Let the memory of JIMMY be with us forever
  • 37 years old
  • Born on June 28, 1974 in California, United States.
  • Passed away on May 23, 2012 in California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, JIMMY FAJARDO 37 years old , born on June 28, 1974 and passed away on May 23, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Evelyn Nickle on 29th June 2015
Hey my big guy.Well it's been 41 years since I brought you into this World that you left all to soon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY BOY I LOVE YOU
Posted by Evelyn Nickle on 23rd May 2015
Hey Big Guy well it's been 3 years now and still feels like yesterday but we are getting by. We miss you so much every day. I like the fact that when we have Hoss every weekend your here with him and showing him who you are. I really don't see Aubby at all her and her mom have moved on. she has a daddy now and his mom is her Grandma so I have chosen to step back away from the situation. as you know from what I've heard you were treated very unjustly by never being able to meet her when her new daddy and mommy are doing the same thing you were but then were not judges. That's GODS JOB. LOVE AND MISS YOU.
Posted by OneEye Jack on 23rd May 2015
Miss You Cuz... Love You!! -Chad
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 28th June 2014
Happy 40th!!! Miss you tons. Thanks for showing our daughter who you are. I enjoy watching her talk to you. Love you
Posted by Dorothy Fajardo on 28th June 2014
hapyy 40th birthday josei love and miss your calls and laughter take care og grampa
Posted by Evelyn Nickle on 27th May 2014
Well as always since you left us my Memorial weekend was crap the 23RD I stayed in bed being a cry baby as Randi calls it but of course she was one with me. We LOVE and MISS you so much. Your 2 youngest kids are growing rapidly and are BEAUTIFUL light haired like me. I LOVE IT.
Posted by Dorothy Fajardo on 23rd May 2014
well grandson marks two yrs today since you left us your missed so much with your smile and laughter I will always love you take care of grampa and bobbie and the other loved ones we lost to soon love and miss you
Posted by Evelyn Nickle on 3rd March 2014
Well guess u of course know ur son is in jail again. I'm just praying they only give him 90 days and let him start over but u know the Judges have the final decision. Anyway just venting I guess some people are really starting to annoy me so I'm going to start pulling away because I don't like being HURT and know what I mean.When u were here I could deal alot easier but now no PATIENCE for games they play sorry son but I'm out. LOVE YOU ALWAYS
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 12th January 2014
I haven't been on here In awhile. But I know you know I think about you everyday. Aubryana is almost 3 and is ur spitting image. Lol she has your gopd and bad qualities. She starts preschool after she turns 3 andI know I will get a call about her bullying some kid. Lol but I just wantes to stop by and say how much I miss you still. I want to apologize for everything. I love you jimmy xoxox
Posted by Evelyn Nickle on 15th December 2013
Well my Dear Boy as you know I threw John out on Nov.3,2013 and starting to miss him cause of the holidays. Not letting him come back though. I miss you so much every day but this holiday coming up is the worst. Kenny is so much like you he has to decorate everything even his Room. So as I sit and write to you missing you so very much and I'm still so BROKEN without you and it still hurts so very bad. I just want to wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS MY SON LOVE YOU.
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 18th September 2013
Hi. I'm sitting thinking of you. So I'm sure u kmow I finally got my real tattoo. Lol I told our story soo much lately. I cant believe the one u gave me hurt so bad. Lol the ones kevin did were a piece of cake. So the next one I get I want to do something that reminds me of you. Everyone keeps telling me a protrait but idk..I'm scared of that. Lol I miss you so much. Xoxoxo
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 18th September 2013
Oh n I know u were here today, aubryana was walking around singing jimmy jimmy jimmy. Lol thanks for showing her who you are. Other times when she isn't being a butt she will say daddy best friend. Lol oh that girl acts just like you. She will go to preschool next year please be with her and guide her the right direction. Which is behaving lol!!! I'm gokng to be called alotI feel it.. lol
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 5th September 2013
I'm sitting here looking at your pictures and missing you soo much. What I would do to hear your voice again. Our baby will be 28months old in 20mins. I sooo wish I could go back 2years. Everuthing would have been so different. I know you know I love you and always have. ♡♥♡
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 23rd August 2013
another month without you. not getting any easier. people say it does but i dont believe them. thankyou for visiting us. aubryana calls you daddy best friend. lol well ww love and misss you sooo much!!!
