The free version of the Jean's memorial website only includes basic features. Unlock additional features and unlimited space for your photos, videos, and music by upgrading to the Premium subscription.

Unlock with the Premium website:

Unlimited space for your gallery

Add unlimited photos, music, and videos to your loved one's gallery. You may upload media from your PC or mobile device, YouTube, and Facebook profile.

Custom background music playlist

Upload your favorite songs and use them as a musical background for the website.

Integration with popular online services

Invite your Facebook friends, share on your Timeline, and import media directly from YouTube and your Facebook page.

Enhanced stories

Illustrate stories and Life Story chapters with photo, video, and audio attachments.

View and manage visitors

View all website visitors, including date of the last visit.

Additional administrators

Designate trusted friends and family members as additional memorial administrators.

Advanced privacy controls

Control who can see your memorial by blocking strangers and inviting only selected guests. Your memorial will not be visible to anyone else.

Manage guest notifications

Control what kind of notifications your guests will be receiving from this website. You can choose to notify them of new posts, remind them of special dates, or turn off notifications for more privacy.