Shared by Toni Crimaldi on December 27, 2017

I was so sad to hear of my fosters sister death.  Its a shame after sharing the same house & parents for 13 years, stood up for her wedding and no one even let us know.  with that being said I am truly saddened that her life ended to early.  I have no doubt  you kids miss her so.  She loved her diet coke(even as a kid) lol and also sad that your farther is gone as well.  God bless you all and your family

What I remember...

Shared by Krista Mason on July 10, 2015

Memories of mom when I was a child...


I remember waking up to the smell of cigarette smoke and make up from my moms bathroom 

The smell of coffee on Saturday morning

The smell of breakfast my dad would be making on Sunday morning


I remember sounds of my moms curling iron in the morning

I remember hearing quiet bickering from my parents room next door at night

I remember hearing my mom telling us to clean our room

Hearing I love you from my mom everyday

And how beautiful she thought we all were

I remember hearing sounds of diet coke being poured with ice in her cup

Hearing her telling us to do our homework and brush our teeth

I remember hearing how much she loved her dogs everyday

My dads thankful prayers to God before we ate meals on Sunday


I remember seeing a light on in my moms bathroom

I remember her white nurses uniform and white shoes

I remember seeing my dad kiss my mom sometimes

I remember seeing her watch her favorite shows on one TV we had

I remember her cleaning the house everyday

I remember seeing mom and dad with the bill calendar figuring out bills

I remember seeing worry on my moms face

What I remember feeling:

My mom and dads hug and kiss every night

Being tucked in...

What I felt the most was loved ;)

Shared by VICTORIA HANSON on July 21, 2014

By Krista Cardwell 


My body heavy, and every movement

Like a battle to be fought.

Every breath, just a reminder

That I am here, and you are not.

Thoughts focused on you,

And our last words repeat.

Your spirit so bright,

Touching everyone you meet.

Keeping faith in all of us,

Praying you to be well.

Called Home,

With so many unspoken words to tell.

Heaven has welcomed you,

With dad by your side.

Every moment easier,

knowing in Heaven we also will reside.

Shared by VICTORIA HANSON on July 12, 2014

We've Only Lost Her For a Little While

 For a sparrow - By The Poet

What can you say on a day like today?

There is nothing on earth to take this pain away

There is temporary comfort in the embrace of a friend

But the grief is so raw you can't imagine the end.


What can you do and how do you feel?

Every thing is dream-like and nothing feels real

You can put on a brave face and march through the door

But your only questions are "Why?" and "What is this for?"

And no one has any answers, there is nothing to say

There's no comfort in man's words except when he prays

So we all pray grief stricken and petition the Lord

And we listen for His voice in our hearts and His word.


And He tells us to bear it, He tells us "Hold on."

Though our loved one has left us, she is now safe at home

On the cross died God's only one and Mary lost her son

For the joy set before Jesus, His life sacrifice was done.


But they only lost Him for a little while

And their grieving hearts were healed

Now the Heavenly Father hears our cries

And He knows just how we feel.

Some soon sweet day, we'll walk through those gates

And we'll walk on streets of gold

And all the loved ones who have gone before

Will be there, the young and old.


And we'll run to them and they'll run to us

In our arms we'll draw them near

And all the grief we've know will be eternally gone

As God wipes away every tear.

I know today it's hard to hear what I say

All you feel is the loss of her smile

But take comfort in knowing that to Heaven you're going

And she'll be there waiting..................


We've only lost her for a little while....

We've only lost her for a little while.

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