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 23rd July 2013
14 months and not a day goes by that i dont miss you. Aubryana is such a smart beautiful little girl. i know you this because you come to see her all the time. i miss you jimmy. i took out ur wedding vows and it just broke my heart..i really wanted to hear them one day. i love you
Posted by Nathan Fajardo on 10th July 2013
Man pops i need some advice man i lost four people i love you, Brianna, amd her kids man you would of liked brayden he a lil cute ass lol man everything was going good for me but i fucked it all up i just want it all back so bad I'll do it Wright these time man aubreyana looks just like us foe trippy huh but pops please come see me and tell me how i can get my lady to want me back i love u
Posted by Dorothy Fajardo on 28th June 2013
happy birthday in heaven grandson.this year grampa is with you on your birthday I sure miss both of you I feel so empty inside rip love you gramma
Posted by Evelyn Nickle on 28th June 2013
HAPPY B-DAY MY SON wish you were here with us. Please guide your son Nate in the right direction I think he has lost his way to our beliefs he is not responding well to me as he thinks I don't understand how he feels. Feelings our not the downfall losing FAITH is so lead him back to us. LOVE YOU MOM
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 27th June 2013
Happy Birthday, Wish you were here to celebrate it. your missed by alot. i know you have been here visiting.. Aubryana has said daddy down there and pointed down the hallway..the other kids get spooked but i know your here protecting us. thanks for letting aubryana know you you are.. we love you!!! xoxoxo
Posted by Evelyn Nickle on 26th June 2013
I've decided to stay in the AV valley. I miss and Love you.Still looking into a family restaurant but decided to call it Josers Place since we were going to do it together. Think I might have found the resources to finance it so it's looking good. Anna's cafe closed so the building is up for lease with all the equipment and everything I knew you'd get the Irony of that LOL LMOM
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 23rd June 2013
13months and still missing you like crazy!!! xoxo
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 16th June 2013
If aubryana could tell you she would happy fathers day!!i show her our picture together and she says aww cute momma and dada.. its really awesome!!! she is offically potty trained. she started a week after she turned 2. well i still miss you and love u very much. there isnt a day that passes that i dont think of you or look at ur pictures.. Xoxo
Posted by Evelyn Nickle on 27th May 2013
It's been a year now and it still hurts.I think people play to many head games and I just don't have the time or energy for it anymore trying to keep up on the shit.Went to Aunt Kathy's today for a bbq going out to Cal City tomorrow to see the kids gonna try to see Aubby and her mom while out there.Randa Graduates on the 30th then off to High School.
Posted by Evelyn Nickle on 27th May 2013
Oh also thinking of moving back to Aunt Kathy's and doing all the plans we had when Dad was alive.Looking into starting Grandma's Cooking like we always planed now I just have to find a cook as good as us LOL. The hard part is continuing on after your gone the cafe was our idea but I have to find a way to support all these grandkids i'm getting with the boys LOL.
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 23rd May 2013
i think u came to visit me last nite. i wanted to be up at midnite and something woke aubryana up at 1145 she didnt get out of bed she just cried and said i go nite nite. were u here last nite? i know u come to.visit aubryana.. she just looks off to space.. thanks for letting her kmow who you are.. xoxoxo
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 23rd May 2013
a whole year since i have heard your voice. today has been a crappy day for me..preparing myself for tomorrow. it still seems unreal to me. i still await ur text or call. i dont wanna except ur gone. i hold out baby girl and hug her and thankgod i have her! you would be so impressed with her on how smart she is. i want to go back 3 years and redo everything. but i cant and have many regret
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 23rd May 2013
tomorrow i will honor your year being gone and try not to be sad or cry (ya right!!) but i will remember the good times we had and tlk about you to our daughter!! she looks at ur pictures and says daddy. she knows who you are.. and i am not looking forward on telling her ur not here. I LOVE YOU JIMMY JOSE EDWARD FAJARDO!!! I MISS YOU SOOO MUCH IT HURTS EVERYDAY!!
Posted by Dorothy Fajardo on 21st May 2013
well grandson were coming up on a year since we left you only you have grampa this time for his birthday take care of him for me I love you both till we all meet again rip grandson
Posted by Evelyn Nickle on 20th May 2013
My Son your son Jonathan&Cree had their first son on May 18th 2013 his name is Jonathan Lee Thompson ll he is beautiful. Randa and I watched him come into this world Cree did a great job. I know it's coming up to a year now and I still can't believe your gone it's so hard for me to except still.You'll be proud of Cora and myself we are almost back to normal with each other we're getting
Posted by Evelyn Nickle on 20th May 2013
Along good again and working together half assed with the kids you know her always have to break the rules LOL. I miss & Love you so much it hurts all the time.I wish you were here to see Hoss & Aubby they are great and your grandkids are all Beautiful.I seen Kevin he's going to put a picture of you on my back OK. LOVE YOU BABY BOY
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 8th May 2013
Posted by Evelyn Nickle on 6th May 2013
So we went to Abby's 2ND B-Day party met Christina's mother and Tommi Jo was there it was so good to be able to sit and talk to her.Oh and Jonathan&Cree moved in with Nate&Bre his new girlfriend& her 2 kids we'll see how that goes LOL.Randa just had another MRI of her brain again will get the results to that at end of month.Kenny is good.Seen Kevin also at the party he is doing good.
Posted by Evelyn Nickle on 1st May 2013
Well my son just got done with all the high school stuff for Randa. Plus being sick so long it's almost a year now and it still feels like yesterday for me.Wish I could hear and see you one last time but that's not happening I believe you already crossed over and are very happy there with your dads and grand parents. SO LOVE TO YOU ALL PASS IT DOWN SON MISS YOU. Stop BY every now and then.
