Il nous faudrait plus d'une vie
pour l'oublier.
  • 74 years old
  • Born on March 19, 1939 in Jacmel, Haiti.
  • Passed away on April 29, 2013 in Hampton, Virginia, United States.

Dear Family & Friends, Welcome!

We have created this site with the double purpose of remembering Joe and informing you of the events planned to honor his memory.
Blue was his favorite color so we would like to ask you, if possible, to wear a blue accent with your outfit!
For those who would like to leave a longer tribute to Joe, please use the Stories section, you can also add photos, songs or videos.

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Flight & Car Rental Information

If you are flying in for the events, the closest airports to Hampton, Virginia along with the car rental companies found at each airport are listed here for you:

Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport - Newport News, VA (PHF / KPHF): 13 miles. Car rental companies at this location include: Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, National

Norfolk International Airport - Norfolk, VA (ORF / KORF): 16 miles. Car rental companies at this location include: Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National, Thrifty



For your convenience we have a block of rooms set aside at the Hampton Inn Hotel and the Days Inn Hotel. The arrangements are as follows: Check-in on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 and check-out on Saturday, May 11, 2013. Please know that we have negotiated the best possible price for you. If you want to check-in before Wednesday, the rate may be different. As there will be a large event taking place this same week, it is imperative that you reserve your room no later than, Sunday, May 4, 2013. If you wish to stay Saturday night, please be aware that Hampton Inn Hotel has no rooms available and the rate at the Days Inn Hotel will be different for that one day.

We are providing you with a link to each hotel for you to view the accommodations.

Hampton Inn                      Days Inn

To book a guest room at the Hampton Inn Hotel call reservations at 757-838-1400 and ask for the DAVID FAMILY group rate. Please specify if you need a handicap accessible room. The cutoff date for the group is 05-05-2013 after which all unused rooms will be released back to the system and the special rate will no longer be available. Cancellation Policy: The Hotel will accept cancellations till 4 pm Monday, May 5, 2013.  Any cancellations made after that time will be charged 1 night room and tax (NO EXCEPTIONS!!!)  

To book a guest room at the Days Inn Hotel call reservations at 757-826-4810 and ask for the DAVID FAMILY group rate. The cutoff date for the group is 05-05-2013 after which all unused rooms will be released back to the system and the special rate will no longer be available. Cancellation Policy: The Hotel will accept cancellations till 4 pm Monday, May 5, 2013.


Schedule of Events

On Thursday, May 9, 2013 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm we will be having the viewing at Berceuse Funeral and Cremation Traditions. We encourage everybody to be prompt since the memorial service will start at 6.30 pm sharp and the Vigil at 7 pm. 

The address and phone number to Berceuse Funeral Home is 2609 Cunningham Drive, Hampton, VA 23666  (757) 825-8070.

We have provided you with a link that has directions based on where you are staying. Click on the name of your hotel and you will be taken to the site.

Hampton Inn                      Days Inn

Thursday, May 9 2013

Wake Program


                                             6:00 – 6:30 pm                                   Musical Interlude

                                                                                                         “Cielito Lindo”

                                                                                                         “Espérame en el Cielo”

                                                                                                         “Cucurucu Paloma”

                                                                                                         “México Lindo y Querido”

                                                                                                         “Nuestro Juramento”

                                                                                                         “Quiéreme Mucho”

                                             Clara & Vladimir David                     “Tu Cárcel”


                                             6:30 – 6:40 pm                                    Eulogy

                                                                                                         Jean Eddy Guilloteau


                                             6:40 – 6:50 pm                                    A Farewell to Joe

                                                                                                         Jocelyn David


                                             6:50 – 7:00 pm                                    Rosary


                                             7:00 – 7:25 pm                                    Vigil


                                             7:25 – 7:45 pm                                    Memories of Joe

                                                                                                         Friends & Family Members


                                             7:45 – 8:00 pm                                    Song “Haiti Cherie”

Over the years, Joe regaled so many of us with his music. Let us now celebrate his life in song by singing “Haiti Cherie,” and knowing Joe- undoubtedly... he is smiling and listening so if you sing off key, he will let you know!

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The funeral service will take place on Friday, May 10, 2013 at 7:00 pm at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church.The body will be in the church on Friday at 6 pm for viewing and the Eucharist will begin at 7

It will be followed by a reception in the church's Commons.

The address and phone number to the church is 2150 Cunningham Drive, Hampton VA 23666  (757) 826-0393

We have provided you with a link that has directions based on where you are staying. Click on the name of your hotel and you will be taken to the site.

Hampton Inn                       Days Inn


Flowers, Gifts and Donations

In lieu of flowers we request that donations be made in memory of Joseph David to the Hampton Roads Prostate Cancer Forum.

