• 63 years old
  • Born on August 26, 1935 .
  • Passed away on February 5, 1999 .
My mum my rock it is so hard to imagine my mums face without a smile she always seemed ill i cannot remember a time when she wasn't. My daughter was born in 1995 and mum seemed to get a new lease of life she went on holidays got a mobility scooter and generally lived. when she was poorly last time not one of us imagined she was going to die as she had pulled through before mum you always said, you'll miss me when im gone how true those words are. everyday i think of you as all of your children do it does get easier every year and just to catch a glimpse of somebody that looks like you ,sends my heart racing just in case its you for that split second you are around i hope you feel proud of all your children and how they have turned out we all miss you lots ✽ܓ✽✽ܓ✽✽ܓ✽✽ܓ✽✽ܓ✽✽ܓ✽✽ܓ✽✽ܓ✽✽ܓ I will never forget you my darling mother, for I loved you more than any other other. You fed me clothed me dried my tears Looked after me for many years. The time then came when I looked after you as you grew weaker and I instantly knew, that your time with me was getting shorter and I heard your words "Goodbye my daughter." For all the years you took care of me, I will always remember and treasure For my dear mother now you are gone Your memory is with me forever. ✽ܓ✽✽ܓ✽✽ܓ✽✽ܓ✽✽ܓ✽✽ܓ✽✽ܓ✽✽ܓ✽✽ܓ Written by Jean Cavanagh 2009
Posted by Sarah Sheward on 29th September 2009
hi mum well i know that you have been about and you are watching over those beautiful girls i hope that they are safe and will always be protected by the spirits
Posted by Sarah Sheward on 10th September 2009
hey mum i wish i could change things im going to learn reiki if i could have learned these things before you died i would have made things better for you i love you forever mum
Posted by Sarah Sheward on 26th August 2009
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM love you to the moon and back forever in my heart xxxxx sarah xxxxx
Posted by Sarah Sheward on 24th August 2009
mum hopefully this will be the site that i want for you i love you so much and will always love you xxxxx

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