Jojo's life touched so many, and her kindness reached the ends of the earth. She will be missed terribly, remembered often, and loved forever.
  • 58 years old
  • Born on December 8, 1960 in Mumbai, India.
  • Passed away on August 4, 2019 in Mumbai, India.
We are all so blessed to have had Joan in our family. She loved fiercely, was the kindest, most thoughtful, generous, and humble person, who always took the time to brighten someone's day. Jojo was incredibly strong, driven, talented, funny, patient, nurturing, prayerful, compassionate, and beautiful inside and out. She was also one of the most fun-loving people with a brilliant smile, always up for a great time, and brought plenty of joy, laughter and naughtiness into our lives. Just like her parents, Sunny and Matty, Jojo opened her home to loved ones near and far, making Casa Feliz a hustling bustling place, full of family and friends, delicious food, great conversation, beautiful music, warmth, and cherished memories.

Joan was the beloved wife of Keith Shenoy; mother of Sneha, Viren and Tarun; sister of June Coutinho, Jennifer Rodrigues, Joyce D'Souza, and Jean Pinto; sister-in-law, aunt, cousin, niece, and a friend to all. 

Joan was brave in the face of cancer the last two years, taking it all in stride, and still putting everyone's needs before her own, until the very end. 

We love you, our darling Joj. Always & forever.
Posted by Marishka Pinto on August 17, 2019
Dearest Aunty Jojo

Thank you for bringing joy, fun and creativity to every family occasion and constantly showing your love and genuine care for us. From sending small trinkets, earrings, kurtas, you name it, to getting personalized photo books or calendars made, to printing a life sized poster and hauling it across oceans so we can get that perfect family shot. Your thoughtfulness knew no bounds, and you were the special masala that made our family sooo fun and delicious.

You brought compassion and life into everything you did and every interaction you had. While we can't replicate the twinkle in your eyes, the flare with which you wrote, or your effortless style and grace, we can try to emulate how you lived your life to the fullest, so that we feel you in our lives. May we all laugh a little easier, do masti more often, follow our passions, write with fervour, and use our talents in service of others. May we make time to connect with people and make them feel special, plan heartfelt gestures for our loved ones, call each other darling and sweetie more often, and just plain call each other more often.

You will be missed terribly, remembered often, and loved forever. May your soul rest in eternal peace.
Posted by Janice Pais on August 14, 2019
Rest in peace, dearest Jojo. The Lobo family was blessed to have you in our lives. You were the perfect match for Keith – warm, caring with a great sense of humour and your 3 lovely children – Sneha, Viren and Tarun have inherited all these traits.

I have learned so much from you especially in the last 2 years of your illness. The calm acceptance of your situation, never thinking ‘why me?’ which is something most of us would be prone to do. In our last few message exchanges you had so cheerfully said ’In a better place than so many’ which has made a huge impact on me and in your memory I am determined to remain focused on the many blessings in my life. We will miss the warmth and joy that your brought to each gathering, your twinkling eyes and 1000 watt smile. 

May God grant you the well-earned eternal rest in his kingdom and bring comfort to Keith (your rock, as you referred to him), Sneha, Viren, Tarun, your sisters and their families and all who loved you and face a void in their lives with your departure. You will live in our hearts forever.
Posted by Nathan Almeida on August 14, 2019
Legends never die!
If each of us had to write about aunty Joan we'd probably break the Internet. Words can't sum up the memories and love shared. You're gone but never forgotten and you'll live forever in our hearts. All I can say to you aunty Joan is legends never die.
Posted by Sabrina Fernandes on August 13, 2019
Dearest Jo,

Cannot believe you're gone. Keeping looking at my Whatsap and the tears just well up. Breaks my heart to know I will never hear your voice again. Your laughter, your kindness, your great sense of humour, your caring words, your thoughtfulness, your naughty masti. We came as strangers to Casa Feliz and left as family. Just look back over the years and the happy memories all come to mind, our decorating the foyer at christmas, the birthdays. Thank you sweetie for the wonderful person you were. You never once missed checking up on nana on the 2nd floor each day. You were a gift to us and we will cherish your memory always.

And to you brother, Sneha, Viru and Taru - all our love to you. Know that she is watching over you from heaven. We too are only a phone call away.

