Let the memory of Jess be with us forever.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jess Clarke Jr. . We will remember him forever.
Posted by Anya Clarke on April 1, 2019
Dear Mamma, JC, Curtis & Judd, and family Clarke,
This time Maurizio & I cannot come in time to join You in sad celebration , incapable to overcome the bureaucracy and the difficult circumstances in which we found ourselves at this time, however, we would like to join You in mourning and in prayer and in commemoration of Jess and his wonderful person.
We can understand Your grief and pain very well, Maurizio having lost his father many years ago and me who is assitisting ma father this very moment on his deathbed, and we send You our warmest words of courage and empathy.
We respected Jess very much indeed and admired his strength and curiosity and sharpness of intellect very much and he has been a dear friend all this years. You are a wonderful family and my mother had witnessed it always saying how amazing and united and great family she had became a part of.
Not many people that we have got to know through our life would show the similar strehgth vivacity and charisma that Jess had and we will always remember and admire him for it.
As always too late we recognize to have erred not to have come sooner to make a visit and are only consolated by knowing we had been present virtually.
We hope Jess will always assist us with his good advice and wise words from above as he did these years in person , we really believe this.
Please don’t forget that even if You never really got to know us we are here and will always be for You and hope soon to overcome all distress and come to America and meet all of You.
Thank You very much for being so kind and sensible to my mother
Our most sincere condolences
Nina & Maurizio
Posted by Anya Clarke on March 2, 2019
Dziendobry.. Dear Family and Friends,
So many times Jess Jr. and I were talking about writing a goodbye letter to the family.  It didn't happen. 
 What he wanted you to know you, my dear family, you already know that he loves all of you very much. 
 There wasn't a day he will be not talking about you or calling you. He was so proud of your accomplishments dear sons.
I was honored that almost all grandchildren were born while we were together it made me grandma Anya.
I own him so much. His positive attitude for life allowed me to be who I am.
 As you all know I'm Polish from a country Jess didn't know anything about.
On the first trip to my family in Lodz, during the dinner Jess asked in perfect Polish, "Anya Ktora godzina?" and everybody looked down at their watch and answered him in Polish, That broke the ice and we all started to laugh. 
 Another time in Poland, I landed on a pig farm simply because when he highlighted a place on the map we had to visit.
Jess learned many Polish words which next he taught to many other people. Some of you know them very well.
His favorite was" dziendobry" which opened many barriers.
Marchewka' which means carrot come later after we saw a big field of them when we traveled through Poland.
Lately his sister Jane told us a story using the polish word: marchewka"instead carrot" while she was cooking soup.
Jess read many books about Polish history and in his 9 trips there he joked he knows Polish Geography better than me. 
 He was thankful to have a second country to love as his own.
  Here in Bradenton Jess immediately found coffee friends at Panera Bread where the whole group was meeting at 6 o clock in the morning.  He loved those mornings.  He attended them religiously for 8 years before his accident when his hip muscle broken.
We spent 20 happy years together with family and friends and I'm thankful for that.
  His life's motto was, "No Assumed Constraints." which took me a while to understand but now I know anything is possible. 
Jess was the love of my life and stay in my heart forever. Let him rest in peace.
Thank you all for being here and being part of his legacy.  

This is what I said on the Celebration.
Posted by Anya Clarke on February 18, 2019
I don't have words to describe how lucky I was all these years
to share my life with him and his beautiful family.
I believe he was my destiny.
At the end of 1998, I got many fortune tellers letters' telling me how bright the future would be.
I laughed when I read them but I started to believe I will meet Mr. Right
and I did....it was my Jess Jr.
For those of you who were unable to attend his Celebration:
In the funeral home, we had a slideshow of many pictures, flowers and the big poster of his photos.
His son, sister, his daughter in law, a few friends and I talked about his adventures.
My daughter wrote a letter which was read aloud.
After the funeral, we all went to Marina Jack's in Sarasota for dinner.
We stayed through the evening.
Jess had asked us to play "Free Bird" by Lynard Skynyrd.
We all made a circle holding hands, we clapped, sang and danced to the music.
Lampions were flown in his honor.
I want to thank all my family and friends who join us this day.
Let his soul be in peace. Love you.a
Posted by Marc Barnes on February 16, 2019
I was greatly saddened and shocked to hear of your passing Jess.
