"Yea, though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil for I am the meanest s.o.b. in the valley."
  • 76 years old
  • Born on May 23, 1936 in Panama, Oklahoma, United States.
  • Passed away on February 19, 2013 in Kirkland, Washington, United States.

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Posted by Rosemary Proffitt on 20th February 2015
Hi, honey. Well, yesterday marked the second year of missing you in our lives. So many things still make me think of you often. I even cry when TV shows we enjoyed together go off the air; it's like another part of our time together is taken away. Forgot to mention this before but the Swansons moved to Fall City last summer and, although the 1900's home needs some work, they are happy with the move, the schools, and the people they have met. You wouldn't believe how big Joe and Kate have gotten! Joe's in third grade, Kate's in kindergarten, both enjoying their new friends. Both played soccer last fall and may play some baseball this spring. They're all vacationing this week for the kids' mid-winter break; visiting Legoland, Sea World, playing at the ocean and are at a water park today. Ann mentioned you'd have been happy to hear this as you always thought Joe would love Legoland. You probably have "heard" but Ty and Katie are having a baby boy in August! You're a great-grampa again....just wish you could be here to hold him. You'll be happy to know I was well taken care of yesterday. Jan took a half day off work and I met her at their place. When Bill got off work, we took some flowers and goodies to the staff at the hospice again this year. But the thing that you would touch you the most was they surprised me and had your name and dates written on the floral mural in the hall at the hospice. You would have had tears for sure. It's such a beautiful tribute and I'm thinking of doing one for your Mom for sure. Well, I don't visit this site as often as I should but you know I talk to you often anyway. Many hugs to you and Steph from all of us. We miss you so! Love you forever, Rosemary
Posted by Denise Bonfante on 19th February 2015
Dear John ( ok that sounds bad, ha ha) You are still so missed each and every day from your family and friends. I know you are watching over Rose and helping her get through each day. I know that you are at peace and that is what matters. Thinking of you today. Love and Miss you
Posted by William Grange on 19th February 2015
John It doesn't have to be the 19th for me to think about u and miss u. It's such a comfort to be able to remember your sense of humor And laughter , it keeps u in my heart forever, Love u always... I imagine there is only joy where u are so I won't ruin that by bringing up that the Hawks threw the ball with one yard to go!!!
Posted by Rosemary Proffitt on 30th January 2014
Hi, Honey! Missing you especially these past several weeks; hard recovering from the holidays without you and Steph. Still trying to shake it and pray it will get a little better when Spring arrives, but my heart will always ache for your presence and touch. I'm sure you've seen and heard all the noise from down here in anticipation of the upcoming Super Bowl on Sunday. Don't think the #12's have ever been noisier than this past season; wish you were here to enjoy it with all of us. I was remembering wayyyy back to when we had season tickets and had a home game against Denver that went into overtime.....I love that kinda tension, it was soooo exciting! Of course, it's a particularly fond memory because I was with you....and we won!! I'll be watching the game on Sunday with Ann, Eric and the kids. I got a Seahawk hoodie from Ty, Kate and John for Christmas this year. It will definitely bring us a win, especially with the Swanson family all attired in jerseys and T-shirts. John finally had surgery on his arm and will be recovering from that for another 4 weeks of so. Hope the healing continues to go well. Ty and Kate just bought a house in the Totem Lake area....it's so nice to have them back on the Eastside! Wish you could see it; I especially love the kitchen and there are 3 baths! (Now Tyler won't have to listen to the interminable whining that you endured all those years with only h 1 bath!) Don't forget John's birthday is in 2 days so send him some extra good wishes and prayers. Oh, and Brit just turned 15 if you can believe that (because I certainly can't.) She pops over to say "hi" occasionally and often brings a pic of her latest drawing or painting to show me. I even got one from her for Christmas! She also saved me big time this year in decorating, wrapping and Christmas Eve food prep, etc. Think it's become a tradition! (She could also use some prayers and hugs, too.) Well, better go finish laundry and pay bills; oh, joy! Thinking of you as always, honey. Love you, Rose PS GO HAWKS!
Posted by Rosemary Proffitt on 19th August 2013
Bill's still the quick, crack-me-up brother you remember. Becky and I transformed your old room this week for Joe and Kate. They're coming home from the annual vac in Colo & should be home Mon. Anyway, the walls are teal, pink, yellow and green. Joe has Angry Birds spread and Kate's is multi-colored flowers. Put canopy thingy over her head so we'll see what they think! :) love and miss u!
Posted by Rosemary Proffitt on 19th August 2013
Forgot to tell you..I got some pix from Jer and Mar; they bought a totally gorgeous 22' trailer & will be taking it on vac to Ft Flagler in Sept. I got teary when I saw the photos; the interior is just perfect; the kind of thing we dreamed of doing if I hadn't had to quit work so early. Still sorry I let us down retiring when I did but we both know it had to be. So happy 4 them, tho. LUV U
Posted by William Grange on 18th August 2013
Hawks are 2-0, I know its just preseason :) Missed u today since I cant think of the guy in westerns that had a squeaky voice! I KNOW you would know his name! If you are wondering why the sky you see suddenly seem to look teal, with a nearby glow of pink, um..blame Becky! This site is hard for Rose since she only can type so many wor
Posted by William Grange on 11th August 2013
just a quick note to say hi, Rose is here for dinner and is going on about some kids story so I thought I would take the time to send you a quick note to say hi. Miss you , I suppose you think it's pretty cool now that you have upgraded to the new version of the Microsoft "cloud" feature. Well as you know you are always in my contact list :)
Posted by Rosemary Proffitt on 30th July 2013
You are still in my thoughts and on my mind everyday. I've tried to stay busy this summer; been with Ann, Eric and the kids to visit Louise and go out on the boat, shopping with Jan for Sam's wedding (I didn't attend but it sounded like it was beautiful; on the water in Edmonds on a perfect blue sky and sunshine day.) Billl did an excellent job of officiating, lots of compliments.) More..
