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  • 86 years old
  • Born on July 16, 1929 in Los Angeles, California, United States.
  • Passed away on June 20, 2016 in Port Ludlow, Washington, United States.

On Saturday, July 16th at exactly 3:33 pm, we will be lighting a candle in memory of Carroll Krueger. Please join us at that exact moment so that we can all be together in spirit to honor his memory and celebrate his long and amazing life. 

Posted by Peter Slover on 21st June 2018
I miss Carroll and think of him often. I was blessed with great inlaws, and now great memories. Vaya con Dios.
Posted by Lara Hodges on 21st June 2018
On the two year anniversary of my Dad's passing I have had many quiet moments throughout the day. I am a teacher and today was my last day of school. Many thoughts ran through my head about my class, job, etc, but the most prominent thought was that it was the two year anniversary of his life here on Earth. Maintaining a smile was what he would have expected from me. "Do your job and do it well" is a phrase that comes to mind from him. When I finally had a real moment to look at all the photos on this website, I allowed myself to grieve, reflect, remember and to smile. I miss my Dad every day but seeing him in all of these photos reminds me of the beautiful life he lived. He was and will always will be adored and loved by his children, his wife, his grandchildren, his siblings, his friends and so many more special people. Please always hold him in your heart as I will forever. I love you Dad
Posted by Erin Macaulay on 20th June 2018
Hi Dad, just thinking of you as I do every day. I miss you so much, but you are around me in so many ways. Luke is taking his first surf lesson today and I know how much fun you had hearing about all his adventures and many I can't keep track! We talk about you all the time. I love you tons, Erin
Posted by Michael Arnold on 20th August 2016
It's with heavy heart that Sue and I learn of Carrolls passing. We had the unique privilege of sharing many wonder trips and adventures with he and Terilyn. They were a wonderful couple who embraced life and each other. To know Carroll was to experience a true life Renaissance Man! Bright, funny and enjoyable to spend time. I am better for knowing him. Our heartfelt condolences to his loving wife Terilyn.
Posted by Alice Sheofsky on 17th July 2016
Thanks to his daughter Erin and my daughter Katie being good friends I had the chance to know Carroll. I will remember the laughs, the sporting events, having him come back to work after he had retired to assist with my shoulder surgery and his unbelievable knitting ability. Carroll will be greatly missed by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him. Rest in Peace
Posted by Art Chandler on 13th July 2016
Hey Carroll, Your love and support always surprised me for some reason, but it was so very real, natural and easy. I'm so deeply grateful for that. It's and honor and a joy to have shared some of your time here on this planet with you. My life is and will continue to be better for it. And, thanks for explaining the Lennon hop and showing me the open joy in your silent, head tilted back, mouth wide open laugh. I'll keep that with me, too. Love, Art
Posted by Terry Hughes on 13th July 2016
Hi Carroll! I will remember you in many ways. Every time I load up a PBJ I remember the first day you introduced me to your favorite sandwich, peanut butter, mayo and lettuce on white. I hear you everyday I'm battling the craziness of driving in LA, "you have to be defensive on the road, people are crazy". When I am doing yard work or cleaning or fixing something and I start to get sloppy and take short cuts I feel your presence and the importance of taking pride in your work. I remember watching and listening to Seiji Ozawa and Arthur Fiedler orchestrate the Boston Symphony on the only TV in the house and being annoyed at first, but finding myself captivated and enjoying the performance. I remember you never being lazy and not productive. You always had a book, project, idea, something that kept you intrigued and interested in life. I strive everyday to keep my interest in life and its many wonders and you are an extremely talented mentor. I thank you for all the lessons I learned and times we shared. Keep on flying Carroll!
Posted by Pamela Perkins on 11th July 2016
It is with a heavy heart that Arden and I just learned of Carroll's passing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Terilyn and Carroll's entire family. Carroll was not only a wonderful doctor but truly the only renaissance man we ever knew. He knew and mastered so many things and shared them all with such enthusiasm. He will be missed and remembered by Arden and I until our paths meet again.
Posted by Jamie And Bob Bima on 11th July 2016
We send our sincere condolences to all of Carroll's family. We shared many wonderful hours together over the years, boating in Marin and again by happenstance here in Port Ludlow. We will hold those memories forever. We will light a candle in his honor and remember him with love. Jamie and Bob
Posted by Sally & Chuck Secor on 11th July 2016
We've had such a long and happy relationship with Carroll and Teri - where to begin: Preparing freshly caught abalone (by Teri) for dinners at the Krueger's, arriving in a stretch limo for the Medical Society Christmas party, hanging out on the Grand Banks at Hospital Cove, sailing the Turquoise Coast of Turkey, adventures in Venice, Rome & Cortona. That's just the beginning. Chuck has a lot more to say but I won't let him...............We will miss you terribly and we thank you for your great wit and friendship.
Posted by Cheryl Nealy on 8th July 2016
There is so much to say positive about Carroll. I have had the pleasure to witness the lovely father he was to my girls Lara and Erin, my son Terry, Catherine, Lisa Tom and Matt. He adored all his GRANS completely. What a great doctor, friend, neighbor, brother and father he remained all his life. We truly never loose the ones we love, as they remain present in our heart and soul forever and ever. We will meet again on the other side.