We became instant friends when you and your wonderful wife, Anya came to live in Bradenton in 2005. We shared many things in common, including our love for the sport of Racquetteball, and we played many a game at various local courts. Unfortunately, because of our differing health problems, we were unable to continue and alas our playing days came to an abrupt end much too soon. You will be greatly missed by all that knew you.
So, my friend, I will just say aurevoir for now until we meet up again and play in that big court in the sky.
Goodbye my friend.
Posted by Rayena Sandell on February 8, 2019
Good morning Jess, I have come to say goodbye. 
I want to thank you for a friendship the last several years, the laughter and smiles and kindness are special to me.
Go rest high on that mountain Jess,
I know peace goes with you. Rayena Sandell
Posted by Zbigniew Gajda on February 6, 2019
Our condolences. We are so sad that we will not be able to see you again. We will miss the times spent together.
Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
Love, Grazyna (Grace) and Zbyszek
Posted by Ellen Saunders on February 6, 2019
You are so right, Chris. He never stopped creating, never gave up. I remember him saying that so often! The thing I remember most is all the picture taking. He never stopped! But, I must say, he loved to have his picture taken with his winning smile! He was so funny.....
Posted by Chris Sykes on February 5, 2019
A few weeks ago, 81-year-old Jess handed me a layout for an ad he'd been working on for a new product. Why is this meaningful? Because unlike many, Jess never stopped creating, never stopped working on the next big thing, never lost his optimism and view towards the future. Jess was a truly remarkable individual whose like we meet very rarely in life. His attitude to life could be summed up by one of his favorite sayings, "No assumed constraints!"
Posted by Judith Hamilton on February 5, 2019
I had the pleasure of caring for Jess over 3 years. Listening to Free bird, chocolate chip cookies and bars, meeting so many of his friends, laughing, singing different songs, singing happy birthday to friends and family, talking about history, fruits and veggies, Aloe his love, sharing life to the fullest. He was always thinking about where to travel next. Jess is the founder of Miracle of Aloe. I have learned so much about Aloe from him over the years. He loved to just take rides in the car anywhere. Most of all he would say to me Judy I am so proud of my family. He loved his sister’s, brother, son’s dearly and his grand children so much. Anya his beautiful wife who is so special cared for Jess like a King. He had the best, lived the best he could. Many days were a struggle with Parkinson’s disease. I helped him walk, encouraged him daily. You can do it Jess. He was like a father to me, intelligent, always thinking about creating new products and solutions. I miss him already. He is Free as a bird now. I am sure he is working on his biggest project in heaven now. Yooooooo my sweet friend.
Posted by Kara Bartholomew on February 2, 2019
I was given the opportunity to have Jess as my caregiving client when he was in PA at the river cottage. He Loved his life and all the people he met along the way. He loved his Tuesday’s at Teels Auction House, buying junk to store at the cottage for his sons to throw out. He loved his Ice Cream and chocolate bars. He loved to heckle with the telemarketers on his phone, go for rides and tell me stories along the way. He was a gem, there will never be another one like him. He treasured his sons, wife and grandkids. He loved to have his family at the river cottage and watching them have fun on the river. I will deeply Miss you!  Kara Bartholomew, Caregiver
Posted by Ellen Saunders on February 1, 2019
I want to say that Jess was unique. There will never be anyone like him. He was smart, highly creative, hard-working and fun. He had a great laugh and a wonderful sense of humor. I know how much he loved his wife and children. Sometimes during our business relationship, he would make me crazy. Like the time he stapled the hem in his trousers before going to see an important customer. I have lots of stories like this. Nothing he'd do would surprise me! He was his own man.
Posted by Ellen Saunders on February 1, 2019
Where do I begin? Jess was my partner, my mentor, my friend. He did more to change my life than anyone I’ve ever known. Everything I know about Marketing, I learned from Jess, We traveled the country together, selling our products, laughing all the way, as well as taking pictures all the way! My only regret is that I was not in touch with him in his last year. He will remain in my heart forever. Rest In Peace, dear Jess. My sincere sympathies to all who loved him.
Posted by Georgie Flook on February 1, 2019
Jess, You will forever be in our hearts. You raised 3 amazing boys and were a wonderful father, grandfather and friend. I will always remember the many great memories from Bushy Ridge and so on. You will be missed! Praying for you and your family. Love, Georgie Murray Flook

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