Let the memory of James be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, James Burke, 58, born in October of 1955 and passing away in December 2013. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Steve Williams on 15th May 2014
Jim started as a client. I designed the logo for Frontier and got to know Jim as he began his new venture. Many years later I bumped into him at the Trenton train station, both of us on our way to Manhattan. We sat together on the train and did some catching up and agreed to meet for drinks. Through LinkedIn, we stayed in touch, dropping notes to each other from time to time. Then in September of 2012 he called and said, "let's meet for a drink." We sat at the new bar at the Pineville Tavern and did some more catching up. He was excited about his new position at Tonic. After two hours, we said our goodbyes and agreed to meet again soon. Unfortunately we never did. I only heard of his passing last week. I was stunned. I will miss him. He left us way too early, but he left us each a small piece of him to remember forever. Thanks Jim.
Posted by Cissy Croat on 1st January 2014
So proud he is my brother...never really knew what he accompolished professionally because he was so humble, wanted only to know what we had going on...loved talking of Bel and Lucas...always wanted to know how his nieces and nephews were doing...were they happy and excited about their work because he was and wanted them to be...love him always...
Posted by John Gallwn on 30th December 2013
Jimmy is my cousin. Our families grew up together in Fanwood NJ and we spent every August until we were 10-15 yrs. old. What I remember about Jimmy was the way he would make everyone at the house in Cape Cod laugh! He used to do his "pupet man" impersonation from behind the couch. He was a naturally funny guy. As we grew older we did not communicate but I do know that he was a proud family man. I will remember the good days fondly and be thankful for the memories.
Posted by Glen Watson on 29th December 2013
I first met Jim when he and Bel welcomed us as neighbors in Horsham, PA. I eventually learned that Jim shared my same passion for fishing. When I moved back to Canada I invited Jim to spend a week of fishing in a very remote, northern part of Ontario. This started a whole new chapter in our friendship which continued for the following 12 years. Jim's passion for the outdoors was apparent by his desire to be fishing from early dawn to late dusk each day regardless of the weather. Fishing in remote Canada was one of Jim's childhood dreams that he was able to live each year. I had the pleasure of spending great quality time with Jim in God's Country. We had no distractions from the corporate world during these trips allowing us to have long, uninterrupted conversations and of course listening attentive to Jim's many stories. We were able to solve most of the world's problems during these weeks. Jim was smart, articulate, and youthful and the best dressed fisherman I have ever seen. Jim was a great friend that I will miss dearly. I will remember Jim for his great warmth and kindness, and the way he was filled with love and pride when he spoke about his dear son Lucas.
Posted by RJ Lewis on 29th December 2013
i met Jim about 20 years ago when he was at Frontier Media Group. A fellow early convert to the digital disciples, we worked on early online projects for clients like AZ and P&G. Jim was passionate, creative, driven and excited by changing the paradigm. He had a great mix of seriousness and fun. Clients and colleagues alike loved him. He will be missed. Rest in peace Jim.
Posted by Jim Steen on 27th December 2013
Jim Burke, the other guy with grey hair at 201 South State Street, gonna miss you my friend. Too many times we'd say, let's grab a drink or some coffee and then rush off to our days... I'm thankful for the times we did brother.
Posted by Lilliana Ramos on 27th December 2013
Jim era o gringo mais brasileiro que conhecemos. Seu jeito divertido, simpático, carinhoso e companheiro nos encantou desde sempre. Se "saudades" é um sentimento que só brasileiro sente - tanto que não existe tradução para nenhum outro idioma -, a falta do Jim é a melhor explicação desse termo. Beijo a todos. Pita
Posted by Ian Young on 27th December 2013
I can`t believe that Jim has left us away too soon. Jim was a great friend of mine over the past decade as we would get together for 4 or 5 days each August with several other friends to fish for muskellunge at my cottage on Lake Nipissing in Northern Ontario. I can still hear Jim`s screams of joy when he caught his last muskie! It was always a joy to be with Jim. He was intelligent, passionate, considerate and funny. Jim was also good with the one-liners and loved good food and wine. Jim will be greatly missed by his family and friends. We are all better for knowing Jim, who made a difference and leaves the world a better place. Our prayers are with you Jim. Rest in peace.
Posted by Gustavo Masri on 27th December 2013
Jim was a person I admired. He was a mentor, always positive, always motivated. I will miss our long conversation about both of us being married to Brasilians. I will miss him. He was an great husband and an excellent father. I know one day we will meet again.