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 30th April 2013
I cant believe this month marked 11months you have been gone!! Still crazy.. i miss you terribly.. Aubryana will be 2 in 6 days. she has your temper lol i miss and love you!! Xoxo
Posted by Dorothy Fajardo on 28th March 2013
jose on may 23rd you will be gone a yr. i will never forget that grampa was sleeping and when he woke up he ask me why i was crying and i had to tell him you passed away that was so hard on me. then grampa joined you four months later every thing happened so fast rip grandson take care of grampa as you know i loved you both rip love gramma
Posted by Evelyn Nickle on 24th March 2013
Well JJ has gone on his 1st Easter egg hunt and his 1st carnival he loves carnival's as much as you did it was fun Randa got a little over stimulated and almost went down for the count on Dee Dee but I let her stay there with her it all worked out your Randa is going to be your daredevil she likes the biggest rides and the scariest you would be proud of her
Posted by Evelyn Nickle on 24th March 2013
Kenneth messed up his hand again just like you he punches things that hurt him so I bought a punching bag just like you had as a teenager. Maybe he'll stop hurting himself now.I know you know it's been 10 long months it has been the longest 10 months of my life I miss you so much and Love you till the ends of the CIRCLE and the Stars in the SKY.LOVE MOM
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 23rd March 2013
10months without you.. i miss you terribly! i dont know how to move on. i dont even know if i want too. you had my heart i never took it back. i still remember your voice i still remember your touch. i dont want to ever forget them. you were my true love. me and you both knew what kind of future we were going to have. i have the wedding vows you wrote me in a safe place. i love you jimmy!
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 17th March 2013
Almost a year without you.. its so weird. ur mom bought me and the baby pendants. so now we have a part of you forever.. i hang them over our beds. i needed that. Aubryana is soo big and looks just like you. omg and nathan..lol i will always love you. you have my heart always have and always will. Thankyou for giving me our beautiful daughter..she is a blessing to everyone.
Posted by Evelyn Nickle on 16th March 2013
Hey Dude guess what tomorrow is it's ST.Paddy day your big day I'm going to miss you running around drinking your big mouth Micky's and trying to sing Irish Songs with your Irish Brogue . You were always so Entertaining but your going to miss my corn-beef&cabbage buddy. I love and miss you so much. Hoss is getting so big he looks just like you your JR.I call him Hoss because he's so big.
Posted by Evelyn Nickle on 16th March 2013
You know it's coming close to a year now couple of months away and everybody is telling me it's time to let go so you can R.I.P but I still need to know your ok and doing good on your side so you need to find away to let me know. Then maybe I can try to let go no promises you hear but I'll try. I'm totally BROKEN without you. LOVE MOM
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 23rd February 2013
9months today..a minute doesnt go by without me missing you. i know your smiling down on us...i know your happy that everyone you love gets along so great..im so happy too but were all missing you soo very much!! today if everything works out we will all be together in honor of you!! you would of have been proud of Aubryana she is sooo smart. and she has so many of your traits! love you
Posted by Evelyn Nickle on 21st February 2013
Well son here we go almost 9 months I sure hope you are ok since you won't come talk to me. I just pray your ok were your at. Tell Grandma Hello for me. I miss you so much . Love you mom
Posted by Evelyn Nickle on 21st February 2013
Well it's been 9 months now since you left us and yes we are still missing you and loving you as much as ever. Rest in Peace my Baby Boy.
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 12th February 2013
Thinking of you.. i have felt you near me last few days.. wish i could actually see you. Ive been spending lots of time with nathan..its sonice to see him cuz he is just like you..we have lots of talks and cries about you..miss and love you xoxo
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 28th January 2013
8months of me missing the hell out of you..this has been a rough month for me. you have my heart now and always.. i love you jimmy!
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 26th January 2013
Im sure u know..but nathan has been here with us and his new girlfriend..he is ur spitting image to the way u talk to the way you walk to the way you held your towel over your shoulder..lol me and nathan have had some heart to hearts. it was really nice. seeing him is very hard but also very good for me..its crazy but its not getting any easier for me..it feels worse.. i love and miss you.
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 23rd January 2013
Well im sitting here with the kids and nathan..oh man he is your spitting image..my good friend and nate are dating..its actually kinda hard seeing him with her..he reminds me of you..he has ur sweet loving gestures. i miss u jimmy..i love you with all my heart. i really dont think i will ever again have what he had..
Posted by Christina Mccrae on 17th January 2013
I SO MISS YOU!!! i have been talking about you/us like crazy lately..its not fair u were taken from us.. im greatful for our memories..that will help keep a smile on my face.. and thankyou for coming to visit me last night. xoxo
Posted by Evelyn Nickle on 16th January 2013
Almost Eight months now and it still feels new and hurts like hell.I'm getting by ok but I miss and love you so much I wish it were me and not you. Also I'm so mad at you cause you didn't listen to those doctors I know in my heart it was your time but if you had listened you would have been at home when it happened not out in the middle of nowhere land. Please come talk to me.

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