John Fletcher Slaughter was born on April 25, 1931 in Pasadena to Helen Fletcher and John Reynolds Slaughter and passed into Heaven on January 22, 2014 at the age of 82. He attended Pasadena High School and graduated in Engineering from UCLA where he was a member of the Fiji fraternity. He served in the CIC Corps of the Army and was a proud veteran. John met Linda Ruddy in 1956 and they were married in April of 1957. They loved Newport Beach and moved there to work on construction of the Santa Ana Freeway. When the job was completed John and Linda moved back to Pasadena, but always dreamed of returning to the beach. That dream became a reality when John formed his own construction firm, J.F. Slaughter Ltd. headquartered in Signal Hill. Their family grew to include twin sons, Kelly John and Kyle David in 1961 and daughter Shannon Lee in 1965. He is survived by his best friend, companion through thick and thin and loving wife for 57 years and his son Kelly and daughter Shannon who were by his side day and night his last two weeks on this earth as well as his adorable granddaughter Kalyn and his grandsons Kyle and Christopher. He was predeceased by Kyle David and will be joining him on the giant volleyball court in Heaven! He will be missed by his sisters, Ruth Keith McKay and Rachel Daywalt, and his many nephews and nieces who loved to hear Uncle John's many stories at holiday dinners. John was friend to all with his sweet Irish smile and was known by many names including "Big John", "Boss", "Mr. S", but the one he held dearest was "Dad". He loved his work, his friends and his family and often said that he wouldn't have done anything any different if he had a chance to live his life over. 8 members(7 new) · Message · Invite by Email