Much loved by Cara and Aran
John Reid Carson
  • 78 years old
  • Date of birth: Feb 11, 1935
  • Place of birth:
    Airdrie, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • Date of passing: Dec 30, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Do not stand at my grave and weep.I am not there.I do not sleep.I am the thousand winds that blow.I am the diamond glints on snow.I am the sunlight on ripened grain.I am the gentle autumn rain.Do not stand at my grave and cry.I am not there.I did not die.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, John Carson, 78, born on February 11, 1935 and passed away on December 30, 2013. We will remember him forever. 

Please help us by adding any stories or media you may have of John. 

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Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by patricia quinn on 15th February 2017

"At a resort because he had knee trouble and couldnt ski he insisted on carrying my heavy skis to and from the slopes! I really appreciated his thoughfulness ......always a gentleman...missed all who knew him."

This tribute was added by Nicola Prosser on 11th February 2017

"Remembering a lovely gentleman and sending much love to you, Jacquie, John and all the family. Nicola and the boys xxx"

This tribute was added by Gerry Quinn on 11th February 2017

"It's always good to bring you to mind John.
Because all my memories of you give a lift to my day.
May you rest in Peace."

This tribute was added by Alastair Carson on 11th February 2017

"Happy Birthday.................................x"

This tribute was added by Gerry Quinn on 30th December 2016

"We all miss you John.
We remember you and recall your name many times in conversations throughout the year.
We send our sympathy and love to your daughter Jacquie and son All.
Gerry & Pat Quinn."

This tribute was added by Alastair Carson on 30th December 2016


We all miss you here and your wise words.....x


This tribute was added by John Quinn on 11th February 2016

"Missing you as ever today JR!"

This tribute was added by Jacqueline Quinn on 30th December 2015

"We have missed your company for 2 years now, you are always in our thoughts Dad, all our love Jacquie and the Quinnies xx"

This tribute was added by Gerry Quinn on 11th February 2015

"I think about him often.
I find it hard to believe that I will not again enjoy the chats I had with him on the phone.
I would call him, for no particular reason other than that he came into my mind.
I was always glad that I did.
Gerry Quinn."

This tribute was added by Jacqueline Quinn on 11th February 2015

"Always in our thoughts Dad, we celebrated for you today....Happy Birthday xxxxx"

This tribute was added by John Quinn on 11th February 2015

"Missing you as ever JR! We will be planting a tree each year on our birthday - This year it's a citrus tree to remind us of your sharp whit!"

This tribute was added by Alastair Carson on 11th February 2015

"Happy Birthday Dad.........................................."

This tribute was added by Cahir Woods on 31st December 2014

"The extended Woods family  wish to send a message of condolence to Jackie John and family on this first anniversary of  John Carson"

This tribute was added by mike obrien on 31st December 2014

"The last year has flown by.
John was a great friend who by his warmth of character affected all.
I was privileged to know him, and life without his infectious humour,advice,and ever willing offers of help , is a poorer place.
Rest well old buddy."

This tribute was added by Keith McGibbon on 30th December 2014

"One year already - unbelievable how fast that's gone. We missed your calli Xmas card this year - the world's a duller place without you, John."

This tribute was added by Jacqueline Quinn on 30th December 2014

"Really nice to look through the pictures and appreciate those special moments.  We have missed you a whole lot this year, Cara and Aran often talk about you - you are always in our thoughts and hearts.  Love Jacqueline, John, Cara and Aran"

This tribute was added by John Quinn on 10th January 2014

"PAMELA CHAPMAN WROTE: I was so sorry to hear about your father. He would often stop and pick me up when I was waiting at the bus stop, so we then had a chat whilst he took me into Maidenhead. Carolyn, Julie and Anne send their regards."

This tribute was added by John Quinn on 10th January 2014

"JOHN GREEN & FAMILY WROTE: So sorry to hear the sad news.Our thoughts are with you all."

This tribute was added by John Quinn on 10th January 2014

"G.HAYES & FAMILY WROTE: I was so sorry to hear your sad news.I have many fond memories of our time together with John and my husband Rich and I will always remember John as a friend as well as a colleague of my husband.Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time."

This tribute was added by Gerry Quinn on 9th January 2014

"In my memory J R will always fit the image of the essential Englishman.

He stood for all that was decent, respectable, honourable, and he expected the same in return from all others.

In his later years he would have felt let down and betrayed by the pillars of society. The leadership of the country, the Banks, the Judiciary, the Church.

He could be scathing in his criticism, his disappointment and his humour directed at the establishment.

Things were just not the way he would like them to be, or the way they used to be.

But his humour shone through and he was always good company.

He enjoyed a game of golf.

He came to Ireland to visit us when our son John and his daughter Jacqui decided to get married.

I think he came to check us out.

He and I went for a game of Golf at a small Club near Newry.

