We cannot express how much we will miss her constant comforting hugs, endless warm smiles and boundless beautiful love.
We love you so much.
  • 69 years old
  • Born on June 1, 1948 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
  • Passed away on November 13, 2017 in Puslinch, Ontario, Canada.

*please note due to privacy reasons Joan's date of birth has been changed just as a precaution.

Thank you to all who have left these beautiful tributes and wonderful stories so we can share in her love for life. It is humbling and heartwarming.


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A large and heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended the Celebration last Wednesday. What a testament to an amazing lady!

Celebration of Life
November 22, 2017
7 pm. at the Aberfoyle Mill
For all who loved her and her family.


Check back for updates on her wishes for a memorial at the Guelph Aboretum.

Posted by Brody Campbell on 4th September 2018
Today I imagined your excitement and curiosity as all your grandkiddies headed back to school. I thought about you all day. I thought about how you did it too, many times, over the years and though I'm sure you enjoyed the fresh start every September of your career, I suspect that in retirement you were happy to watch everyone else go while you did something distinctly more fun and less workish. We got a great picture of your two oldest grandkids just before the first bell of the grade seven and nine school year. Wish you could see it. They certainly would have loved to tell you all about it. We all miss you dearly. I miss you more than that.
Posted by Bree Campbell on 12th June 2018
Well Grandma it’s your birthday today we were all thinking about you. You would have been 70 today! You’re and old bird
Posted by Bree Campbell on 11th June 2018
Grandma I still think of you everyday at school at home. It was really hard for me to not see you this year at my birthday party. You and grandpa are always there. I miss you so much but I know you will always be with me in my heart and I know you will always be supporting me. From that I will let you guide me.
Posted by Brody Campbell on 13th May 2018
I've thought a lot about you leading up to today. After all, you are many things to many people, but you are my only Mother. The reason I miss you so much? You were such a great one. The place where you fit in my life has changed many times over the years, but is still so large it will never be filled again. It may shrink and shift and change shape, but there will always be something left there that feels like you.That same space in my heart however, you've truly earned that place. It remains the same as when, as a boy, I first realized how much I loved you. That place will always be all yours. Happy Mother's Day.
Posted by Bree Campbell on 25th April 2018
Grandma you were a fabulous mom, grandma, partner and even friend. You were an amazing supporter and comforter. I would just like to thank you for everything you did for me. So thank you for everything! Love you now and always
Posted by Bree Campbell on 17th April 2018
Grandma I have a swim meet this weekend and it’s going to be hard without you there to support me but I know that you will be there with me in my heart and I know that you’ll be cheering for me from heaven and smiling down on me when I do good! I love you now and always
Posted by Bree Campbell on 10th April 2018
Grandma I miss you so much and Easter was very hard for me. Having the hunt and finding the eggs without there was very upsetting. You touched my heart like you wouldn’t believe. I love you now and always
Posted by Bree Campbell on 5th April 2018
Grandma we had to write a poem in school today and someone wrote about their grandma that they lost. It was to hard for me to write about you or grandpa. I almost cried but I didn’t I miss you so so so much but you and grandpa will always have a special place in my heart! I love you know and always!
Posted by Bree Campbell on 26th March 2018
I still and will always say goodnight to you before I go to bed, I thank you for loving supporting and comforting me in the life I spent with you. You always believed in me grandma and I will never forget that. I love now and always.
Posted by Bree Campbell on 22nd March 2018
Dear Grandma, I miss you so from my head to my toe I was the grandfawn and you were the doe I will forever love you so And you loved me this I know I hope you know that I love you so And I will love you forever from my head to my toe
Posted by Brody Campbell on 10th February 2018
