Sister Jean Webster will always be the Mother Theresa of Atlantic City. You may light a candle and leave a message below. May God bless you.
  • 76 years old
  • Born on January 7, 1935 in New York City, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on January 10, 2011 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States.


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Posted by Cecelia Woodard on 8th January 2015
Posted by Ramel Big Money Jones on 15th November 2014
When I was young 05 I was on da streets wit nada I came to sister jeans. And she fed me kind, I truly thank you in those times sister..u with god now rest in peace
Posted by Jeanette Mack on 7th January 2013
In Memory Of Sister Jean Webster Happy Birthday In Heaven you have been gone a year it seems like only yesterday you were still with us
Posted by Jeanette Mack on 5th September 2012
I remember when i first met Sister Jean Webster it was in the early 1980's ,we both lived on Indiana Avenue in Atlantic City ,NJ we both became friends ,i remember how Sister Jean would feed the homeless out of her home on Indiana Ave. Rest In Peace Sister Jean. I'll never forget you!
Posted by Groove Time Smooth Jazz on 31st March 2012
I don't believe I can say it better than to quote JK: "Sister Jean's unconditional love for all people remains as an example to all of us as we walk on and touch the lives of others. Sister Jean's love will be missed by many." I have often thought about starting a Smooth Jazz concert series at that church. I think now is the time. RIP Saint Jean.
Posted by Wallace Bakely on 24th November 2011
Fifteen yrs ago I was unfortunately in the throws of full blown heroin addiction, thank god I was able to overcome that addiction and live a wonderfull life, sister Jean fed me on a daily basis when she was serving food out of the house. Today I have been blessed enough in life and I was able to take down alot of cases of soda chips and applesauce to the church.GOD that felt great. RIP sis
Posted by Janice Harley on 8th November 2011
Today was my first time serving at Sister Jean's Soup Kitchen. Now I know what she felt when all those people came in to eat. She knew it was the right thing to do.
Posted by Lonniyell Sykes on 1st February 2011
Mama Jean I miss you so much! My heart is overwhelmed with the thought of loosing you.I miss you calling me and talking to the children. There is not a day that tears DONT roll down my face in disbelief that you have left, I know its selfish wanting you to be here, when I knew you where in so much pain.BUT I LOVE YOU AND MISS U, SO MUCH RIP.......LONNIYELL
Posted by Michael Basmajian on 20th January 2011
A true role model for us all. Let us take the lessons she has taught to heart and pass them to all. Rest in peace with God, you've certainly earned it.
Posted by Estella Blackwell on 19th January 2011
Now she is reasting in pease she fought a good fight I Work with her and she was aperson you will never for get she was true to what is did ilove her and will really miss her.....from estellablackwell and the Dorn familY...........
Posted by Jessica Keenan on 19th January 2011
Sister Jean's unconditional love for all people remains as an example to all of us as we walk on and touch the lives of others. Sister Jean's love will be missed by many.
Posted by Pam And Larry Kemble on 18th January 2011
Larry Kemble says, This was one highly devoted lady, she had unconditional love for her feeding ministry ,and for the people she fed. my heart is greatly grieved ,i've known sister Jean for 22 years, i lost a friend , i vollunteered, i worked by her side. My heart will never b the same when i go to the morning and afternoon fedings, i won't feel the love and compation that once filled her kitchen
Posted by Pam And Larry Kemble on 18th January 2011
george says, Sister jean will greatly be missed. I remember the time when Sister Jean yelled at me for touching her plates. God Bless her family. Rest in peace sister Jean.
Posted by Pam And Larry Kemble on 18th January 2011
God bless Sister Jean's Family. Sister Jean was very kind and compassionate lady. Everytime i needed to talk to her she was there. She had a heart of gold. She will truely be missed by all her family and friends. Please lets all remember what she stood for and keep he legacy alive. RIP Sister Jean. We will keep her family and friends in our prayers.
Posted by Trina Jenkins on 18th January 2011
It is truly amazing to be known by those who never met you personally, but it can only be attributed to the fact that the life you've lived has truly spoken for you. What Would Jesus Do was more than a cliche. You put your word's into action. You are gone but will never be forgotten. I know that heaven is smiling. RIP Sister Jean Webster
Posted by Karen Urbaniak on 12th January 2011
Sister Jean Webster was truly a woman of God. Her love and compassion will remain in the hearts of everyone she touched. May her legacy live on forever. She will always be the Mother Theresa of Atlantic City. "For a greater reward awaits you in Heaven" Matthew 5:12. May you be among Jesus Christ rejoicing in your glorified body free of all illness. <3
Posted by Kathleen Urbaniak on 12th January 2011
Sister Jean was a truly amazing woman who gave of herself each and everyday helping feed the hungry. She will be greatly missed. She was a simple person that could move mountains to take care of her guests! Rest in Peace.
Posted by John Scotland on 11th January 2011
Jean Webster always told the young people who came to volunteer at her kitchen that "my mother taught me that you should never look down on a man unless you are looking down to help him up". Today, I've heard from a dozen young people who still remember Jean's words. What our world really needs is more Jean Websters. Thanks be to God!
Posted by Pam C on 11th January 2011
What a simply remarkable woman. Rest in His Peace, Sister Jean.
Posted by Tanya Schimmel on 11th January 2011
When I learned of Jean Webster and her story I was amazed by her dedication and selflessness. I, unfortunately, only had the opportunity of meeting her once, but it was such an honor and an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. Her personality shined like the stars in the sky. May she rest in peace.

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