Sabrina and Antonio

Posted by Al Quadros on August 12, 2019
Dear Keith, Sneha, Viren and Tarun,

Please accept our deepest sympathies. Jojo was a beautiful person inside and out who is missed dearly.

You are in our prayers.

Helene & Avie
Posted by Francesca Krishnan on August 12, 2019

         When I must leave you

When I must leave you for a little while
Please do not grieve or shed wild tears
But start out bravely with a gallant smile
And for my sake and in my name
Live on and do all things the same
Feed not your loneliness on empty days
But fill each waking hour in useful ways
Reach out your hand in comfort and in cheer
And in my turn I will comfort you and hold you near
And never, never be afraid to die
For I am waiting for you in the sky
Posted by Francesca Krishnan on August 12, 2019
Farewell dearest Joj

How do we say farewell to a gem like Jojo? I guess we don’t. It’s heart breaking to know we will never again see her beautiful smile nor feel the warmth of her hug or experience her extended love and caring but Jojo will live on in our hearts, minds and souls forever.

Despite the miles and silence that separated us, Jojo was and is everywhere. From her Silver Jubilee missive which I chanced upon recently to my giant 60th birthday Cosmopolitan Cover that she so craftily created, to the gorgeous chain (which I will treasure forever) that she slipped into my hand when we said our goodbyes after visiting for HER birthday last year. She was always thinking of the other person, even in the midst of all her pain, anguish, anxiety and sadness. For all our special celebrations, Jojo was the Organiser in Chief and Ring Leader. She went the extra mile to add colour, beauty, drama and oh so much fun – be is Roces, Christmas, Vacations, New Year’s Eve, Weddings, Anniversaries or Birthdays with food on the table, specially customised outfits for everyone for each occasion and games galore – she was a perfectionist with her own level of energy and brand of joy.

We are truly blessed to have had Jojo in our lives to show us what pure giving, caring and selfless love is all about. Krish constantly reminisces about the million visits he made through Mumbai enroute to Chennai in the 90s during trying times and how Jojo and Keith helped him keep his sanity with their hospitality, words of comfort, reassurance and stability. 

Why our Lord gave such an angel so much suffering and then took her away, I cannot understand. Through her last few weeks, we didn’t know what to pray for. But I know He has greater plans for her in Heaven and will give her the peace she so deserves.

We were spared seeing Jojo’s suffering in her last few months but for her nearest and dearest who journeyed with her and shared her struggles and pain, may I offer


God be with everyone through the difficult times ahead. May God grant you eternal rest our dearest Joj.
Posted by Desi Bool on August 11, 2019
Joan, we feel so privileged that our paths crossed. Although we didn’t spend much time together, you made such an impression on us with your generous, gentle and beautiful spirit, your magnificent smile and the way you made everyone feel special. Each time I was in Mumbai, you and your wonderful family invited me to your home, helped me find my way around and source things I wanted to buy and then helped me when I had difficulties in sending my goods back to Australia. 
You faced this terrible challenge without complaint and with quiet courage and strength and still considering others first of all. Joan, our lives are enriched because you were here. You will be missed beyond measure and forever loved.
Posted by Jackie De Almeida on August 9, 2019
Jojo... How can one try to describe a loved one? And in particular, such a special person like you?

Yes, I believe I can address this to you because I know that you are with the Lord.. You surrendered your life to Christ, even from the first few days when the blow struck.. And you persevered in this trust in spite of all the trauma, pain and challenges you went through. You are surely alive and well with the One you trusted and served so well.

Every time we encountered you, we came away loved and edified.. hoping to learn from you how to open our hearts to people in the way you did to us. We experienced your overwhelming generosity.. always left your home with well filled tummies, snacks for the road, not to mention beautiful and thoughtful gifts for each one. Even the grandkids remember you well.. Playing in your beautiful garden and kneeling down in front of Mama Mary's statue.

Keith, Sneha, Viren and Tarun; June, Jenny Joyce and Jean; all the rest of the family... We pray that the Comforter will wrap you in His arms and care for you all. I believe that Jojo is able to help you much more now (many of the saints claimed this!) You will see this happen, despite the grief and empty space in your lives.

We love you all. Sorry to have missed being with you at the funeral. Hope to meet you.. At least at the Month's Mind.

