Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved-you and your household. / Crois au Seigneur Jésus, et tu seras sauvé, toi et ta famille.
Acts 16:31
  • 50 years old
  • Born on September 10, 1966 in Cameroon.
  • Passed away on October 27, 2016 in Paterson, New Jersey, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jeannette Sandjong 50 years old , born on September 10, 1966 and passed away on October 27, 2016. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Pablo Kouokam on 29th August 2017
mama depuis que tu es parti je n'ai pas eu le courage jusqu'a ce jour d'affronter cet evidence!j'ai cru que le temps altererai ma douleur helas ?c est difficile de croire que je ne te verrai plus jamais.chaque matin je me rappele des projets que nous envisagions au cameroun lorsque tu devrais obtenir le master dont tu avais commencee en debut d'annee!que c'est difficile tata comment continuer a vivre aux USA en ton absence?toi qui etait mon guide, ma boussole, mon conseil, mon unique famille dans ce monde outre atlantique loin de notre contree! le temps a finalement eu raison de toi mama repose en paix!le combat continu pour nous autres bigup mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Tamaira Hagood on 20th December 2016
I'm in utter shock to hear of your passing! May Allah grant you a spacious grave. I will miss working with you, I learned a lot from you at Talbot Hall. Bless you and rest well.
Posted by Ernest Anyere on 3rd December 2016
JEANNETTE MY GUARDIAN ANGEL Our Angel Above This angel of light, she blessed all our days - we found the meaning of love in so many ways. Although our time together was short, we were blessed just the same. Although this sweet angel didn’t carry our name. Reminding us of everything we’ve been through, even when times weren’t good we could count on you to help us make it through. Now she’s no longer with us, and our hearts weep, we lost our loved one but we gained an angel that we wanted to keep! Adieu
Posted by Maurice Kamdem Kamwa on 3rd November 2016
Jeannette: The last couple of times I spoke to you hundred and thousand of miles away, you sounded positive and full of energy to combat your ordeal. I said, keep that attitude my sister and continue pushing for your treatment as everything will just be fine. Well, that didn't last as I never got to visit you as intended before things took a deadly direction. While I'm still struggling to process your untimely departure and since Man proposes and God disposes, I'll have to accept the reality that you've passed onto the unknown world. However, I knew you not only as a sister, a friend, and a loving lady but also, as someone who cares, works hard, and full of determinations which translate into your deeds for others and the investment you did to yourself even though you never got to rip the full potential before Dead struck you. Sadly as it's, I can only wish your family, love ones, friends, and other relations more strength and courage to sustain and overcome this tough moment as you RIP wherever you are until then. Maurice
Posted by Winnie Ngwa on 31st October 2016
Madame Jeannette.. it was so sad to hear that you are gone never to return again. we loved you but God loves you best. May your gentle soul rest in peace. Adieu! !!! .
Posted by Liliane Noupin on 31st October 2016
What can I say about Ma'a Jeannette, that is how I called her. I called her ma'a Jea because she had the same first name as my late mother in law. I have so much to say about her. First I thank God Almighty for putting on her my path. She accomplished in my life what God place in her to do for me and my family. To me she was my mom and my mother in law at the same time. She was one of the first person my husband introduced me to. she and I just clicked and became mother-daughter, friend. She helped me walk through all my pregnancies from beginning to end. She filled in the role perfectly as if my two moms were here. She and I spend a lot of time reading and studying the Bible, singing Hymns while cooking or braiding hair, and simply just talking together. These are some of the fondest memories we shared. Ma'a Jea was always there for me during the hard and happy times. She was a strong, giving, caring, ...woman. Today she is gone after battling cancer. What gives me comfort is knowing that to the end she didn't waiver in faith believing that God through Christ will heal her. Her last word to us who went to visit her was not to neglect prayer and to believe in the power of prayer because God hears. She touched every life and mine in a very special way. I will miss her. May God receive her in His Kingdom, comfort us, and fill the emptiness she left in our hearts.
Posted by Pastor Albanos on 30th October 2016
Blessings, I PRAY THE LORD help us to accept HIS DECISION to take Sister Jeanette from us. The Bible says that all Souls belongs to the LORD and I am thankful that Sister Jeanette accepted the LORD in her heart. I PRAYED many times with Sister Jeanette and her FAITH in the LORD was very strong. I PRAY THE MIGHTY GOD OF ISRAEL, rest her soul in ETERNAL PEACE. I PRAY the LORD help Sister Jeanette's family and friends, to go through this difficult time in mourning. Also I want to encourage everyone to take this opportunity to REPENT and REJECT SINS in our lives, because nobody knows the Day or the Hour when the LORD will remove us from this earth. Shalom Pastor Albanos
Posted by Chidiebere Ugwuh on 30th October 2016
My precious, beloved and wonderfully made sister, Jeanette. I'm still in shock to know that you are no more with us on this wicked earth. Your departure was so sudden and my meeting you was so short lived. It was at a very trying and turbulent time in my life and you were just like fresh air blowing into my life. You were carrying so much yet you had time to listen and console others. I learnt so much from you during our short friendship; forgiveness, patience, resilience, faith, hope, hard work, determination and endurance. May your precious soul be at peace and eternal rest. May the Lord bless us with the strength to bear the loss. God bless you and loved ones. Shalom. Shalom!