J R had all the gear; golf shoes, grey slacks, bright yellow sweater, the glove and a well stocked bag of clubs.

He cut a fine image. He looked every bit the part.

He teed up, hit the ball hard, first time..... But hooked it to the right where there was a small outcrop of rock just lying in wait.

I can still hear the crack as his ball hit the rock.

We had to duck as the ball came screaming back at us, over our heads and landed about 3 feet from the hole on the 18th behind us.

JR uttered his usual expletive, reserved for such occasions....."CHRIST"

He observed the scene, checked that there weren't too many people around.

Then he calmly picked up his putter, walked over to the 18th green, holed the ball, announced that was about enough for today and suggested we head for home.

We will all miss J R.

I know that Jac and Al and all his grandchildren will deeply miss him in their own individual ways.

He loved them all dearly.

He had so much more to give.

JR has left the stage of life too soon.

Much, Much, Too Soon.

Gerry Quinn."

This tribute was added by John Quinn on 7th January 2014

"NICOLA ORFORD WROTE: We were very sad to hear that your dad had passed away. He always seemed such a gentle and wise man and I know you must be feeling an enormous loss. Thank you for letting us know about the funeral on 14th January. I will of course be thinking of you during this difficult time and if you would like to talk, please give me a call. As you know I have very happy memories of our time on Derwent Drive and I will always remember your dad with fondness. We send all our love to you, John and the children and please pass our condolences on to Alistair and his family. Nicola, Neil, Joe and Harry xxxx"

This tribute was added by John Quinn on 7th January 2014

"TINA WROTE: Whilst I felt I had to be on my best behaviour when I was with John, he always welcomed me into his home and nothing was ever too much trouble for him to help you out. He entertained me with the stories of his travels. The relationship he had with J and A was so special and a bond many don’t have with their parents. I often wished I could have that bond. He will be missed terribly by the whole family and I can’t imagine the loss you are all feeling. Love Tina"

This tribute was added by John Quinn on 7th January 2014

"GERRY GRANT WROTE: May I forward my condolences to all the family for your loss. I met John through the Golf Circle. He had a great sense of humour and was easy to talk to from day one. His glass was always "half full" - as long as it was red wine of course! We had a lot of good golf breaks and overseas holidays. On one such holiday - in Tunisia - he decided to follow us girls and go parascending. As soon as his feet left the ground he decided he didn't like it but by then it was too late. He also hadn't got his hearing aid in so couldn't hear the instructions being given on when  to pull the ropes to come down. Consequently he didn't descend at the right time and came down in the sea rather than the beach - fully clothed. He didn't want to admit this to the other guys in the group so we suggested we just walk around until he dried off and no one would know otherwise. However, as soon as we got back, he said "I've just been parascending and got dumped in the sea!" Our numerous golf circle memories will live with us all. Regards
Gerry Grant"

This tribute was added by Don Campbell on 7th January 2014

"Jacqueline, Geraldine and I were sad to hear of your father's death. Its always difficult to fill the gap that's left but I know you have fine memories of him."

This tribute was added by janine connor on 6th January 2014

"Jacquie, Al and family, It was a pleasure to have known John over the last 17 years, he will be missed by us all.

"Nothing can ever take away
The love a heart holds dear,
Fond memories linger every day,
Remembrance keeps him near."

All our love Janine, Giles, Alex and Grace xx"

This tribute was added by neville Stockden on 5th January 2014

"Knowing John since he first joined BEA in the 60's I can honestly say that it was a privilige to work alongside him,  earlier in Rome and later in Vienna,  as an OSE and as a good friend.
Always ready for a laugh I can remember the occasion at LHR when he heard about his Bahrain posting he asked, "what on earth are they doing by sending me to the Middle-East with the colour of my sensitive skin?"
God bless you John - we miss you."

This tribute was added by Mavis Beauchamp on 3rd January 2014

"John you will always be remembered for your humour, golf and friendship.
YOu will be surely missed."

This tribute was added by patricia quinn on 3rd January 2014

"We have lost one of natures gentlemen. Many a time I was aware of his
kindness and thoughtfulness. His gallantry and respectfulness were in
evidence...opening doors and pulling out dining chairs...a dying art that he carried out with aplomb.
While learning to ski in the Dolmites he acquired a knee injury and had to cease lessons, but insisted on carrying my skis back to the Chalet.!
I always felt special in his company.
John, gone but not forgotten. We all have our memories that will help to fill the gap caused by your death.
Pat Quinn"

This tribute was added by John Quinn on 3rd January 2014

"Marilyn wrote: John taught me to dance when I was 16 at the boys club. Happy days. I shall miss him as you all... Marilyn"

This tribute was added by Tony Berry on 2nd January 2014

"John was an active member and firm supporter of Hennex Golf Society. He will always be remembered by the ladies as a true gentleman and by all of us as a man with strong principles coupled with a wicked sense of humour. Doubtless he will be golfing on God's wide and verdant fairways before too long. Good luck John will be missed.             Hennex Golf Society"