Posted by Emily Roche on 27th December 2013
"I don't care where we have the meeting. Let's just have it at Nathan's in Penn Station," Jim suggested. "We can all get the fries, and no one will have to worry about missing their train." I met Jim at work, and like so many others posting memories here, was lucky to count him as a friend in the years that followed. He loved his wife, Belle, and always seemed to glow a little whenever he talked about her. He also loved being a father to Lucas. Jim was a great storyteller, and one of my favorites was the one he told me about what it was like to take Lucas to his first Phillies game. Jim had a sharp wit and a wicked sense of humor. But most of all he was kind - a truly wonderful person. Nearly all of the memories I have of him are about something hilarious, and I am going to miss him. May he rest in peace, and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
Posted by Jim DeMaioribus on 26th December 2013
Jim was truly one of the good guys. There is a hole in the world that will never be filled. We will miss you Jim.
Posted by Kevin Nalty on 26th December 2013
Jim was a terrific colleague and friend. I'll miss his stories. He was one of the best storytellers I know -- especially when he talked about Bell and Lucas. Sending love and prayers to them and the rest of his family... mom, sisters and brother. Jim also had a large professional network of people who considered him more of a friend than colleague. He loved and was loved.
Posted by Andrew Le Blanc on 26th December 2013
Jim was a friend, a mentor, a critic, an advocate, and he shared his wonderful sense of humour with me. Somehow the world just became a little smaller. He talked alot about fishing Salmon on the Miramichi River near my house in Canada. I will be thinking of him casting his line everytime I pass by. We will miss you Jim.
Posted by Kate Rubin on 26th December 2013
Jim and I worked together at MBC. Always supportive and always a professional. Jim was a great storyteller; he would engage you almost immediately and then you were hooked. An ideas man, and all around great guy. Most recently, we worked together on a project for AZ-saw him just 2 weeks ago. Rest in peace, Jim. You will be missed.
Posted by Stacey Clarke on 26th December 2013
Jim was not only a great boss, mentor and behind his business acumen a super funny man! A true gem and will be missed by us all.
Posted by Bruce Grant on 26th December 2013
"Some men get divorced for their Midlife Crisis," Jim Burke once said. "I got married for mine." Later, when he had become a father and moved with his family to Brazil, he told me, "I wanted my son to grow up here so he would know what it was like to live full out from his heart." I loved that, when I traveled with Jim, he would stop at the news stand before boarding and buy a copy, not of Financial Times or The Economist or Fast Company...but of the New Yorker. Wherever you are now, my friend, rest easy...and know that you are missed far beyond the power of words to express.
Posted by Jim Gibson on 26th December 2013
I was one of the fortunate ones to have known Jim for 15+ years and it was a great 15 years. While we started off as colleagues, that soon changed to friends, and what a friendship it was. No matter where I was, Jim was always ready for a visit to fish, golf, or just to just catch up. Many a time we would have grandiose plans of catching and releasing our next trophy fish only to be denied by the weather which would in turn evolve into us conquering a fine bottle of scotch and a few plates of wings. We'd hatch our plans for the next trip, and I'd impatiently wait to be reunited with my friend. Jim had many friends that I'm sure felt the same way. That's just how it is when you're around Jim. I have many stories about our times together, but I'll get to them another day. I miss my friend and like I said earlier, I will impatiently wait to be reunited with you again. See you on the dock....
Posted by Kiersten Raynor on 26th December 2013
About 10 years ago my boyfriend tells his pal is coming into town for a few days of "the boys" going fishing...When Jim realized I liked to fish he invited me to join much to the dismay of the boyfriend. That was the first a a few great trips fishing in the backwaters of South Florida and dodging gators on Lake Okeechobee. I even out fished him on a few occasions and always rubbed it in! Jim became my benchmark of what a great friend, mentor and a husband should be. He was clever, generous and elegant in so many ways. We are all better for having had him in our life and fishing will never be the same without "My Fishing Buddy"
Posted by Burns Tracy on 26th December 2013
It has been not only a privilege but an honor to be a friend of Jimmy's since junior high school years. Jimmy was one of those guys who always had a good joke, words of wisdom, a helping hand, and a smile that was contagious to anyone that crossed paths with him. Jimmy & I shared the same birthday month, I always gave Jimmy grief that he was older than me and of course teased him I was younger and much better looking! We shared many of good times with mutual friends at Fanwood Park and Forest Road Park not to mention the crazy times we had in High School. After HS, we all went separate ways, unfortunately losing contact. It was two years ago when I came back East and talked with Jimmy. We just picked up where we left off, we shared stories of our families, children, and work. Jimmy genuinely expressed his love for his wife & son, I'm sure there was a huge smile on his face when he shared with me stories of them. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. May everyone who knew Jim, find peace that he lives on in all our hearts! Jim, you will be missed! xox
Posted by Bill Hoffman on 26th December 2013
My most cherished memory of Jim had nothing to do with work at all, although that’s where I met him and how I knew him. Instead, Nancy and I had traveled to Hawaii with him in 2004 on some sort of sales junket. Like trips of those kind, there were all sorts of planned activities. Jim had other ideas, of course. He rented a blue convertible and off we went around the perimeter of the Island, watching speechless as volcanic rock became green horse pastures became lush rain forest. Off on a side road, we came to a small bridge with a huge tropical waterfall, the sort of place that seems more like a dream than anything else. Jim pulled the car over and we just hung there trying to absorb it. What I remember most about Jim is watching the pleasure and gratitude on his face that he had found that place and moment of unsurpassed beauty.