Basil, Jackie and gang.

Posted by Germaine Andrade on August 9, 2019
This would be the fifth time I have tried to write about the memories of dear Jojo, for the tears won’t stop, therefore I asked my daughter Ashley to help me to do so.

I was 12 years old when I met Jojo. We used to go to Keith and Sharon Lasrado Shenoy house every Sunday evening to watch Bollywood movies. Sharon and Keith knew me since the day I was born, so it was sad to see them move from Hill grange to the Super Star building. We used to have girls parties at superstar and Jojo was the one who always came up with the most interesting and fun games. As the years went by we had a few parties at Merriville our house and I vividly remember Jojo teaching us a dance in her distinct white Jumpsuit.

Jojo’s sister, Joyce, became my sister-in-law soon after, and Jojo was the one who designed our bridesmaids outfits.
When Chris and I got married, I was going to sit on the chair for Chris to take off my Garter when Jojo came running to me and said “let’s have some fun with Chris and put your nephew on the chair.” Chris was feeling my nephew’s leg and surely he must have been very confused. Jojo was not feeling well the day of my wedding and left early, little did I know she was pregnant with little Tarun.

The next time I meet Jojo was at Keith and Joyce Silver wedding in Toronto. She had gotten a beautiful cake done for them with lots of marzipan leaves around it. Each one had a word written on the leaves such as love, peace, joy, and happiness.
Three years later we met Jojo again for our niece, Karen’s, wedding, where Jojo tied all the turbans for all the guys at the Roce. She had matching sarees and cholis made for all the bridesmaids and Ashley and Kiara’s flower girl dresses.

When I came down to India for my niece wedding in 2011, Jojo kindly came to my daughter Ashley, cupped her hands over Ashley's chin and said “how are you doing my girl, God bless you.” That was the time when I had flashbacks of Sneha and Viren when they were as young as ten.

The last time I saw Jojo was in April of 2015, in Mumbai for my nephew’s wedding. Later that summer I went to Toronto in August 2015 for a friend`s silver wedding. I told Joyce that I was doing a Bollywood dance in Calgary and I need a choli to be stitched. Instantly Joyce said “I will send the choli to India with Tarun, and Jojo will get it done for you.” The choli fitted me perfectly and Jojo said “this is my gift for you.” I will treasure that choli.

Jojo and I kept in touch by e-mail, and two years ago, when I heard the big C had visited her I stormed heaven and was expecting a miracle because Prayer changes things and I have witnessed lots of miracles in my life. Jesus had other plans for Jojo and now she is in her eternal home with her loved ones.

Dearest Keith, as u put your beloved wife and best friend to rest, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Sneha, Viren, and Tarun, your mum was your hero on earth now she is your Angel in heaven interceding for you.

June, Jenny, Joyce, and Jean, I know your hearts are sad as you put your baby sister to rest. Her beautiful and kind memories will give you the strength to bear her loss. Our condolences to all the brother-in-laws Dolphie, Keith, Rockson, Mario, nieces, nephews and their families, and all the other relatives and friends.

R.I.P. Jojo. We will miss you until we meet again.
Warm hugs of consolation and comfort to all of you
Chris, Gemma & Ashley.
Posted by Chandrika Cerejo on August 8, 2019
A rose among all of us, Joj. Your beautiful smile and kind nature towards everyone especially my Dad and Mom were breathtaking and heart warming. Despite your busy schedule, you always had time to visit them, cheer them up and many others in need. We are deeply saddened God had other plans to take you back to him but we equally must be grateful that he gave you to mankind. Thank you darling for all you did, a job very well done, rest in peace, darling cuz ❤. We will continue to pray for your darlings, Keith, Sneh, Viren, June/Dolphie, Jenny/Rockson, Joyce/Keith, Jean/Mario and your adorable nieces and nephews with their families, that they have strength and courage to bear your loss in the days / weeks to come. We love you, Joj, be our angel and intercede for all of us ❤
Posted by Yvonne Shenoy on August 8, 2019
Rest in Peace dearest Joan. I met you only once but you did leave a lasting impression. Your pain and suffering is now over and I am personally committed to hoping that there will be a cure to this disease.

Keith my condolences once again and stay strong

Yvonne (Hill Grange)

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