what up kidz

Shared by Juan Natal on March 16, 2011

i may have only known him 6 years but he gave me a lifetime of memories and for that i will always b grateful.  the times we hung out at the beach dancing michael jackson songs in the car battling to the chicken dance at my wedding my kids never knew what a uncle was supposed to b until he came into their lives.  i will always b his "titi" even though we were almost the same age.  i love u jari always will u b in our hearts.  thank u jari for the laughs the smiles n the memories u have created in our hearts i will miss u dearly.

my nephew

Shared by Juan Natal on March 16, 2011

i remember the day we brought him home from the hospital i held him in my arms i knew he was destined for good things.  he was more then a nephew to me he was my son.  my little man.  im going to miss "what up kidz" his smile the way he danced at my wedding the 3 am phone calls im just gonna miss him w all my heart its killing me that i can never see him again in this lifetime  but one day we will b together in heaven i love u man

To My Brother and friend

Shared by Marlo Abraham on March 9, 2011

I met Nagron when I started my quest to becoming a Master Mason. I really never knew him until I was able to call him my brother. From the moment on and after he hear me sing " Trouble in My Way" we became close. No matter what I was dealing with on any day he would always find away to sing a verse of that song to me " but that's alright". I could be down the street heading he's way and I would hear him sing that verse. Before I met Jari-yon, I never new a man that took more that three hour to get dress. He always made sure he was clean and dressed to the "T". That was one of the main reason that we all called him Pretty Ricky and also for his personality, that I not going to let any one get in my way he had about him. Bro. Jari-yon Negron you may have left this earthly place and all of our hearts are filled with sadness. We wonder how can we move Forward without your push are yoooooooooo.I can say with a smile on my face "but that's alright" because I know that I will see you again.

My Memory of Jari

Shared by Pedro Villanueva on March 8, 2011

I first met Jari in high school when we went to St. Raymonds.  We grew to be good friends and graduated in 2002.  I remember the 1st time I saw him after graduation was at a little informational session to talk about pleding Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity, Inc.  We were suppose to pledge together in Spring 2003, but that wasn't in the cards.  He pledged and I had to wait a year, but I was able to have him be my Pana/Big Bro and we only got closer.  The last time I saw Jari was for our Fraternity's 30th Year Banquet.. The last time I spoke to him was last week on Facebook.. He told me he was coming back home for good.. I still can't believe your gone bro.. You will forever be in my heart Bro/Pana/Friend..

 May you Rest in Peace in the Baby Blue Sky..

Your Panita.. Your Friend.. Pedro Villanueva

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