Posted by Heidi Youngkin on 26th December 2013
Every conversation with Jim was thought-provoking, I learned something every time we we spoke. He was such a creative and talented man, gone much too soon. He'll be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Posted by Timothy Graham on 26th December 2013
When you buy into a vision as large as Jim's you find yourself in the car. A lot. I enjoyed our trips where he would recount his amazing stories from parenting, fishing and agency life. Sometimes on Friday, he’d tell the same story he told me Monday. I didn’t mind. He was a masterful storyteller. I remember calling a past boss a few months into working at Tonic, and telling him excitedly “I’ve found my ‘Steve Jobs.’” Jim was both couth and cunning, and sought to constantly pull out the most innovative ideas within his own mind and demanded it of others. I’m truly honored and very blessed to have called this man my boss, mentor and friend. My heart clenches tight every time I think of his absence and I shake my head in disbelief. May you find peace Jim, and may your family find some healing in all of these amazing memories honoring him.
Posted by Adam Roberts on 25th December 2013
I worked with Jim for many years at Digitas Health and while he may not have known it, I looked up to him as an unofficial mentor. He lit up a room with style and grace and was an amazing person with so much talent and heart. We worked on many business pitches together and business accounts. He was an amazing man. I once ran into him in Ventor on the beach and know he loved being a father - often we chatted about the joys of parenthood and even out of the office, he was the same warm and inviting man. A true mensch as we say in Yiddish. He will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his son, wife and family and friends. Jim, you were one of the best!
Posted by Brian Cunningham on 25th December 2013
I cannot think of a more enjoyable colleague than Jim. He struck such a delighful balance to me that would make its mark on anyone he touched. Sarcastic yet serious, intelligent yet goofy, a manager and a friend... I left every conversation with Jim feeling better for it. You will be sorely, sorely missed. May God bless your family through this time.
Posted by Michael Konowicz on 25th December 2013
Jim was a talented, brilliant, thought-provoking thinker & doer who was able to approach the most complicated situations with ease and the most chaotic scenes with calmness. My thoughts & prayers are with his family and friends ...and may they find solace in the fact that Jim was responsible for improving lives on so many levels.
Posted by Leslie Oliver on 25th December 2013
The world will be a lesser place without your sharp wit and unending charisma. Thank you for Nick Drake, your unabashed love of green chili and so many rich memories. I hope you are somewhere beautiful, catching all the biggest fish. My deepest condolences to your family, I am terribly saddened that you have gone on ahead too soon.
Posted by David Kramer on 25th December 2013
Jim was a man I liked, I admired and I depended upon. No one could sell an idea better than Jim; he loved the hunt and loved to win. He valued relationships and he held up his end. Working with him was always rewarding and fun. I wanted to be in his company and I celebrated our friendship. I looked forward to our golf and we never ran out of stories to tell each other. He was a bright light. Jim Burke belonged to a bygone era of charm, courtesy and appropriate behavior. The laid back style was a great disguise for the passion that burned for his family, his friends and his work. We hadn't been in touch recently, but it didn't matter. We were in touch anyway. Jim, my heart is so heavy that you are gone from us. Thank you for sharing part of your very special life with me. With great respect and love, David Kramer
Posted by Ilana Scholl on 25th December 2013
Jim was my boss at DH; he mentored me and taught me the business like no one else. I am proud to have gotten the opportunity to learn from him but more importantly we became extraordinary friends. Every moment with Jim was a new adventure. While Jim loved to work - there was so much more to him and it is those memories that I will cherish - work trips to CPH, London and Mexico City to name a few - hopping on a double decker bus tour even if we only had 1 hour of free time or going to the local art museum. While I did not get the chance to say goodbye this week, just last month we had a fabulous dinner to celebrate my new job and Jim was there coaching me, guiding me on my next chapter. While you are no longer here, I know you will always be right by my side. I am a better person because you were a part of my life. Thank you for the friendship and memories. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. All my love, ilana scholl
Posted by David Wechsler on 25th December 2013
Jimmy, I can't come to grips with the fact you are gone. I will miss your sarcasm, and our infrequent but surely memorable visits. Since our days working together in NYC in the early 80's I can recall every detail or every sick adventure. Our golf trips over the years are something I'll never forget. I'm just so sad that we didn't get to see each other this year...get to ski together in Colorado this Winter and maybe some golf (this time in FL.) after your trip from hell to Scottsdale last winter. You were taken like many other friends and family too early and you will be dearly missed. Your sense of humor was second to none... as was your friendship. My thoughts and condolences go out to Belle and Lucas.
