Shared by Kathleen Bodisch on 10th December 2018

Another wonderful picture!

Shared by Kathleen Bodisch on 10th December 2018

I just realized that this was at our son, John's Baptism. Oh, the memories!

Shared by Kathleen Bodisch on 10th December 2018

I love seeing this picture of them!

Shared by Kathleen Bodisch on 10th December 2018

She sure loved these guys and the feeling was very mutual!

Shared by Jennifer Woodward on 10th December 2018

Growing up you guys were my second family. We were always together in Mission Viejo. I have so many fond memories although I was pretty young. My mother Joanie wanted me to share this with you all. Are hearts and prayers are with you.

From Joanie:

Hi There!  That’s what Janet always said when I answered the phone all those years ago.! We started out in New Jersey as many years that Pat is old and My Jenn when they shared the same playpen!  Off our families went to Ca where we remained close  in Mission Viego and beyond. I so remember her when she was selected to participate in the Paget of the Masters in Laguna Beach smothered in mud while standing without any movement for hrs!  What a gal always in for something different and exciting,  artsy etc. she had many talents and qualities that I which I had to match  but I loved our times together over the kitchen table , playing games for sure, talking about our kids and husbands while we watched them grow and Susan completing cartwheels from the front door and beyond. Those where the Days and I will always remember those times and treasure her friendship and humor in the sun by the pool for sure. So sorry for you ,the family. I’m sure she is very proud of you all.!!!Rest In Peace my friend.

Shared by Marc Edwards on 8th December 2018

Thank you Janet for always making me feel unbelievably welcome wherever we were, especially during the holidays. Will miss you much. Xo. Marc 

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