Let the memory of Jonathan be with us forever
  • 46 years old
  • Born on April 3, 1964 .
  • Passed away on August 29, 2010 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jonathan Heardt 46 years old , born on April 3, 1964 and passed away on August 29, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Alex Orton on August 29, 2019
Miss you very much my friend
Posted by Cindy Martinez on August 29, 2019
Even though we didn't see each other enough like we should have. I have alot of fun memories of us in ol fort Morgan .  I wish I could go back to those days. I love n miss you. Tell my mom I love her. Don't let her fall off your bike.   Ride on.  
    Love your cousin. Cindy
Posted by Barbara Heardt on August 29, 2019
9 years ago you decided that you had better places to go than stay with us so you took off to go spend eternity with God in Heaven. You told me so many times that you were ready to go but that your only regret was leaving us all behind. No regrets, My Jon, as we will all be together again when God decides the time is right. The BBQ is coming up soon so watch for all your family and friends getting together to talk about and remember you. This year Eppie is there with you so say 'hi' to him as I cannot call him this year. Know that you are loved and remembered each and every day. Until we meet again RIP.
Posted by Julie Scheneman on April 3, 2019
My dear friend, I wanted to tell you Happy birthday! Still older than me  I wish all the time you were here so that we could catch up on our lives.
Love you my life long friend Ride on Jon for forever in my heart!
Posted by Barbara Heardt on April 3, 2019
Happy 55h birthday my Jon. You are missed every day but loved so much still. Brianna and Landon bought a lovely home in Parachute. You would love it and it is in the mountains that you and Brianna so love. She said she dreamed of you the other night and it was about hoping you would be happy with her choice of home and area. I know you would be. Kaitlyn is getting married in 2020. You probably, at first, would not approve of her choice of a partner but once you got to know Kirah you would love her, as we do. Most importantly is that Kaitlyn is so very happy. April & Jon made you an Uncle on February 14th with a 3 pound 11 ounce little girl (Sofia Day Harding). April had a rough pregnancy and had to be in Denver in the hospital from January 29th until the emergency C section and Sofia had to stay in NICU until March 17th but all is well now and the little girl is growing by leaps and bounds. I will probably babysit for Sofia (like I did for Brianna and Kaitlyn) until April can get an okay to take Sofia to work with her. Shelley is wonderful and enjoys working just 5 minutes away from home (less money but manageable). Tom, Ann and Holly hope to make it home this summer. I miss that big boy. I am just fine, as always, getting older but age is just a number and does not matter what that number is. Rich Ball passed away last month and Lloyd is having a hard time. Darren and Penney have separated but are still friends. So many changes but life does go on. Eppie also passed away this past year. He will be missed. Paul Krause came to the BBQ and we all enjoyed having him here for the first time. He brought lots of pictures from your time with him and the other guys. As usual I am rattling on but wanted to keep you updated. Know that you are so loved and missed every day. Love - Your Mom!!
Posted by Barbara Heardt on August 29, 2018
My son - it has been 8 years since you left us and we miss you each and every day. Everything here on earth for us is fine, as I know that you can watch from Heaven. Your girls are happy and well and we love it when they find the time to come visit. You are going to be a GREAT uncle as April and Jon are expecting a baby. Been a long time since we had a little one around. Your BBQ is coming up on the 8th and the special part this year is that Paul Krause is going to fly in and be with us. We have great conversations about you between the two of us. Right now Shelley and I are headed to the mountains to visit with you in your final resting place. Know that we love you now as we did in the past and until we meet again - Ride On!!
Posted by Barbara Heardt on April 3, 2018
54 years ago we welcomed into our lives a precious baby boy. We loved you all of your 46 years until you left us and we love you still. I hope that your birthday in Heaven with our God and his son Jesus is a happy happy one (which it is bound to be). Now that you have Max to keep you company until more of us come to be with you I know you are busy and having a great time. Does Max ride with you on that Harley on those golden streets??? Tell our other family there with you 'hi' from all of us down here. Love you baby boy and miss you every day.
Posted by Sandra Walker on April 3, 2018
Oh how I think of you a lot. I hope you and Max are enjoying your Birthday! I have seen you in my mirror on my bike or in the mirror in the bike in front of me. I think of the a lot and the days we had together were so much fun and filled with love. I miss talking to you and you stopping by just to say hey or ask me how many miles I have rode this year.I think of you every time I go to Sturgis, I still carry your face piece in my jacket pocket with me.
Ride on Jon. Until we ride together again!!