Posted by Greg Lewis on 25th December 2013
The one we called the Silver Fox, a great friend, colleague and fishing buddy. We would say, do what Jim would do....it meant, do the things that made you happiest and don't worry about the things that don't.... in work, life and family. I think he followed his heart first. He did that and was always in a great frame of mind. It is impossible for me to come to grips with the fact that you're gone. Jim was an english major and he talked about selling his record collection to afford a one way plane ticket to his first interview where he had to write on the spot to win the job. This reminds me of you: The most important thing I learned on Tralfamadore was that when a person dies he only appears to die. He is still very much alive in the past, so it is very silly for people to cry at his funeral. All moments, past, present and future, always have existed, always will exist. The Tralfamadorians can look at all the different moments just the way we can look at a stretch of the Rocky Mountains, for instance. They can see how permanent all the moments are, and they can look at any moment that interests them. It is just an illusion we have here on Earth that one moment follows another one, like beads on a string, and that once a moment is gone it is gone forever. - Kurt Vonnegut
Posted by Ron Cohen on 25th December 2013
Wow...wow...can not believe it. Jim was one of the few people who could get away with calling me Ronnie. A great guy...favorite memory was being on a video shoot with him in Atlanta...as we left the shoot to fly back, we gave him a box of blank videotapes and told him they were the actual shot tapes. He accidentally left them at the rental car counter, and didn't realize until we were half way to the gate. He was so, so upset, ran back to get the tapes, and in the process missed the flight. I tried to keep the plane from leaving, but they weren't having any of it. I thought he would kill me, but when we all got back he shrugged and said shit happens. He thought it was pretty funny the joke we played on him with the box of tapes... A class act, our Mr. Burke. He'll be missed.
Posted by Zoe Alexandra on 25th December 2013
All I can say is what a guy! He was always so caring and to many, a work dad. Taken too soon without a doubt and he will forever be a memory of intelligence, positivity, and professionalism. May your family be in peace during this time as you now rest, Jim. I am so very sorry for your family's loss.
Posted by Chris Higgins on 25th December 2013
Loved working with Jim and talking fishing. He was too young to leave us. Peace be with him.
Posted by Brian Peterson on 25th December 2013
I was lucky enough to have worked on several projects with Jim, including a few great trips to Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Jim was a consummate professional, well respected and loved within the industry. Funny and compassionate with a terrific head for business. He was taken too soon. I miss ya, Jim. My thoughts and prayers are with his family during this time.
Posted by Justin Mathews on 24th December 2013
This memorial website was created in memory of James Burke, 58, born in October of 1955 and passing away in December 2013. Please use this page to share your memories of Jim. I'm thankful to be so privileged. I got to be tutored by one of the greatest in the game, even if it was only for a few months. You were one of the best bosses a guy could have, Jim. I can never repay you for the knowledge that you have given me. You made me a better man, and I will go out of my way to emphatically carry on your legacy. Your love for great design and cutting edge technology is what brought smiles to everyone's faces. I know people would agree that you were an amazing visionary that was well ahead of his years. As Chris Bye always said, you were a "rock star from Mars". As inappropriate as it sounds, one of my favorite sayings of yours was "F$&@ my dog" (FMD). I can't tell you how many times I've said that in the past week because of this, brother. The Tonic team won't be the same. You will truly be missed, and the impact will be felt industry wide. It was just too soon. So here's to Jim Burke. A great man that would be so proud of how his family, friends and colleagues are supporting each other during this very difficult time. A private, self-contained man with a witty sense of humor and a passion for the outdoors and living life. A man that has left a lasting impression on everyone that has ever had the privilege to spend even a few minutes with him. RIP James K. Burke October 1955 - December 2013

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