Let the memory of Joanne be with us forever
  • 80 years old
  • Born on June 28, 1935 .
  • Passed away on May 7, 2016 in Ohio, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Joanne Bourdo 80 years old , born on June 28, 1935 and passed away on May 7, 2016. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Denise Ovens on 28th June 2018
Happy Birthday Mom. We miss your smile, we miss you. Love you always, Brian, Denise, Dennis, Nikki, Harvey, Brady, Colby, Ruprecht, Ted, Charlie and Trixie
Posted by Keith Bourdo on 8th May 2018
Mom....2 years has passed and not a day goes by I don't think about you and I always get emotional, but you know that. I pray for the day to be with you, dad, Loran Bucia & Djadgi(?) Love y'all
Posted by Denise Ovens on 7th May 2018
Its been 2 years. Two long years. Still hurts, but I can at least smile and remember more wonderful times shared over the years. There will never be enough but I will and do cherish each and every memory. Your hydrangeas are about to bloom Mom. Love you, holding you, Dad and Loran forever in my heart.
Posted by Marisa Prieve on 28th June 2017
Happy Birthday Mom!!! : )
Posted by Linda Laing-Hoppe on 28th June 2017
Missing you Joanne and the fun times we had ! Think of you often. Love, Linda
Posted by Denise Ovens on 28th June 2017
Happy birthday Mom, love you to the moon and back. Celebrate your day with Dad and Loran but know you are terribly missed by us still waiting our turn to be with you all again. I think God took you too early but I can't blame Him you are one of His best creations! I may be crying but my heart is smiling just thinking of you. Thank you for being my Mom, love you.
Posted by Denise Ovens on 30th May 2017
Sitting here and missing you Mom. I smile when I see Harvey knowing how much you would enjoy holding your great grandson. You and Dad were the best loving parents, grand parents & great grandparents anyone could ever have. I catch myself constantly thinking "oh Mom and Dad would love that or Mom would love going here with us" it hurts that you're not here but then I recall all the trips, adventures and daily talks we had and I'm grateful we had so much fun together. You taught us all to enjoy life and take nothing for granted. I am grateful we were able to share the good times with you and am reminded to never put off doing something if you can do it now. By the way,Tootsie is with Uncle Al and she has claimed him as "her human". She has helped him and I believe he has helped her bridge the pain of not seeing and being with you. They are each other's constant. Uncle comes home at lunchtime and in the evening because Tootsie is waiting for him just as she waited for you. I bet Uncle talks to her just as you always did, the house is not empty as long a she is there to welcome him every waking moment and demanding his attention. She will always be taken care of I promised and you never need to worry about her. Now, if we could just get Uncle to slow down and enjoy life more and not work so much! But then he has a mind of his own and can be as stubborn as you. I hope Heaven is as wonderful as we have been told, You, Dad, Loran and all our relatives who have ascended deserve the best and so much more...love you Mom, to the moon and back.
Posted by Kristina Moulder on 30th May 2016
Grandma, My heart is sad for losing you, but my heart rejoices in your reunion with Grandpa, Dad, and your parents. I know you are painting sunsets with my Dad - I see them! I know you are dancing with Grandpa - I feel it! I know you are holding Bucia'a hand and hugging Dzaizi. I watched your heart break at my Dad's bedside while he died. Being a mother of three, I cannot imagine watching any of my Babies pass on. I would want to join them too. You lived a wonderful life, full of love, joy, and Blessings. God is good, all the time - even in heartache. I love you so much. Please give my Daddy a kiss and my Grandpa a hug! All my love, always and forever, Kris
Posted by Keith Bourdo on 29th May 2016
I'm truly at a loss for words..I cry always now. .I see mom in the morning. .I see mom at work. .I see mom in the kitchen with Al and Tootsie..I see mom on the computer playing games. .now I don't see mom. I feel mom everywhere, nowhere .. now gone. So much to say before you left. .I can't open up before I close..In time I will be able to write my tribute..but for now I cry always. ....Keith first born crybaby
Posted by Pat Ovens on 28th May 2016
In all my years, not many I suppose, I cannot ever remember hearing anything but words or love and respect from your family and friends. They were always looking forward to spending time with Mom and visiting Mom. Brian is blessed having been able to share so much time with you.
Posted by Virginia McKinney on 22nd May 2016
Joanne, Thanks for being a friend and fellow canasta player! Your sweet smile and lovely presence will be missed, but long remembered!
