Jay was full of love and life. He loved making people happy and smile. He did all he could to lift up spirits of fellow classmates and find a way to make the teachers(especially the female teachers) give him a break if he was tardy because he was talking to a pretty girl. He matured in the last year of high school and joined the great USMC for five years. Jay was a brilliant young man and was headed for OCS and his education would have been paid for by the USMC, but a decision to go for a ride in a new sports car with a friend ended everything.In his wallet was a token from Sunday School..."The path of a virtuous man."I miss my son immensely, but I strive for the day that we shall meet again and I shall once again gaze on his sweet/handsome face and hold it in my hands and kiss him on the cheek as I did the night he left me. I will never forget Jay's voice as he lumbered over me to give me a bear hug and with a smile and twinkle in his eyes he said, "Ahh, I love you too,Mom!" He then kissed me on my left cheek and walked out the door with his best friend Michael.I had taught him to always tell his loved ones how he felt about them, because it maybe the last time you get to do so.