Mailing Address:  Hampton Roads Prostate Cancer Forum
                            P.O. Box 6269
                            Norfolk, VA 23508

Phone Number:    (757) 827-0488

Web Address:


For those who still wish to send flowers please send them directly to

Berceuse Funeral Home 

2609 Cunningham Drive

Hampton, VA 23666

If you have any questions feel free to call or text:

Raynald David 757-535-4816

Vladimir David 434-426-0660

Clara David  503-810-8840

Posted by Raynald David on 19th March 2018
Dear Joe, This is just to wish you a Happy 79th Birthday brother! Eric and l have been talking about for the last few days and that tells me how much he misses you and we are all do In this case, we concluded by saying you probably serenaded with the angels in heavens. Again Happy Birthday and we missed you very much!
Posted by Erick David on 19th March 2017
We were looking at the collage of pictures where 3 of Joe's grand nieces and nephews put "Hi Uncle Joe" on pieces of paper. Happy Birthday Joe. We love and miss you. RIP
Posted by Raynald David on 27th January 2017
Joe, I am at work and was thinking about you while listening to one of your favorite performer Miguel Aceves Mejia and Antonio Aguilar that prompted me to get on the site and live you this note to let you know how much you are missed and how grateful we are for you to be part of our lives. With lots of love! Raynald,
Posted by Erick David on 3rd May 2015
I was remembering Joe on the 2nd anniversary of his passing. I talked with Vierge and Serge about the good times I had with him. Vierge went to mass on the anniversary and his birthday to pray for his soul. Erick
Posted by Raynald David on 19th March 2015
Dear Joe, Today would have been your 76th birthday! Happy birthday big brother ! When l woke up this morning, l just can't take you of my mind. I remember all the jokes and the teases , the good and the bad mostly the goods with lots of laughter. But my favorite one was that day you were taking me to school and you were crossing the James River Bridge at 75 miles an hour and you got pulled over. The cop asking you why you are driving so fast? And you responded, officer l am trying to make it to the hospital on time as one of my patient is giving birth and l am trying to make it to delivery room on time for the birth of the child. After giving him your license and your badge! He let you go without a fine and we laughed all the way to school. It was fun! I missed so much!
Posted by Stanley Michel on 29th June 2013
Éloge Funèbre de Joseph David Jean Eddy Guilloteau 9 mai 2013 Il y a 24 ans, le 19 mars 1989, Joe avait invité certains d’entre nous à venir à Hampton célébrer avec lui ses cinquante ans. Il nous avait bercés, ce soir-là, de sa proverbiale guitare et de sa flûte magique. Il avait dansé et nous avait fait danser au rythme de la musique cubaine, qu’il prisait tant, avec La Sonora Matancera,
Posted by Peggy Eagan on 28th May 2013
I've known Clara since we were MCH freshman. It seems so long ago. When we first met and throughout the years Clara has always been one to value her close connections with friends and family. I've never met Joe, but he was very special to Clara. I am so happy that she got to spend so much time with him. I think Joe was able to find peace in the fact that Clara loved him so much. Peace
Posted by Marcel G Bayol on 11th May 2013
Mon cher Joe, je voudrais te dire que ce n'est qu'un au revoir et te demander de prier pour nous et surtout pour ta famille afin que le Tout Puissant nous accorde la serenite et la fortitude dont nous avons besoin en ce moment douloloureux. Je vous aime beaucoup Joe.
Posted by Victoria Kouyoumjian on 10th May 2013
I have known your daughter, Clara, since she was a Freshman in college, with me. Through the decades, and my many many conversations with Clara, it was clear how much she cared for, loved, and admired you. How proud you must have been of her! She will miss you terribly.
Posted by Mujahid Muhammad on 9th May 2013
I am remembering two of our best performances with the Orq. Cayari, we performed at Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Va. The concert featured both Paquito Guzman and "El Sonero Del Pueblo" Marvin Santiago. Your love for music was truly amazing and inspired me to be a better musician as well.
Posted by Ernst G Severe on 9th May 2013
Dear Joe Your deep knowledge of all the facts will always be part of any serious discussion .May God bless you and give all the required strength to Marie Claude and the entire family
Posted by Raynold Depestre on 9th May 2013
Que le concert des anges t'accompagne dans to sommeil. Till we meet again, so long "Ti djo" Raynold & Carole
Posted by Pierre-Antoine Amisial on 8th May 2013
Dear Joe, you have left an indelible as well as a positive mark in the mind of those who knew you best. I have always admired your gregarious and polite ways. You were a man of your words and you did practice what you preached. I shall remember you always. Rest in peace, my friend.
Posted by Shirrelle Hughes on 8th May 2013
