Let the memory of John be with us forever.
  • 54 years old
  • Born on August 5, 1957 in Hayden, Colorado, United States.
  • Passed away on October 15, 2011 in Steamboat springs, Colorado, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, John Carroll. If you have a story or a picture, please add them, so our memories of his sparkling eyes and that mischievious grin will remain in our hearts forever!

Posted by Anthony Roberts on August 5, 2019
Hi, Uncle John. Happy Birthday in Heaven. We all miss you. Love you as always.
Posted by Alice Carroll-Greene on August 5, 2019
Happy birthday in heaven, John. I still miss you! I know you are at peace and that you are doing wonderful up there. I also know you are watching us down here and that you are smiling.
Posted by Anthony Roberts on October 15, 2018
Wow... 7 years. I still miss you, Uncle John and still can't believe you were gone. Someday I will see you in heaven. Love you, Uncle John.
Posted by Alice Carroll-Greene on October 15, 2018
This day is always a hard one.... wish we still had Johns dimpled grin. He will be missed everyday till we see him again in heaven.
Posted by Alice Carroll-Greene on October 17, 2017
I still miss him! Still can't quite believe he's gone! Glad I will see him again someday in heaven.
Posted by Anthony Carroll on October 16, 2016
something i can not say Brother but i know you know !!! we did it our way BRO
Posted by Anthony Carroll on October 16, 2016
My Dear Brother this is my first post here !!! have been in here a hundred times and could not leave a message for my heart hurts so much i know you and i had some of the greatest times anyone could have dreamed of and i feel so blessed to have been your little Brother !!! I Have crossed a few bridges in my time but none i would not have crossed with out you brother , I know i will see you soon Brother !!! Love you
Posted by Alice Carroll-Greene on August 5, 2016
I thought of John today as I still do everyday. Still a part of my memories is how he grinned whenever he got a birthday present.
Posted by Alice Carroll-Greene on October 15, 2015
Yes, I remember this day....how can I forget? Yes, I still think of him, yes I still miss him. I will never forget.....the good times, the bad times....all of those years shaped me into who I am today. I learned a lot from John. I am forever grateful.
Posted by Alice Carroll-Greene on August 11, 2015
Well, another birthday passes and I think of John. On his birthday I was on the mountain so I couldn't post on this sight, I was however thinking of him. I had a pendant made with some of Johns ashes and I always have them with me. I figure he would appreciate being on the mountain for his birthday. Still miss him, I know he's looking down on Joe and I and the kids and I know he's happy for us.
Posted by Alice Carroll-Greene on October 15, 2014
On this day I always remember the shock of Johns passing. After John and I were divorced I kept thinking that someday we would be friends again. I always thought that somehow I would be taking care of him in his old age. His passing came to soon for that, but what an honor to be able to take care of his last affairs. I still miss you John, and so does Joe. We have dreams about you, usually on the same night. We will see you again in heaven.
Posted by Rosemary Rukavina on October 15, 2014
When I remember you it always puts a smile on my face & warms my heart. Funny memories living next to your Mom & Jerry. Cutting up Elk & Deer in the kitchen. Camping, Pool Tournaments, Welding school, Trapping, Fishing, & Shooting/skinning muskrats & beavers. The fantastic times in Milner on the ranch. Meetings @ 4corners, even making the long trek from AZ. to see you on weekend visits for 4 years was worth it. I still treasure the silver belt buckles , jewelry & photos of those days. Thank you John for so may great memories. And now I know you are in great company w/ Grandma Miles, Leon, Mom & Jerry, Art & Pat & Granny , Johnny Ball, Uncles, Aunts, & many others you touched in your life. I just know you are all looking down on us and protecting us until we all meet again. My 1'st true love, I miss you. "Rasberry".
Posted by Anthony Roberts on August 7, 2014
Hey, Uncle John. Happy late birthday! I bet in beautiful Heaven, they celebrate your birthday, who knows but God knows. :) We truly miss you a lot. We love you. Always. Also be joy with Uncle Bill in Heaven.