Posted by Rosemary Proffitt on 30th July 2013
You know me, can never be brief. Your nephew turns 8 on Friday and there was a party at their home on Sunday, complete with magician, Xachary, and 23 kids! You'd have enjoyed seeing the joy on all the iittle faces, especially Joe's and Kate's. Anyway, just wanted to say "hello"; it just isn't the same here without your smile. Miss you, honey. Love, Rose
Posted by Rosemary Proffitt on 23rd May 2013
Thinking of you and Steph especially today and tomorrow on your birthdays. Everyone sends their love and misses you both so...hope you can enjoy some mashed potatoes and Mom fixes you some of her spareribs! Of course, dessert will be Steph's confetti cake. :-) Love and hugs, honey.
Posted by Denise Bonfante on 23rd May 2013
Happy Birthday John! you are so missed by all of us.
Posted by Gary & Merrily Abolofia on 23rd May 2013
Thinking of you &Steph on your birthdays. I hope you are together celebrating. We send our love Rosemary.
Posted by Tyler Proffitt on 23rd May 2013
Happy Birthday! We love and miss you more than you could ever understand. Hope now you are off the no salt/sugar diet and you can enjoy a big steak and a nice cake!!!
Posted by Rosemary Proffitt on 27th April 2013
Hi, Honey. Not doing as well as I was a few weeks ago but I know it's all part of the process; some days the tears just won't stop. I just wanted to talk to you and tell you I think of you everyday no matter what I'm doing. Wish you were here to talk to Joe and Kate about their latest: Karate Lessons! Thought it would tickle you to hear that. Biggest of hugs, honey. Missing you so.
Posted by Tyler Proffitt on 5th April 2013
We love and miss you. Were keeping grandma company with laundry and baseball just like you would like it.
Posted by Rosemary Proffitt on 1st April 2013
Hi Honey! Missing you especially the past couple of days but helped that I saw Ty and Kate on Friday. They treated me to Olive Garden (remember how I love their soup and salad?) and then we picked up Kate and Joe for 2-night sleepover. Kids and I had breakfast with Jan on Sat, then g.sale, egg-dying on deck (thanks for the beautiful weather), and Mass with family on Sunday. Love You!
Posted by Rosemary Proffitt on 1st April 2013
Oops...forgot to remind you it's "Opening Day"! Love you so, Rose
Posted by Gary & Merrily Abolofia on 25th March 2013
What a lovely, lovely memorial. Everything was just wonderful, warm & inviting -- just like you & Rosemary always made people feel. I hope you were smiling down Jay & I hope you & Stephanie are together as you are both in our hearts.
Posted by Maria Cavallaro on 23rd March 2013
I didn't have the pleasure of meeting John in person but some people are just meant to be friends. We'd play games together online and banter/toss insults around. He was kind, funny, and irreverent. He was my friend - the best kind.
Posted by Tyler Proffitt on 19th March 2013
Tomorrow will be 1 month since you left us and 2 since we lost Steph. We love and miss u guys so much. Hope you are filling the after world with your infectious laughter and love.
Posted by Amy Saunders on 18th March 2013
I will always remember Jay's gracious, kind and gentle spirit. My thoughts are with you Rosemary, John, Tyler and Katie.
Posted by Gary & Merrily Abolofia on 17th March 2013
We remember Jay's smile, kindness & laughter. Our thoughts & love are with you Rosemary, John & Tyler. He was a fine man.
Posted by Gary Harrod on 16th March 2013
We will always remember our trips to the Oregon coast with John and Rose and the good times we shared getting to know each other better. Our prayers are with Rose and her entire family. Charlie & Erma Bonfante
Posted by Char Arnott on 16th March 2013
Pops I will miss our little chats when we played all of our games together. I know you would let me win once in awhile. I will always cherish those times that we share. You will be greatly missed. You were loved by many.
Posted by Rosemary Proffitt on 16th March 2013
Honey, I'm sure Tyler will continue your dogged efforts to make a sports fan out of me yet. I look forward to seeing Kate, Ty and Diesel here for laundry visits during some of the gazillion games they play. Still aching so much for you but know you are watching over me. Love you, Rosemary
Posted by William Grange on 16th March 2013
In time, laughter and smiles will replace tears and sorrow , But for now I feel selfish, wanting more time to borrow Wishing to bring you back John and hear your big laugh, but your journey has changed, taking you down your own path It’s natural we one day will leave, for we all must part, Here’s hoping that love, will soon heal my heart
Posted by Katie Proffitt on 16th March 2013
Tyler and I will miss your laugh and company, for Friday night laundry. I'm so grateful I got to have you in my life. We will miss you forever. I know you and Stephanie are in heaven together looking down on us. Can't wait to see you again one day. I love you. Katie and Ty xo
Posted by Gary Harrod on 16th March 2013
You touched the lives of many people. May God's love and the memories they share carry your family and friends through this time. You will be missed everyday. Gary & Suzi Harrod
Posted by Tyler Proffitt on 16th March 2013
15 days till Mariners opening day!!!! Please help bring our Mariners a championship!!! Love and miss you
Posted by Denise Bonfante on 11th March 2013
John Proffitt, you were and will always be a gentle giant. It was such an honor to be a part of your life.
Posted by Kirk Hays on 9th March 2013
I know you will be missed by all who knew and loved you. You always treated me like an adult....still try'n to live up to that.... Rose...so sorry for your loss...... he was a GOOD MAN........
Posted by Rosemary Proffitt on 6th March 2013
I will miss sharing my life with you. Love you forever, Rose

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