Posted by Julie Scheneman on April 3, 2018
Happy Birthday my friend
Posted by Barbara Heardt on December 17, 2017
Watch for Max my Jon as he is headed your way over the Rainbow Bridge. He was tired and ready to be reunited with you. Hard on Brianna and the rest of us but know that you will be really happy to see him again. Love you bunches my son.
Posted by Julie Scheneman on September 1, 2017
You were on my mind today my dear friend. Just wanted to say hello and let you know you are never forgotten Ride on my sweet friend.
Posted by Barbara Heardt on August 29, 2017
7 years!!! It does not seem possible that you, my Jon, have been gone from our lives for that long. Still miss you so much and remember and think of you each and every day. The family, the guys and their families will all be here on the 9th to remember you with love and stories. I will call Eppie and talk to him and let the guys have a chat also. He misses you also and said you were his brother. Have recently contacted with Paul Krause and perhaps someday he will be here also. He wanted to know if you knew how PO's he is with you for leaving. I told him I thought that you did. I know that you will also be here with all of us from your seat in Heaven and are just waiting for all of us to one day be with you again. Love you my Jon each and every day. Ride on my Jon on that golden bike on those golden roads.  Watch over all of us as you can from you special place and until we meet again - Love you bunches!!!
Posted by Barbara Heardt on April 3, 2017
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY JON! Miss you still, and always will, but know that you are in a far better place than here on this mixed up earth. Think our plans are to go out to supper to celebrate your birthday. We will think of you with every bite we take and know that we must CLEAN our plates as there are starving kids in Ethiopia (you always said so). Love you bunches and until we meet again know that to be a fact!!! Mom
Posted by Barbara Heardt on August 29, 2016
Six years since you left us to go live with our God and Jesus in Heaven. Sometimes it seems so long ago and sometimes just yesterday since we chatted on the telephone. You are still missed every single day but I know how unhappy you were here on earth and I know that you are ever so happy now in Heaven. Love you now and always. Ride On my Jon.
Posted by Shelley Heardt on August 29, 2016
Not a day goes by when I don't think of you and smile about something you said or did in life...you gave us all so many reasons to smile and laugh!
I love you and miss you! Ride On Jon!
Posted by Julie Scheneman on August 29, 2016
Jon you and I were such good friend's as kids growing up. We always spent time together at your grandparents house, "Causing a muck they would say". I can see your face every time I think about you and how kind and gentle, loving and caring of a person you were. We were always laughing and giggling. I loved you then and still do to this day. 
You are missed so much by your family, I went to the house and visited with your mom and sister, Which we are still friends today you can be happy about that. The visit was a great your mom and I looked at photos she has and reminisced just as if we hadn't skipped a beat thru all the years.
I believe that the stars in the sky are openings from heaven where you are looking down upon all of us and shining down to let us know that you are happy in Heaven with God..... Thinking of you always
Posted by Cindy Martinez on April 4, 2016
Happy Birthday! you were always my favorite Cousin. We used to have so much fun when you used to come to Fort Morgan. Especially with our RABBITS.  love and miss you.
Posted by Barbara Heardt on April 3, 2016
Happy 52nd birthday my son. We have balloons (Tangelo and Emerald) to set off when some of your friends and family get here to have birthday cake in your honor. We miss you so very much but know that you are so very happy living with your God and Jesus. I do take comfort in that fact and know that you are now happy. Love you bunches and Ride On and RIP!!
Posted by Barbara Heardt on August 29, 2015
It has been five years since your left us here on earth to go to your Heavenly home in Heaven with your God. I know that you are happy but we still miss you so much here. Your friends and families will be coming here today to visit, eat and share memories. Look down and be with us as I know your presence will be felt by all of us. Love you so much, my son, and until we meet again know that I carry you in my heart always.
Posted by CAROL LEBSACK on August 29, 2015
I know just how much your Mother, Sister and Brother miss you on earth. I will always remember you as a baby. We did not get to see you very much as my Spouse was in the Air Force and stationed so far away. Jon the memory of you will always be with me until we met again in God's home.
Posted by Barbara Heardt on April 3, 2015
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY JON!! 51 years ago today you came into our lives and brought us so much happiness!! Your time on earth was short but I know that you were ready to leave us and go to your eternal home with your God. This weekend is also special as it has so much meaning about Jesus and his short time on earth.. Enjoy your birthday with him but know that we truly, now and forever, miss you being with us. Love you always. Ride on my Jon!!
Posted by Barbara Heardt on August 29, 2014
Four years since you left us. Sometimes it seems so far away and sometimes it seems like yesterday. One good thing I know for certain is that you have never been forgotten - you are mentioned nearly every day and creep into our conversations all the time. You left us with so many good memories. Loved you then and love you still. I know that you will be with us on the 6th when we have your BBQ and all your family and friends will gather to remember you!!! Ride On my Jon!!!
