Time is ------------
too slow for those who wait
too swift for those who fear
too long for those who grieve
too short for those who rejoice
But for those who love -------------
Time is not.

Henry Van Dyke
  • 63 years old
  • Born on November 7, 1950 in Evergreen Park, Illinois, United States.
  • Passed away on July 10, 2014 in Houston, Texas, United States.


This memorial website was created in the memory of our mother, Janet Mason. We will never forget you!! 

NOTE: My mom & dad’s anniversary was July 1. So, now they are both together in Heaven! …close to the same age they were first married. A beautiful thought! 

Please feel free to leave a special message in the "Tribute" section below for Janet or her family. You can view her obituary and leave personal stories on the tabs above as well.  Thank you for visiting the website!


The family of Janet Mason wishes to express our sincere thanks for any flowers or other expressions of love during our time of bereavement.
God Bless you! Condolences m
ay be sent to the home of Victoria Hanson:

18939 Atascocita Forest Dr., Humble, TX 77346 



11:00am Thursday,

July 24, 2014 

Houston National Cemetery

10410 Veterans Memorial Drive
Houston, TX 77038

We ask that any floral arrangements/gifts/cards be sent to Victoria's home address. TheVA cemetery restricts items left at grave sight.   


We will be sharing fond memories and food, celebrating Janet’s  
new journey at Victoria’s house. Please join us. Everyone is invited: 

Victoria Hanson, 18939 Atascocita Forest Dr., Humble, TX 77346

 (Please use “Google" for directions, Mapquest gives the wrong directions)