I think of you every day. I still can't believe you are gone. How do people deal with this? Mom, I love you so much! There are so many thoughts and things I wish I could share with you now. So many things I wish I had said. You were the greatest influence on me and anything I do that seems impressive or successful is all you. BTW the girls are great and are turning out to be amazing young ladies. Just as you knew they would.
Posted by Corey Jackson on 8th December 2017
Jim and I remember Joan so fondly from our visit to Portugal almost three years ago. Joan had a warm and welcoming personality, and spoke so lovingly of her children and grandchildren. It was so enjoyable to visit with Joan and Doug again later on at the home of our mutual friends from the Portugal trip, Doug and Carolyn Smith in Woodstock.
Posted by Sarah Van Ryn on 4th December 2017
To Lindsay, Brody, and family, we were so sad to learn of your mom's passing. Carry her love in your heart, and take comfort in each other. We are thinking of you each and every day. Sarah and Jamie
Posted by Glenna Logan on 29th November 2017
We were shocked and saddened to hear about Joan. We will remember this beautiful lady and friend as a kind and gentle woman with the warmest of smiles. Along with all the other titles she held, she was also a loving mother-in-law to our son Aaron. Thank you Joan for being a part of his life and ours. We will miss you and keep you in our hearts. Glenna and Derek Logan
Posted by Janet Trimble on 26th November 2017
My sincere condolence Doug to you and your family. You and Joan always lite up the room when you came to tai chi. She emitted exuberance from the sparkle in her eyes. Peace and blessings. Janet
Posted by Donna Meier on 25th November 2017
I will think of you fondly every day and always remember the sister who was taken far to soon. You are deeply loved and missed.
Posted by Suzanne Selby on 24th November 2017
So sorry to hear about the loss of such a fine lady. Joan taught one of our boys at Westwood and I went on to work with her at Aberfoyle. She gave our Justin such a fine foundation and love of school in that very important grade 1 year and established learning routines that have served him well. When I went on to teach ESL, I used her ideas often Such a warm and caring person, who was so proud of her family and her students. She will be greatly missed and always remembered.
Posted by Julia Young on 22nd November 2017
Brody and Lindsay, we are so very sad and sorry to hear about your Mom. Hold on to all of your wonderful memories and keep the love you shared strong and in your hearts forever. Our thoughts are with you and your family during these hard times. xo Julia & Jamie
Posted by Bruce Macpherson on 22nd November 2017
What a shock! Joan was such a wonderful staff member who always cared and wanted the best for her school children and her family. Joan was an outstanding educator and person. You will be missed! Our condolences to your family, to Doug and his family. Bruce and Sherrill
Posted by Faye Lund on 22nd November 2017
From our years working together at Westwood I remember Joan as a warm, caring person with a beautiful smile. She was an excellent teacher who radiated that same warmth to her students. I know her loss will be felt deeply by her many friends and especially her family.
Posted by Helmuth Slisarenko on 22nd November 2017
I only knew Joanie a little. Loving partner to Doug. Always a smile when she came to pick up Doug at the shop, seeing her at the mailbox, seeing her give out awards for Hort. Society. Taken far too soon, unfair to all who loved her and those she loved. My deepest condolences to the family.
Posted by Blake Anderson on 21st November 2017
We were deeply saddened to hear of Joan's passing. She has left behind an amazing legacy in her kids, grandkids and family. Her absence will be felt forever. Our sympathy to Brody, Lindsay, Doug and family during this hard time. Blake and Brenda.
Posted by Kim Zaduk on 21st November 2017
I worked with Joan at Westwood P.S. many, many years ago. I remember her wonderful smile and her lovely manner with her students. I also remember how proud of her own children she was. I send my condolences to her family.
Posted by Carolyn & Doug Smith on 21st November 2017
Joan, a lovely lady - a delight to know ! My husband and i were lucky to have enjoyed 2 wonderful vacations in Portugal with Joan and Doug. Joan and I had so much fun laughing, cooking, sharing recipes and shopping together. Joan embraced life to the fullest. She was so proud of her family and Doug's, I almost feel we know them. We are so glad to have known Joan and to call her our friend.