Posted by Shelley Heardt on April 3, 2014
Hey big brother-happy birthday to you! I'm missing you so much today but I know you are still around looking out for us and that gives
me peace. I love you! Ride On! ♥
Posted by Barbara Heardt on April 3, 2014
I am glad I got a chance to know and hang out with Jon..he touched a lot of lives. My whole heart is shaking hands with your friends and family Jon, whose lives were all just a little better because of you young son.
  Thank you Wally Byers - Your comments mean a lot to me (Jon's Mother) and Jon's family. Jon had so many wonderful friends!!!
Posted by Barbara Heardt on April 3, 2014
Happy 50th birthday my Jon. I know that you are happy there in Heaven but we certainly do miss you here on Earth. Have a great day riding your perfect Harley - on perfect roads and in perfect weather. Love you bunches,
Posted by Barbara Heardt on August 29, 2013
Today it will be 3 years since you left us and every day you are still with us in spirit. Not a day goes by without some memory of you popping up. Sometimes those memories bring tears and sometimes they bring laughter. No matter what - they bring lots of love that still goes out to you. Until we meet again - Ride On my Jon!!!
Posted by Robert E. Sackman on August 29, 2013
I Only Knew Him For A Short Time, But He Left A Great Impression on Me, Of A Really Strong, But Gentle Man!!!!!!!! I Will Never Forget Him!!!!, And He Was The Kind Of Man That Needed A Song Written About Him, So I Wrote One ,And Sang It., And Sent It To His Mom. It Was One Of The Saddest Songs I Ever Wrote!!!!Ride On Jon!!!!!!!!
Posted by CAROL LEBSACK on August 29, 2013
I will always remember you as a little Baby. My husband was in the Air Force with many miles from you Family and did not get to see each other often. Today, I grieve with the miss of you by your Mother and Family. I love them so and consider your Mom my "Sister." We miss you much, but someday God willing we will be all together in your place, a much better place then here on earth.
Posted by Barbara Heardt on April 3, 2013
Happy 49th earth birthdays and 2 1/2 Heaven birthdays. What a wonderful day it was when you entered this earth as you had been eagerly awaited by myself, your father, your brother, your sister and all the rest of your family.  We had 46 years with you here on earth and now will have to wait until it is our time to be with you again in Heaven. Love you still. Ride On my son.
Posted by Shelley Heardt on April 3, 2013
Happy Birthday Big Brother!! Oh, how I wish I could pick up the phone to tell you Happy Birthday and I love you...instead I will shout it to the heavens!! I miss you every single day but today I feel your absense so much more!! Ride On Jon...until we meet again...I love you!!!
Posted by Barbara Heardt on March 13, 2013
My Jon - your daughters are keeping us busy. Brianna traded the Mustang for a Dodge front wheel drive car and I know that you would approve of that trade. She did all the paperwork herself and will make the payments herself. So proud of her. And you know that Max is now with her and her finance, Landon living in Fort Collins. She is working full time at Cost Cutters. Love her bunches!
Posted by Barbara Heardt on March 13, 2013
Now to your other daughter. This evening Kaitly was letting a friend drive her car and the friend lost control going around a curve at Seeleys Lake. The first curve going South from 392. They hit a pickup and totaled Kaitly's car. The good Lord was riding with them as neither girls was injured - just shook up. Perhaps you were riding with them also as Bri says you always ride with her
Posted by Barbara Heardt on March 13, 2013
Still miss you so very much my son. Love you bunches!! Your daughters are growing into wonderful beautiful young ladies. You would be -- and I know you are as you watch from Heaven - so proud of them. They talk of you often and have such wonderful memories of you and also love you still. Ride On my Jon!!!
Posted by Barbara Heardt on December 28, 2012
Another Christmas without you my son. Tom could not make it home and you were with Jesus so it was just Shelley and I. Your Brianna has taken possession of Max, which I know you will be so happy about, and she is spoiling him something fierce. She and Landon moved into their own place in Fort Collins this weekend. You would like Landon. As usual have to go to another post.
Posted by Barbara Heardt on December 28, 2012
Did not get to see Kaitlyn this weekend but she always sends her love to you in all her FB postings. Here it is 2 1/2 years without you and it is still hard to realize that you are not here with us. I know that you are riding on golden streets and I know your HD is now golden also so Ride On my son and let the wind blow through your hair and know that all of us still love and miss you.
Posted by Barbara Heardt on November 23, 2012
Another holiday without your presence. We missed you and Shelley woke up singing Turkey Lurkey. Had a great Thanksgiving with our traditional goose and duck and all the trimmings. I had one piece of pumpkin pie but will have another one just for you. Nobody ate the necks so took most of the meat off and the bones went in the trash. I love you, my son and miss you every day!!! Ride On!
