Let the memory of Joesph be with us forever
  • 80 years old
  • Born on June 2, 1928 in United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on March 8, 2009 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Joseph Ford 80 years old , born on June 2, 1928 and passed away on March 8, 2009. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Evelyn Ford on 7th March 2018
Thinking Of You My Forever Angel, now is 12:54 am here in the Philippines ... Sorry I can't see you there today, but that will be soon ... It's 9 years now since you left me without notice , that was the most painful part of my life. You can see me the same as yesterday as you look down, I hope you're always happy where you are my Angel Love you forever - Hugs
Posted by Evelyn Ford on 7th March 2017
I always think of you, now is 1:05 am UK time, I can’t forget this date when you instantly left me I believe in my arms, I still feel the pain time & again but thinking the good time and happiness we had and yet still I always need to brace myself ... it’s like just yesterday when you left me but it’s 8 years today my angel, please continue to guide me as my life is in a test ever since in this country you know what I mean, but your unconditional love and caring supported me in all ways ... Be happy where you were with all lovely angels there above xxx I will see you in the morning here in your place on earth at Saint Mary’s Yard close to our place I talked to Pat today she’s always lovely and just to hear her joyful voice made me happy  I’m off to bed now ... Good night, I always love you and very special in my heart xxx
Posted by Evelyn Ford on 2nd June 2016
Joseph my angel Happy Birthday ... I was up early light a candle, went to see you yesterday I took a photo of your place on earth Missing You So Much, I hope you’re enjoying your birthday there with your family & mine ... I didn’t manage to tell you earlier that Mollie is already there with you I believe you’ve seen each other, be happy with all the angels there don’t forget to look down my angel guide me and the rest of the family. Pat’s birthday is coming I hope to see her soon, thank you for the good time & happiness we had, would never forget that,I love you forever until we meet again
Posted by Evelyn Ford on 7th March 2016
I can’t sleep thinking of you my angel, 7 years today since you were gone, but was just like yesterday. I went to see you yesterday with flowers and light a candle, I hope you’re happy where you are ... you’re always very special to me with your special qualities, my life never been the same without you; my heart still aches with sadness because I miss you. Thank you my special angel for the good time we shared, making me happy even only a little while. ... Good night my angel, I love you always... In GOD We Trust ...
Posted by Evelyn Ford on 30th August 2015
Thinking Of You deeply on my birthday yesterday and on our 7th Wedding Anniversary today ... Thank you for watching us down here :) Joni is coming this Friday only for 2 nights with Liza & Quen for ASAP show in Wembley Arena will be together for a little while on my extended birthday at Hilton Hotel Wembley :) if you're only around you'll be happy to give her a big HUG ... she'will be excited to see you she's very independent now ... Always remember I always Love you my Angel :) xx <3 <3 xx
Posted by Evelyn Ford on 2nd June 2015
Always Think Of You My Angel ... Celebrated your birthday advance last Saturday with my Singapore Ex-employer Ma'am Christina & her friend name Mollie also Pete with 2 small birthday Cakes coincidentally was Ma'am Christina's Birthday on the 12 of June then I think about Pat her birthday too :) We had a good time here in our place, I made the garden beautiful with beautiful Roses flowering, the "Water Feature" I bought "In Your Loving Memory, We went to Beautiful Gibberd Garden nearby. So much to tell you I miss you a lot I hope you're enjoying your birthday today ... I LOVE you my ANGEL <3 <3 xx
Posted by Evelyn Ford on 1st November 2014
Thinking Of YOU Today & Always ... Miss you so much ... Have you seen my Mother, Father, Brothers & Sister even my Grandparents? Love you All my ANGELS ...
Posted by Evelyn Ford on 2nd June 2014
Thinking Of You "Happy Birthday My ANGEL with loads of Love" ... I always think about the good times, the ways You showed you cared. The days we spent together the happiness we shared. You will never be apart and You will live forever in my heart - Miss You So Much xxxx
Posted by Evelyn Ford on 8th March 2014
Thinking of you my ANGEL as always, especially today the last day I held you in my arms 5 years ago, day’s passes so quickly nothing changed in my life as you witnessed while you were there. I learned something that “Faith does not always give us all the answer we seek but Faith does give us the strength and ability to live with unanswered questions.” Love You Always & Miss So Much xxxx
Posted by Evelyn Ford on 1st January 2014
Thinking of You as Always ... I hope you had a happy Christmas Up there "Happy New Year" Life is still difficult for me as you can see my angel ... Love You Forever xx
Posted by Evelyn Ford on 28th July 2013
"I Always Think Of You In My Daily Life" especially when I really sad & feeling down like yesterday ... Waiting for an answer to my prayers and asked the Lord our God in tears ... How long I have to wait ... I miss my children so much, I am still waiting I hope that will be soon, It's Ashanti's Birthday today, Joni's birthday is coming too :) Love & Miss You xxxx
Posted by Evelyn Ford on 2nd June 2013
"Happy Birthday My ANGEL ... Always Love Of My Life" Have You Looked Down And Saw What I Have Done In The Garden For You? “The Water Feature” In Your Loving Memory … Have a Beautiful Day There with Friends, Family & My Family Up There … Sending a Big HUG & xxxx
Posted by Evelyn Ford on 14th April 2013
I thought of YOU with LOVE today, but that is nothing new, I thought about YOU yesterday & days before that too, I think of YOU in silence I often speak your name, all I have are memories and your pictures that I framed your memory is my keepsake with which I never part - Love YOU my angel xxxx
Posted by Pat Ford on 9th March 2013
Remembering my Dad with gratitude for his life and his presence. Also want to thank Evelyn for bringing him such love and care that he cherished. x
Posted by Evelyn Ford on 8th March 2013
4 years today March 08, 2013 when you were called, I lighted 4 Candles In Your Loving Memory ... Ever since you went away Life has never been the same ... Yet, it comforts me to know That one day we'll meet again My ANGEL - In God We Trust
Posted by Evelyn Ford on 2nd March 2013
"Thinking OF You Deeply Today & Always" ... It was just like yesterday, your 4th year heaven's birthday is coming very soon & your memories remain the same. the good times we had, the joy you've put into my life keep me going ... Love you more than ever my Angel xxxx
Posted by Evelyn Ford on 19th January 2013
Just want to say "Love you as Always & Miss so much ... Sending You a Big Hugs xxxx
Posted by Evelyn Ford on 22nd November 2012
"Christmas is coming very soon & I Think Of You My Angel ... I never changed & you know that ... I miss the way you are ... that unconditional love I found in YOU ... I love you as always xxxxxx
Posted by Evelyn Ford on 1st November 2012
"Thinking Of You Today & Always" ... Life Is Not The Same Without You Missing You So Much xxxx R.I.P. Love You My ANGEL xxxx
Posted by Evelyn Ford on 23rd September 2012
You’re a very special person, created by GOD very special to me.You made me smile and laugh too much, I miss you so much, you took half of my life and will never ever be the same with out you. “You’re my angel” I’ll be home one day we’ll rest in GOD’S loving arms together.- In God We Trust

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