Posted by Michael Mason on 10th July 2018
Wow it has been 4 years already. I still think about your all the time mom and always pray for you and dad. A lot has happened over the last few years, some good some bad but overall we are doing ok. I wish you were here to see me and Ashley's house and to help clean it (kidding lol). Love you -Mikey
Posted by Michael Mason on 13th May 2018
Remembering you on Mother's Day mom! I miss you and love you! -Mikey
Posted by Michael Mason on 7th November 2017
Happy birthday mom! So much happened this year. Me and Ashley bought our first house, I wish you were here to see it and help clean it. Just kidding lol. Love you -Mikey
Posted by Jeff Kalata on 7th November 2017
Happy birthday Jan ! Have a great 67th .
Posted by Gregory Kalata on 7th November 2017
Posted by Gregory Kalata on 10th July 2017
Its been three years now it wont be much longer now the world cant last much longer. America must REPENT or nothing is going to change its gonna keep getting worse.See you on the last day sis.
Posted by Michael Mason on 14th May 2017
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOM!! I miss you so much! It makes me sad when i see people today spending time with their moms and you're not here :( We had a scare with Poptart last month but he is better now and all the other family pets are just fine. Love you - Mikey
Posted by Krista Mason on 7th November 2016
Hi mom, Happy Birthday...oh mom so much has changed since you were here, you and dad would be so pissed at all the changes. This world has really gone nuts! I miss you all the time! We all keep your sayings going and laugh... we will all be together soon! Love and miss you and dad always!!! ;) Krista ;)
Posted by Gregory Kalata on 7th November 2016
Hey sis happy birthday you will be 66 better hope Trump wins or down goes the country. Jesus will be back soon I will see you on the last day. LOVE GREG
Posted by Jenny Brandt on 7th November 2016
I LOVE YOU!!!! GOD, Thankyou, SO much for taking care of my mom and dad, we miss them but, what's getting us through this is we're going to see you VERY soon!!!!! This election is VERY prophetic!!!! We hope THIS IS the last TRUMP!!!! And, well be changed in the twinkling of an eye!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!! GIVE JESUS A HUG FOR ME!!!!!!!
Posted by Jenny Brandt on 7th November 2016
GOD, Thankyou, SO much for taking care of my mom and dad, we miss them but, what's getting us through this is we're going to see you VERY soon!!!!! This election is VERY prophetic!!!! We hope THIS IS the last TRUMP!!!! And, well be changed in the twinkling of an eye!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!! GIVE JESUS A HUG FOR ME!!!!!!!
Posted by Michael Mason on 7th November 2016
Happy Birthday mom!!! You would have been 66 today. I still think about you all the time. I miss talking to you and watching court shows with you. I'm doing fine, still with Ashley. We had a big scare with Poptart but turned out it was only an ear infection and he's doing just fine, Sparky and the rest of the gang as well. Tomorrow is the big election day! I know you wouldn't like Trump but I'm sure you would hate Hillary even more lol. Sad thing is she has a really good chance of winning because people are stupid :( We shall see tomorrow. Anyways happy birthday mom! Love you. - Mikey
Posted by VICTORIA HANSON on 7th November 2016
Happy Birthday Mom!!!! I agree with Jeff about the election!!! (PLEASE!!!)...lol. Last night I told Jesus to tell you Happy Birthday right before midnight, and to ask you if I was the first one! hahaha! Mom I am so jealous of where you are. You wouldn't recognize the world anymore the way it is now. So much has changed just since you were here. We remember & celebrate you every day, but especially today!! I know that you are still here with us and I love you so much! Little Sammy says he knows that are proud of him playing golf. Not "would be proud" ....no.... he said you "are proud"! =) It makes me happy! The kids miss you & think of you often too!! Say Hi to dad for me!! I love you both so much & we will be seeing you soon!! BIG BIRTHDAY HUG!!!!!
Posted by Jeff Kalata on 7th November 2016
Happy birthday Jan ! Hope all is well ! If ya have any connections in that dimension please try to have Hillary lose the election ! See ya later , Love, Jeff
Posted by Jenny Brandt on 18th July 2016
Posted by Gregory Kalata on 11th July 2016
Hi sis its hard to believe its been 2 yrs. Hope to see you soon Greg. Get ready for the thousand yr. reign.
Posted by Krista Mason on 10th July 2016
Oh mom, it's still hard without you...I think of you and dad so much! We had a good 4th of July and y'alls anniversary just happened..happy anniversary! I love you both so much...wish I was with y'all! We are all still close...see you soon! Xxooo
Posted by Michael Mason on 10th July 2016
I can't believe it's been 2 years already. I still feel your presence sometimes and I mention you and dad in my prayers every day. I also pray for your babies (the family pets) that they stay healthy and strong. Poptart and Sparky are still doing fine. I miss you - Mikey
Posted by Michael Mason on 8th May 2016
Hello Mom. I still think about you every day and I'm thinking about you a lot today on Mother's Day. Love you - Mikey
Posted by Krista Mason on 7th November 2015
Mom, Happy Birthday! I miss you so much, you were in my dream a night ago...and I was so happy to talk to you and hug you!!! I think about you and dad all the time ...love you guys with everything I have !!!! Kenna still cries too sometimes for y'all, admits she misses your m&m's most...lol Lord come quickly! See you guys soon :)
Posted by Michael Mason on 7th November 2015
Happy birthday mom! I miss you so much! Poptart, Sparky and gang are doing fine. Love you
Posted by Jeff Kalata on 7th November 2015