Posted by Barbara Heardt on November 23, 2012
Guess what? I actually made ''real'' whipped cream for Shelley. She always said I only made it for you - so today I made it for her. But who ever heard of putting whipped cream on strawberry/rhubarb pie??? Only goes on pumpkin - right? Until we meat again - I love you my son!! Ride On!!!
Posted by Shelley Heardt on August 29, 2012
Hey there big brother...so two years ago you were called home to be at Our Lords side and sometimes it seems as though it was just yesterday. I miss you so much and wish I could pick up the phone or just stop by cuz it's 'right on the way' to let you know how much I love you!!! Ride On Jon...Ride On!!! <3
Posted by Barbara Heardt on August 29, 2012
Two years ago about this time I was chatting with you on the phone & you were happy & headed for a fun day out with friends. Never ever thought I would get that call from Lloyd & the hours & days & months & years after that call have been bitter sweet. It was time for you to move to a better place & I know that you are again happy & God knows best but boy do I miss you. Ride On! Love you!!
Posted by Barbara Heardt on August 29, 2012
Hey my son - missed you Saturday - even though I know you were here in spirit and enjoying the BarBQue that we had in your memory. Your daughters (they still love you so much) and your choice friends and families were here to remember and share memories of you with each other. Aren't you glad that you are a reason for all of us to get together and enjoy good food and good memories???
Posted by Barbara Heardt on April 3, 2012
Happy 47th earthly birthday and 2nd Heavenly birthday. Surely do miss having that cake and ice cream to help you celebrate your birthdays but know that you are having wonderful Heavenly birthdays with all the family and friends that were waiting for you when you got there. Your brother Tom called this morning to say he also wished you a Happy Birthday.
Posted by Barbara Heardt on April 3, 2012
As usual your Mother has too much to say for one tribute so will add to the one I just left. We miss you still but find comfort that you are finally totally happy living in Heaven in God's great home where only happiness reigns. Once again - Happy Birthday my son and someday (we never know when) we will be together celebrating all our Heavenly birthdays. Love you bunches!!!
Posted by Barbara Heardt on April 3, 2012
You got the last laugh on your sister Shelley!! Taylor Swift won Entertainer of the Year. She even shouted up at you, "You win this time Jon". Your birthday brought lots of memories from a lot of people. You were (are) so special. Anyone that ever knew you never forgot you and all loved you for who you were. Your light was on this morning so know you came to say 'hi'. Love you.
Posted by Barbara Heardt on February 18, 2012
Jon - you have such beautiful girls!!! I know you are looking down from Heaven and puffing out your chest as you see them and watch them grow into such wonderful young ladies. Be proud of them my son as I am proud of them. Love you and Ride On!!!
Posted by Lori Reeves on December 25, 2011
Merry Christmas Jon! I know you are surrounded by family, and I know that you are now watching over Dallas as well. Your girls are sure missing you a bunch!! It gives them some comfort to know that you and Dallas are together watching over us all. :)
Posted by Barbara Heardt on December 25, 2011
Another Christmas without you my son. We saved your place at the table and talked to you while eating. Prime rib was delicious and know that you would have loved it as always. Have lots and lots of oatmeal raisin cookies just for you,. People at church last night talked about you. You had lots of friends there. Enjoy your Christmas day birthday celebration with your Jesus. Love you.
Posted by Shelley Heardt on December 25, 2011
Hey there Big Brother...I wish you were here...I miss you tons!! Merry Christmas...you are always in my heart (a heart, a heart, a heart...smack...whaaaaaaa)!! Keep an eye on Dallas for us!!! I love and miss you more every single day!! Ride On!!

Kulii said she's gonna eat your cookies!!!!
Posted by Barbara Heardt on December 9, 2011
My son I am so proud of your girls. They accomplished something in preparing Dallas for showing that I could never have done and they did a beautiful job. Brianna says she talks to you frequently and that it really helps her. Kaitlyn is being somewhat withdrawn and does not talk to many. Any chance you could get her to talk to you? We all need you to watch over us from Heaven. RideOn!
Posted by Shelley Heardt on August 29, 2011
Jon...I cannot wrap my heart around the fact that you are gone...it's been a year and I miss you more every single day!!
I love you and miss you!! Ride On and be at peace!!
Posted by Lori Reeves on August 28, 2011
A year ago today I had to do the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life...I had to tell our daughters that you had died in a motorcycle accident. There has not been one day that we have not thought of you, missed you, wished you were still here. Your girls miss you!

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