Posted by Rosemary Rukavina on August 7, 2014
Happy Birthday , "Babe"! You're probably hunting or guiding in heaven! C U there one day.
Posted by Alice Carroll-Greene on August 5, 2014
I guess heaven is celebrating Johns birthday today. I think of him every day, not just on his birthday. I know that he would be proud of the children he helped me raise and of the lives they have made for themselves. I know that he sees us and is happy for us. One day we will see him again and it will be good. Still miss him!
Posted by Rosemary Rukavina on May 23, 2014
They say you never forget your first love, & John was mine. John, you taught me all of the good things in life & I still use your lessons to this day. You are deeply missed.
Love, Rose 5/22/14
Posted by Alice Carroll-Greene on August 5, 2013
Well John, we think of you and remember you on what would have been your 56th birthday. You are still a part of us even in your absence from this earth. It is a pleasure to remember the memories we had with you and we know that we will see you again someday in heaven. Your presence is still felt in our lives. We still miss you and love you.
Posted by Anthony Roberts on October 16, 2012
Uncle John, year ago, you have left Earth. You have to know that we all miss you and love you... A LOT. Once again, you'll always be in our heart. May 23, 2003... I will never forget that day. We had a lot of fun and how funny you were in the picture. You made me smile when I see you in the picture. We miss you a lot. Rest In Peace, Uncle John.
Posted by Alice Carroll-Greene on October 15, 2012
Well, today marks one year since Johns going to heaven day....we still miss him. We have a placed a grave marker on Grandma Carrolls grave in Hayden for John. If any of you get to Hayden you might want to look at it. We think it is a nice memorial to John. Joe and I, Brandon and Brianna, think of John often and will have him forever in our memories.
Posted by Alice Carroll-Greene on August 5, 2012
Thinking of John on his birthday. Remembering how he never wanted us to make a big deal of his birthday but we did anyway and he was always happy and grinning. He always seemed shocked that we would do "all that for him". Miss you John, always will!
Posted by Alice Carroll-Greene on April 3, 2012
Thinking of John a lot today...when the weather changes I always think of him wanting to get out and fish and start scouting for elk. He enjoyed the mountains soooo much.
Posted by Anthony & Casaundra Carro... on November 1, 2011
Uncle John, oh so many great memories. I remember when we went fishing, snowmobiling, setting fireworks off in the center of town on New Years and so much more. I remember when you would show up at the house with some random dead animal you had just killed, boy you were tickled and always had a grin. I love and miss you, and think about you every day. We will be reunited again.
Posted by Anthony Roberts on October 30, 2011
Uncle John, I miss you. I wish I knew you more and more. You'll always be in OUR FAMILY and FRIENDS' HEART. You'll be truly missed. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Tiffany Northrup on October 29, 2011
Uncle John, I wish we could have known each other better then we did. I moved away from Colorado and was not around any of dads side of the family. I moved back to Colorado and wondered everyday what you were doing, or if you were a neighbor that I did not know. I often asked about you. I believe that you would have taught me some wonderful life lessons. May we reunite someday! Love Tiff
Posted by Belva Self on October 28, 2011
Very nicely done Tam. I enjoyed the pictures. I also did not know him very well...but every chance he got that he bumped into me he talked to me. I remember meeting joe first and when I ran into John I thought he was joe and as I sat there rambling he just let me keep rambling as he sat there grinning. Not until about a month later it was brought to my attention I had been talking to John!
Posted by Brihanna Railsback on October 26, 2011
This is beautiful. I never got to know uncle john but what stories my mom told me he was a very amazing man. He will be missed. I didn't know that uncle john and uncle Joe were twins and uncle john came to the house with my dad and I said hey uncle Joe and they laughed and he said im not uncle Joe im john.. but he will be truly missed.
Posted by Alice Carroll-Greene on October 25, 2011
John Carroll- the love of my life...Yes, we were married and divorced, and yes, I still loved him. I have moved on and married again and yes, I am in love and very happy, but John will always be in my heart. John always gave what he had to give and we (my kids and I) will always love and appreciate him for that and so much more.

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