Hey Jan, Happy birthday.By now I know you realize there isn't a heaven or hell just the next dimension. Say hi to all the other lost relatives and folks there. Have a great 65th where ever you're at.
Posted by VICTORIA HANSON on 7th November 2015
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! I know you'll be having chocolate cake with white icing!! We'll be seeing you real soon. So I'll tell you everything when we get there!! Come Lord Jesus!! Love you & miss you much!!! =)
Posted by Gregory Kalata on 7th November 2015
Happy birthday sis the big 65 hope to see you soon LOVE GREG
Posted by Gregory Kalata on 11th July 2015
I cant believe it been a year already I surely miss you very much I wished i could have seen you before you left. but you are sleeping now get some rest for the thousand year reign see you on the last day. love you sis . Just a note you don't go to heaven when you die you lay in your grave waiting to be resurrected. that's what the bible says. love uncle greg
Posted by VICTORIA HANSON on 10th July 2015
Mom I've been hearing your favorite song all day today!!! =) Hope that's a sign you stopped by! Miss you so much!! 4th of July was not the same without you. But I heard Jesus does the best fireworks displays ever!!! I know it must be AMAZING! Mom...Pastor Sandy Champion from Sparrows Barn died recently. It was unexpected. I hope you found him there and showed him around while you entertained Candy as well!!! Cheyenne & Justin just graduated high school. I just know you & dad were there too! It was a huge moment for our family! Anyway I love you so much and miss you!!! Tell Jesus to hurry!!...lol. We'll see you very soon!!
Posted by Jenny Brandt on 10th July 2015
Jesus, please tell my mom I was hoping we would be gone before I leave you another massage. Unfortunately were still here. But, the next few days are going to be VERY INTERESTING! Glorified bodies ARE NEXT!!!! You can stop giving Jesus a hard time. were almost at the FINISH LINE!!!
Posted by Michael Mason on 10th July 2015
I can't believe it's been 1 year already :( Still miss you so much! Love you, Mikey
Posted by Jeff Kalata on 10th July 2015
Hey jan,Its been one year since you left for the next dimension. I hope your at peace. I lost Candy april 30th of this year and she always said when she dies she'l look you guys up when she passes. I hope your all together, Candy will keep you's laughing she had the same sense of humor. If its possible stop by every so often and say hi. I'l see ya when I kick the bucket some day. Its strange when we were kids we never thought of death yet the older we get it seems when people we know keep dyeing you never know when your number will be pulled.See ya ,Love , Jeff
Posted by Krista Mason on 10th July 2015
It has been one hell of a year! From your first birthday without you to first Christmas, Mother's Day...and now the first anniversary. Mother's Day- which was extremely painful, watching everyone at the store getting flowers and cards for their mom, while I just got milk. It sounds funny but it brought tears to my eyes in the store, because I knew if you were here I would do the same, we all found a way to see you on Mother's Day at some point. You and dad are missed every single day, I think about yall in my prayers and dream of yall at night a lot. I am pretty sure without family around or church - I'm depressed, but work keeps me busy and the kids, kenna breaks down sometimes out of the blue for yall too. I'm so happy you are together and in Heaven I think about Heaven a lot and it keeps me going! Mom I just miss you so much...your voice and hugs...we've had so many laughs and experiences as a family it's hard to face its over. I am so grateful that you guys raised us that family comes first- Vikki, Jenny, and Mikee are the next best thing to you guys and I know I would be a basket case without Jenny- for sure she is so upbeat and has lifted my spirits and just having Vikki around me is healing! Mikee visits and just really brings me back to childhood too. With Tears of love for you all, I love all of you with all of my heart and soul, I thank Jesus for everyone in my life every night! Sorry I'm so emotional right now but it's what I've been feeling... Krista
Posted by Michael Mason on 10th May 2015
This first Mother's Day without you is tough mom :( Still think about you all the time! You (and dad) remain in my daily prayers. Love you. -Mikey
Posted by Gregory Kalata on 7th November 2014
Posted by Michael Mason on 7th November 2014
Happy birthday mom!! I still think about you everyday and I'm remembering you especially on this special day. It is also sad as it's the first time I'm not able to call you to wish you a happy one :( Uncle Greg came to visit a couple weeks ago and we visited you and dad's grave site. Greg is doing well. Your presence is still felt in your bedroom. I try to make sure and stop by your bedroom so I can remember you whenever I come to visit Vikki. I love you and miss y'all both! -Mikey
Posted by VICTORIA HANSON on 7th November 2014
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I was the first one!! :) I know everyone will laugh at that because *you* made sure you were the first one to tell all of us happy birthday each year. Sometimes calling us at 5am just to make sure you were first!!..lol. I miss you so much! It's not the same here without you. I'm going to pick up a plant for you today for your room, because I know how much you like them. Sammy & Jaedon want to let some balloons go for you today too. They wanted to get purple ones because it's your favorite color. So be looking for them. I know you have the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER this year....in Heaven AND with dad! ...and I cam be sure that you are getting everything you want! Sending you all my love!! Miss you so much!!! Tell dad I love him too and give him a hug for me!! See you both soon!!! :)