Posted by Gloria Anyanwu on 30th October 2016
My dearest Jeannette, words cannot express how all those who knew you feel at this time. You are irreplaceable. Throughout your struggle with illness, you never questioned God and HIS power to save. You won the battle because you are with the Lord and at Peace. My prayer goes to your Family, Relatives, Friends, Well Wishers, and Classmates. We love you but God Loves You most. Continue to Rest in God until we meet to part no more. Adieu my Friend. Sister "CALLISTA ROY"- my able nurse theorist. Jeannette Sandjong. RN, BSN.
Posted by Edimo Laurent on 30th October 2016
La mere comme je t'appellais ,tu repondais mon fils helas te voila parti et je ne sais avec qui je vais pousuivre tout nos projets .la derniere fois kan tu m'appeller tu as dis de perseverer sur ce que je fais .je suis venue dans ce pays tu m'as pris comme le tien les mots me manquent que la terre de nos ancetres te sois leger jusqu'au jour ou nous allons encore nous revoir
Posted by Millicent Mufor on 30th October 2016
Tata, I know life is short but your passing away went so fast to me that I cannot compared to anything.I knew you through my brother in law since 2012 and from that day we became like a family and your contributions to my life is a remarkable one.Most especially the journey we made to Europe Finland with the twins. My family and friends in finland still remember your warm welcome in our home. We had nice time for two weeks.My children, your children will never forget you. We took lots and lots of pictures during your stay and visit to Estonia.Dont know what I will do with this pictures. Tata may your soul rest in peace. We will seriously miss you.
Posted by Agnes Langha-Ngwa on 29th October 2016
Aunty Jeannette every time we met you you were always so kind and generous. I never got to know you really well but I know you will be terribly missed by all who knew and loved you. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Ines NyaS on 29th October 2016
Ma'jea From the First time we landed here in the USA, until last Wednesday I spoke to you, you were a light in our lives. I can even go through the list, because there so much to say, so much... I just want to take this moment to thank you for all yr love, help, presence, unconditional support to my family. It been 4 years since Hurricane Sandy passed, I vividly remember how you welcomed us , selflessly in yr house with my 4kids and gave us yr bed to sleep in... If you can hear me, know that the kids missed you already, we all missed you.. continue to shine up there, as you did down here with us. May the Lord give you a resting place by his side, because you deserve it.
Posted by Abie Macauley on 29th October 2016
May her soul rest in perfect peace. I pray for God's Devine comfort for the entire family. God bless. Gisel take courage my dear sister.
Posted by Gorby Djoungang on 29th October 2016
Hello mamaja May you rest in peace I Sent you a long voice in what's app letting You know that I hadn't forgotten about you I know that we never got to Meet or get to know each other as well I'm happy that I got to say our goodbyes I will never forget you Your death has given me an important life lesson as I continue to learn what it means to live Rest in peace you're in a better place now ✌
Posted by Yvette Yonkeu on 29th October 2016
Mamaja voici la derniere phrase du message que tu m as envoye mercredi le 26 October a 17hrs "Je veux suivre Dieu comme Job dans la bible. Le plus Grand HEALER c'est Dieu Lui même. Je trust quil Est a mes Côte " Je m en doute pas que Tu Es a Ces cotes en ce moment Zouja sil ya des choses qui mont tourjours marque en toi c etait ;ton courage , ton energie,ta simplicite,ta determination ,ton optimisme,ta sensibilite, ta patience, ton desir d aider, aider tout le monde Et le plus souvent au delas de tes limites.Certains disait que tu etais bete et meme trop bete!!! Juste parce que Ces gens la ne savais pas de quelle famille tu sortais , une famille dans laquelle nous avons herite la valorisation de notre prochain Qu est que tu ne pouvais pas faire ? Tu etais une rassembleuse Les etapes de la vie ne t avaient pas tourjours souri Mais a chaque fois tu les modelaient ,tu t adptais ,malgre le temps que cela pouvais prendre Tu t en sortais tourjours vainqueur Depuis plus de deux ans il n ya pas un jour que nous n avons pas cause au tel au moins une fois Notre conversation tournant tourjours au tour des differents moyens a prendre pour combattre cette maladie En aucun moment tu as baisse les bras ,ton enthusiasme durant tout ce temps Est ce qui ma tourjours encourage Tu avions tourjours de l esploir Tu venais de graduate, et a peine souffler il fallait te relancer a une autre lutte,une lutte incertaine Ma mere repose toi Jai tres mal meme juste en y pensant Mais Je Suis obligee de l accepte Que Notre Dieu t acceuille comfortablement la haut et qil te garde a ses cotes Tu restera un example pour nous Love u forever mama
Posted by Albert Nguidjol on 28th October 2016
Jeannette: notre vie est comme la feuille d'un arbre, qui est verte et qui jaunit, sèche, tombe et meurt. Tu es courageusement tombée Le 27 Octobre 2016 après un court séjour d'un demi siècle sur terre. Mais alors un séjour très riche et intense, qui laisse beaucoup de beaux souvenirs d'amour, d'amitié, de générosité, de fraternité, et de stoicisme. Tu as combattu le bon combat et je prie le SEIGNEUR DIEU TOUT PUISSANT, afin qui t'acceuille dans son royaume et qu'il t'accorde un repos éternel.
Posted by Edmond Epie on 28th October 2016
Jeannette... If you can hear me, this candle is for the light that you will continue to be forever. You were a star here on earth and I am very sure you will continue to shine in the heavens. Safe travels to the greater beyond, my dear friend...until we meet again inevitably.

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