jane Hamilton on 11th February 2014

"I have written a little memory of Jane on the other page. I was surprised and saddened to learn the news yesterday. Jane was a gracious and kind woman - we were neighbours on Watson Avenue in Oakville for a few years and our kids attended various schools together (miy kids are Sam, Brett and Gray). I liked and admired Jane very much, and we were lucky to have her as a neighbour. I feel for your loss but never forget - even for a moment - that she is always with you in spirit. Sending all of you a hug. xo  Jane Hamilton (formerly Winchell) from Penetanguishene, ON."

This tribute was added by Marianne Moroney on 11th February 2014

"Susie, Kim and Cindy, I had the wonderful time of being a friend of your mom's for the past 5 years. We laughed and enjoyed our differences with such ease.  Your mom was such a lady, so many talents and such courage and kindness.  She left us too early for sure.  So happy she lived to her planetary end.  Many blessings to you who are left to grieve her.  I am sorry not to be in the country to celebrate your mom's life.  You are right, wear bright clothes and celebrate as Jane was full of life.    PTF

This tribute was added by Pete stiles on 11th February 2014

"Dear Grandma Jane, deeply crushed by this loss, never saw this coming, again, a very hard letter to write. I thank you for being there for us when we needed you, for your incredible meals and your great love of wine. I thank you for raising three Fabulous daughters, one of which became the beautiful  mother of my two daughters. I have endured  many losses in my life,but this just hurts and stings like nothing I have felt in many years. For Great grand  parents Ken and Marge, numerous siblings, KIm and Suzy  and Grand pa Bob, and all the people who have loved her my heart feels for you. For Maddie and Claire I am crushed even more for they only got to enjoy their Grandmother for a few short years. Jane , like I said before , I know we will meet again, I will look for you upon the great blue sea, you will be always loved and cherished, Pete"

This tribute was added by kathy ko on 10th February 2014

"I feel very badly that I hadn't seen Jane since our wonderful TIFF outing in September. We have done this for the last 2 years and had a great time. After attending BSS, Neuchatel and Queens with Jane I regret not keeping in better touch.  However, we had a lot of fun in our visits over the last 2 years. I admired her struggle with her illness over the last few years; she carried on and was always keen on trying a new restaurant or film. I will be thinking of her when her gathering is going on. Unfortunately I will be away and unable to attend. Let's all remember Jane for her love of life and her many wonderful accomplishments, both in her family and her career. Cheers, Jane!"

This tribute was added by william woods on 10th February 2014

"All of us at IRI are extremely saddened by the news of Jane's untimely departure, last week, from us. Over the last 7 years we have had the immense pleasure of working with her on various Independent Review Committees, many of which she chaired in her calm, confident manner.  Jane was a petite lady, but a powerful personality. We loved working with her and will miss her terribly.  Our thoughts are with you Cynthia, Kimberley and Susi and with the rest of Jane's family.  God bless you all at this time."

This tribute was added by Sarah Blick on 10th February 2014

"I will always remember Jane for her kindness towards me (and my mum) during my years back into Toronto. She regularly invited me over for dinner, making sure that I wasn't going to be on my own for special occasions like Christmas.  She was also very generous with her time, helping in any way in which she was needed... including cleaning my house to get it ready to go on the market!  And Jane was thoughtful, always knowing what to say or write when I was going through tough times.  She did all of this without expecting anything in return... and that is the mark of someone with a very good heart.  Peace and love to you all...  Sarah xoxo"

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