Let the memory of John be with us forever
  • 91 years old
  • Born on July 20, 1921 .
  • Passed away on January 27, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, John Webster 91 years old , born on July 20, 1921 and passed away on January 27, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Meg Kelly on 21st July 2016
John Webster was an amazing and loving person with just that smile and twinkle in his eye. I will always deeply be grateful for his support and kindness and wisdom. He is deeply missed .May all who care and love him feel his presence in your memories.
Posted by Sallie Huot on 26th August 2015
Whenever I think of my Uncle John, I think about his humor. When I was in the second grade, I had a beautiful, very caring teacher who was young and single. (Now I must remind you, Phyllis, that was way before he met you.) I told him about this woman and he asked me to ask her for a date. Now at that age, I did exactly what any adult asked me to do. I told my teacher that my Uncle John wanted a date. She told me to tell him to "'speak for yourself, John". When I relayed her answer - at the family dinner table - everybody laughed. Once again, I delivered the answer but didn't understand the joke . love you, Uncle John. Sallie Huot
Posted by Meg Kelly on 25th August 2015
Dear Phyllis and Deborah, I just found this notice of John's passing. I am so sorry for your loss even though it is over 2 years ago. I wish so much I had known he was ill. I sent a card to the South Hadley addtress about 3 months ago and the post returned it. John was my first therapist. I was in training at that time to become a therapist myself and struggling with the pressures of the MSW program at Smith School for Social Work. John was amazingly helpful. I often thought of him when I was in the midst of a new or challenging clinical experience.. He was kind, funny, insightful and so easy to talk to. He helped me through the death of my Dad and he was the minister at my wedding.. He also gave me his guidance and permission to divorce. He is so one of the most important teachers I have had in how to live a happy life. I really loved him and wish I had the opportunity to tell him while he was still on the planet. I hope you are doing well knowing how much he loved the two of you. and that this love sustains you in the present. My very belated condolences. Sincerely, Meg Kelly
Posted by Judith Saylor-Adams on 22nd March 2015
Debbie and Mrs. Webster, I was going through old pictures today and came across some from a youth retreat during my high school years in West Hartford, circa 1972. I have one of Mr. Webster playing touch football with a group of us where he was tackled and I believe broke a rib or two, but kept on playing. I googled his name and sadly found that he passed away. I wanted to express my sincere condolences and tell you of the many, many fond memories I have of your father and husband. What a great man. He had a profoundly positive impact and influence on my life, during his time as our beloved minister at First Church and to this day. He was one of the most genuinely kind and compassionate people I have ever known. His humor tickled all of us, particularly my father, who was at church every Sunday to hear Mr. Webster's insightful and dry-wit sermons. He made you want to listen. Knowing that he touched so many in such a profound way must give you great pride and comfort. We were all blessed in knowing him. - Judi Saylot-Adams, Hudson OH
Posted by Deborah Caimi on 29th January 2014
Uncle John was a favorite in the Webster family, caring for his brother, sisters, parents, nieces & nephews with love, counsel and humor. Whenever a concern came up, John was the one to reach out to. One of my favorites – and one I’ve told before - was the family children’s play we cousins provided for the family. Uncle John came in for unsolicited advice and convinced me to blow bubbles and dance, proclaiming I was Sally Rand. Little did I know, at four, that she was a stripper. I was the success of the show. Sallie Huot
Posted by Ben Blodget on 3rd June 2013
(cont.) and reminded him of this. During that sermon, he mentioned that it was the first time, he had preached without having it all written out. He has remained in my memory and will continue to do so. I can understand how he has so many tributes.
Posted by Ben Blodget on 3rd June 2013
Condolences to John's family. He died on my 84th birthday, so I am a bit younger than he. He was a councilor at Camp Manitou in Maine, a HS Congregational Camp. Well liked, but also a deep sleeper. One morning the boys in his tent tied him in bed and carried the bed in front of the main lodge where he woke up. When in Hartford, noticing John was at the West Hartford Church attended.
Posted by Carol Jules on 8th April 2013
John Webster was revered by my family in Williamsburg. In 1945 he had presided over the funeral of my grandfather, Charles P. Otis. Over 60 years later, in 2006, he spoke at the service for my father, Robert B. Otis. Words cannot convey the deep spiritual authority with which he celebrated my father's life and character. I was profoundly moved and comforted. What a truly beautiful man!
Posted by Joan Nelson on 29th March 2013
How sad I was to learn of John's passing, however, at 91 he lived a wonderful life. John was not just my pastor, but he was my friend, He presented and signed my Bible, he married me, he baptized my three children and married one of them. He always had a very special way of making your day better, no matter how rough it was. John I will remember and miss you always.