Posted by GUY TAYLOR on 21st November 2017
For many years, Joan and the kids would come to our cottage in the summer...spaghetti dinners, water fun and campfires every night...wonderful mother with amazing kids...Doug & Beth Taylor
Posted by Liz Harloff on 21st November 2017
Joan was the president of the Guelph Horticultural Society. Somehow she convinced Dianne and me to join. One Christmas on the Penny Table was a handmade bird house that had been named "Love Shack". It was early in Joan and Doug's relationship and we teased her unmercifully. We thought she should get the the bird house for the cottage because that was the "Love Shack" too. September of 2010, Boris, Joan, Dianne and I went on a river cruise. We went up on deck together the first night and cruised the river around Budapest with the beautiful buildings all lit up. I remember thinking how lucky I was to experience the wonders of a different country with my husband and my two dearest friends. Memories are sweet, cherish them.
Posted by Dianne Westgarth on 20th November 2017
For 25 years, Joan, Liz and I would go on an annual girl's holiday. One year we went to Liz's sister's cottage in Quebec. While we were there we went white water rafting on the Ottawa River. While rafting, Joan was very disappointed that we were not capsized. But the moment did come and after we were hauled back into the raft, Joan was then wishing that it wouldn't happen again. Later that night back at the cottage we received a phone call from Doug. Joan quickly grabbed the phone and went to the bedroom and hid under the covers so we didn't know it was Doug calling. This was a beginning of Doug calling every night while on holidays for the next 25 years. The phone would ring in the evening and we would chant- " Joanie it's Dougie calling." Then we would make kissing sounds. This is just one of the many memories I have of Joan in the past 39 years. We have travelled, celebrated, cottaged, eaten, drank and laughed together. You will always be in my memories! Love Dianne
Posted by Brenda Glass on 20th November 2017
With great sadness, I send my condolences to Brody, Lindsay and your families. My heart goes out to Doug and all the Pilkey family who knew and loved Joan. Joan and I became friends while teaching in Aberfoyle. Her teaching excellence and dedication were indisputable. Both as a colleague and friend we shared enjoyable events which continued into retirement. Much frivolity occurred at the cottage, 'doing lunch' and playing bridge. These fond memories of Joan will remain forever. Joan, you are one in a million.
Posted by Paul Tribe on 20th November 2017
I had the pleasure of working with Joan who was an example for us all. I especially remember her warm smile and gentle way with children. She will be sorely missed.
Posted by Monica Bibby on 20th November 2017
Joan was a member of the Guelph Horticultural Society and for many years served on various committees and led the Society as its President from 2006-2008. She was 'a hostess with the mostest'. I fondly remember when she hosted social gatherings in her beautiful country property after our Annual Garden Tour and in her exquisitely decorated home for our Christmas GHS Board meeting. Lovely memories of a lovely person who was taken so suddenly. My sincere condolences to Doug and all her loving family and to her many friends and acquaintances. Rest in Peace, Joan.
Posted by Rehan Khokhar on 20th November 2017
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Joan. She was a beautiful person and always treated me with love and respect. We were lucky to know her. My heart goes out to Lindsay and Brody in this time. Hoping all the love and support from family and friends will help get through the hardest moments. My condolences to the Campbell family.
Posted by Jessica Snider on 19th November 2017
I love to see aunt Joan's warm smile in those photos. I have fond memories of visits to the old house in Guelph - us kids playing in the loft while the adults visited. Hug and loves to you dear Brody and Lindsay. My heart aches with you.
Posted by Frances Ferraro on 19th November 2017
Joan was a special person, her family was everything to her. She was very proud of Brody and Lyndsay and was ever conscious Of guiding them to follow their dreams. She was a good mom always positive about the future. She was a sweet kind gentle soul with a warm heart and huge smile. We feel lucky to have been her friend, we will miss her always
Posted by Kimberley Chapman on 19th November 2017