You will be greatly missed by the Palmer,Edmonds&Smith family. We love you. Our deepest sympathy for Mrs. David&their family. May God bless you&comfort your family in your hour of need.
Posted by Shirrelle Hughes on 8th May 2013
Dear David family,Joe will b 4ever missed by the Hughes,Palmer,Edmonds&Smith family. He was funny,kind&witty. He is w/us n our hearts&mind. We r thankful 2 God 4 the time our family got 2 know him. He was a wonderful Dr&family frnd. We love u Joe David. 2 God B The Glory,Amen.
Posted by Alix Bleus on 8th May 2013
Joe has been an inspiration in the music arena. He introduced me to diverse genres and showed me how to appreciate them. I still keep in my music library the different audio tapes he graciously prepared for me. RIp, my friend.
Posted by Sabine Gousse on 5th May 2013
Dear "Ti Joe" as my parents called you,... There was nothing "Ti" about you because you were such an inspiration to the family, You brightened our days with your presence and "joie de vivre", Your memory will always stay with us. Rest in peace. We love you, The Gousse Family
Posted by Maud Bertoni on 5th May 2013
May God always bless you and guide you in your new life May "HIM" help Marie Claude and your lovely family to accept these sad circumstances
Posted by Maud Bertoni on 5th May 2013
Dear Joe as I am listening to the cha-cha-cha, I am looking at you with a nice and big smile as you always had, joking, playing your guitar, serenading to special friends. Our common friends and colleagues: Rita, the Claudettes,Yveli Madeleine, Elsie and Nicole will never forget your "Joie de vivre", animating the reunions and classes. You'll be dearly missed. Thanks for all the memories
Posted by Stanco Obas on 4th May 2013
Amicale 65 Medical school 1959-1965 presente ses sinceres condoleances a la famillie de leur regrette confrere et ami Dr joseph David. Que son ame repose en paix ..Cette nouvelle nous parvient dans la plus grande consternation car Joe a toujours ete une lumiere et une eclaircie dans notre laborieuse vie estudiantine et professionelle.
Posted by Erick David on 4th May 2013
Dear Joe, I thank you for all the time that we spent together and the memories that we share. If the good care your devoted wife administered to you could have prevented you from leaving those who love you, you would still be here. But God called you home. You will be missed. I love you brother. Rest in peace.
Posted by Mario David on 4th May 2013
What a long journey from Rue de l'Eglise a Jacmel to Hampton, VA!! A very simple a giving life that touched every family member, every friend, every patient one way or another,You will be missed dearly Joe.Thanks to Marie Claude for taking this journey with you with its highs and lows, all the way to the end. RIP "Papi a Barbe"
Posted by Mujahid Muhammad on 4th May 2013
Bro David, I met Dr. David in the mid 80's when Orq. Cayari was originated and we played together for 7 years touring the East Coast. You were a great musician as well as a great person who impacted my life both musically and spiritually. I will miss our music sessions at your house. May peace and blessings forever be upon you and your family.
Posted by Evelyn Basile-St.Julien on 3rd May 2013
Dear Joe, When we think of "Joe", we can't help smiling at the sight of a happy-go-lucky human being, full of life, determination and kindness, and of Marie-Claude, your devoted, loving wife whom we dearly love and consider an inspiration. May you rest in peace. Evelyn and Jacques St.Julien
Posted by Cecilia Pretlow on 2nd May 2013
My dear Joe, so many years have pass and your life was such an impac on my family may God give you rest and peace. We love you .
Posted by Cecilia Pretlow on 2nd May 2013
dear joe all the time we have shared and the things you have thaught me that have help me in my medical experience i will never forget. may God give you peace in your rest.
Posted by Mary Ann Kouyoumjian on 2nd May 2013
Dear Mr. David, I only met you once at Clara's wedding, but I remember you as a lively happy man who was proud of his daughter, Clara, and rightly so. My daughter, Victoria, went to MT Holyoke with Clara (eons ago) and treasured their friendship. You must have been a wonderful Dad to have such a great daughter.
Posted by Marie Miot on 2nd May 2013
"Dear Joe,You will always will be an inspiration to us all.Ready to lend a helping hand, your mott0 was "toujours a ton service", greatly appreciated.We have been amazed by your contagious Joie de Vivre.We will also remember your exemplary courage together with the devotion of your wife.You will be sorely missed. Marie Jose and Ihor."
Posted by Raynald David on 1st May 2013
My Dearest Joe, You have always been a pilier and an idol for the family, for this you will be forever missed. I thank God for Marie Claude for the care she has been able to provide for you, you know she would have traded places with you if she could. Thank you for beeing part of my life and thank you for the memories. I love you Joe!

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