Posted by Gregory Kalata on 28th July 2014
I my sister very much and I will really miss her I saw a big change in her . I'm so glad she was baptized and accepted JESUS as her savior that was the proudest moment in my life . I'm still in shock that she is no longer with us. It won't be long and we will be back together again . she asleep now and resting for thousand year reign .
Posted by Jenny Brandt on 14th July 2014
Heavenly Father Please tell my mom I'm so proud of her...although unexpected to us- you, our creator, knew when you were going to call her home. Lord, she's changed over the last years...and she has touched so many lives planting seeds everywhere she went and I'm sure she's gonna hear, "well done good and faithful servant." To mom: I know your time down on earth was done here and I know you and dad are dancing in the sky. Tell Jesus I can't wait to see Him very soon. I love you and soon we will all be together. Jenny
Posted by VICTORIA HANSON on 13th July 2014
I just was not prepared for this! There wasn't time to say goodbye. I was there everyday with you in the hospital...I'm so sorry this happened at a time you were all alone. I miss you so much already! We spent so much time together and grew so close during your chemo, radiation, and when you moved in with me. I keep thinking I hear you upstairs. I keep expecting to hear you fill your big cup up with ice... and I wait for you to bring the dogs downstairs to go outside. I miss our talks and fixing your hair clip for you! You were not only my mother, my best friend! You always made sure everyone ELSE was taken care of, with no cares for yourself. No matter what happened, you were there for us!! You've been a great example of unshakeable faith. Even through all your trials you never lost hope. I know you are now... happy, healthy, strong, and beautiful!! And I'm happy you are with dad. We didn't have much growing up...but we had the best parents and the best childhood ever! ...and I wouldn't trade my life for anything. Both of you deserve the biggest mansion and all the treasures of Heaven! I LOVE YOU MOM!!!! Hug dad for me and tell him I love & miss him too!!!
Posted by Jeff Kalata on 13th July 2014
I sure hope jan's in heaven she deserves it. But since there isn't any proof of such a place I wish her the best where ever she's at. I noticed a difference in jan's outlook since she found the "invisible guy". She was a good person before she found the "invisible guy". So in a nut shell folks, If there is a heaven Im sure she's there but if there isn't it doesn't matter anyway. We are all just dust in the wind. I will miss her. P.. Please beware of cults!!!!!
Posted by Krista Mason on 12th July 2014
Mom... I was not ready for you to go...we had plans for you...but The Lord had a different plan...and we have to accept that. Mom you have changed so much and were so happy the last few years- I loved seeing you that way- so strong in faith. You and dad will be so money in Heaven! I love you more than words can express...you gave us everything you could...you were always there for us. You were called home before we were ready. After dad passed, we all followed by his example...giving us his reason for passing. Thank you Lord for the best parents I could ask for and the time I did have with them was precious and I will never forget the lessons I've learned from you both. I love you both with my life...and all of my heart, happy anniversary! - Krista
Posted by Michael Mason on 12th July 2014
Mom you left us so unexpectedly! I am still in a state of shock. You were always there for me when I needed you. It's going to be tough now knowing that your not here anymore. You did so much for me that words can't express how thankful I was to have you as a mother! Even from your hospital bed, barely able to move and unable to get up on your own strength, you still asked me if I needed any money for anything? Always putting us kids first. I'm going to miss watching the court shows together, but I'm still going to watch because it will remind me of you lol. At least I know you are not suffering anymore and you are reunited with dad, grandma and grandpa. I will always love you. God bless -Mikey
Posted by VICTORIA HANSON on 12th July 2014
Oh Heavenly Father!! My heart is so heavy with sorrow. Jesus please lift me back up on my feet! Keep my eyes above the waves! Your ways are much higher than ours. Although I lack Your understanding, I have full faith and trust in Your plan. Thank You that although I feel forsaken... I AM NOT! Thank You that even though I cannot see You, I KNOW You are with me. Thank You for helping me remember You will never leave me. Thank You that my mother did not suffer long, and You allowed her to come Home earlier than we expected. You always prepare us to expect the unexpected...but nothing happens outside of Your will. My mom was weak and frail, but had a heart ready to run to You!! Thank You God for Your great mercy! I lift my voice to You today...rejoicing for the gifts of love, support, and guidance You have given us through those around us. Thank You Jesus for holding my hand through this toughest trial... for calling me out to the deepest waters... "Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander and my faith will be made stronger... In the presence of my Savior." I will praise You in this storm! I pray that even during this time, that I may be a vessel that Your light will shine through to those around me. May this be an opportunity to guide others Home and back to You. Your will be done on earth as in Heaven. I will let my light shine for You Lord!!! I trust You, all honor and glory to You Father!! I love You!! In the precious and powerful name of Jesus my Savior, Amen

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