Posted by Barbara & Herb Matthews on 20th March 2013
How very sorry we were to read of the passing of our long time pastor and friend. John was such a part of our lives having officiated at our wedding, the baptism of our oldest daughter and the funeral of my dad, Al Bedlow, all in West Hartford, CT. Our paths continued to cross in CT, Maine and in Springfield, MA. He was an inspiration to us all. Our sympathy to Phyllis & family.
Posted by John Alan Howard on 19th March 2013
Peace to my fellow travelers. Mrs. Webster and Mrs. Caimi, I pray that the long history of learning and teaching will continue. When the BDN carried your story I knew the name. Last month in ephemera from my late father's desk, a yellow section of the BDN listed both John P Webster and John C Howard as honored graduates of the BHS Class of '39. God gave them much and we benefited!
Posted by Lynne Dolan on 19th March 2013
I spent many Tuesday mornings sharing in an ecumenical Bible study with John. I so appreciated his warmth, wisdom and wit. I have thought of him often in my ministry. John was a mentor and friend. My prayers go out to Phyllis and Deborah. John's light continues to shine in my heart.
Posted by Barbara Greten on 19th March 2013
When I moved to W Htfd at 5 yrs old, John became my pastor and father figure. I used to sneak from the Sunday School into the “big church” to hear his sermons – his spiritual messages were inspiring to people of any age. As I grew older, he mentored me in my journey towards ordination, and came back to First Church in W Htfd to officiate at my wedding. John will be sorely missed!
Posted by Bob Hall on 18th March 2013
Our sympathies to Phyllis and Deborah from Marcia Ann Smith Hall and Bob Hall. I was about 12 when John was the new junior minister at First Church in West Hartford and was given the job of heading up our Junior High Fellowship group. He was wonderful! A year or two later I was telling my father, a deacon, that John should succeed Elden Mills as senior minister. On 6/30/63 John married us.
Posted by Holly Boltz on 14th March 2013
My father (Ted Boltz) was an associate minister when Rev. Webster was senior minister at the First Church of Christ Congregational in West Hartford. I'll always remember John's dry wit. There was always an amusing story included in his sermons. My thoughts and prayers go out to Phyllis and Deborah.
Posted by Robert Vose on 13th March 2013
Continued ... for those folks (as was my father) and that my father was a scoutmaster of a troop that John belonged to in Bangor, ME. Small world – six degrees of separation - ask not for whom the bell tolls. My sympathies to the family.
Posted by Robert Vose on 13th March 2013
The West Hartford News carried the news of John’s death in the March 7th issue which we still get although we’ve moved to NC. John officiated at my 1st marriage in West Hartford in 1956. My father was John Peters Vose (whose grandfather was John Andrew Peters, whose grandfather and great grandfather were both John Peters) and my recollection was the John Peters Webster was somehow named for
Posted by Mark Tamaccio And Family on 10th March 2013
Jane (Claflin) and I were confirmed at First Church in West Hartford under John's guidance (circa early 1960's)...during those halcyon days of huge PF groups. John married us at First Church in 1968. We fondly remember his dry humor, thoughtful advice and wonderful sermons. We are blessed to have known and be influenced by this great man. Love to Phyllis and the family!
Posted by Darlene Graham on 9th March 2013
I first knew John when he lived in Williamsburg, Ma. His humor and caring helped a member of my family. I also read his book and at that time I did not know that he had such a full background as a minister. His spirit and love lives on in my heart. I will always be grateful for his healing energy and humility. My thought and prayers go out to his wife and family. Darlene Graham
Posted by Sallie Huot on 26th February 2013
John was an important part of my family life. I particularly remember my Aunt June's wedding, where I was part of the wedding party, although I was never asked to participate. I joined in when I saw John walk his sister down the aisle, trailing behind them yelling "Uncle Shonny, Uncle Shonny," My mother grabbed my hand very tightly and I stood next to my favorite uncle.
Posted by Al Tower on 24th February 2013
Uncle John...More wonderful memories than I can count. I know he's smiling at all this and I can feel him around all of us in the family. I always looked forward, as did everyone else, to the family get-togethers in Burgy and at York. I think of him and all of our family members he is with now. Love to all.............Alan
Posted by Deborah Caimi on 24th February 2013
I can imagine Dad's look of disbelief in regard to an online memorial, a long pause, followed by a wise crack. I am so blessed to have had such a kind, fun-loving, sensitive, and spiritual man for a father. Throughout his life and up to his death, he maintained his sense of humor, love of animals, and appreciation for all that helped him through his final illness. We will all miss him.

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