This tribute was added by Keith McGibbon on 2nd January 2014

"Dear Alastair, Jacquie, John and Natalie,
Your dad John was one of the Good Old Boys and was always the most enjoyable of company. We had been meaning for some time to visit him and it's very sad to know that the chance will never come again. May he rest in peace, and our deepest sympathies are with you all.
Keith & Wadsana"

This tribute was added by sheila bibi on 2nd January 2014

"Jacquie John and family We are so sorry to hear of your loss, I remember him well .  Sheila Alex Stephanie"

This tribute was added by Kim Thompson on 2nd January 2014

"So sorry for your loss Jaq and Johnie and family xxx big hugs"

This tribute was added by Cahir Woods on 1st January 2014

"we the Woods Family Omagh  would like to convey our condolences to John Jackie and children  on the death of  John a fine  father and grandfather  May he rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Joanie Mc Shane on 1st January 2014

"Jim and I extend our deepest sympathy to you Jacqui and your brother on the death of your beloved dad. May he rest in peace.

This tribute was added by Marlene Hill on 1st January 2014

"John has been a very good friend for many years and we enjoyed his "grumpy dry wit " especially about ladies that should be in the kitchen not on the golf course messing around in the bunkers holding up play !!!
He will be sadly missed .Norman and Marlene"

This tribute was added by Brenda Mawby on 1st January 2014

"John has been a callagraphic friend for many years - a grumpy friend, but good company !  Always ready with an acerbic quip which often had me laughing for days. He has had a long, hard struggle - time to give in and escape more anguish. Fondly remembered."

This tribute was added by John Quinn on 31st December 2013

"CHARLIE MATES Wrote: " I consider myself privileged to have know John. We meet at a Calligraphy Class, I was working on the restoration of Cliveden Mansion (Staying in a Cottage on the estate) and noticed a add in the local paper re tuition by Ruby Lunn and joined the class.As John and I were the only men in the Class we got on well. That was more than fifteen years ago!!! I could not match Johns skill with a Pen he was Brilliant. We went together to other Venues for tuition and became good friends.  Once my work at Cliveden was completed I returned to London but kept in touch with John and visited him often.
I shall never forget John he was my FRIEND."

This tribute was added by Sue Wilson on 31st December 2013

"Such a shame JC that you were not able to make it out to NZ to visit John Jacquie and the grandchildren and me!  You were a staunch member of the Golf Circle for which I was so appreciative and added your own unique humour to events.  I shall never forget that day in Scotland, when the rest of us were in the mini bus on the way to one golf course or another.  You and George were in George's Jag following behind and donned those ghastly tam-o'-shanters with the red hair.  You drove along looking terribly serious but extremely funny!  I also forgave you for referring to me as the Fuhrer (almost immediately actually, 'cause I knew you didn't mean it.  Did you?!).  You will be sadly missed and my thoughts are with John, Jacquie and the little ones."

This tribute was added by Annabel Shepherd on 31st December 2013

"Our Father's worked together at times within BA, and now they meet again .......... my deepest condolences to the Carson family - John will always missed and always remembered x"

This tribute was added by Keith Stoddart on 31st December 2013

"I was very fortunate to have John as a good friend. You'll be sorely missed old buddy."

This tribute was added by Sami Kayyali on 31st December 2013

"Rest in piece John. I never met you but I definitely can feel that you are a super dad and grandpa. May god bless your soul."

This tribute was added by Jacqueline Quinn on 31st December 2013

"You were a really super dad, and an even better friend – you gave me wings. I will miss you forever x"

This tribute was added by Tarek Hameidani on 31st December 2013

"Had the pleasure of meeting John on a camping trip. A Great man. May his soul RIP."

This tribute was added by Emma McNally on 31st December 2013

"RIP John.  It was always fun when the Quinns and Carsons got together.  So many good memories. JR always made me laugh with his stories of the POW golfing ladies. We're thinking of you all during this sad time in your lives. Love you lots. Emma, Dermot, Conor, Ronan and Tom."

This tribute was added by catherine peters on 31st December 2013

"RIP John, we will miss you in Desert Palm. x"

This tribute was added by Alastair Carson on 31st December 2013

"Thank you for everything you taught me and your friendship, I miss you Dad....Alastair"

This tribute was added by patrick loy on 31st December 2013

"Best of luck on your new journey john - and I am sure you will bring plenty of sharp humour to your next adventure . One of the things we have in common john is our ability to laugh at life and the second thing we were both born on the 11th of February . Peaceful journey john ."

This tribute was added by John Quinn on 30th December 2013

"Thanks to everyone who has visited this website and for all your kind and encouraging words.  It brings us great comfort to read and to know you have taken the time to visit and learn about John (Kit) Carson"

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