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Q98's Bob Lacey & Joe Comparison

Shared by Lindsay McGlone on April 7, 2011

So ok,

I was riding into work this morning and I of course was listening to Q98 and Bob came on and was telling the story about how he was taking his wife to Vermont to show her the Timeline of Bob and his life story. I could not help but think about that night that you and I just went riding around and we ended up in Hope Mills and you took me all over that place telling me in chronological order where you lived, went to school, feel down, got in fights,etc. I didnt know then that riding all over the country with you then and being tired the next day cause we got in so late was gonna mean the world to me in just a few short years. I am glad I have the memory to carry in my heart and soul for the rest of my life. I feel so lucky to of known you and been allowed the wonderful privliage of being able to call you brother. I miss you Joe everyday, every all hurts the same no matter what. Take care. See you one day...Love you

joe teach me how to dance to rose

Shared by christine roberts on March 7, 2011

joe, i`m remerble when you teach me how to do roses , i having so much fun with you . i know one day that we dance together again  and having more fun with god. i love u so much joe i thinking a bout u everyday and i cant stop becuz  you meant the world me to becuz u funny and nice peron on earth that make people laugh when they need it. i miss you so much joe , i cry when i know that i love you brother. you alway be in my heart and soul and mind  joe , i cant wait to see u again and everyone here miss you and everything and i tell my boyfriend and friend about u  everyday for everyone know how sweet u are and everythinking about u

To long to post on tribute page

Shared by Mary Yeatts on December 30, 2010

Joe, You have so many sights that I can't stop by all of them everyday. But, I also don't want you to think I have forgotten, that WILL NEVER happen. Yesterday I was looking at some of the pictures that Desiree sent me. One in particular really had me thinking. You looked so sad. Makes me wonder what was going through your mind at that time. I just sat there staring at you, wanting to wrap my arms around you and hold you. I want to tell you it will be ok. But, I can't. I want you back so badly. You are loved by so many people. This should not have happened to you. Why not the person driving down the road before you, or after you. I have so many questions for God, but he wont answer me.  If he would just tell me why, maybe I would understand. But, I guess until then, I wont. I want you to know, that I am so very proud of you. In all you accomplished in your short life. I can just image what you would have done, had this not happen. You are so bright, funny, talented and so full of life. Not to mention a great looking man. Oh how I love you. You are forever in my mind, heart and soul. We will see each other again soon. I love you buddy!!


Shared by Mary Yeatts on December 21, 2010


Do you remember when the Chia pets first came out and that was the only commercial on tv. At least that's what it seemed. I couldn't stand listening to it. Then on Christmas day you gave me one, as a joke. You thought that was so funny! I can still see your face when I opened it. How we both laughed. Oh how I would give anything to see you laugh again!

I love you very much!


Lovin the women

Shared by Mary Yeatts on December 6, 2010


I was thinking the other day about the time we were in the grocery store, you were about 4 then. We were at the register and the girl was ringing us up and you looked at her and said "Hey, give me a call sometime" and then gave her our phone number. I thought I would fall out, LOL...I should have known you would love the women..God Bless You and always know I love you!!

Joe and I had a dream!

Shared by Lindsay McGlone on August 25, 2010

I always knew that you were gonna go pro someday and I am sure that you can beat out some of the best now, not that you couldnt while you were here ;) 

I will never forget the time you came over to cheer me up while Dan was deployed and you and I made the dream of building a mansion (after you went pro)  and everyone we knew was gonna be able to hang out and live in all the parts of our mansion but you and I were the only ones allowed in the east wing! we said east wing because everyone always speaks of the west wing and we wanted to be different. we were gonna have our own drive way and everyone else had to use the "main" driveway. ]

o yea...and that dream of going platinum with our song entitled "yes sir" i remember the day pretty rickey came out with his version of "yes sir" and you were hopping mad! lol you said "he stole our song!!' 

July 4th will always hold true in my heart and will always be a very important day in my life for as long as i live. We were married for six years !! lol and you know what was amazing about you? you always seemed to have other plans of being out of town on the 4th but you always somehow made it over to just say I love you dear!! We never spent a 4th away from one another and just because your not here...i know you will come back to tell me you love me and I will always love you.


Joe and his golf clubs

Shared by Mary Yeatts on August 17, 2010

I will never forget the time I was in the house and you came in and told me a stranger busted out my rear window on the car. I said what stranger Joe and you kept saying a stranger. I thought you were kidding and you just kept saying a stranger busted out the widow. We went outside and looked and the window was in a million pieces. I looked down and saw your golf club. I said "Joe, no stranger did that" and you just looked at me. I couldnt help but laugh. I love you very much!!

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