I am so incredibly sad to hear of Joan’s passing. She was like a second mother to me as we grew up. I have so many memories of us “up north,” spending weeks on end enjoying the summer the way kids should. My thoughts are with you, Brody and Lindsay.
Posted by Lindsay Baddeley on 19th November 2017
Mom, you were my teacher, my guardian, my strength, my comfort, my home. I miss you so much I can't breathe. I would give anything for one more hug, one kiss, one more smile. I will love you forever and always.
Posted by Eve Moore (Snowden) on 18th November 2017
Words cannot express my shock and overwhelming sadness in the passing of my dear longtime friend Joan. I will always remember her kindness, sweetness, and integrity, and her sense of humour and loyalty. Joan was one of the strongest women I've known. Doug, Brody, and Lindsay, my heart breaks for your loss. My condolences and thoughts are with you. The world has lost a very special person, while heaven has gained an angel.
Posted by Bree Campbell on 18th November 2017
I miss you so much grandma. You were a big part of my life and i still can't believe that you have left me. You were there for my swim meets and even some basketball tournaments. You supported me through everything. To me there are four quarters in a heart and you filled up one of mine. I didn't say it enough but I LOVE YOU! You will be dearly missed.
Posted by Angelika Roehrig on 18th November 2017
I am so deeply saddened and shocked to hear of the untimely loss of “Grandma” Joan. I have such wonderful memories of Joan and will always cherish all the times we were able to spend together over the years, whether cheering on our granddaughters at swim meets or getting together for family gatherings. My heart goes out to Doug for losing such a phenomenal lady, Brody and Lindsey for losing such a wonderful and loving mother, to Lisa for losing such a loving and supportive mother-in-law, to Rori and Bree for losing such a special and loving Grandma, and, to the entire family who’s hearts she touched in so many ways. Joan has left us all with so many wonderful memories. She had the biggest heart and will always be loved and missed by all who new her. Angelika Roehrig
Posted by Mary Lou Boyd on 18th November 2017
I was shocked by the news of Joan's passing. Mom and I give our love and blessings to the family at this time.
Posted by Barb Howe on 18th November 2017
So sad to see Joan’s obituary in today’s paper.Joan and I were best friends in high school chasing boys together, laughing our heads off and going to every dance we could. Fond memories after school at the Anchor apt helping make dinner and dying our hair.I loved your Mom and so grateful she was in my life.Barb Molineux
Posted by Sara Pilkey on 18th November 2017
Joan entered our family's life so many years ago, and enriched all of our lives for it. I will miss her smile, wonderful cheer, and endless love she gave everyone in our family. Deepest sympathy to Brody and Lindsay and their families, and to Doug, Alan, and Adam Pilkey and Anne Logan and their families. Sara Pilkey
Posted by Susan Magee on 18th November 2017
We’ve lost a warm, beautiful lady and a smile that lights up a room. For many years “Joanie” was like a sister to me. My heart breaks for Brody, Lindsay and Doug. Rest In Peace dear Joanie.
Posted by Mary Lyall on 17th November 2017
I'm so sorry for your loss. I will miss Joan's sunny smile and wonderful family stories at our weekly bridge games. Peter and I are very sad, but thankful that we knew and loved her. She was such a sweetheart.
Posted by Andrew Pate on 17th November 2017
We were shocked and saddened to hear of Joan’s passing. We will cherish the many great memories we have, of time spent together over the past fourteen years. Our deepest condolences to Doug and the entire Campbell clan.
Posted by John Root on 17th November 2017
It is with disbelief and sadness that Gail and I feel upon hearing of Joan's passing. We enjoyed her conversation as we chatted in our book club. This will be greatly missed. Her warmth and friendship will remain in our memories in the years to come. John & Gail Root
Posted by Michelle Arnold on 17th November 2017
Our most heartfelt condolences. We are so sad and send love to all the family. You are in our thoughts and our wonderful friend Joan will always be in our memories. The Arnold Family
Posted by Brody Campbell on 17th November 2017
I miss you so much Mom. You are the rock beneath the foundations of my life. Rest well knowing you are so very greatly loved and truly and deeply missed.

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