Posted by Pam Bourdo on 19th May 2016
My whole being misses you so! I am grateful you are with your mom, dad, husband & son; all united with our Heavenly Father God! Dance in His Glory and your new, healed and healthy body! I have so many cherished memories. Latest, tho life's most difficult for us; being on each side of Loran; sharing our love, prayers & precious time together! My last evening with you. Precious having private time feeding you and watching the Voice! Ahh, missing our lazy morns in pj's, coffee, croissants, playing w/ Tootsie, tough life times supporting each other-holding our fragile broken hearts together & the evening card games (I never did beat you in rummy!); shopping, dining out and even our workout in the downpour of rain! I want to give you these words that I kept tucked away, written by another that crossed my path some time ago. They are not only true in our time together, but are true in the present. They speak my heart & love for you always & forever! Love, Hugs and Kisses to you, Loran & Jack! Mom, you show me love Your gentle spirit shows me sincerity Your kind heart shows me forgiveness Your faith shows me spirituality Your dedication shows me loyalty Your positive attitude shows me optimism Your strong will shows me determination Your generosity shows me unselfishness Your sense of humor shows me objectivity Your beauty and personality shows me style Your self-esteem shows me confidence Your strength shows me perseverance Your encouragement shows me motivation Your eyes show me unconditional love Your ears always listen Your smile radiates kindness Your hands push me in the right direction Your arms are always there to hold me Your shoulders are there to share my burdens Your heart is there to give me so much love You are my hero and I am yours (in our precious time by Loran's side) Mom, you teach me love! Our Lord has picked another flower and now you have gone home to be my guardian angel with Loran. As long as I live, you live in my heart!
Posted by Denise Ovens on 18th May 2016
I've started and stopped writing many times...what do I say. Moms are everything. You weren't supposed to leave us, we were told we might have another 15-20 years. I could say I want one more smile, one more laugh, one more "I love you", but I would be lying. I could never have enough. I'm happy you're finally reunited with Dad, envious of the short time you and Loran were apart but mostly I cry for us, the ones left here without you Mom. In time I'm sure I'll want to share the good times, there are too many to count. But not now, I'm holding them close in my heart in hopes of keeping it from shattering. My still grieving niece told me the pain comes in waves...well the waves are crashing and we've lost our anchor. Love you Mom, forever.
Posted by Linda Laing-Hoppe on 17th May 2016
I met Joanne through another friend, Jan Bloom. Joanne, Jan, Shirley and myself played bridge, shopped, and went out to lunch. We had such good times. We all talked about good times and hard times. Joanne and I went to a knitting club in Mt. Brook and showed each other our counted cross-stitch projects. She was like the sister I never had. I will truly miss her and hope someday to see her on the other side. Rest in peace Joanne. Love, Linda
Posted by Lorne Bourdo on 16th May 2016
Grandma, You were such a wonderful woman. You brought happiness, love and a sense of comfort to all of those around you. I want to take a moment to remember some of my fondest memories of you growing up. I will never forget anything you touched in the kitchen. You've got an amazing talent cooking and you can feel the love that goes into your meals! Your mashed potatoes are the best hands down! I always looked forward to having a great meal when visiting Grandma and Grandpa's house :) I remember Erynn and I spent about a month in Pinetop with you and Grandpa one year. We would play out in your backyard, go golfing on the course, play card games and watch movies. I remember anytime we spent with you in Pinetop was always such a joyous memory! Finally, as of late when dad was sick, I recall sitting back and watching you two on the couch just enjoy each other's company. You truly adored my dad and he loved his mother so much. I could tell your presence brought so much comfort to dad the last few months of his life. Thank you for being such a wonderful mother to my father and for you and Grandpa raising dad and teaching him so he could pass that on to me as he raised me. Grandma, you have helped me see what is truly important in life and find joy in all moments. It truly brings a smile to my face and joy in my heart to know you are with Grandpa after so long and with Dad (Loran) and most important with our true Father!! I know we will see you again and you will smile down on us in the meantime. I love you and miss you dearly, LJ
Posted by Marisa Prieve on 16th May 2016
Dear mom, I'm at a loss for words. I miss you so. Thank you for being such a wonderful mom and grandmother to my two kids. They truly adored their grandma Bourdo. I'm going to miss hearing your voice and seeing your smiling face. You were such a comforting mother that truly loved her family with all your heart. Rest in peace dear mom. I love and miss you so. Hugs and kisses to you, dad and Loran. Marisa
Posted by Jan Larsen on 15th May 2016
Joanne, thanks for being such a good neighbor. we remember the early days in MountainBrook, playing cards with you and Jack. Going to lunch, playing bridge, all good memories. Rest in peace Jan & David
Posted by Jason Bourdo on 15th May 2016
Grandma, Throughout the past 15 years of my existence, you have been such a major part of it. Your involvement in my life not only shaped me into the person I am today but displayed to me how much love can impact someone. I hope in Heaven... you, Grandpa, and Uncle Loran are enjoying your time together... after such a long time gap of seeing each other. With all the love in my heart... Jason
Posted by Ken Bourdo on 14th May 2016
Mom There is a big hole in our lives that only you could fill. We were so blessed to have a mother as wonderful as you. Your smile, your hugs, your endless love for us will truly be missed. We know you are in heaven with Dad and Loran. We LOVE you with all our hearts.
Posted by Tammara Bourdo on 14th May 2016
Mom, I was waiting for you to come home. I never was able to say good-bye.......... I miss you so. I was truly blessed to have a mother-in-law like you. You treated me as your daughter, and I loved you so. I will miss calling you on my way to work....you would be lying awake in bed but all snuggled and reading or playing games. We shared so many hobbies......cross stitch, reading, games, shopping... I remember shopping one time where we tried on so many clothes at Soma, Chicos, and The Loft. It was a blast. I have memories of when you stayed with us..... our many chats over tea and coffee. You raised a great son, and I was fortunate to meet and marry him. Mom, I miss you..... There will never be another like you to fill the hole in my heart. Thank you for being my mom too.

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