Posted by Marty Meade on 30th June 2016
Bud and I were sorry to hear of Carrol's passing. He was responsible for introducing us to beautiful Marin in 1970. Carrol signed up for my stained glass class at the College of Marin and I can only describe his connection as someone who had done it in another life time. His attention to detail, creative thinking was impeccable... a trait that I am sure he took into the operating room. We loved that we were family, and shared dinners talking about the past, but also of our children. (He had a special appreciation for each of you as individuals). We would love to see you again, and welcome your families to our home in West Marin. We will be lighting a candle on the 16th... but from Ghost Ranch in New Mexico where I will be teaching stained glass. With love, most sincerely. Marty Meade
Posted by Thomas Krueger on 29th June 2016
Dear Dad, It's tough to know just where to begin. I am constantly recalling moments we shared, advice you've given me, things I've learned from you, both intentionally and unintentionally. So much of it just by watching the way you lived your own life. So disciplined, so good at anything you put your mind to. You never settled for mediocre or half-way. You always admired hard work and dedication and that's exactly how you lived your own life. Your word was impeccable, as was your honor. If you said you were going to do something, you did it. And you did it well. Very impressive. Such a tough act to follow. "Find a need and fill it", that's what you'd say to me. I think back on some of the crazy ideas I shared with you, my very naive and youthful goals for the future, and how you kept a straight face, I'll never know, but "find a need and fill it" is what you'd say. As I got older I never doubted that you believed in me. And in the end, you were always glad to see me and hear about whatever the heck I was up to. I'll miss sharing my crazy ideas and experiences with you, and knowing that you're on the other end of the line, smiling, laughing, living vicariously through all of it. Believing in me all the way. And I will never doubt just how much you loved us all, and how great you thought your kids and grandkids were. You may have been old-school in the way you'd show your love and affection, but I never doubted just how profound your love was for all of us. Thank you. I will hold onto that love for as long as I live. And as much as I'll still try to impress you, and make you proud of me, it's such a relief to know that you'll always love me just the way I am. I love you, too. xo Tom
Posted by Lisa Slover on 29th June 2016
I have the meditation window that you gave me up in my home and I look at it every day. It brings me peace and I am forever grateful for this special gift. I know you are at peace now and it brings me joy to know that you will never again have to suffer or endure discomfort.
Posted by Lisa Krueger-Chandler on 28th June 2016
Dad, I want to thank you for being my father, and for gracing this earth as long as you did. You became the fine wine of my life: more and more precious to me with age, both mine and yours. I always knew I could count on you to light up with pride and excitement over my good news. What you showed me over time was how lovingly and unconditionally you would shore me up when times were bad. This has meant more to me than I can ever possibly say. I have learned so much from you about honor, hard work, humility, cordiality, curiosity, wit, love of music and nature. I will never forget a walk we took through the redwoods when I was little. You pointed to a shaft of sunlight filtering through the highest branches and needles, and said it was one of your favorite things in life, that particular light. I like to think you gave me the gift of seeing and hearing things this way -- no detail too small to escape delight and awe. There are a thousand gifts and quirks I see in myself and my son, my siblings, my aunts and uncles, my nieces and nephews that instantly recall you, Dad. There will never be another person quite like you, but there is so much of you in so many, many of us, that I believe you will grace this world for a very long time. Rest in peace. I love you. Lisa
Posted by Lydia Kelly on 26th June 2016
Oh Carroll, you will be so missed, your good conversations, your humor your wild and wonderful hair and ponytails your great smile, your mischievous laugh your knitting with Lilly on your lap and so much more We will never forget you. You are loved. With love and affection Lydia
Posted by Thomas Krueger on 25th June 2016
From Erin... Hi Dad, I am so proud and honored to be your daughter. I cherish our "special bond" we spoke about a few weeks ago every single day. I've looked up to you my whole life and I want to always do my best for you. From the moment I could walk I've wanted to be by your side. It doesn't matter what we're doing or what is said, I just love being near you. I love hearing that funny cackle when I tell you the silly things Luke has done and said and I'm so glad the two of you have spent so much time together. He sporadically throws out the "Semper Fi Hoo Rah" you taught him in March when you gave him your USMC hat. We talk about you all the time and we love looking at all your stained glass throughout our house. Pat has loved being around you and truly admires what you have done and the man you are. You are the most intelligent, hard working, talented, cordial, concerned, kind and loving man I know. I love you so much, thank you for giving me a wonderful life and I'll be chatting with you as always on Sunday afternoon. I love you tons, Erin
Posted by Catharine Slover on 24th June 2016
I am so glad you were my dad. What a unique individual! I love you so much Dad.

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